If your little kid doesn’t understand mathematics or calculation, you are not alone. Indeed, the educational process of your kid begins while playing. As a result, you can say that the toys for your kids are a sort of a learning material as well. Children's play is an adult's work. For that reason, toys that provide learning as well as amusement at the same time are the best work tools for your kid. These educational toys provide your children an opportunity to learn and grow in quite a lot of ways mentally, materially and socially. Your children will get a lot more from their playtime with the appropriate learning toys and puzzles. Generally, we don't consider toys to be that way, right? Well, you should.

Wondering why a learning toy is important for your sweetheart? Well, you should know that the first eight years of your baby's life has the vital growth happening. Hence, it is essential to give your youngster an instructive toy. In fact, it is the paramount phase for presenting learning toys to your kid. So now, picking out the right educational toys for your children is a significant role for you, being a parent. As a parent, you have the responsibility to present your kid, the toys that may boost the social, knowledgeable, mental, and expressive sides of their character.

So, all set to have an all-round development and growth of your kids? To help you out, we have compiled the best range of educational toys for your cute little baby.

☼ Chocozone Wooden Educational Board

The toy from the brand Chocozone could be one of the most recommended educational toys for kids below three years. It is a preschool toy that can help kids to develop a solid learning foundation. You could teach your kids letters of the English alphabet, their correct order, and colors. Further, playing it will evolve your child's brain and problem-solving skills. It will promote your child's creativity and hand-eye coordination as well.

Chocozone Wooden English Alphabets and Color Learning Educational Board for Kids

The build quality of the Chocozone English Alphabets & Color-Learning Educational board is top-class. This educational toy has no sharp edges or pointed parts, making it 100% safe for kids. High-quality wood makes it and has a non-toxic paint over it.

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Thus, considering the above points, the Chocozone Wooden English Alphabets and Color Learning Educational Board for Kids looks like one of the best toys for learning and memory development below 500 Rupees. Go for it!

Price ₹400 → Amazon
Features Education Toy | Learn English Alphabets | Identify Color | Build: {100% Wood | 100% Non-Toxic and Safe Paint}


☼ Play Panda Magnetic Puzzles

The Play Panda Toys and puzzles are surely going to help you in the learning process of your kid. Moreover, these Magnetic Puzzles and Brain Booster games are going to be really interesting, and your kid would love it.

Do you remember solving those brain teaser puzzles in the course of your babyhood? That was amusing, right? So, are you looking for a game that would not just make your kid use his/her brain but that would keep him/her engaged at the time? Yes? Well, then you won’t find any product better than Amusing Games by Play Panda. Let’s see what these games are all about!

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Play Panda Magnetic Puzzles: Thanks to the Play Panda Magnetic Puzzles, your little kids may allow their imagination to go tremendously wild. By organizing the circle magnets on the magnetic board, they can create amazing things in the form of birds, cars fruits, animals, and what not!

Let the imagination of your kids go wild! Magnetic Puzzles by Play panda is an exceptional creative toy that would support the imagination development of your kid. What’s great about it is that it would let your kid nurture problem-solving abilities.

Play Panda Toys Exciting way to educate your kids

A great learning tool for your kids: Do you know that this toy may even improve the geometric and 3-D/ 4-D understanding of your child? Breath-taking!! Isn’t it? Yes! Your kids may develop amazing fine motor development as well as hand-eye coordination, by simply picking, grasping, pinching and clutching fragments and moving them from one place to another.

Comes along with a booklet: The Play Panda Magnetic Puzzles set takes account of a booklet that consists of more than a few patterns. These patterns may help your child get going. You’ll fall in love with the way your kid creates own magical stuff. They can further show their creations by means of the display stand that’s present in the kit. On top of that, the confidence boost they achieve while showing their creations is incredible.

Impeccable toy for kids of different age groups: Play Panda Magnetic Puzzles turn out to be an ideal tool for the children of 1-2 years. With this toy, they can spend a lot of their time at home while exploring and evolving their imaginative abilities. These Magnetic Puzzles are quite appealing, no matter if your child is a boy or a girl.


  • Countless options to explore
  • Creativity building
  • Three-dimensional, four-dimensional and motor skills development
  • Ideal tool for art and craft
  • Appropriate for both boys and girls
  • Amusing toy for all age groups

Verdict: The Play Panda Magnetic Puzzles promises loads and loads of pleasure and excitement for your toddlers through different age groups. Your kids may enjoy this game in groups too. It turns out to be a tremendous birthday gift as well. Amazon: 300 Rupees

Price ₹450 → Amazon
Features Recommended Ages: 5 to 15 | Make 500+ Puzzles | Puzzle Pieces: 403 | Material: Magnet, Metal, Foam, Plastic, Paper


☼ Play Panda Brain Booster

Play Panda Brain Booster promises oodles of enjoyment to your toddlers. This toy, again, supports kids to boost their common-sense, analytical as well as spatial skills. It develops their geometric understanding too.

Extraordinary play value: The Play Panda Brain Booster set takes account of quite a lot of thought-provoking puzzles. You just can’t play it once. As soon as you’ll be done with solving all the puzzles of the brain booster, you can get back to the game after some days and solve them all over again. I’m damn sure that yet again you’ll find these puzzles perplexing by the same token. You can furthermore schedule yourself while you solve it. The objective of your game needs to be quicker every single time. Moreover, you can play the game of Brain Booster in two-player mode. Yes! Just challenge your friends and families and check out who solves it the fastest.

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Exciting game for entire family: Play Panda Brain Booster is not just a game for children. In fact, young people and grown-ups are going to love it and will find it extremely thought-provoking and interesting. Your entire family can participate in the puzzles together and may even contend with each other. So, get the ball rolling and see who’s the fastest. I’m sure it’s going to be a fun and brainy workout for one and all.

Play Panda Brain Booster Improve IQ lavel of Your Child

Good Workout for your brain: Play Panda Brain Booster puzzles serve as a workout for your mind. They assist you and your kids to grow problem-solving, common-sense, analytical and logical thinking abilities. On top of that, your child gains mental, intellectual, as well as visual-spatial alertness. With the steady use of these brainteasers, your kid will have a sharp, powered-up, as well as the boosted mind.


  • Develops problem-solving skills
  • Great toy for kids, teenagers as well as adults
  • Ideal for family fun
  • Challenges minds

Verdict: Play Panda Brain Booster puzzles boosts your brain. With a consistent use of these puzzles, you can enhance your and your children’s IQ and develop analytical intelligence and common-sense. No matter if you are a youngster or a teen or a grown-up, you will find these brain boosters to be really appealing and intriguing. Play Panda Brain Booster is certainly going to challenge your minds.

Price ₹350 → Amazon
Features Recommended Ages: 5 to 15 | Make 50+ Puzzles

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