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Top 10 Remote Controlled Racing Toy Cars Below 2000 Rupees

American television show the Pawn Stars is one of my favorite programs on History TV. I keenly watch this program as it presents many unknown facts and events of History. While I had started watching this program, price negotiation for antique toys reality surprised me a lot. After watching the program regularly, I came to be aware about American love for toys and especially antique toys. In India, we do not see such trend because we express more love for family members than a dead toy.

Rapid globalization has changed our priorities so more nuclear family comes in existence- breaking away from the root. India is moving towards having more smart cities, which will be hosting mostly small families.

Today’s modern city life is a replica of American society in 80s or 90s. This new city life has more negative impact on the natural growth of our kids. In a combined family, a kid has many ways to learn about life and spend quality time with many family members. He can sit with Dada Ji and listen to Mahabharata Katha or need a Bhoot Wali Story then go to Dadi Ji. In today’s routine life neither mother nor father has time for their kid. In this condition, a Kid will feel lonely as no one is there for sharing thoughts. To avoid disturbance from kid, most of parents will buy a fancy toy so that Kid attention is consumed in playing with them. That is why demand for good toys is rising much faster.

With this article, we are starting a four part series to review some of the best racing toy cars available at Flipkart. In this first toy review article, we are showcasing the top 10 premium remote controlled toy cars in the price range of 1000 to 2000 rupees.

As a parent you suffer from some confusion as there are many unknown brands, which offer verity of remote controlled toy cars. After doing research for several days, we were able to come up with a list of the best 10 toy cars imitated from real car models. This article is dedicated to all those parents, who are in a search of an attractive yet safe remote controlled toy for their kids.

► MJX Toyota Supra Super GT 500 Toy Car

Our kids, especially boys, are always fascinated towards speedy cars. The MJX Toyota Supra Super GT 500 can be a perfect gift for your kid as this toy racing car is attractive and does all actions similar to the real car. You can buy this toy car for just 1999 INR.

Essentially, you get what you expect from a brand like MJX. Premium build quality with great level of detailing make this toy car look exactly like a real Super GT 500 car.

MJX Toyota Supra Super GT 500 Review Specifications and Price in India

Age Group: Boys in their initial years develop a great interest in cars, which is why MJX has made this toy car for kids belonging to the age group of 5-15 years.

Controlling: The MJX Toyota Supra Super GT 500 comes with a two-hand remote control. There is a dedicated light button on it. It can also work on four different frequency bands, which makes this toy car suitable for race games played within society between children.

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Power Consumption: It is a power efficient toy and does not require too many batteries. The remote takes in a single 9 V battery and the car unit takes in single AA battery.

Parental Guide: This toy car gets manufactured in Hong Kong, which raises a few safety issues. However, a certain precautions can be taken to prevent any danger. Kids should never be allowed to take any part of this toy in their mouth.

Main Features: The MJX Toyota Supra Super GT 500 is a fully functional toy car. It can be moved in any direction including forward, backward, left and right.

Price 1999 Rupees


► Maisto McLaren MP4-12C GT3 RC Car Toy

The Maisto GT3 is a painted toy version of the real McLaren MP4-12C GT3 car. You can purchase this premium racing car for just 1449 INR.

In terms of looks, the rally finish on this toy car will give a real racing car feel to your kid while playing. All the parts of this toy car like tires, windshield, doors, headlights and bonnet carry the same design as found on the real McLaren MP4-12C.

Maisto McLaren MP4-12C GT3 Review Specifications and Price in India

Age Group: You can gift this toy racing car to any child above 6 years of age. It will certainly be a great medium for entertainment for your kid.

Controlling: With the help of remote control unit, your kid will be able to move this toy car in any direction. However, it works on only a single channel, which may cause problems when other remote controlled toys are around, especially during a race.

Power Consumption: The whole unit requires 5 batteries to run, 2 AAA batteries for the remote and 3 AAA battery for the car. Not buying an extra set of rechargeable batteries can put a lot of pressure on your pocket.

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Parental Guide: Maisto manufactures this toy car in China, which raises some safety concerns to the parents. But you do not have to worry as Maisto takes all the precautions to make this toy as safe as it can be. However, you will have to make sure that your kids never take apart the different parts of this toy car.

Main Features: You can adjust the steering alignment of this car, which increases the control over the wheels. Its pistol grip controller makes it easy to control this car with just a single hand.

Price 1800 Rupees


► Maisto Rock Crawler Junior Remote Controlled Toy

As a remote controlled toy Monster trucks have a special place for kids and they always like to play with them. The Maisto Rock Crawler Junior comes at the price of 1710 INR and can be gifted to child of three years and above.

It has got huge tires, which enable it to run on any kind of surface. Texture on the tires mimic the effect a real monster car. The material used in the making of this toy monster truck is of much high quality that provides it long durability.

Maisto Rock Crawler Junior Review Specifications and Price in India

Age Group: The Maisto Rock Crawler Junior is suitable of children of the age group of 3-10 years. Maisto also makes a bigger version of this toy truck that fits the needs of children above the age of 10 years.

Controlling: Maisto ships a pistol grip controller with this box, which makes it easy to control this toy with just one hand. This 4X4 monster truck can be moved in any direction that your kid wants. The large tires result in a big benefit as they provide great power and nice grip to the whole truck.

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Power Consumption: The Maisto Rock Crawler Junior runs on batteries. You will have to purchase an AA battery for the car unit and an AAA battery for the remote.

Parental Guide: Maisto has specially designed this toy truck for younger children. There are hardly any loose parts that can prove to be dangerous for your kid. However, it is always better to take precautions.

Main Features: The Maisto Rock Crawler Junior can climb over almost anything that comes in its way. Also, your kid will have no problem in controlling this toy car even from a distance of 10-15 meters.

Price 1700 Rupees


► RC Car Toy Majorette Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG

Majorette is one of the few premium toy car manufacturers with a great line up. Its products are much affordable compared to any other toy brand and yet offer great quality. The Majorette Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG comes at the price of just 700 INR, but its features are no less than any other remote controlled toy car above 1000 INR.

Majorette Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Review Specifications and Price in India

Looks: This toy car copies every detail of the original Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG, which is a luxury grand tourer car. However, the build quality of this toy car is not up to the mark. It seems that low price has really limited Majorrette from using high quality materials in it.

Age Group: This toy car is ideal for kids above 6 years of age. You should keep this toy away from younger children as they have a tendency to put everything in mouth, which can be dangerous.

Controlling: The remote controller that comes with this toy car is much more easy to use. It is a fully functional RC toy car that means it can be moved in any direction.

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Power Consumption: The power consumption of the Majorette Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG RC toy car is a bit on the higher side. You will have to put two AA batteries in the remote unit and 3 AA batteries in the car unit.

Parental Guide: The manufacturing of this toy car gets done in China based factory, which is famous for using harmful chemicals. However, certain precautions can avoid any arising danger. You will have to make sure that your kids do not take apart this toy and never take any small part in their mouth.

Main Features: This toy car features LEDs on the back and front, which gives it a premium look when turned on. There is also shock absorber that enhances its real-life feel.

Price 1250 Rupees


► Maisto RC Toy Car Lamborghini Reventon for Kids Above 3 Years old

While talking about premium cars it will be a folly to leave Lamborghini out of the list. Toy car companies have successfully brought down the premium series cars of this brand at affordable prices in the form of toy replica. The Maisto RC Lamborghini Reventon is a premium looking toy car that comes at the price of 1599 INR. It is made out of durable ABS plastic and requires no assembly.

Looks: The design of this premium toy car cannot be described in words. Maisto has done a really great job in scaling down the original look of the Lamborghini Reventon at the scale of 1:24. This toy car can be a gem for kids who collect toys.

Maisto RC Lamborghini Reventon Review Specifications and Price in India

Age Group: This toy car is suitable for any individual above 3 years of age. It is true that a large number of adult population will get attracted to this premium toy car.

Controlling: The Maisto RC Lamborghini Reventon comes with a dashboard shaped remote control. There is also a steering wheel for left-right movement of this toy car. This remote is easy to use as there are no confusing controls on it.

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Power Consumption: This premium series toy car functions on three batteries. One 9 V battery is needed for the remote while the car unit takes in 2 AA batteries.

Parental Guide: Maisto has used non-toxic materials in making of this car. However, it is still required that you do not let your kids put any part of this toy in their mouth. Also, you will have to be extra careful with its sharp edges.

Main Features: The one thing that makes this toy car different from others have its premium design. It is one must have toy in a collector’s car collection.

Price 1600 Rupees


► Maisto Audi R8 V10 Remote Controlled Toy Car

Audi’s sports cars have always been appreciated for their unique class. One of the famous sports cars that it produces is the Audi R8. Maisto has replicated the V10 version of this model in a toy car that you can buy for just 1099 INR.

Looks: It is a 1:24 scaled down version of the original Audi R8 V10 sports car. Nice detailing give this car a high quality look. Its interior is also designed to match the look of the original car. Headlights and taillights come with a really great texture.

Maisto Audi R8 V10 Review Specifications and Price in India

Age Group: This toy car is made for younger children belonging to the age group of 3-7 years. Playing with this car can enhance the hand-eye coordination of your kid.

Controlling: Like all other toy cars made by Maisto, this toy car also comes with a dashboard type remote control unit. It comes with full functionality, meaning you will be able to move this car forward, backward, left and right.

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Power Consumption: The remote unit of this toy car works on a single 9 V battery while the car unit itself needs two AA batteries to work. A great economic option can be purchase of a set of rechargeable batteries.

Parental Guide: As this toy car is for younger kids, so it becomes extremely important for you to take extra care. Don’t let your kids to play with this toy car if no adult person is present. Its side view mirrors come with sharp corners that can be dangerous for your kids.

Main Features: The tires of this toy car come with real rubber insulation that increases durability and its premium feel. Its body is made with ABS material that can resist extreme conditions.

Price 1450 Rupees


► Toyzstation Gravity Sensing Remote Lamborghini Car Toy

This Lamborghini is a really special piece of attraction. At just 1999 INR, it provides your kids the features that are only available on high priced toy cars. Actually, the build quality of this toy car is certainly in question, but the design is not. It successfully replicates each and every part of the original car.

Toyzstation Gravity Sensing Remote Lamborghini Review Specifications and Price in India

Age Group: The Toyzstation Gravity Sensing Remote Lamborghini RC toy car is not for small children. You can only gift your child this toy car if he belongs to the age group of 8-15 years.

Controlling: This toy car comes with a steering wheel styled remote control unit. There is a gravity sensor in this remote, which helps it to detect the movement. To move the car in left-right direction, you will only have to turn the steering wheel.

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Power Consumption: Further, the Toyzstation Gravity Sensing Remote Lamborghini comes with in-built batteries. It takes about 1 hour for the batteries of the remote and the car unit to get fully charged.

Parental Guide: Parents are advised to take extra precaution on the usage of the remote control as it can get tangled with the hands of your kids. The whole unit is marketed as non-toxic which means it will cause no harm to your children.

Main Features: This toy car can move at the speed of 10 KM per hour, which is really a great thing. The gravity sensing remote unit makes it much easier for your kid to control the car, especially during a race.

Price 1000 Rupees


► Hru Hummer H2 SUV with Front and Rear Wheel Shock Absorber

Hummer SUVs are known for toughness and this is what gets reflected in the Hru Hummer H2 SUV. This premium quality RC toy is available in the market for a price of 1449 INR. You will be really amazed by the features that it boasts.

Looks: It is a 1:24 scaled down version of the original car meaning it is 24 times smaller than the original. There are textures all over the car, which perfectly replicate the design of the real car. The working headlights provide this car a more premium look.

Hru Hummer H2 SUVwith Front and Rear Wheel Shock Absorber Review Specifications and Price in India

Age Group: Children belonging to the age group of 6-15 years can play with this toy car without any problem. It is not recommended as a gift for younger children as it contains smaller parts, which can create problem for them.

Controlling: The Hru Hummer H2 SUV toy car comes with a two hand remote that allows for left-right and forward-backward movement. The headlight of this toy car can also be controlled with this remote. Also, 4 frequency band support prevents the controlling of this car from being affected by the presence of some other RC toy.

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Power Consumption: This car comes with rechargeable batteries which makes it a nice deal for the price you pay.

Parental Guide: Younger kids get more attracted towards this car and it is the duty of their parents to stop them from reaching to it. Sharp edges and carved out parts can be dangerous to them.

Main Features: This toy car comes with front and rear wheel shockers. Working headlights and steer trim support are some of the amazing features of this toy car.

Price 1450 Rupees


► The Flyer's Bay Bugatti Veyron Full Function Rechargeable RC Car

If your kid loves sports car, then there cannot be a better gift for next birthday than The Flyer's Bay Bugatti Veyron Full Function RC car. You can get this powerful beast by spending just 1099 INR. It is really not an easy to get deal and should not be missed.

Looks: Blending red and black colors give this toy car a unique looks. It is a relatively big toy version of the Bugatti Veyron at 1:14 scale. The disc brakes carry small texture, which shows how careful designers were while making this toy car.

The Flyer's Bay Bugatti Veyron Full Function Rechargeable 1 14 Scale RC Car Review Specifications and Price in India

Age Group: This toy car is made for the kids with age above 8 years. Younger kids will be at a greater risk of getting harmed with its sharp edges so it is advised that you gift it according to the age requirement.

Controlling: It is a fully functional RC toy car, which means that your kids will be able to move in both left-right and forward-backward direction.

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Power Consumption: There are inbuilt batteries on this toy car, which can be recharged with the use of charger that comes along in the box.

Parental Guide: Parents should always keep an eye on their kids so that they do not take any part of this toy apart. Actually, its sharp parts like side view mirror and roof can be dangerous if proper care is not taken.

Main Features: This toy car is really easy to control. The speed of this car can also be changed, which is further enhances the experience while playing with it.

Price 1500 Rupees


► Remote Controlled Rastar Range Rover Sport Toy Car

Kids love the Range Rover Sports car and that is why the Rastar has brought a toy version this car in the market. It is available at the price of 1005 INR and can be gifted to young kids also.

 Further, in terms of looks and design, the interior of this toy car packs as much details as the exterior wears. Range Rover branding below the bonnet and at the back provide this toy a much premium feel. Your kid will certainly love this car as a gift.

Rastar Range Rover Sport Review Specifications and Price in India

Age Group: This toy car can be gifted to all kids with age group above 3 years. Nothing is stopping adults to purchase this toy car and relive their childhood moments.

Controlling: Your kids can easily control this car with the help of its remote control unit. This car can move in both left-right and forward-backward direction. And, the remote control unit is molded in a steering wheel shape, but that does not mean that it features a gravity sensor.

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Power Consumption: The car unit takes in 3 AA batteries and the remote unit takes in 2 AA batteries. It will be a clever decision if you purchase a set of rechargeable batteries for this toy car.

Parental Guide: This toy car unit contains many detachable small parts, which can be dangerous for small kids. It is highly recommended that you always supervise your kid while he plays with this car.

Main Features: It is a masterpiece of design for sure. Tires come with rubber insulation and this car can run at the speed of 6-7 KM.

Price 1000 Rupees