SONY WX 800UI CAR STEREO & Monitor- The in- car entertainment kit

Do you want to make an update to your car’s stereo system? Then here is the best deal for you as the all-new Sony WX 800UI has hit the market with a bang! So, make a smart addition to your car’s interior through this stereo system and enhance not only its beauty- but also its entertainment standing.

The WX 800UI flaunts some stylish looks and smart features along with an amazing sound quality. If you are a music lover, then you know what it means to go an extra mile in upgrading your car’s music system. This Sony system is built to ensure that you get superb sound with unmatched clarity. Sony gives you the freedom to seat in your car and just listen.

Sony being a legend company when it comes to quality gadget production. They have gone steps ahead to ensure that what the consumers get is exactly what they want. Therefore, professional measures have been put in place during the manufacturing of this car stereo system. If you decide to upgrade your car audio system with the WX800UI stereo music system, here are some of the features you will get.

Features of the WX800UI Car stereo system: a Detailed Look

Sony has always been releasing quality products for its users. And following the same streak, the company has equipped the WX 800UI with lots of fascinating features to give you value for your money. Now, the user won’t be facing any difficulties in locating their music library on this Sony system as the product is loaded with Zapping features and Quick Browser functionalities. You can easily make adjustments and customize the treble, bass, and balance of the soundtracks using the common 7- Band Equalizer. With this feature, one can easily enjoy the beats of the music without any hassle.

What’s even more, this car stereo system contains auxiliary ports like USB ports and frontal Aux-in which enable the user to access the media present on their Smartphone and pen drive respectively. Direct connection to the subwoofer is another additional option that the system provides to its users. With this Sony in-car stereo, you can fix an amplifier as 3 Pre Outs are available in the system.

Guaranteed compatibility with external woofer systems

The entire system is compatible with any standard woofer or subwoofer speakers you wish to connect to it. It is, however, recommendable that you use only Sony speakers on this system. Of course, you want a firm wiring and unmatched compatibility, which could only be achieved by using Sony products on Sony products. The 2- zone Dynamic Color Illuminator is also present on this product so you can make a choice of the colors you want.

App Remote for iPhone: Good news for iPhone users! The Sony WX 800UI Car Stereo incorporates an App Remote for iPhone. The app remote works in such a way that the application is running on your Smartphone and the car music works together as a single source unit. Therefore, with the help of this app, you are still able to access iPhone and Smartphone codec MP3 & playback, WAV, WMA, FLAC, and AAC, for customized music all the way through your ride.  Although it does not connect via Bluetooth, it is still possible to play your favorite tracks.

However, it should be noted that the user could only establish such a connection with iPhones or iPods through a USB cable

3 Pre Out feature

The WX 800UI comes with 3 Pre Outs of 5 volts. The use of the Pre Out is that you can attach an external amplifier to the receivers of the system. This system delivers a brilliant visual display along with an exceptional picture quality, resulting in an enhanced user- experience. With this external compatibility, the music quality you listen to, will meet your needs and fulfill your demands.

Digital Clarity Tuner: Tune to your favorite FM/ AM stations with WX 800UI. When you are done listening to all the music in your playlist, the digital clarity tuner feature present in this stereo provides a crystal clear FM radio streaming. You would agree with me that having an FM radio that is armed with weak signal suppressors, is a dream that every driver has. So you won’t be having any funny weak signal sounds on this product. The power output of this versatile car system is unimaginable; it plays with high-end power maybe beyond what you will have in most homes. Its power output hits 55W x 4. Read also Sony and JBL Class AB Car Amplifier below 6000 Rupees.

Digital Sound Enhancement Engine and Dynamic Stage Organizer

Now you can enjoy every beat of the tracks, thanks to the WX 800UI’s in-built DSEE provision. The in- built Digital Sound Enhancement Engine (DSEE) has the capability to upscale your music. Even compressed files, which are in most cases of near- CD quality, are no match to the DSEE mechanism on this product. On the other hand, the Dynamic Stage Organizer (DSO) develops and delivers a perfect ear- level sound stage using virtual speakers. This is to say, if you fit your car with this Sony Car Stereo, you will not only listen to good quality music – but also save your ears from damage. The manufacturer has put in place some healthy measures during the manufacturing of this system, with regard to the same.

Price: You must be tempted to think that due to its luring features and sound clarity this product is definitely a ‘pocket raider’. Actually, this is not the case. The product is astoundingly affordable since for only 8,990 Indian Rupees, it can be fitted in your car and you get to feel the difference. 8,990 Rupees for such a product, is a true give away. If you think otherwise, then de-servicing your car with such a mindset.

Bottom-line!!! Sony WX 800UI Car Stereo is a cool interior update. The amazing sound quality along with the fascinating features like DSEE, DSO, Mega Bass and Double- Din screen makes it a must-buy product. Another important thing to note is that Sony gives you a 2-year warranty for the stereo, which serves as the icing on the cake. Read also Best Smart Gadgets for Car Owners in India.

Brand Sony
Model Wx800UI
Product Weight 1.9 Kg
Dimensions 246 × 234 × 198 mm
Batteries No
Car Stereo Features Double-DIN
Colors Black, Grey
Camera Compatibility Tes
User Rating 5/5 Stars
Buy 7500 Rupees