A high-pressure washer is handy for washing the challenging to reach areas. You can use a high-pressure washer to water wash your car, bike, other vehicles. In fact, to thoroughly clean every part of your house, you must have a high-pressure washer.

Which is the best high-pressure washer under 10000 Rupees? In this piece, we cover the best-selling high-pressure washer from top brands Bosch, Karcher, Resqtech, Janvitha, and others.

☼ 100-bar Aimex D5 1500W Pressure Washer

Aimex is a reliable brand in the Indian market for affordable machines and tools. It has a best-selling high-pressure washer for a very reasonable price. I am talking about the Aimex D5 model. Because of its durable build and reliable performance, this Aimex car washer is Amazon's best-selling model.

Powered by a 1500W copper motor, the Aimex D5 pressure washer produces a strong, efficient clean. Cooling vents on the body provide a way for fresh air to the motor to keep it cool. Thus, the motor will have a longer lifespan and will be more efficient.

This pressure washer for bikes and cars from Aimex can reach a maximum pressure of 100 bar. Consider the motor's power, the maximum pressure, and the outlet pipe length when selecting high-pressure washers. The length of the outlet pipe of this Aimex pressure washer is 23-ft (7 to 8 meters).

StarQ is a leading brand in the high-pressure washer market in India. This brand has a variety of pressure washers with different price points. The 2400W washer of StarQ can reach a maximum pressure of 320 bar. It will cost you around 8000 Rupees.

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Thus, you have two options to choose from if you are looking for an affordable, reliable, and long-lasting pressure washer: 1500W motor + 100 bar pressure below 6000 Rupees and 2400W motor + 320 bar pressure below 8000 Rupees.

Price ₹5790 → Amazon
Features 1500W | 100% Copper Motor | Max Pressure: 100 Bar | Dual Water Intake | 23-ft Outlet Pipe Length | Automatic Operation | Warranty: 1-year


► 160-bar StarQ 2400W Pressure Washer

The StarQ pressure washer is currently the only pressure water washer under 8000 Rupees that comes with a 2400W motor and is capable of generating 160-bar pressure. In the case of a high-pressure washer, higher pressure is always better. While the rated pressure capacity of this StarQ washer is 160-bar, it provides pressure more than 160-bar in most use cases. Those who own it and regularly using it have confirmed the same. That indeed says a lot about the quality and performance of it.

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A well-known fact about smart machines is that lesser features and functions mean a lesser chance of malfunction. This is very well true for the StarQ 2400 high-pressure washer as well. Hence it would last many years and will require less maintenance. Although it has many necessary smart features, one such feature is “Auto Stop”, which stops the motor and pump on the release of the gun trigger.

Price ₹7990 | Amazon
Features Motor: 2400W | Max-Pressure: 160 bar | Weight: 7-Kg Approx. | Made in India | Warranty: 6-Months Service/Complete Replacement


► 150-bar Janvitha 1500W Pressure Washer

Janvitha is not that known brand in India market yet. But this Indian brand sells quality power tools and power machine. Currently, one of the best high-pressure car washers under 10000 Rupees is from this brand.

The Janvitha high-pressure washer features a universal motor. The rated power capacity of the motor is 2000W. This machine is capable of releasing water to make maximum 150-BAR pressure. Higher is pressure lesser will be water wastage. In today’s time, when water scarcity is enormous, you should not waste too much water for cleaning.

The build quality of this high-pressure car washer is excellent, too. So is its performance. Those who have been using it recommend to others.

Because of built-in wheels shifting this Janvitha high-pressure washer from one side to another becomes a lot easier. It comes with a 5-meter long power cable and 5-meter long hose. The release gun of this high-pressure water washer has an adjustable nozzle and high-low pressure adjustment.

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All in all, this Janvitha 2000W high-pressure washer is a total value for money. Super easy to use, modern design and smooth mobility, and less water wastage because of high-speed water flow are the three big reasons why it is one of the best high-pressure washers under 10000 Rupees.

Price ₹10000 | Amazon
Ideal for Car Washing | Washing Water-Resistant Furniture | Garden-Furniture | Door, and Window Grill
Features High Pressure = Less Water Wastage | Auto-Stop | Adjustable-Nozzle | 1-Year Warranty
Flow Max-Pressure: 150BAR/2175PSI | 6-Liter in 1-Minute
Build 2000W Universal Motor | Built-in Wheels | Power-Cord Winder | Hose-Winder | Detergent dosing soap bottle | Gun with High-Low Adjustment
Safety Not to use with Bucket water | Not to use without Water | Not to use with Hot Water | Use only recommended Shampoo and Soap for Pressure washer