Everyone loves listening to music while traveling in a car. Music can make a long journey short and joyful. I would like to point out that if the sound system of a car generates distorted and low-volume audio then your music-listening experience will be more of a painful experience.

Most people replace the factory speakers in their car as soon as they get its delivery in hopes of achieving better sound quality. However, just changing the speaker is not enough. A new set of speakers will be of no use unless you install an amplifier (or replace the old one if you have already). Amplifiers are the hearts and lungs of any sound system. A good and powerful amplifier not only gives the needed power to the speakers but also enhances audio quality.

Customers should purchase a new amplifier only after doing careful research. A wrong decision will waste your money as well as degrade the sound quality. Here are a few things that one should keep in mind while looking for an amplifier.

Rated Power Output: An amplifier should have enough output power to support the energy needs of all the speakers in a car. High output power will help in generating undistorted and loud audio. If the amplifier you are buying has more rated power than the speakers have then also there is no need to worry. It will not do any damage and in fact, extra wattage will prove to be helpful in the future.

Amplifier Class: Amplifiers come in various classes. Class A amplifiers are great for maintaining audio quality but they consume more power. Class B amplifiers do the opposite; they save a lot of power but degrade the sound. Class AB amplifiers are best in this context as they generate crispy audio and do not demand much energy.

Audio Channels: Generally, it is better to use more audio channels. More channels will offer a good soundstage and give an immersive surround sound effect.

User preference is also very important when it comes to channels. People who just want perfectly synced audio with no surround sound can go with a single-channel amplifier without any worry.

Build Quality: The build quality of an amplifier decides its durability as well as sound quality. Poorly insulated circuitry distorts sound frequencies. Moreover, a low-quality amplifier would generally come with small capacitors, which will fail when the speaker demands a sudden high packet of power.

Some Notable AB Car Amplifiers In The Market: After doing in-depth research for over a week, we have finalized a list of three Class AB amplifiers available under a decent budget.

☼ Sony XM-N502 Two Class AB Car Amplifier

Sony has created a strong presence in the amplifier market. Its products are famous for their sturdy build and superior sound quality. The Sony XM-N502 is one of the most affordable yet quality amplifiers available. Customers can purchase this device for an attractive amount of 4,850 rupees.

Superior And Efficient Build: The manufacturer has used durable materials for making this device. It sports a compact but well-designed outer shell. An array of vents on the top of its body allows air to pass freely and keeps the circuitry cool. As a result, the electricity flow inside the components does not get affected and users hear distortion-free audio.

The design of this Sony amplifier is quite impressive. It will provide a futuristic look to your car’s music system.

Sony XM N502 Two Class AB Car Amplifier

2-Channel Audio: Even at such a low price point, Sony is selling a two-channel amplifier. You can use these two channels to either power two separate back speakers or bridge both to power a single subwoofer.

The amplifier has a rated maximum power output of 500 Watts, which is more than enough. A wide frequency response of 5 Hz – 50,000 Hz is really hard to come by in this segment. It also sports a low pass filter capable of filtering all audio frequencies except those below 80 Hz. Users can use it when they want to experience deep and punchy bass levels.

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Efficient And Powerful Circuitry: The circuit board of this amplifier flaunts large capacitors and properly insulated components. Gold-plated connectors conduct electricity efficiently and will last for years to come. This product delivers great performance and needs minimal to no maintenance.


  • Does not distort audio
  • Keeps the audio noise-free
  • Large capacitors
  • Good build quality
  • Powerful audio output
  • Wide frequency response range
  • Also sports a low pass filter for enhancing bass levels

Final Verdict: Customers will not get a better deal than the Sony XM-N502 Two Class AB Car Amplifier at such a low price. Other manufacturers would not even dare to offer the features it packs. You will find a couple of associated drawbacks but those are not deal breakers.

Regular Output 65 Watts
Peak Output 500 Watts
Audio Channels 2
Filters Low Pass
Frequency Response Range 5 Hz – 50000 Hz
Price 4850 Rupees


☼ Sony XM-N1004 Multi Class AB Car Amplifier

The Sony XM-N1004 is another great amplifier a car owner can buy for 5700 rupees. Honestly speaking, it is the best budget amplifier available in the market.

Great Amplification: The regular output of 85 Watts (that can go up to 1000 Watts according to the need) is perfect for any kind of scenario. The soundstage of this Sony amplifier is just amazing. On it, you get 4 audio channels, which is the highest of any amplifier available under 8,000 rupees. Users will feel like they are sitting in a studio while listening to the music it generates.

Its frequency response range is the same as the Sony XM-N502 amplifier. This means bass and treble levels will be high.

Unparalleled Build Quality: The use of alloy makes the Sony amplifier quite durable. Once installed, you would not need to touch it for at least one year. It sports a 4-bolt fixture and remains tightly attached to the below surface. The Black finish of the body provides a premium feel to the whole setup. On the front of the design, this amplifier is not much different from the already discussed XM-N502.

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Multiple Filters: The Sony device offers both low and high-pass filters. These have a pre-configured setting of 80 Hz. Although the 80 Hz divide line is good for most conditions I would have preferred variable filter settings.

Sony XM N1004 Multi Class AB Car Amplifier


  • Will easily power 4 high RMS speakers
  • 4 channel audio
  • Generates deep bass and high treble
  • Separate filters for low and high frequencies
  • Alloy body
  • Maximum RMS output of 1000 Watts

Cons: Does not offer variable filter settings

Verdict: Sony has done a great job with this amplifier also. The features it comes with are really impressive. I did not expect an amplifier of this price point to offer both high and low-pass filters. Moreover, the four-channel audio is another pro feature of this product.

Regular Output 85 Watts
Peak Output 1000 Watts
Audio Channels 4
Filters Low Pass and High Pass
Frequency Response Range 5 Hz – 50000 Hz
Price 5700 Rupees


☼ JBL GX-A3011SI Mono Class AB Car Amplifier

JBL is a well-known brand in the music gadget industry. Its GX-A3011SI Mono Class AB Car Amplifier is listed on e-commerce websites with a price tag of 5,700 rupees and flaunts some decent features.

Attractive Looks: I love JBL for its design policy. This product will blow your mind with its reflective black finish. The JBL logo on the top adds a premium touch to its beauty.

The build quality of the amplifier is not as great as the other two devices discussed so far in this article. All the components are densely packed inside because of which air-cooling is not that effective. It looks like JBL has focused more on design and less on efficiency.

1200 Watt Peak Output: The JBL amplifier will prove to be a perfect choice for people who just want powerful audio. At 2 Ohms, it gives 300 Watts of regular output and 1200 Watts of peak output. In addition to low and high pass filters, it also sports a noise reduction filter. This noise filter offers variable settings between 30 Hz to 320 Hz.

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Mono Audio: One big disappointment for JBL fans is this amplifier flaunts only a single-channel audio output setup. It is only good for powering a subwoofer. Although users can connect multiple speakers in series that setup will eliminate soundstage also.

JBL GX A3011SI Mono Class AB Car Amplifier


  • Premium design
  • Generates powerful sound frequencies
  • Variable noise reduction filter
  • Compact


  • Average build
  • Is less efficient
  • Single audio channel

Verdict: The JBL amplifier gives a high RMS output, though it does not enhance the experience of users. As a single-channel amplifier, it will only be useful if you install a secondary amplifier alongside.

Regular Output 300 Watts
Peak Output 1200 Watts
Audio Channels 1
Filters Low Pass, High Pass, and Noise
Price 5700 Rupees