Exclusively for car owners, in this article learn about some must-have car gadgets for making your car one of the best places you want to spend time safely. GS team presents reviews of a car air purifier, USB charger, amplifier for sound system, Bluetooth audio receiver, and a portable vacuum cleaner.


► Honeywell Move Pure Car Air Purifier

A car air purifier is much more practically and necessary than an air purifier for home. Car being a genuinely closed ambiance, passengers come in contact with lots of hidden pollution during journey whether short or long.

Suffering from breathing problem or allergy because of polluted air, having an air purifier may be a first step in getting some relief. Besides, there are ample changes, you might develop breathing allergy because of spending too much time in your car. Experts emphasize the fact if someone spends more than an hour daily in car- should consider an air purifier to avoid breathing issue now and in future as well.

In the car air purifier segment, only a few products are to choose from. Philips has one to counter the Honeywell car air purifier but isn’t efficient enough. It appears though Philips launched the car air purifier just to expand its portfolio of products.

First of all, I would like readers to have some awareness about Honeywell, which is an American brand, part of the list of S&P 500 companies. Close to 100 years of history in developing advanced technology and today a leading brand in clean technology invention, it sales products in the world market with lots of pride. Based on an experience with Honeywell air purifier for home, I can say Honeywell offers efficient innovative and reliable products.

I like Philips. But, especially in air purifier segment, when it is about being a sturdy, stylish build – Honeywell scores well over Philips. Let’s be clear Honeywell is the brand if you want to buy an air purifier. Although Philips has registered an early lead but Honeywell products appear to be much more efficient than that of Philips.

The Honeywell air purifier, based on high-grade HEPA filter, is best-suited especially when traveling with allergic individuals, kids, and pregnant women. For asthma patients, the purifier will be a boom because it will reduce chances of breathing difficulty by purifying air inside car.

Honeywell has designed the product on three key factors: elegant design, air outlet, and one key control. Other key features of the device are – easy filter replacement, an indicator for notifying filter replacement, three-stage air filtration processor, and activated carbon filter to remove TVOC.

Honeywell Move Pure Car Air Purifier Specifications

Open a Honeywell car air purifier product box, and first, there is a user instruction booklet – showing how to complete an easy installation in four steps. Pay attention on how you place this on car dashboard for faster and better coverage. An air purifier unit with a power supply cable/adaptor and two sets of Velcro are main contents in sales box.

Although car dashboard is the best place for better coverage, but it could also be kept on a seat, below a seat, and at rear parcel tray. The air purifier comes with a warning sign that installation on the air bag area is prohibited.

Following the quick start guide, first, connect the air purifier with power source using its own power supply adaptor. Power socket is on the rear side of the device; fix the cable properly so that it holds firmly. Whichever place you install ensure – the single button control is facing towards driver seat.

The device will start in low fan mode; press the single button one more time to get into high fan speed mode. This will improve suction capability meaning it will start purifying air inside car at a greater speed. Press the single button again to switch it off.

The single button also works as a filter replacement indicator. If the back-lit LED turns to red meaning the filter inside has to be replaced as quickly as possible. Switch off the device when replacing filter. First, expel the top, remove the expired filter, insert a new filter, using a safety pin to press the reset button. Fix the top cover back on the device.

According to the Honeywell India support, the filter life is about 350 hours. Even if you run the Honeywell purifier daily two hours, it will last seven to nine months easily. It is not necessary though to run the device all the time while driving. You may switch it off after 30 minutes of run for next one hour. Honeywell India is also selling the suitable filter for the air purifier on shopping websites.

Usually, it takes about 8 to 12 minutes to feel some difference. Talking about technology aspects of this Honeywell product, it filters airs and removes TVOC (Total Volatile Organic Compounds), odor, toxic gas, cigarette smoke, virus & bacteria. The highly efficient HEPA filters PM2.5 particles and fights external pollution as well.

Pro Features

  • Efficient device
  • Really long cable
  • Quiet operation
  • Easy to use
  • Low maintenance cost

Asthma patient should avoid traveling in a car has no air purifier protection. Priced below 6500 rupees, Honeywell move pure Air Purifier is an efficient gadget protects car users from serious health threats that might develop because of air pollution inside a car. Accidental insurance will protect only in special cases; however, this Honeywell purifier protects car travelers from pollution on every breath they take inside a car.

Price 6500 Rupees
Dimensions 210×150×60mm
Power Voltage 12V DC; Power consumption: 6W in silent mode, 8W high-performance mode, Standby power: 0.3W
Noise Level Less than 49 dB
Air Flow Inbound from top; outbound from Sides
Performance Silent; High-performance mode; CADR 12 Cu m/hr


► Sony AB Car Amplifier

The quality of sound eventually reaching to listeners after lots processing and reprocessing depends on three factors, essentially. First is the quality of speaker system. Second is amplifier quality. And, third is content quality stored on a storage solution in play. Compromised quality of any of the factors could lead to producing sound – not in the quality expected from the setup.

No doubt Sony and JBL are the brands when you are looking for a reliable hardware to make your car audio setup appropriately advanced and impressive. Now the question is how to decide which Sony or JBL car amplifier is suitable for your requirement. Here the effort of GS research team will come handy – assist you in buying a reliable Sony or JBL amplifier for A-grade audio. More details are at Sony and JBL Class AB Car Amplifier below 6000 Rupees.

► Motorola USB Car Charger

Don’t be surprised, other than smartphones; Motorola also designs smart accessories for making your smartphone use every time every place feasible and even more convenient. Motorola charger for fueling up a smartphone from car battery is a step forward to sync new technology with existing one.

The USB charger has a single USB port and rated 1.2V output. Read more about the Motorola charger at Motorola Car Charger below 2000 Rupees.

► Car Charger for Mobile and Tablet

On shopping websites, searching good accessories from lakhs of products available in the category is a hard task. However, GS research team takes all burdens – does filter and comparison – and eventually presents just a few suggestions before you. Needless to say, based on our reviews and simply explained essential features, you could easily pick one that suits your requirement. If you are looking for a USB charger with multiple USB port, our article on – best USB Car charger below 4000 rupees – might help you to buy one.

► Car Vacuum Cleaner

Cleaning dust especially from footpad and seats – is tedious and Hercules task. However, smart gadgets like a portable vacuum cleaner making them easy. Search online, you will find hundreds of car vacuum clear from local and international brands up for sales. Specification-wise they are more and less same. So how you will pick one that is convenient in use and durable as well.

After being sure about quality and durability factors, GS research team presents the best-selling budget car vacuum cleaners from trusted brands Panasonic, Black & Decker, Eureka Forbes, and Coido. I am very sure one of these four products will fulfill your need.

► Amkette Audio Receiver with Voice Command

No, we are not saying the Amkette Audio receiver is the best in the category it belongs. The Bluetooth audio receiver though suitable for car driver indeed is a life saver gadget. It comes with a powerful battery – living up to six hours of music listening. Equipped with Bluetooth version 3, this is a smart gadget – executes voice commands as well. Learn more of the Amkette smart accessory, which operates on voice command, at Amkette Bluetooth Audio Receiver For Car Driver.