Are air coolers worth it? The air cooler cooling system is my favorite among the three commonly used electricity-powered cooling solutions for home ceiling fans, air coolers, and air conditioners. Air cooler usages the natural method to cool air before blowing out. Compared to the air conditioner system it is cheaper, and it also consumes less electricity. And, above all the best feature that makes an air cooler better than a ceiling fan and an air conditioner is that you can keep windows in your room open for fresh air while using an air cooler.

Cooling Solution Cooling Method Window Machine Cost Power Bill
Air Conditioner Gas + Air Closed Costly High
Air Cooler {BEST} Water + Air Open Affordable Medium
Ceiling Fan Air Open Cheap Negligible

Which is the best air cooler under 10000 Rupees? In this piece, we cover the best-selling air coolers in the 5000 to 10000 Rupees range. Here you read about air coolers of top brands Crompton, Usha, Orient, Havells, Bajaj, and others. The suggested air cooler machines are currently a top favorite of buyers because of their user-friendly design, high cooling capacity, low power consumption, and lesser maintenance requirement.

☼ 90L Bajaj DMH 90 Neo Desert Air Cooler

Cool off this summer with the Bajaj air cooler. Since its air throw reaches 90 feet, it is a suitable cooler for areas up to 100 sq-ft.

This air cooler comes with a 90-liter water tank capacity. With a full tank, it cools for 13 to 15 hours. Hence, trust this Bajaj machine to keep you cool all day long. The airflow rate for this air cooler is 5600 CMH. Additionally, it comes equipped with wheels that allow you to move it around. The water level indicator on the tank lets you know when to refill.

The desert cooler features 3 side honeycomb pads, a turbofan, and 4-ways air delivery louvers. Together they provide thorough and efficient cooling across the room. The specially designed pads provide more cooling, but they are also more effective at water retention.

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The design of the Bajaj DMH 90 Neo Air Cooler is sophisticated and modern, making it an excellent addition to any home or office. At present, it is the most affordable option when you need an air cooler with a 90-liter tank capacity. With its advanced cooling features and user-friendly design, it is an excellent choice for those looking for a reliable and effective air-cooling solution. Ultimately, it has all the essential features and functions, except Water Auto Fill and Remote Controller.

Our review video reveals all the essential facts about the Desert Air Cooler. Bajaj is a trusted brand, so you should choose its air cooler model DMH 90 Neo.

Price ₹9990 → Amazon
Features Desert | 90-Liter | 5600 CMH |  Idea for 100 sq-ft room | 3-Side Honeycomb Pad | Made in India | Power Bill: ₹1.4 for 1-Hour | Warranty: Up to 2 Years


☼ 26L Orient Premia Personal Air Cooler

In the Indian market, Orient Electric has become one of the most popular brands of air coolers. Premia, an air cooler model from this brand, has recently been launched at a price below 6000 rupees.

The Orient Premia Personal Cooler offers remarkable features that will help you beat the summer heat. It has a capacity of 26 liters. As a result, it can continuously cool for hours without causing any inconvenience.

I am very impressed with the cooling performance of the Orient Electric Premia. It comes with a 140W electric motor and its Airflow is limited to 1500 CMH at its maximum. Following your comfort level, you may choose from three different cooling levels. Cold air is uniformly distributed throughout the room by the air cooler blower fan.

The quality of construction of this Orient personal cooler is excellent. A high-quality ABS plastic is used in the construction of its body. Four castor wheels are incorporated under the cooler, which facilitates its easy mobility and adjustment. Added water level indicator shows the water level in the tank.

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The honeycomb pad keeps dust particles away while ensuring maximum cooling efficiency at all times. And if you still need extra freshness, add ice cubes to the ice chamber for an instant chilled wind blast!

Get ready to experience the most enjoyable summer ever with this Orient Premia Personal Air Cooler that guarantees high-quality performance every time!

Price ₹5800 → Amazon
Features Tank: 26L | Auto Fill: NO | Water Level Indicator | Air Delivery: 1500 CMH | Air Throw: 7.6-Meter | Speed Levels 3 {H,M,L} | Anti-Becterial Tank | Ice Chamber | Motorised Vertical Louvres Movement | 4 Castor Wheels | DenseNest Honeycomb Pad {45% More Cooling, 25% More Water Retention} | Warranty: 1-Year


☼ 46L Hindware Cruzo Personal Air Cooler

Introducing the Hindware Cruzo, Hindiware's latest personal air cooler in the Indian market below 10,000 rupees. There is no doubt that it is one of the most recommended air coolers on the market today. Consider the Hindware Cruzo 46L air cooler if you live in a humid area and the room is smaller than 300 square feet.

The Cruzo personal cooler comes with a robust air delivery of 2250 CMH for powerful cooling. Its air throw is around 9 meters. It also comes with motorized louvers for efficient air circulation. Plus, it has a four-way air deflection design. These features guarantee that this personal air cooler can maintain high cooling in a room size of 240 sq ft.

This Hindware Cooler comes with honeycomb pads for even cooling and a water level indicator for hassle-free refilling. To move it from one room to another, it comes with castor wheels. In addition to this, the Cruzo model has a 3-speed level – Low, Medium, and High.

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Thus, get ready to say goodbye to the summer heat with the Hindware Cruzo Air Cooler. It also features an ice chamber and is compatible with inverter power. It is designed to be energy efficient and uses a minimal amount of electricity.

Price ₹6499 → Amazon
Features 46L Tank with Level Indicator | Woodwool Honeycomb Pads | Coverage Area: around 240 sq-ft | Air Delivery: 2250 CMM | Air Throw: around 9-meter | Inverter Power Compatible | Castor Wheels | Power Consumption: 105 watts | Warranty: 1 Year


► 85L Orient Snowbreeze Magnus Desert Air Cooler

Orient is one of the best 5 air cooler brands in the Indian market. This Indian brand is a favorite name for desert air coolers especially. Orient desert air coolers are affordable and durable, and they are easy to operate, too.

Currently, the Snowbreeze Magnus air cooler model of the Orient electric brand is its top-selling model. The water tank capacity of this desert air cooler is 85 liters. With such a big water tank this orient air cooler will provide cooling in a big size room as good as an air conditioner for 8 hours. Its 5-direction air deflection system along with motorized vertical louvers movement ensures uniform cooling in the room.

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Purely going by the assessment of those who bought this Orient air cooler and have been using it regularly, I can say without any ambiguity that the Orient Snowbreeze Magnus air cooler is currently one of the best air coolers under 10000 Rupees. it is a simple and genuinely affordable cooling solution for big to medium size rooms.

Price ₹9990 | Amazon
Features Manual Operation | Ice-Cooling | Cooling Coverage-Area: 400 sq-ft | Warranty: 1-Year
Cooling 5-Direction Air-Deflection System | Cooling Medium: DenseNest Honeycomb {25% More Cooling & 45% Water Retention} | Blower Fan: 16-Inch 3 Blades | Air Delivery: 3500 CMH | Air-Throw: Up to 53-feet | Louvres-Movement: Vertical
Tank Water Tank Capacity: 85-Liter | Auto-Fill | Water-Level indicator
Build Power-Consumption: 200W | Control Knobs: {Cool → ON/OFF | Fan → {High, Medium, Low} | Swing: ON/OFF} | Ice-Chamber | Castor Wheels | Cooler-Height: 111-CM


► 60L Sansui Glacial 60 Desert Air Cooler

Which is the best desert air cooler for under 8000 Rupees? Air coolers with a large tank capacity are always better than those with a smaller water tank. Currently, there are only two desert air coolers with 60-liter tanks below 8000 Rupees: Sansui Glacial 60 and Kenstar MULTI COOL 60L. The latter is a flop model whereas the former is one of the best-selling air coolers in the Indian market.

The Sansui desert air cooler is an excellent air cooler for large rooms. It features a powerful 5-blade fan that can throw cooled air up to 48 feet far. So, it could maintain optimum uniform cooling in a room size of up to 750 sq feet.

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Besides the powerful cooling system, the high-water retention capability of this Sansui desert air cooler makes it a favorite of those who are looking for an affordable desert air cooler for continuous cooling. It gives high cooling but does not waste too much water. 60-liter water in its tank will last for up to 14 hours, as the brand claims.

Price ₹7990 | Flipkart
Features Max Cooling-Area: 750 sq ft | High Water-Retention | Water-Level Indicator | Over-Flow Indicator | Warranty: 1-year
Cooling Air Throw: up to 48 ft | Air-Delivery: 3600 CMH | Fan Levels: {High, Medium, Low} | Max Fan-Speed: 1350 RPM | Air Deflection: 4 Ways | Honeycomb Pad: 3 Sides | Ice-Cooling | Auto Louver-Movement | Oscillating-Function
Build ABS Plastic Body | 5-Blade Fan with | Water-Tank: 60L {lasting 14-hours} | Power-Consumption: 195W | Cooler-Height: 103-CM | Caster-Wheels | Ice-Chamber | ISI-Certified Power-Cord: 2-Meter


► 75L Crompton DAC751 Ozone Desert Air Cooler

The Crompton air cooler is the best-selling air cooler for under 10000 Rupees. It has been a top-rated model and is currently a top favorite of buyers On Amazon and Flipkart.

It does not have many advanced features, but it has all those features required the most in an air cooler for cooling a room quickly. Since it does not have so many add-on features, the chances of malfunction in its system are lesser. Therefore, you can rest assured you will not have to sleep on the hot, humid night this summer season if you invest in this Crompton Desert air cooler.

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Crompton introduced the air cooler model in the year 2016. Now it is a 3-Years old model. As it has been a best-selling air cooler since it was introduced in the market, lakhs of people have bought it and using it at present to cool their rooms. According to their feedback, this Crompton air cooler is simple, cools the room fast, consumes less power, and its operation is still less noisy after using it continuously for many months last summer.

Price ₹9500 | Amazon
Variants 55-Liter | 75-Liter | 88-Liter
Features Less Noisy | Portable | Big Water Tank | Water Level Indicator | Run on an Inverter Power Supply | Uniform Water Grill for Evenly Water Distribution | Auto-fill feature | 3 Speed Levels | Tightly Fitted System | 12-Months Warranty
Cooling Air Delivery: 4600 CMH | Air Throw Distance: 52 ft | Cooling Area: 5414 Cubic Ft | Cooling Medium: Thick Honeycomb Cooling Pad
Build Water Tank: 75-Liter | Ice Chamber | Motorised Louvers | 190W Power System (1-Star Rated) | Plastic Body | Castor Wheels Feet | drain plug for easy cleaning | Plastic Fan | Dimensions (LBH): 61×40.5×120 cm


► 36L Bajaj Platini Room Air Cooler

This Bajaj air cooler at the Amazon India website is currently the best-selling air cooler. At the current market price of 5500 Rupees, it is an excellent affordable cooling solution for most people in India.

But why is this budget air cooler in huge demand? What makes it a top favorite of buyers? Besides its price and the market reputation of the Bajaj brand, this room cooler has a powerful cooling system, and its power consumption is less. With four-way airflow, it cools a room faster. Therefore, it is the best room air cooler in the 5000 Rupees range.

36L Bajaj Platini Room Air Cooler

The Bajaj air cooler has castor wheels for easy mobility. Consequently, it is a perfect air cooler for home use and uses every room in the house one by one.

The power consumption of the regular ceiling fans is 72W or 74W. You will be surprised to know the power consumption of this Bajaj room cooler is only 100W when it operates at its full capacity. Therefore, it can work on home inverter power supply also. This cooler will provide better cooling while operating at its half capacity and consume less power than a 72W regular ceiling fan, which can only rotate existing air in the room.

This Bajaj air cooler is an ideal cooler for room sizes up to 150 sq ft. It will provide maximum cooling in all climates. It has three-speed levels and four-way air deflation. Yes, it gives maximum cooling in all directions!

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The Bajaj Platini room cooler is currently the most reliable, cheap, and best air cooler in the market. Bajaj brand reputation, Honeycomb filter, four-way airflow, and only 100W power consumption are the features why it should be your next air cooler.

Price ₹5500 | Amazon
Features Less Noisy Air Cooler | Ideal for Room size up to 150 sq ft | Suitable for all climates and Coastal regions | 12-Months Warranty | Installation Not Required
Build Caster Wheels | 36-Liter Tank | Honeycomb Cooling Pad | Easily Removeable Pad | Made in corrosion-free Engineering-Grade thermoplastic material
Cooling 3 Speed Levels | 4-Ways Air Deflection | Air Flow reaches up to 30 feet | Chill Trap technology for faster cooling
Power Active Consumption: 100W | Work on Home Inverter Power Supply


► 12L Symphony Diet 12T Personal Air Cooler

As Voltas means air conditioner, Symphony means air cooler. The Symphony Diet 12T air cooler with a 12-Liter water tank is one of the best-selling air coolers in the market. Its water tank capacity is three times lesser compared to the water tank capacity of the Bajaj Platini air cooler. Also, its power consumption is twice more than the power consumption of the Bajaj room cooler.

Still, this Symphony air cooler is a favorite choice of buyers. But why? The reasons are the reputation of the Symphony brand and the feature of i-Pure technology.

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The Symphony Diet 12T is not just an air cooler, it is also a practical air purifier. Equipped with Symphony’s i-Pure technology, this air cooler dispenses chilled air after 5-stage purification. Therefore, it is a suitable air cooler for those areas where the air cooler is poor. If the air quality in your area is your one of primary concerns, then Symphony Diet 12T is the best air cooler under 6000 Rupees despite a smaller water tank and higher power consumption than its nearest alternative the Bajaj Platini air cooler.

Price ₹5700 | Amazon
Features i-Pure Technology {5-Stage: Dust-Filter, Smell-Filter, Allergy-Filter, Bacteria-Filter, PM2.5 Wash-Filter} | 12-Months Warranty
Build Water-Tank: 12-Liter | Drain-Plug | Castor-Wheels | High-Efficiency Honeycomb Pads | Fan-Diameter: 180-mm | Ice-Chamber | Water Level Indicator
Cooling Air Throw: up to 30-ft | Automatic-Louvers | Cool-Flow Dispenser | Speed Levels: 3
Power Power-Consumption: 170W | Inverter-Compatible


► 70L Orient CD7001H Desert Air Cooler

With the Orient desert air cooler, you can stay sure that your summers won’t be damp and scorching anymore.

The frame of this air cooler is made from ABS plastic which averts problems like corrosion or rust. As the product takes account of caster wheels on its four ends with caps, you can transfer it to your desired room in your home depending on your suitability. The motor-powered vertical louver movement assists it in conveying cool air to a large room instantly. You can set the horizontal louver movement physically to acquire wintry air in your favored space.

Orient Ocean Air CD7001H Air Cooler

Further, the air cooler comes together with honeycomb pads that perform as an operational cooling medium. These pads are located at an angle to deliver equivalent cooling. Besides, it runs the mechanical vertical louver movement in addition to the manual horizontal louver movement.

Powerful Air Throw: The desert cooler has a powerful air throw capacity of 18.3 meters. This feature helps in instant cooling and cooling a large space. Moreover, its 4-way air deflection method ensures uniform cooling in the room. On top of that, it owns three-speed controls. Out of this, the top speed proposes a powerful air delivery rate of 3600 cubic meters per hour. This assists in maintaining the effective cooling of your home peripheries.

Other Significant Features: The air cooler comes along with an automatic water level indicator that provides an indication whenever the water level goes near the ground. Additionally, it is well-matched with the inverters, therefore you do not have to find the middle ground on cooling each time there is a power cut.

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Verdict: With a capacity of 70 liters, this desert cooler from Orient is adept at cooling large places. In addition to its great cooling features, the cooler owns a graphical design. The frame is composed of ABS plastic resilient to rust and decay. As it is armed with four castor wheels, it is stress-free to move and can be transported from one place to another with no trouble.

Price ₹9200 | Amazon
Features High Water-Retention | Inverter-Compatible | Warranty: 1-Year
Cooling Cooling-Media: Honeycomb {made of specially-treated paper pulp} | Fan-Speed: 3 | Air-Throw: Up to 18.3-meter | Air-Delivery: 3600 CMH | Louver-Movement: {Vertical: Auto | Horizontal: Manual}
Tank Capacity: 70-Liter | Auto-Fill | Water-Level Indicator
Build Fan-Blade: 16-Inch | Stepped-Louver | Castor-Wheels | Body-Material: Engineering-Grade ABS | Power-Consumption: 190W | Cooler-Height: 130 CM

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