Which is the most popular ceiling fan brand in India? There are not one, but many reliable ceiling fan brands on the Indian market that sell energy-efficient, super quiet ceiling fans. My favorite ceiling fan brands, however, are Usha, Orient, Havells, Gorilla, and Bajaj. These brands make high-quality energy-efficient fans. And they last for years.

Which are the best energy-efficient ceiling fans for 1500 rupees? In this piece, we cover the best-selling ceiling fans in the 1000 to 2000 rupees price range. Ceiling fans suggested by this page are currently a top choice among buyers.

☼ 50W Aparna Magic Ceiling Fan

There is no doubt that the Aparna ceiling fan is the most impressive blend of style and performance you can find. A ceiling fan like this is hard to find for less than 1500 rupees. It comes with a powerful 50W copper motor that delivers an impressive 400 RPM, ensuring optimal air circulation in the room. With 230 CMM air delivery, it can comfortably cool up to 120 sq-ft. Moreover, this fan is Made in India, flaunting Indian craftsmanship.

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The fan's 2 Year Warranty ensures peace of mind and a hassle-free experience. It's a product from a 40-year-old brand that has stood the test of time and consistently delivers quality fans to its customers.

You get excellent performance and aesthetic appeal with the Aparna Magic Ceiling Fan. It is a fantastic product that offers an unbeatable combination of style, performance, and durability at an affordable price.

Price ₹1399 → Amazon
Features 50W | Copper Motor | RPM: 400 | Air Delivery: 230 CMM | Aluminium Blades | Blade Length: 48-Inch | Warranty: 2 Years


► 68W Aeronova Superb Ceiling Fan

The Aeronova ceiling fan is one of the best high-speed ceiling fans in the Indian market below 1500 Rupees. It is powered by a 68W copper motor. The motor has a 100% copper coil and double ball-bearing. Hence the fan will run silently and wobble-free before the motor requires its first service.

Aeronova brand provides 25 months of warranty for its ceiling fan. That is an extra one-month warranty than the warranty duration committed by other top ceiling fan brands in the Indian market.

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Let me summarize whatever is said so far. The Aeronova Superb ceiling fan in 1290 Rupees has an energy-efficient copper motor with a double ball bearing. Plus, it comes with 25 months of warranty and then conventionally 24 months of warranty. Hence, go for it. It is a good deal.

Price ₹1290 | Amazon
Features Silent Air-Delivery | Warranty: 25-Months
Motor Capacity: 68W | Double Ball-Bearing | Copper-Coil | Max-Speed: 400 RPM
Blade Wings: 3 | Length: 48-Inch (1200-MM) | Material: Aluminum | Design: Aerodynamically-Balanced


► 56W Bajaj Frore Ceiling Fan

The Bajaj ceiling fan features a 56W motor. The motor has a double ball bearing and a 100% copper coil. Despite having a low power-consuming motor, the air delivery of this Bajaj fan is decent. Its air delivery is 205 CMM. Also, buyers will get a 2-year of complete service warranty for this ceiling fan model from the brand. Bajaj brand introduced this ceiling fan model in two colors: White and Brown.

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Should you buy Bajaj Frore Ceiling Fan with a 56W motor? Yes of course! Why not? An ideal ceiling fan has an energy-efficient motor and well-designed blades for high-air delivery. This Bajaj fan meets the essential requirement. And yet, its price is very reasonable, only 1300 Rupees.

Price ₹1300 | Amazon
Features Air Delivery: 205-CMM | Rust-Free Build | Lifted Blades for High Air-Delivery | Quick-start High-Torque Motor | Warranty: 2-Years
Motor 56W | Double Ball-Bearing | Copper-Coil
Build Blade-Size: 1200-MM | Blade-Material: Aluminum


► 66W Bajaj Edge Ceiling Fan

The Bajaj brand has many ceiling fans on the market. The best among them from those which are priced below 1500 Rupees is Bajaj Edge. This Bajaj ceiling fan has a powerful 66W motor with a double ball bearing. Hence the motor has more power and efficiency than standard ceiling fan motors. Moreover, the ceiling fan will not wobble while running so it will give uniform air delivery.

Is the Bajaj Edge ceiling fan the right choice if you are looking for a long-lasting ceiling fan below 1500 Rupees? The answer is NO when it is compared to its best alternatives. One of the best alternatives to the Bajaj Edge Ceiling fan is Luminous Josh.

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A quick comparison of these two suggests that the Luminous ceiling fan is better than the Bajaj ceiling fan. How? Luminous Josh features a 68W motor and its air delivery is 215 CMM. On the other hand, the Bajaj Edge ceiling fan has a 66W motor and its air delivery is merely 205 CMM.

Price ₹1360 | Amazon
Features Air-Delivery: 205-CMM | Warranty: 2-Year
Motor 66W | Double Ball-Bearing | 100% Copper-Coil | Max-Speed: 400 RPM
Build Blade-Size: 1200 (48-Inch) | Blade-Material: Aluminum


► 68W Luminous Josh Ceiling Fan

We always look for fans whose power consumption is less but whose air delivery is high. Finding such cooling fans is not easy especially when the max budget is set to 1500 Rupees.


Usually, budget ceiling fans like those which are priced under 1500 Rupees have an air delivery of 200 to 210 CMM. And, they will have a motor whose power consumption will be above 70W.

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After spending lots of time in research, we selected the Luminous Josh ceiling fan from hundreds of best-selling ceiling fans below 1500 Rupees. This fan features a 68W motor and it can reach max air delivery of 215 CMM. Therefore, it is one of the best ceiling fans under 1500 Rupees. Go for it without a second thought.

Price ₹1390 | Amazon
Features Air Delivery: 215-CMM | | High-Quality Slippery-Paint | Warranty: 2-Year
Motor 68W | 12-Pole Motor | 100% Copper-Coil | Max-Speed: 380 RPM
Build Blade-Size: 1200 (48-Inch) | Color Options: White & Brown


► 75W Hindware Stunner Anti-Dust Fan

The Hindware fan is currently the only anti-dust ceiling fan, which is priced below 2000 Rupees. Its current market price is 1700 Rupees. The wings of this anti-dust ceiling fan are hard coated with dust-resistant paint. Hence dust won’t stick to them. Once in two to three months, the blades have to be thoroughly wiped to make them as shiner as they were on day one.


A powerful 75W copper motor powers this Hindware dust-resistant fan. The motor has a double ball bearing. Hence it runs silently and is expected to last almost twice longer as the usual lifespan of a basic ceiling fan motor.

Hindware is a well-known home and kitchen appliance brand in the Indian market. This brand manufactures products in India. So, there is no reason not to trust Hindware products.

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The Hindware ceiling fan has all great qualities except an energy-efficient motor. An anti-dust fan with an energy-efficient motor will cost you not less than 3500 Rupees. Therefore, it is the best option if you are looking for an affordable anti-dust ceiling fan.

Price ₹1700 | Amazon
Features Aerodynamic Balanced-Blades | Dust-Resistant Blades | Silent-Operation | Warranty: 2-Year
Motor 75W | Double Ball-Bearing | 100% Copper-Coli
Cooling Air Delivery: 205-CMM
Build Blade-Length: 1200 mm (48-Inch) | Blade with Dust-Resistant Paint


► 50W Orient Ujala Ceiling Fan

The motor capacity is one of the key factors to consider when buying a ceiling fan. Usually, home electronics with a high-capacity motor are considered better. In the case of a fan, however, motor capacity should be less. But the air delivery of the fan should be high.


The Orient Electric Ujala is an excellent energy-saving ceiling fan. If I am not wrong it is the cheapest energy-saving ceiling fan in the Indian market. It features just a 50W motor, whose max speed is 360 RPM. Hence, the air delivery of this Orient fan is very impressive. Its air will reach every corner of a medium-sized room.

The motor of the Orient Ujala energy-saving fan has a double ball. So, its performance is very smooth, less noisy, in fact almost silent. There will be almost no noise from the motor while this fan is running. If there is any noise that will be due to moving air by the twisted blades of this fan.

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Thus, Orient Electric Ujala is the best energy-saving ceiling fan for under 1500 Rupees. Go for it without a second thought.

Price ₹1490 | Amazon
Features Energy-Efficient Fan | High-Lift Blades | Warranty: 2-Year
Motor 50W | 100% Copper-Winding | Double Ball-Bearing | 35% more Energy-Saving | Max-Speed: 360 RPM | Speed-Levels: 4
Cooling 1200-mm (48-Inch Blade) Long Blade | Air-Flow: 7770-CFM | Air-Delivery: 220 CMM
Build Aluminum Blades | Glossy Powder-Coated Paint for Superior Finish


► 78W Orient Apex-FX Ceiling Fan

In every product segment, there is a market leader. Havells is the market leader in the fan segment, though Orient Electronics is the market leader in the ceiling fan segment. Orient makes the best-quality ceiling fans. Its innovative Orient Aeroquiet has been the most-talked-about ceiling fan in the market. It is a premium ceiling fan priced above 4000 Rupees.


Currently, the best ceiling fan under 1500 Rupees from the Orient brand is Apex-FX. There is no ceiling fan in the 1000 to 2000 Rupees range as superior as this Orient fan.

In the selection of a ceiling fan, the two most important factors to consider are motor quality and air delivery. Orient Apex-FX ceiling fan features a 12-Pole motor with double ball bearing and a copper coil. The bigger and more robust the motor, the longer the ceiling will last without service.

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Local electronics shops sell non-branded ceiling fans in the 1000 Rupees range. Orient, a more than 50-Years old reliable electronics brand, sells its Apex-FX ceiling fan with a powerful motor and 2-Years warranty for just 1350 Rupees. Therefore, it is a better choice. Order this Orient budget ceiling fan in bulk.

Price ₹1350 | Amazon
Features 78-Watt 12-Pole Motor with Double Ball-Bearing | Motor with Copper-Coil | 48-Inch Long Aluminum (Wide) Blades | Powder Coating Paint for Longer Life | 24-Months Warranty


► 72W Havells Pacer Ceiling Fan

Havells is one of the most preferred brands for long-lasting home electronics. Its products are slightly costlier than the products of other regular home electronics brands, though they last longer because of their outstanding build quality. The Havells Pedestal Fan in my native home has been in use for the last seven years. In terms of performance, it is as good as it was on day one.

Havells Pacer Ceiling Fan

Havells Pacer is undoubtedly one of the best ceiling fans under 2000 Rupees. As far as I can recall it is only a ceiling fan with a motor with double-bearing. Plus, it is a Havells product. Therefore, you can rest assured that this Havells ceiling fan will last more than 5-years without service. With its powerful motor and high-lift long wings, it delivers TOOFANI Hava. If the electricity problem persists in your area, then this fan is a perfect choice.

  हेयर स्ट्रेटनर: ₹1000 - ₹2000

Havells trust, 72W motor with copper winding and double ball bearing 2-year warranty, and specially designed blades for high air delivery are the reasons why you must consider Havells Pacer. Those who have been using this ceiling fan for many years say, it is still TOOFANI. Havells Pacer is a recommended ceiling fan for under 2000 Rupees.

Price ₹1900 | Amazon
Features Air-Delivery: 230 CMM | Max-Speed: 400 RPM | 48-Inch Long Blades | 26-CM Down-rod | 72W Motor with Double Ball-Bearing | 24-Months Warranty


► 75W Luminous Morpheus Ceiling Fan

Luminous, the famous home inverter brand, also sells quality ceiling fans. Its Morpheus ceiling fan model is currently, one of the best ceiling fans to buy under 1500 Rupees. Luminous has introduced it in four color designs. Their price fall in the range of 1200 to 1500 Rupees. They have 48-Inch high-lift aluminum blades for maximum air delivery all across the room.

Luminous Morpheus Ceiling Fan

Most of the budget fans in the market have an 8-Pole motor. However, a 12-Pole motor with 20% extra copper winding powers this Luminous ceiling fan. That means its motor is extra sturdy and will last much longer than you expect.

The Luminous fan will easily last more than 10 years. Oil it once a year and change its capacitor once in three-four years. The cost of a branded ceiling fan capacitor is 30 Rupees only. Serving will cost you less than 200 Rupees. That’s it.

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Luminous brand trust, a 12-Pole motor, and an attractive design are the key factors why Luminous Morpheus is one of the best ceiling fans under 1500 Rupees. It is a thousand times better and more reliable ceiling fan than non-branded 1000 Rupees ceiling fans available at local electronics shops in your area.

Price ₹1300 | Amazon
Features 75W 12-Pole Motor with 20% Extra Copper-Winding | 48-Inch High-Lift Aluminum Blades | Max-Speed: 380 RPM | Air-Delivery: 230 CMM | 12 Months Warranty
Sales Box Fan-Motor | Down-Rod | Shackle assembly | Canopy set


► 70W Luminous Dhoom Ceiling Fan

Most people like to have a fan that looks attractive as well as performs excellently. The Luminous Dhoom Ceiling Fan fulfills both of these qualities. Moreover, Luminous is a reliable and known brand in the Indian market.  Therefore, everything is right with this Luminous Dhoom ceiling fan. It is a recommended semi-designer budget ceiling fan for 1500 Rupees for bedrooms, living room, and study room.

Luminous Dhoom Ceiling Fan

The Luminous ceiling fan comes with a 70W motor and three 48-Inch long aluminum blades. It looks beautiful due to the special power-coated paint on its body and wings. Especially its white color variant is a favorite of buyers. I don’t think there is any other ceiling fan for 1500 Rupees as attractive as this Luminous Dhoom ceiling fan is.

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Being a Luminous product itself is a certification of outstanding build quality. The luminous brand offers a 24-month warranty, withal. If you like the design, then order it. It is a good quality ceiling fan at the right price.

Price ₹1500 | Amazon
Features 48-Inch Aluminum Blades | 70W Motor | Max-Speed: 380 RPM | Air-Delivery: 220 CMM | 24-Months Warranty


► 75W Crompton Briz Ceiling Fan

Crompton Greaves is a well-known brand in the Indian market. Especially in rural India, it is a very popular brand. This Indian brand has a reputation for offering high-quality products at reasonable prices.

The Crompton Briz is one of the best-selling fans under 1500 Rupees and therefore, one of the most affordable branded ceiling fans in the Indian market. Its current market price is 1300 Rupees.

Aren’t you surprised? A Crompton ceiling fan for just 1300 Rupees! This Crompton ceiling fan is cheap that does not mean it is a poor-quality product.

Crompton Briz 1200mm Ceiling Fan

The fan features a highly efficient 75W motor with a double ball bearing. Its three blades are made of aluminum. Crompton brand offers a 2-year warranty, withal.

With a 1200MM sweep, the Crompton Briz ceiling fan is suitable for room sizes up to 8×8 sq ft. Since its air delivery is poor, only 205CMM, it is ideal for room sizes up to 6×6 sq ft.

  टेबल फैन: ₹500 - ₹2000

One thing is for sure though this Crompton ceiling fan would function well for many years without service. I can say so since its 75W motor comes with double ball bearings and it is a Crompton product.

Price ₹1300 | Amazon
Features 75-Watt Motor with Double Ball-Bearing | 48-Inch Aluminum-Blades | Max-Speed: 380 RPM | Air-Delivery: 205 CMM


► 66W Bajaj Maxima 4-Blade Ceiling Fan

Which is the best 4 Blade small ceiling fan under 1500 Rupees? Bajaj Maxima is the best 4-Blade ceiling for 1000 to 2000 Rupees at present. This high-speed ceiling fan price is 1400 Rupees only. It is an ideal ceiling fan for small rooms, study rooms, shops, and showrooms.

Bajaj Maxima Four Blade Small Ceiling fan

A robust 66W motor powers the Bajaj 600MM ceiling fan. The motor comes double ball bearing and a copper coil. The advantages of those two are that the motor will not burn easily and therefore will last many years without service. Double ball bearing also makes motor performance smooth and thereby reduce energy consumption and operational noise, withal.

Bajaj brand requires no statement in its support to convince buyers about its product quality. You can fully trust the build quality of the Bajaj Maxima small ceiling fan.

Besides, Bajaj and Havells are two brands whose service network covers almost every district in India. Therefore, servicing the Bajaj ceiling fan will not be an issue even in your area. If you are from a small town or village, then you should give your first preference to Bajaj ceiling fans. Its authorized service center will be in your district for sure.

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Bajaj Maxima is the best-quality small ceiling fan. Its build quality, blade design, and motor performance are excellent. It is a favorite high-speed small ceiling fan.

Price ₹1400 | Amazon
Features 66W Motor | Motor with Double Ball-Bearing & Copper-Coil | 24-Inch Long Blades | Max-Speed: 870-RPM | Air-Delivery: 110CMM | 2-Years Warranty


► 53W Crompton HS Plus Ceiling Fan

The Crompton energy efficient ceiling features a 53-Watt motor, 5-Star certified by BEE, Bureau of Energy Efficiency, a government agency, for saving power. The motor has a copper coil and double ball bearing architecture inside. Therefore, one cannot question the motor quality of this Crompton ceiling fan. In fact, in terms of motor quality, it is one of the best ceiling fans under 2000 Rupees.

Crompton HS Plus Ceiling Fan

Because the motor with a double ball bearing, the ceiling fan does not dance while running, provides high air delivery, and also keeps noise to a minimum. Crompton claims that it is a tried & tested quiet ceiling fan. If the fan noise disturbs your sleep, then switch to this Crompton silent ceiling fan. Its less noisy air delivery will allow you to sleep comfortably. It gives KONE-KONE TAK HAVA yet consumes much less power than its alternatives in the market.

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You cannot expect much from a 2000 Rs ceiling fan in terms of looks and design. However, you could hope for high build quality. The design of this Crompton ceiling fan is a conventional design nothing exciting, though its build quality is outstanding.

Price ₹1900 | Amazon
Features 53W Motor with 5-Star BEE | Motor with Copper-Coil & Double-Bearing | 48-Inch Long Aluminum Blades | Max-Speed: 370-RPM | Max Air-Delivery: 218 CMM |


► 75W Orpat Air Flora Fan with 14-Pole Motor

The brand Orpat became famous for its affordable table alarm clock and wall clock. In recent years, this Indian brand has completely transformed itself into a home electronics brand. It sells good quality electronics products at affordable prices. Therefore, Orpat is the brand if you need a quality ceiling fan in the 1000 Rupees range.

Orpat Air Flora Ceiling Fan

Orpat Flora is a value-for-money ceiling fan. Its aerodynamically designed aluminum wings provide high air delivery. This cheap ceiling fan comes with a robust 75W 14-Pole motor. The motor is based on a ZZ sleeve-type double ball bearing. Therefore, the operation of this Orpat ceiling fan is less noisy and wobble-free. You can rest assured it will not burn easily and last many years without service.

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Why this 1100 Rs ceiling fan is not a best-selling ceiling fan despite having such an excellent build quality and a robust motor? Orpat has not marketed it well. I trust the brand Orpat, and so I believe in the build quality of this affordable ceiling fan. Orpat Flora is a recommended ceiling fan in the 1000 Rupees range.

Price ₹1100 | Amazon
Features 75W 14-Pole Motor with Double Ball-Bearing | Motor with Copper-Coil | 48-Inch Long Aerodynamically-Designed Aluminum Blades | Warranty 2-Years | Wings Speed: 350 to 400 RPM


► 66W Bajaj Speedster Ceiling Fan

Excel Star and Speedster are the two best Bajaj ceiling fans under 2000 Rupees. Here I cover the Bajaj Speedster ceiling fan. It is an energy-efficient quiet ceiling fan. Since it is a product of the Bajaj brand, you could fully trust its build quality. And, I can assure you that its performance is excellent.

Bajaj Speedster Ceiling Fan

The energy-saving ceiling fans from the house of Bajaj feature a 66W motor and 48-Inch long blades. Its max wings speed is 380 turns in 60 seconds and its max air delivery is 230 CMM.

Most of the budget ceiling fans under 2000 Rupees have a motor with a power consumption of more than 70W, but their air delivery is often below 230 CMM. This Bajaj ceiling fan consumes only 66W at its top performance, but its air delivery is 230 CMM.

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I am sure you must be having many home electronics with Bajaj level on them. Thus, you are well aware of the quality, which Bajaj provides to its products. Still, Bajaj protects your purchase of this quiet ceiling fan with 2 years of warranty.

Price ₹2000 | Amazon
Features 66W motor with Copper-Coil | 48-Inch Blades | Max-Speed: 380-RPM | Max Air-Delivery: 230-CMM | Warranty 2-Years


► 50W Bajaj Excel Star Energy-Efficient Fan

Here are the five best reasons why this Bajaj ceiling fan should be your next ceiling fan.

  1. The Bajaj Excel star ceiling fan comes with a BEE 5-star rated motor, which has a copper coil and High-Grade CRNO Steel Stator
  2. The powerful motor consumes less power, only 50W at its top speed
  3. The Motor with double ball bearing is fast, friction-less, therefore less noisy, and wobble-free
  4. You know well the reputation of the Bajaj brand and its product quality
  5. Bajaj brand secures your investment for an Excel Star Ceiling fan with 2-years warranty coverage. Plus, the Bajaj service network covers almost all districts in India.
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While I am drafting this review piece, the market price of the Bajaj Excel Star Ceiling fan is only 1300 Rupees. At this price, at any price below 2000 Rupees, it is a highly recommended ceiling fan for a bedroom, and to install in any room smaller than 12 sq ft. Yes, it is one of the best energy saver ceiling fans in the Indian market!

Bajaj Excel Star BEE 5 Star Ceiling Fan

This low power consumption ceiling fan at its best performance can rotate its aluminum blades 340 times in one minute and thereby provide max air delivery 210-CMM. The air delivery of this ceiling fan is good, but not the best, though.

Price ₹1300 | Amazon
Features 50W Motor | BEE 5-Star Rated Motor | Motor with Double Bearing | Max Wings Speed: 340 RPM | Max Air Delivery: 210 CMM | 48-Inch Long Aluminum Blades | Rust-Free Powder Coated Finish | Warranty 2-Years


► 74W Usha Diplomat Ceiling Fan

Usha is one of the most favorite brands for fans and sewing machines in the Indian market. The DIPLOMAT ceiling fan model of this Indian home appliances brand is a best-selling 48-Inch ceiling fan in the 1000 to 2000 Rupees price range.

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The Usha Diplomat ceiling fan features a 74W motor and three 48-Inch long aluminum blades. At full capacity, the 74W motor can spin the wings 350 times in 60 seconds. At that speed, the leaves in high-lift angle design can provide maximum air delivery of 207 CMM.

Usha Diplomat Ceiling Fan

While the build quality of this Usha 48-Inch ceiling fan is outstanding, its air delivery is poor. We have listed many branded ceiling fans in this article which are cheaper than the Usha diplomat ceiling fan but are better in terms of air delivery. However, the trust of the brand Usha cannot be ignored. Usha is a household name in the Indian market. This brand has earned trust by selling durable products at affordable prices. Therefore, Usha Diplomat is a recommended ceiling fan in the 1500 Rupees price range.

Price ₹1500 | Amazon
Features 74-Watt Motor with Copper-Coil | Blade-Length: 1200-MM | Max-Speed: 350 RPM | Glossy powder coated paint for Longer life | Max Air-Delivery: 207-CMM

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