A wet grinder is a versatile kitchen appliance designed for various grinding purposes. It is commonly used for grinding soaked grains and lentils to make batter for dosa, idli, vada, and various other traditional South Indian dishes. The wet grinder can effectively grind ingredients like rice, urad dal, and fenugreek seeds to create a smooth and fluffy batter consistency. Additionally, wet grinders are also ideal for grinding coconut, ginger, garlic, and other spices to achieve a paste-like texture that enhances curries and chutneys.

Apart from this, the wet grinder can be used for grinding soaked grains like wheat and millet to make dosa, idli, and other healthy breakfast options. Its powerful motor and innovative design ensure ingredients are ground effectively and without lumps. Overall, a wet grinder is an essential tool in the kitchen for processing various ingredients to achieve consistency and enhance the taste of traditional Indian dishes.

What is the top wet grinder available in the Indian market for under 5000 Rupees? Here you read about the best-selling wet grinders from 1000 to 5000 Rupees price range. The recommended wet grinders are currently a top favorite among buyers because of their superior build quality and outstanding performance.

☼ 200W Premier PG512 Smart Wet Grinder

A Premier appliance could be an excellent choice for your kitchen. Look no further than the Premier PG512 wet grinder if you want an affordable model with decent build quality. It has the features and performance of costly wet grinders. To get it home, you will only need to spend 3990 rupees on it.

Wet grinders come with slow motors. There is a direct correlation between a wet grinder's motor speed and its performance.

In no-load conditions, the 200W motor of the Premier PG512 wet grinder reaches a speed of 1350 RPM. As this motor powers a wet grinder and needs to be run slowly, it has an aluminum coil, which is not an issue. High-speed motors must have a copper coil.

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This Premier Wet Grinder's build quality is excellent. It comes with a stainless-steel drum and ABS motor body. A 2-meter power cord is included.

The Premier PG512 wet grinder comes with two uniquely designed cylindrical stones. Additionally, the Premier brand provides a free dough kneader and coconut scrapper.

Having the Premier smart wet grinder solves your worry about flour-based items. Moreover, this kitchen appliance can make delicious batter from rice flour and fluffy dough from wheat flour. You can make any type of dough and batter. This is your kitchen's all-in-one solution for mixing flour and water.

Watch the video below to find out more about the Premier PG512 smart wet grinder which we reviewed in this post.

Price ₹3990 → Amazon
Features 200W (1350 RPM) | Motor with Aluminium Coil | 2 Liters Drum | Stainless Steel Drum | High Quality ABS Body | 2 meters power cord | 2 Cylindrical Stones | Free Dough Kneader | Free Coconut Scrapper | Made in India


☼ 150W Havells Alai Wet Grinder

Several wet grinders are available on the market below 5000 rupees, but the one that comes from Havells is the best. The Alai wet grinder model is perfect for small to medium-sized families. It makes better batter without generating much noise. Plus, Havells brand provides a coconut scrubber with it as well. So, you must have this Havells wet grinder if your favorite breakfast is idly or dosa with coconut chutney.

This wet grinder is powered by a 150W motor whose maximum RPM is 144. Built-in thermal overload protection safeguards the 100% copper coil from burning in case of overload.

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The build quality of this Havells wet grinder is mind-blowing. It would last longer than expected since only high-quality materials are used in manufacturing. Thick stainless-steel sheets of food-grade quality are used for the drum. A transparent lid on the drum is a big plus as it provides the option to monitor the consistency of the batter without having to open the lid.

Any day Havells is a more reliable brand than Butterfly, Inalsa, and similar other brands those has wet grinders below 5000 Rupees. If product quality is your top priority, you will select the Havells Alai Wet Grinder.

Price ₹4900 → Amazon
Features 150W | 100% Copper Coil | Max RPM: 144 | Thermal Over Load Protection | Stainless-Steel Drum: 2-Liter | Warranty: Up to 5 Years


☼ 150W Vijayalakshmi Smart Wet Grinder

Vijayalakshmi is a home appliance brand from Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. Wet grinders of this brand are in high demand in the online market. The company provides a 3-year warranty for its wet grinders. However, does it provide service all across India? We couldn’t confirm that the brand website was inaccessible. In case the delivered wet grinder is not working, then you could return it. You will get a new unit delivered to your place free of cost.

Vijayalakshmi Wet Grinder

Those who bought this Vijayalakshmi wet grinder and currently using it have given positive feedback about it. The body of this 2-stone wet grinder is made of high-quality ABS plastic. A 150W copper motor powers its operation and generates enough energy to rotate the stones 960 times in 60 seconds. Vijayalakshmi brand also provides a coconut scraper and Atta kneader with this wet grinder machine.

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Thus, as a 3-in-1 solution, the Vijayalakshmi smart wet grinder is an excellent wet grinder in the 5000 Rupees range. If you are from Tamil Nadu, then you should definitely consider it.

Price ₹5000 → Amazon
Features 3-in-1 | Wet Grinder with Coconut Scrubber & Atta Kneader | 3-Years Warranty
Motor 150W | 960 RPM | Over-Load Protection
Body ABS Plastic Body | 2-Liter Capacity