Which mixer grinder is best in India? There are thousands of mixer grinder machines are on sale in online and local home electronics stores from new, established, and reliable kitchen appliance brands in India market. However, only less than a hundred of them are actually value-for-money mixer grinder machines. Here are some key traits of a good quality mixer grinder machine.

  • Powerful motor → Ideal motor capacity 550W to 650W
  • Stainless Steel Jar with SS Blades and Lid Lock
  • Less Noisy
  • Well-balanced durable body in an attractive design
  • Overload Protection

Which is best mixer grinder juicer in 3000 to 3500 Rupees price range? In this article, you read about top-rated mixer grinder machines, which are currently a favorite choice of experts as well as users.

☼ 750W Crompton Duro Royal Mixer Grinder

Designed for professional use, the Crompton Duro Royal Mixer Grinder is an excellent kitchen appliance. This food processor balances functionality and elegance. It will add sophistication to any kitchen decor with its premium royal design. Regardless of your culinary needs, this food processor is an excellent choice. Combined with its powerful motor and stainless-steel jars, it grinds quickly and efficiently within just minutes.

Due to its powerful 750W motor, it can handle any grinding or mixing task effortlessly and efficiently. Copper winding ensures durability and longevity. Copper coils mean prolonged use without compromising performance.

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With the Crompton Duro Royal Mixer Grinder, you can choose between stainless steel jars of 1.5L, 1.0L, or 0.5L. With large jars, it is an excellent choice for large families.

This mixer grinder is also proudly made in India. That means excellent craftsmanship and quality.

A reliable companion for all your kitchen needs, the Crompton Duro Royal Mixer Grinder grinds spices and blends fruits and purees. Do not miss it!

Price ₹3449 → Amazon
Features 750W Copper Motor | Three Stainless Steel Jars: 1.5L, 1.0L, 0.5L | Made in Bharat | Warranty: up to 5 years


☼ 350W Home Plus Dough Maker

The Home Plus dough maker is a multipurpose machine. It also has mixer and grinder functions. Further, the sales box of the dough maker for home use includes four blades, one multipurpose jar, and a motor unit. With the four blades, besides kneading, the dough maker machine can also do chopping and whipping. You can also make testy citrus juice on this Home Plus dough maker. It almost fulfills your need for a mixer grinder (juicer).

A 350-Watt motor powers the machine for the suggested food processing activity. In one go, it can make a perfect dough from 500 grams of Wheat flour. To get the dough in the right consistency, use Atta and water in a 2:1 ratio.

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The dough maker has a rustproof build and a user-friendly design. Small families, bachelors, and students should consider this ideal dough maker for Roti, Puri, and Paratha. It is portable, stable, and efficient. This dough maker machine for home use would not burn too much electricity in making the perfect dough.

With the Home Plus dough maker machine, it becomes more comfortable to eat Chapati two times a day. Eating Chapati instead of rice would make you slim, and your body perfectly fit, in order. Eating Chapati and keeping a safe distance from rice is a well-tried & tested formula to lose weight without doing exercise and Yoga.

Price ₹3490 | Amazon
Features 350W Motor | 5 Speed Levels | Stainless Blades | 1.5-Meter Power Cord | 1-Meter Power Cord


☼ 750W Bajaj Swish Mixer Grinder

The latest high-speed mixer grinder from the Bajaj brand is Bajaj Swish. On sale at 3290 Rupees currently, it is one of the best mixer grinders under 3500 Rupees in India market. This mixer grinder features a 750W copper motor and comes with three stainless steel jars.

Bajaj gave this mixer grinder machine the popular old 90’s design. The advantage of this design is absolute balance and firm stability during mixing and grinding. Also, the blender and mixer jars have lid-lock. So, hands-free blending, grinding, and mixing is very much possible with this brand-new mixer grinder model on the market.

  स्मार्ट टीवी: ₹55000 - ₹60000

However, there are issues with the chutney jar of this mixer grinder set. The size of the chutney jar is only 0.3-liter, and also its lid is without a lock. The Chutney jar of a mixer grinder is used almost every day. So, the quality of the chutney jar must be better than the other jars in the set. Bajaj Swish mixer grinder fails at this point.

Price ₹3290 | Amazon
Features Ideal For: {Wet & Dry Grinding | Mixing | Blending} | Warranty: {2-Years on the whole unit | 5-Years on Motor}
Motor 750W | 100% Copper Winding | Over-Load Protection | Non-Slip Rubber Feet | ABS Plastic Body
Jar 3 Stainless-Steel Jar with Steel Blades and Lid Lock {1.5L Blender | 1.0L Multipurpose Jar | 0.3L Chutney Jar}


☼ 750W V-Guard Victo Mixer Grinder

The powerful mixer grinder of the V-Guard brand comes with a 750W 100% copper motor. So, the efficiency of the motor is excellent. Therefore, this V-Guard mixer grinder can mix and grind all types of things that we consume in everyday life. It is one of the best mixer grinders under 3500 Rupees.

V-Guard says that the 750W motor has class-F insulation. That means the motor will not burn so easily. In fact, the motor will hold until its copper coil temperature crosses 150°C. That happens only in extraordinary cases. So, you can buy this V-Guard mixer grinder with 100% assurance that its motor will last many many years without service. In fact, because of the 750W motor with Class F insulation, V-Guard Victo is an excellent mixer grinder for hotel restaurant use. Run it all day, no problem. Of course, it is a superb mixer grinder for home use as well.

The looks and design are not that good of this V-Guard mixer grinder machine. The only interesting aspect of its design is that the LED power indicator below the speed controller knob. Moreover, its body has the right balance, too. The non-slip rubber shoe in motor unit feet holds the surface firmly during its working.

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If you are fortunate to have a well-decorated kitchen, then you should invest in a stylish mixer grinder machine. Currently, the most stylish mixer grinder below 3500 Rupees is Bajaj Stormix. It is a beauty.

Price ₹3490 | Amazon
Features Vortex Flow technology for effective grinding | Overload-Protection | Home Inverter Compatibility | Warranty: {2-Years Warranty for Whole Unit | 5-Years Warranty for Motor Unit}
Motor 750W | 100% Copper Coil | Class-F Insulation | 20000 RPM
Build Non-slip rubber feet in Motor units | LED Power Indicator
Jar 3 Stainless Steel Jars | Jars with Grade 304 Hard Steel Blades | 1.5-Liter Blender | 1.0-Liter Multipurpose Jar | 0.4-Liter Chutney Jar


☼ 750W Bajaj Stormix Mixer Grinder Machine

The newest Bajaj mixer grinder machine in the market is Bajaj Stormix. This mixer grinder machine features a powerful 750-Watt motor with 100% copper coil. It comes with three stainless steel jars wherein the sharp blade is made of 304-grade hard steel. The security feature of this Bajaj mixer grinder machine is overload protection and the feet underneath the motor unit have non-slip rubber feet. Bajaj brand offers up to 5 years warranty for this mixer grinder model: a 2-Years warranty for the whole unit and a 3-Years of extended warranty for the motor unit.

The build and design of the Bajaj Stormix mixer grinder machine are top-class. It looks premium and beautiful. So is reliable its performance. Bajaj is one of the most favorite brands in India market for mixer grinders and food processors. Therefore, you could fully trust the products of this Indian home appliances brand and buy them with an assurance that they will last many years without service.

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Bajaj Stormix mixer grinder machine can do dry & wet grinding, mixing, blending, and other types of food processing work with ease. In fact, it can break and make coarse or powder of various kinds of consumables because of the powerful 750W motor, stainless steel jar, and SS 304 grade jar blade. Yes, at present it is the best mixer grinder under 3500 Rupees.

Price ₹3490 | Amazon
Features 750W Motor with 100% Copper Coil | 3 Stainless Steel Jars | Jars with Grade 304 Hard Steel Blades | Overload protection | Non-slip rubber feet in Motor units | Warranty: {2-Years Warranty for Whole Unit | 5-Years Warranty for Motor Unit}
Jar 1.75-Liter Blender | 1.25-Liter Multipurpose Jar | 0.3-Liter Chutney Jar


☼ 600W Bajaj GX-10 Deluxe Mixer Grinder

Because of the broader base, this Bajaj mixer grinder is a better-balanced mixer machine than its alternatives in the market. The separate panel acts as a hand rest during the operation. On this panel, you can find a speed-setting knob, which makes controlling this machine much more comfortable. Also, its sleek and sturdy design will easily mingle in your kitchen interior.

This mixer machine features a 600-Watt motor with a copper coil. It uses a 4-speed control mode to make your work easy. The best way to use it is to divide your work into stages based on different speed settings. This will not only reduce the pressure from the motor but also enhance consistency.

Safety: Bajaj has put your safety on priority while designing this product. In the case of overload, a protection feature comes in action and cuts the power supply of the motor. The suction feet of this machine holds the surface firmly even on heavy use.

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The Bajaj Deluxe Mixer Grinder is one of the few mixer machines that offer great features at an affordable price. This machine comes with shockproof ABS body, powerful motor, three stainless steel jars, and three-speed modes. You cannot expect anything more on a budget product like this. Moreover, you also get two years of warranty from the manufacturer’s side.

Price ₹3200 | Amazon
Power 600 Watts | Overload Protection | Suction Feet | 4 Speed Levels
Build Body: ABS Plastic | Jars: {1.5 Liter Liquidizing Jar, 1 Liter Dry-Wet Jar, and 0.4 Liter Chutney Jar} | Jars with Lid Lock
Warranty 2-Years on Product


☼ 750W Preethi Galaxy Mixer Grinder

This Preethi mixer grinder is ideal for people who are looking for a primary mixer grinder machine with a powerful motor. Its motor unit is made of high-quality ABS plastic, whereas, its jars are made of stainless steel. They have a hard, sharp blade system for mixing, grinding, pureeing, and blending.

In case you overload the jar, Preethi included an auto cut-off utility to protect the motor from getting damaged. This overload protection plus the heavier ABS build- means that your Preethi Galaxy mixer grinder machine will remain functional for a long time.

The motor capacity of a mixer grinder machine is linked with the number of members in your family. In general, the blade system in mixer grinder machines is capable of breaking into pieces all types of consumable things in our kitchen.

Thus, mixer grinder machines with a 500-Watt or 600-Watt motor can process ingredients A but cannot process ingredients B where a mixer grinder with a 750-Watt motor can process both ingredients is not a question. Motor power is linked with ingredients quantity, and ingredients quantity is liked with the cooking requirements in your home.

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A mixer grinder machine with a less powerful motor can process less quantity whereas a mixer grinder machine with a high-power motor, like this Preethi Galaxy mixer grinder machine, can process a larger quantity of ingredients. Simple!

Price ₹3100 | Amazon
Ideal for Wet & Dry Grinding | Mixing | Blending | Pureeing
Motor 750W | Copper Winding | Over-Load Protection
Jar 3 {1.5L Blender | 1.0L Multipurpose Jar | 0.4L Chutney Jar} | Stainless Steel Jar | Stainless Steel Blades
Build ABS Plastic Body with Non-slip Rubber Feet
Warranty 2-Years on the whole unit | 5-Years on Motor


☼ 750W Havells Momenta NV Mixer Grinder

The Havells mixer grinder machine has a well-balanced body, and in the blue color design, it looks alluring. Havells brand introduced this model with three jars and four jars. The variant with three jars is on sale for 3200 Rupees presently. It is one of the best-selling mixer grinders in India under 3500 Rupees. Besides its attractive design, a powerful motor and three stainless steel jars with lid-lock are what make it a must-buy.

The 750W motor of this Havells mixer grinder machine has 100% copper winding. So it is highly efficient. It consumes less power and generates more force to rotate the blade system in the jar at a fast speed. If the jar is overloaded, built-in overload protection will come into action to save the motor.

Havells brand provides durable stainless-steel jars with its Momenta NV mixer grinder model. The three jars have grade-304 hard steel sharp blades. So, this 750W mixer grinder machine can even grind consumable rocks leave alone the regular consumable items in our kitchen. The jars have a lid-lock for hands-free operation. However, the lid-lock design is not the usual clip-type lid lock. It is Twist-Lock Mechanism, which is something I see for the first time in a mixer grinder jar.

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Thus, if your budget for a new mixer grinder is in 3000 Rupees range, do consider this Havells mixer grinder. The trust of Havells brand, a well-balanced body, 750W motor, and 3 uniquely designed stainless steel jars with Lid lock are four best reasons why Havells Momenta NV Mixer grinder must be your next mixer grinder.

Price ₹3500 | Amazon
Features Ideal For: {Wet & Dry Grinding | Mixing | Blending} | Warranty: {2-Years on the whole unit | 5-Years on Motor}
Motor 750W | 100% Copper Winding | Over-Load Protection | Non-Slip Rubber Feet | ABS Plastic Body
Jar 3 Stainless-Steel Jar {1.5L Blender | 1.0L Multipurpose Jar | 0.5L Chutney Jar} | Grade-304 Hard Steel Blades | Lid with Twist-Lock Mechanism | Blender Jar Lid comes with a sliding pout to add convenience while pouring liquid from the jar.


☼ 750W Bajaj Twister Deluxe Mixer Grinder

The latest Bajaj mixer grinder in 3500 Rupees is an excellent 3 jars mixer grinder machine set. All its three jars have lid-locks. Also, it has a broader base with four strong feet to hold the surface firmly. So, the hands-free operation of this mixer grinder machine is very much possible. The design of the lid-lock follows the pattern of twist and lock mechanism. The same lid lock design recently I saw in the jars of Havells Momenta NV mixer grinder.

Bajaj Twister Deluxe mixer grinder machine features a 750W powerful motor. The motor has a 100% copper coil. So, it is highly efficient. Generates more power but consumes less electricity. Also, the noise from the motor unit is not much.

Bajaj Twister Deluxe 750-Watt Mixer Grinder with 3 Jars

The 750W motor is not the main highlight of this Bajaj mixer grinder machine. The USP is its three jars. I already discussed above the unique lid lock design. Now, let us talk about the build quality and size of the jars.

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Bajaj Twist Deluxe is one of the rare mixer grinder models that comes with a 1.75-Liter blender and 1.25-Liter mixer jar. The third jar is a 0.4-Liter chutney jar. These jars are made of high-quality stainless steel, and their sharp blades are made of grade-304 hard steel.

Thus, Bajaj Twister Deluxe is an excellent mixer grinder in 3500 Rupees. If you do not like its design, then check its alternative Havells Momenta NV.

Price ₹3500 | Amazon
Features Ideal For: {Wet & Dry Grinding | Mixing | Blending} | Warranty: {2-Years on the whole unit | 5-Years on Motor}
Motor 750W | 100% Copper Winding | Over-Load Protection | Non-Slip Rubber Feet | ABS Plastic Body
Jar 3 Stainless-Steel Jar with Hard Steel Blades and Lid Lock {1.75L Blender | 1.25L Multipurpose Jar | 0.4L Chutney Jar}


☼ 750W Orient Miracle Mixer Grinder

Orient is one of the best mixer grinder brands in India market. The Miracle mixer grinder is a best-selling model of this — more than 60-Years old Indian kitchen appliances and home electronics brand.

The reasons why Orient Miracle is the best mixer to buy are numerous. The first is a 0.5-Liter Chutney jar. A big size chutney jar is always useful in a family kitchen. Most of the mixer grinders in 3500 Rupees usually have either a 0.3-Liter or 0.4-Liter chutney jar. The second reason is the jars with lid-locks. Having a lid-lock makes a mixer grinder machine safer and easier to use. The blender and mixer jars of this Orient mixer grinder have a lid with a clip-lock. In the end, the third is the design. Especially the variant in gray color looks very graceful and attractive.

The build quality of the Orient Miracle mixer grinder is excellent, too. You could consider it with a surety that it will remain functional many years without service if used with care.

Thus, Orient trust, 750W copper motor, impressive design & build, 0.5-liter chutney jar, and stainless-steel jar with lid-lock are the 5 best reasons why Orient Miracle mixer grinder must be in your list of favorite mixer grinder models. Go for it!

Price ₹3500 | Amazon
Features High-Quality ABS Plastic Body | Warranty: 24 Months
Motor 750W | Copper Coil | Over-Load Protection | Non-Slip Rubber Feet
Jar Stainless Steel Jars with 304 Grade Stainless Steel Blades: {1.5L Blender Jar | 1L Multipurpose Jar | 0.5L Chutney Jar} | Extra 2 Plastic Container