Which is the best microwave oven under 12000 Rupees? In this piece, we cover the best-selling microwave ovens from 10000 to 12000 Rupees range. The recommended microwave ovens are a top favorite of buyers because of lots of cooking features & functions, superior build & design, and the trust of the brand.

☼ 30L Morphy Richards 30MCGR Convection Oven

Despite being an old model, the Morphy Richards convection oven is still popular among buyers because of its high performance and durability. Morphy Richards brand provides up to 2 years of warranty on this model. This microwave oven cooks delicious food as well as healthy food. Cooking without oil is possible with this oven's steam cook feature. Not all microwave ovens have such dual characteristics. With ten temperature settings, its temperature range is from 140°C to 230°C. Plus, it has 200 auto-cook menus with several desi and international recipes. The cooking modes of this oven model are combination, convection, grill, and microwave.

Morphy Richards 30MCGR Convection Microwave Oven

The build quality of the Morphy Richards 30MCGR convection oven is mind-blowing. Its cavity is made of high-quality stainless steel, and the oven door is made of transparent tough glass. Not all microwave ovens have the rotisserie feature, but this Morphy Richards convection oven has it. Other useful features of this convection oven are interior light, cooking completion indicator, and easy-to-understand control panel.

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The Morphy Richards 30MCGR convection oven is for those who want to cook restaurant dishes and healthy food in their home kitchen. Had it been a new model, it would have cost more than 15000 Rupees. Because it is an old model, it is so cheap. Therefore, buying it for 10000 Rupees is the best deal you could get for a microwave oven.

Price ₹10700 → Amazon
Features Auto Cook Menus: 200 | Power Levels: 5 | Temperature Levels: 10 | LED Display | Preheat | Reheat | Timer | Steam Cook | Stainless Steel Cavity | Glass Door with Double Glass | Memory Function | Warranty: 2 Years


► 30L IFB 30SC4 Convection Microwave Oven

This IFB 30-liter oven is a high-power convection microwave oven with hundreds of cooking features and functions. It can do normal cooking, baking, grilling, and roasting. It can also do defrosting in two ways. Built-in steam-clean and deodorizer features make it easier to clean this IFB 30L microwave oven after cooking.

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What makes IFB 30SC4 Convection Microwave oven a better option than its alternatives on the market is its various cooking methods and 101 auto cook menus. This IFB convection oven can do express cooking, multistage cooking, and combination cooking. These cooking methods are a must to make something special at par with hotel-restaurant quality.

Price ₹11790 | Amazon
Ideal for Normal Cooking | Grilling | Baking | Roasting | Defrosting
Features 101 Auto Cook Menus | Clock | Defrost: {Weight, Speed} | Deodorizer | Steam Clean
Protection Sensor Malfunction | Over-Heat | Child-Safety
Cooking Multistage Cooking | Combination Cooking | Express Cooking | Auto Reheat | Preheat
Power Power-Levels: 10 {110°C – 200°C} | Microwave: 900W | Grill: 1250W | Convection: 2250W
Build Turntable-Diameter: 315 MM | Cavity: Stainless-Steel | Notification-Display: LED
Warranty 1-Year for Whole Unit | 3-Year for Megatron & Cavity


☼ 23L IFB 23BC4 Convection Microwave Oven

Because of its 23-liter capacity, the IFB convection oven is perfect for families with less than five members. The features of this convection oven are impressive and easy to use. This IFB convection oven can bake, grill, roast, cook, reheat, and defrost. Plus, it has 71 auto-cook menus. IFB brands provide up to three years warranty on this convection oven model.

The IFB 23BC4 convection oven comes with a combination and multi-stage cooking, so it is perfect for advanced cooking. In it, you could make desi, Chinese, and international dishes.

While the microwave oven is the most convenient and perfect kitchen appliance for cooking delicious food, cleaning it from the inside is tough. However, cleaning the IFB 23BC4 convection oven is easy and convenient because of the built-in features. Steam cleaning, deodorizer, and disinfecting are the features of this convection oven for cleaning it from the inside.

  सैंडविच मेकर: ₹2000 – ₹5000

Thus, considering the above features, it wouldn't be wrong to say that this convection oven is an ideal choice for below 12000 Rupees. With this IFB appliance, you can bring happiness to your family and save money on restaurant meals.

Price ₹10900 → Amazon
Do Cook | Bake | Grill | Deforest | Fermentation
Power 950W Grill | 1400W Microwave | 1850W Convection
Features Power Save | Deodorizer | Disinfect | Steam-Clean | 12-Months Warranty on Product | 36-Months Warranty on Magnetron
Cook Preheat | Reheat | Keep Warm | 71 Auto Cook Menu | 10 Power Levels | Express-Cooking | Multi-Stage Cooking | Weight-Deforest | Combination Cooking {Microwave + Grill | Convection + Microwave } | Time Display | Timer | Temp-Range: 100°C to 200°C | Alarm | Cooking-Completion Indicator
Safety Child-Lock |  | Over-Heat Protection | Sensor Malfunction Protection
Build Touch Control-Panel | Stainless-Steel Cavity | BIS Certified | Interior Light
Sales Box Microwave Oven | Starter Kit {Daffodil with Lid | Measuring Tumbler | Idli Stand | Square Cook N Serve Medium with lid 1500-ml | Roti Crisper | Ladle} | Documents


☼ 30L Godrej GME 730 CR1 PZ Convection Oven

The best feature of the Godrej convection oven is that it has 375 auto-cook menus. There is no oven below 12000 Rupees with this many auto menus. Even if you try one dish a day, it will take more than a year to try all the auto-cook menus of this Godrej oven. Godrej brand provides a 1-year warranty for the whole oven and a 2-year extended warranty for the Megatron.

In this oven, you can cook almost all types of Indian, national, and international cuisines, that too seamlessly. By having this Godrej oven, you will no longer have to go to a bakery or order food from Swiggy or Zomato. Convection ovens, such as this one by Godrej, are expensive, but they save more than three times as much every year as they cost.

The features that make this oven unique and separate it from others are 4-Step Cooking, Healthy Breakfast & Snacks, Godrej Instachef App, and Dual Grill Technology. Deodorizers and steam cleaners are built-in features that help clean the oven from the inside after cooking.

  इलेक्ट्रिक केतली: ₹1000 - ₹1500

The build quality of the oven is good. Plus, its cooking speed is fast. To make something instantly delicious, this convection oven has the express cooking feature as well.

More about it is in our video presentation that covers it all the essential details from start to end. Do want it before you order it online.

Price ₹11990 → Amazon
Features Ideal For: {Cook, Bake, Grill, Roast} | Defrost | Healthy Fermentation | Deodorizer | Steam Clean | Warranty: {12-Months Warranty for the Whole Unit | 5-Years Warranty for Megatron}
Power Microwave: 900W | Grill-Power: 1250W | Convection-Power: 2200W | Power-Levels: 10
Cooking Auto Cook Menu: 375 | Multistage-Cooking | Express-Cooking | Combination-Cooking | Child-Safety Lock | Timer
Make Health-Fry | Bread-Basket | Indian Tadka | India's best recipes | International-Recipes | Healthy Breakfast-Snacks | Desserts-Soups | Paneer | Ghee | Curd | Healthy-Barbecue
Build Stainless-Steel Cavity | LED Notification Display | Touch-Keypad | Interior-Light | Dimensions: 282x535x449 mm | Weight: 16.6-Kg | Rotisserie Rack | Crusty-Plate | Glass Turn-Table