When you consider going digital, buying a smartwatch from Titan is a smart decision. The release of Titan Juxt Pro is the ideal offer when it comes to a classy watch. This set watch has all the features that will drive you digital and keep you connected to the globe. It is a rocker in the world of watches, as it not only serves as a time keeping device but also works as a perfect assistant to guide you throughout your different operations in a day.

Loaded with a Fitness tracker and smart notification technology, this device keeps a record of your health status and body energy levels. Now, it is the time that you stop viewing a watch as an asset that helps you monitor time and start seeking for advanced features in a watch. After using the Titan Juxt Pro for a day, for the sake of this review, I felt that I need to own one of these babies. I mean, why should I be using an ancient ticker watch, while this smart watch is going for such a cheap price?

☼ User-friendly Titan OS

The smart watch does more than you would expect from a watch. For one, it gives you all the solutions you need from a basic smartwatch, like MP3 and Health monitoring support. You can also connect it with your phone using the Central Titan software and thus eliminate the need of taking your phone with you all over.  This watch allows for an effective synchronization with all your phone’s specifications, including and not limited to the camera. You even get to listen to your phone’s music on this watch and hence this product will keep you closer to your world always.

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Additionally, the Juxt Pro has more than 20 watch faces plus five more customized features of choice for improved services. These are all analog designs from Titan just to give you a value for your money on the watch. When connected to the phone, all you will be doing is swiping the watch’s screen either right or left to access all your notifications or down for quick setting while up to access applications of the phone. The watch also provides you with a large storage space. Therefore, all the files you need to carry around will be stored just next to you, without juggling about the records you have on your phone. So you don’t have to delete anything on your linked smartphone just to create space for new ones.

Titan Juxt Pro Review and Specifications

☼ Battery Backup

Although the watch’s battery guarantees to give you, service all day, when you do not engage it more often, the battery can keep you moving even for a day and a half. However, you do not have to be worried about the usage time of the watch. If you are a busy person on the watch, just have the charger standing by. This product comes with a charging port that allows you to boost your battery and also use the watch at the same time. Although as per instructions, it is better to get the watch charged fully and then you use it.  You also get a USB port which makes it even better since you may even opt to plug in a power bank if you are away from home and you can’t access a power source to charge your smartwatch.

☼ Design

The overall design of the watch gives it an irresistible attraction to any smart watch user. It has a 1.3-inch touch screen and smart display layout. The screen is provided with a waterproof coating. All the same you should not risk placing it in water, however, there’s an assurance that it can bear mild accidental splashes without affecting your usage and its system.

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This watch can be availed in two variants, either black and silver or all black with leather straps.  Although there are no metal bands at the moment, the design of the watch is made in a way that it can fit all shapes and bands. The whole casing of the watch is stainless apart from the plastic ring on the bezel front which is designed for the efficient use of Bluetooth antenna. This watch will give you a premium feeling and create a nice impression with its adjustable fitting and irresistible looks.

☼ App Features

The gadget comes pre-loaded with nine utility tools and three premium features to meet up your daily requirements.

Calendar: The inbuilt smart calendar app lets you be always aware of your important meetings or dinner dates. The user can mark a day, put a reminder or add an event. So, with it, you can go anywhere without having to worry about schedules. This product will keep you updated.

Camera: Some moments are never meant to be missed, the camera app of the watch allows users to click with a tap. No need to unlock your mobile and take a time to open its camera; just focus the watch on the object you want to capture and tap the screen. This watch will automatically take snaps for you.

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Good news for athletes and sports-persons here is something you will surely appreciate in the Titan Juxt Pro. The watch features a stopwatch/timer with different inbuilt timers to give you an accurate measure of your progress.

Titan Juxt Pro Sales Box Content

Alarms and Calculator: The inbuilt alarm app helps you to be punctual and disciplined with your works or sleep timings.

Now you do not need to put an extra calculator for those unit conversions. Simply, enter the value and convert it into the desired measurement unit.

☼ Safety Compliance

The watch has been designed with certain safety standards, which keep you safe while on the move. The priority call feature lets you to setting your important and close contacts on the tip. For instance, it sends a notification and your exact location to ensure that you safely reach your destination.

Phone Finder App: This product not only takes into consideration the user’s safety but also it cares about your mobile phone’s security. Where have you left your phone, worried about that? Well the phone finder of this titan smartwatch sorts it out. Using it, your phone will either vibrate or ring to give you a clue about its position.

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Fitness tracker: Along with the watch, comes a fitness tracker that keeps the record of steps you traveled, plus the calorific surplus of the day. The smart notification technology lets you customize the alerts you want to receive via the JUXT PRO mobile app. Now receive all updates and emails onto your watch. Smart syncing technology lets you pair the watch with other smart devices like tablets, so that you can control all the music on your wrist.

☼ Titan Smartwatch Price in India

The watch is priced at 22995 rupees officially and this price is quite reasonable for what you get in there. Your purchased product can be availed through Flipkart.

The TITAN JUXT PRO is the best choice if you want to have one of the best watches of all times. Nevertheless, you must be ready to spend 12k on a watch and if that figure is not a problem for you, just go for it.

Titan Juxt Pro for Valentine and Birthday

Price ₹12000 | Amazon
Brand Titan
Collection Juxt
Clasp Buckle
Band Material Leather
Case Material Stainless Steel
Display Type Analog-Digital
Shape Round
Movement Quartz
Water-Resist Depth 50-meter
User Rating 4.3/5 Stars

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