Thinking back a few years ago, smartwatch was just a thing of dreams, something that was yet to come to fruition. But pair it with this prominent advancement in technology, and that dream has translated into reality. It took quite a few turns for smartwatch before getting it right. There were times when one aspect of smartwatch made everyone envious, while on the other hand, the other aspect totally tanked it.

As of now, smartwatch has become an ultimate accessory or gadget to be paired alongside a smartphone. The ease of access that smartwatch allows a user is truly noteworthy. You can just have a glance at your wrist and get to know all of those important notifications and run along through the native apps on offer. And then there’s the basic necessities of the watch, i.e. showing time, embedded within. What’s there not to love about the smartwatch, then?

Smartwatch has truly gone through a considerable advancement with time enabling it to be at the forefront of technological enthusiasts. There’s ton of added impetus and features with the present day smartwatch editions like those of voice search, GPS tracking, NFC connectivity, exercise tracker and much more.

We as part of our ongoing delve into the techno-world thought of lining up the best picks among the present-day smart watches and present them for you. And guess what, we did exactly the same with this ‘Best Stylish Smart Watches for This Year.' Join us as we run our rule over these top picks.

☼ 1.39-Inch Huawei Watch 2 Smartwatch

Starting off our list for today is the one essential smartwatch from Huawei designated as the Watch 2 4G edition. This one was launched back alongside their newest smartphone offerings, i.e., P10 and P10 plus back in the Mobile World Congress 2017. Huawei offered two different variants of the same with one attune to classical and stylish theme with the other one a sports edition. We here will cover the stylish classical version of the same. Do join us.

Design: The convincing classical look is handed over to Huawei Watch 2 via the stainless steel watch body and aesthetically pleasing leather straps. It has a circular dial that’s 1.2-inch in diameter and comes with an AMOLED display projecting a resolution of 390 x 390. The display comes with an ambient light sensor that helps along in maintaining the brightness as needed.

Best-Looking Huawei Watch 2 4G Smartwatch

It looks pretty attractive to eyes but tends to be little bulkier when compared to other smartwatches. It weighs in at 47g without the leather straps for this one. Further, this Huawei smartphone comes with a ceramic bezel and is water resistant too.

It is powered by Snapdragon’s 1.1 GHz Wear 2100 processor, the first dedicated piece of wearable chipset and processor offered by Qualcomm. It is further equipped with 768MB of RAM that would spell plenty for a smartwatch and runs on Android Wear 2.0.

As the name suggests, this one is a 4G device and supports 4G voice calling by just inserting the SIM-card alongside the normal pairing thing. There are daily activity tracker and monitoring with this one along with 24-hr resting rate monitor. Not to forget, there is accelerometer and gyroscope with it, too.

It has ingrained internal storage of 4GB in this smartwatch for music storage and much more. There’s Bluetooth connectivity (4.1 BLE+BR/ EDR) available so that you can just tune into your favorite music with ease via the Bluetooth headset. Add to that the ever-important NFC connectivity that’s quite in demand these days due to rise in Android Pay.

The battery side of things is taken care with a pretty large 420 mAh piece which to let you know on the fact is 40% more than those of previous generation Huawei smartwatch which is sure to offer 36 hrs of run time.

The performance aspect of Huawei Smartwatch 2 4G is pretty pleasing and is likable. The screen is pretty bright but can be dimmed at night while the responsiveness of the watch is efficient and non-laggy.

Price ₹8999 → Amazon
Features 1.39-Inch AMOLED | Battery: 455-mAh | Memory: 4GB | Warranty: 1-Year


☼ 1.43-Inch CrossBeats Orbit Infiniti 2.0 Smartwatch

For those looking for a high-quality smartwatch in the range of 5000 to 10,000 rupees, CrossBeats has a newly launched smartwatch. The CrossBeats Orbit Infiniti 2.0 Smart Watch is an excellent choice at its current market price because of its attractive design and excellent features. At present no other brand has a quality smartwatch for 6000 Rupees with features as much as this CrossBeats smartwatch has. That is why I bet on it! Of course, the reputation of the brand is a big plus as well.

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The big and bright Super AMOLED display with the Always-On feature is the first big feature that appealed to me. Then there are 200 watch faces. Thus, the smartwatch will continue to look new and unique for at least 6 months after you start using one watch face every day.

CrossBeats Orbit Infiniti 2.0 Smart Watch

Other noted features of the CrossBeats Orbit Infiniti 2.0 Smart Watch are “1000+ Song storage”, “Connect with Neckband”, “100+ Sports Modes”, “Bluetooth Voice Calling”, “Power Saver Mode”, and Voice Assistant-Enabled”. Moreover, the brand provides one pair of extra straps to enhance your fashion sense.

Price ₹5999 → Amazon
Features 1.43-Inch Super AMOLED | Brightness: 1000 Nits | 200+ Watch Faces | Always-On | | Battery: Up to 7 Days | Storage: 4GB | Monitor: Heat-Rate & BP | Warranty: 1-Year

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