Which is the best smartwatch under 5000 Rupees? This review article covers the best-selling smartwatches from 1000 to 5000 Rupees range. The suggested smartwatches are top favorites of buyers because of their high-quality build, good battery life, and ability to track fitness activities.

How to select a smartwatch? The three most important factors are screen size, battery life, and built-in sensors. AMOLED (or Super AMOLED) screen is the most ideal screen panel for smartwatches. If the claimed battery life by the brand is around 15 days, you will get around one week of backup in real-life usage. So, buy a smartwatch with at least 15 days of battery backup. Having more sensors will make a smartwatch more useful and capable of tracking your daily activities.

☼ 1.75-Inch Crossbeats Ignite Grit Smartwatch

Crossbeats is one of the best brands in the India market for affordable smartwatches. This brand makes stylish smartwatches with lots of features and functions but keeps the prices low. Recently it launched the Ignite Grit smartwatch model. This smartwatch has a 1.75-inch display and up to 15 days of battery life. Moreover, it comes with 200+ customizable watch faces and 150+ sports modes.

The Crossbeats Ignite Grit smartwatch has a big screen, and the screen panel is AMOLED. Because of the 600-nits brightness, the screen appears clear even under direct sunlight. Plus, the color on the screen is vivid and vibrant thanks to the 95% sRGB cover gamut.

Although the Crossbeats brand claims that the 260-mAh battery can last up to 15 days, in reality, it is only around 7 days. That long battery life is enough, and charging will not be a headache for the user.

The Crossbeats smartwatch can track or monitor your fitness activities and record your daily health. For tracking users, this affordable smartwatch comes with several sensors. It has sensors to monitor the user's heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen level, sleep pattern, steps taken, and breathing. For women's health, this stylish smartwatch has a dedicated sensor. This very feature makes it an ideal choice for women.

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Thus, considering all the points discussed above, the Crossbeats Ignite Grit smartwatch is an excellent choice if the budget for a new smartwatch is below 5000 Rupees. Go for it without a second thought. At present, no other smartwatch can match it in terms of features, performance, and build quality. Hence, it is the best smartwatch below 5000 Rupees.

Price ₹3999 → Amazon
Features 1.75-Inch AMOLED Screen | 600-Nits Brightness | 60Hz Refresh Rate | 95% sRGB Color Gamut | Li-Po Battery: 260-mAh | Claimed Battery Life: Up to 15 Days | Actual Battery Backup: Up to 7 Days | Warranty: 6-Months

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