Cleanliness is something that you cannot compromise on, especially in this era where all sorts of health disorders are somehow connected to hygiene factors. One medium where disease-causing germs are transmitted is dust. No matter how hard we try to dustproof our houses, we still find that we can’t fully prevent this menace from getting into our houses. The only thing, therefore, that is left for us to do is to suck up the dust from our carpets, surfaces, and floors using a vacuum cleaner.

Having a good Vacuum cleaner could mean a higher efficiency in both cleaning and power consumption. Vacuum cleaners aren’t that much power guzzlers, but if vacuuming is done from time to time, you bet that this could affect your power bills negatively.

Which is the best home-use vacuum cleaner under 7000 Rupees? In this piece, you read about the best-selling vacuum cleaners from 5000 to 7000 Rupees range from the most favorite vacuum cleaner brands in the Indian market.

☼ 1900W Inalsa Clean Max Vacuum Cleaner

This Inalsa vacuum cleaner is powerful and easy to use. A 1900W copper motor powers it, and its dust bag capacity is 3-liter. The attached 2-pin power cord is 5-meter long, whereas the length of the hose pipe is 1.8-meter. The Inalsa brand equipped this effective vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter.

The build and design of the Inalsa Clean Max Vacuum Cleaner are impressive. It looks futuristic. While almost all branded and non-branded vacuum cleaners are China-made, this vacuum cleaner for home use comes from the India factory of the Inalsa brand. In today's time, made in India means better quality and assured durability of the product.

The Inalsa vacuum cleaner can't clean wet surfaces. It does not have the blower function.

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Should you buy the Inalsa Clean Max Bagless Vacuum Cleaner? Yes! Go for it without a second thought. It is the only vacuum cleaner with a 1900W power capacity in the 5000 Rupees range.

Price ₹5500 → Amazon
Features Suction: 23 kPa | Copper Motor: 1900W | 2-Pin Power Cord: 5-Meter | Hose Pipe: 1.8-Meter | Dust Collector: 3.0-Liter | Warranty: 2-Year


► 1000W Karcher WD-3 Vacuum Cleaner

Of late, multipurpose vacuum cleaners have gained a lot of popularity in India. As opposed to traditional single-operation vacuum cleaners, multipurpose cleaners can work on both wet and dry surfaces. In this review, we will take you through the Karcher WD 3 Multi-Purpose Vacuum Cleaner. This vacuum cleaner is arguably the best multi-purpose vacuum cleaner in India. Below are some of the noteworthy features of this vacuum cleaner.

Karcher Vacuum Cleaner for Home use in India Market

Wet and dry operation: You can use this Vacuum cleaner for cleaning both dry and wet surfaces. The manufacturer made this appliance in such a way that you can switch the nozzles depending on the kind of surface you are cleaning. Moreover, the nozzles are of different sizes and designs to enable you to suck off the dirt and water from tight spaces and crevices.

Additionally, this vacuum cleaner has a unique cartridge filter. This filter allows you to do both dry and wet cleaning at the same time. Such adaptability is what makes the WD 3 an ideal wet and dry vacuum cleaner for homes in India. Also, the manufacturer integrated a blower function within this vacuum cleaner, to make it more versatile.

Good design and easy storage: Just like most Karcher cleaners, the WD 3 has a compact and lightweight design. A sturdy, impact-resistant plastic casing is used to protect the cleaning mechanisms from damage. The robust casing is what makes the WD 3 an excellent option to buy when looking for a domestic wet and dry vacuum cleaner in India.

Furthermore, the designers considered the storage factor when making this device. For this reason, they built the Karcher WD 3 with a convenient upright parking position. The casing allows the user to attach the suction tube as well as the fastened nozzle onto its back. So whenever you are not using it, you can attach the nozzle here.

Additionally, this device comes with accessory storage where you can store the nozzles as well as the cable. This design allows you to save on space. Consequently, this compact design makes this product a good vacuum cleaner for homes in the Indian market. A compact vacuum cleaner like the WD 3 would come in handy especially where space is an issue.

Besides, since the hose and the nozzles are detachable, you can always store them elsewhere. I liked the fact that the collection container has a smooth pull and push lock system. The system allows for easy opening and emptying of the collection bucket. The container sits on a sturdy and rigid bumper, so there’s no risk of spillage.

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Easy to use Wet and dry vacuum cleaners: Karcher designed this device with an ergonomic handle. So this cleaner won’t tire you even after using it for long hours. The nozzles have a secure attaching/detaching clip so they won’t give you a headache when switching between functions. Moreover, since this vacuum cleaner has a lightweight build, transporting it is not that much of a hassle. This vacuum cleaner only weighs about 5.5 kilograms at most, without the accessories.

Price ₹6300 → Amazon
Capacity Suction-Power: 200 Air-Watt | Power-Capacity: 1000-Watt | Container-Capacity: 17-Liter
Build Container-Material: Plastic | Weight: 5.5-Kg
Accessories Suction-Hose {2-m, 35 mm} | Removable-Handle | Suction-Tubes [0.5-m, 35-mm ] | Wet-Dry Floor Nozzle & Clips | Cartridge-Filter | Crevice-Nozzle | Paper Filter bag | Sturdy bumper
Ideal for Workshop | Hobby room | Cellar | Entrance area | Interior car cleaning | Low water volumes
Features Blower | Parking-Position | Cable & Accessory Storage | “Pull & Push” Locking-System | Ergonomically-Shaped carrying handle | Compact-Design
Warranty 12-Months | Karcher Customer: 1800 1234 180


► 1400W Black Decker WDBD15 Vacuum Cleaner

Which are the top vacuum cleaner brands in the Indian market? Black & Decker, Bosch, American Micronic, Agaro, and Karcher are some of the best vacuum cleaner brands. These brands sell heavy-duty vacuum cleaners for home use. For instance, the Black Decker WDBD15 dry and wet vacuum cleaner with 1400W power capacity to clean every part of a house quickly and thoroughly. Attachments are included in its sale box to use this vacuum cleaner for sofas and carpet cleaning as well.

Power capacity is a crucial factor in the selection of a home-use vacuum cleaner. The higher the power capacity, the better the will be cleaning. Any power capacity above 1000W is recommended.

The Black Decker WDBD15 is currently the cheapest vacuum cleaner on the market with 1400W power capacity. Having 1400W power capacity means it can suck up dust particles from deep inside a narrow gap, which is impossible to reach physically without making some adjustments there.

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This Black Decker vacuum cleaner does not have the blower feature, however. I do not see this being an issue. In the blower mode, a vacuum cleaner will blow away stuck dust from a place. This way the place will be cleaned well, but the area around it will become dirty again. You don’t want to clean this way. Isn’t it?

Price ₹5100 → Amazon
Features Motor → 1400W | 15-Liter Dust-Bag | Wet & Dry Cleaner | Pet-Hair Collector | 6-Months Warranty
Build Retractable Power-Cord → 5-Meter | Wheels | Indicator → Dust-Bag Full | Foot-Operated ON-OFF Switch | Dimensions (WHD) → 38×47×38 cm | Weight: 6-Kg
Sales Box Vacuum-Cleaner Machine | 2 × Plastic Suction-Tubes | Flexible-Hose | Sponge-Filter | 2-in-1 Wet & Dry Floor Head | Crevice-Nozzle | Carpet & Upholstery Head | HEPA-Filter | Dust-Bag


► 1480W Black Decker VM1450 Vacuum Cleaner

Traditional vacuum cleaners are known to have this weird-looking bag at the back, where all the rubbish goes once it’s sucked up by the suction mechanism. However, this bag makes the whole thing look odd and crude. Now that we are in the 21st Century, the looks of any gadget matter. I mean, these gadgets were invented in the early 1920’s. Any manufacturer must constantly advance the design specs of their products so that they stay valid in the market.

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Thankfully, Black& Decker designers have agreed to move with time, as portrayed in their VM1450 vacuum cleaner. Instead of the traditional dust bag, this device has a 1.6-liter dust box which is made transparent so that you can easily note when it fills. This move means easier maneuvering of the thing around tight spots than what could have been achieved if the bag was still on it. Additionally, the inbuilt transparent box is easy to empty, clean, and even detach from the machine. It is also durable, now that it has no risk of tearing if it suddenly gets clipped by a sharp object (like a sharp nail behind your sofa).

Good suction and brush combination: A vacuum cleaner could have the most powerful suction system (for vacuum cleaners) in the market, but if the brushes don’t do their part well, then there is almost nothing to suck up to the dust box. This vacuum cleaner, however, has everything fixed in the right position, for peak performance. It comes with varied brushes for practically any scrubbing needs. Here I am talking about things like crevice brushes to reach tough spots, multipurpose floor head brushes, and upholstery brushes for carpets and fabric-made flooring. The upholstery brushes also come in handy with scrubbing and dusting those big curtains in offices and other sorts of drapes.

Black Decker Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

The additional wheels on the bottom side of the cleaner ensure a seamless movement of the gadget and effortless dusting. The suction device is a 1400-watt system, which works within a voltage range of 220 to 240 Volts. This system provides enough suction strength to suck up almost anything that is hurled at it. With the brushes close by, you are guaranteed that your vacuuming sessions are a dustless affair. The motor sucks the duct as soon as it is worked up by the brushes so that you don’t have any that escapes.

Convenience features: To make your cleaning experience even simpler, this device comes with an ergonomic touch that it can afford. For example, the handle is lightweight and well curved out so that you don’t have to strain when moving along tight areas. The device also comes with an Automatic cord rewinding system. This system comes in handy when you want to fold up the thing and heave it into your store. The rewind feature is meant to ensure that your cord doesn’t get tangled up so that your next vacuum session remains as comfortable as your last one.

You also get a long power cord which measures about 5 meters. This is adequate to go around your house without having to keep changing power sockets. This device can comfortably clean any standard 300-sq ft. room, at one fixed power socket. The Bagless design gives the thing an overall compact design that is easy to handle and manipulate. The product only weighs 4.8 Kilograms and measures 41.9 by 29.2 by 27.9 centimeters. This tells you that it’s quite the trim vacuum cleaner you need. Its step-less trigger function for the suction system means that you have better control, now that everything you need for controlling the gadget is fixed to the handle.

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What I liked in the Vacuum Cleaner: I liked the overall design of this product, plus the varied brushes which make it pretty much an everyday vacuum cleaner for all situations. I also liked the fact that it’s Bagless, so once you buy it you are bound to use it for years without changing the dust box.

Black Decker VM1450 Vacuum Cleaner Review and Specifications

What I don't like: However, I hate to say that being a Chinese product, there are parts of this gadget that feel a bit falsified. I know you will get this feeling after you buy the gadget. For example, the filter on this gadget is tightly positioned, thus limiting when it comes to cleaning it. Honestly, cleaning the filter is a messy affair. In addition, whoever put the handle on this gadget’s removable dust jar, must have been the most cracked fella on the planet.

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I mean, how do you trust 4.8 kilograms of expensive machinery, on just one small plastic lock on a removable part of the device (the dust box)? I’m not sure that thing will last for long so make sure you carry this device with a lot of care. If possible, place your other hand and its bottom while the other one grips the handle. If you trust the handle, well and good but if that lock snaps, I bet accidental drops aren’t covered in your warranty.

Pricing and final verdict: This device comes with a two-year warranty on it and is priced at 6494 Rupees on average. My final verdict on this gadget is – to buy it if you are strictly on a budget. If you are buying this for your standard office, please go a step further in telling your office cleaner to take care when carrying it. Otherwise, you might find yourself heading to the stores to buy another one if the handle snaps.

Price ₹6500 → Amazon
Features Dry Vacuum Cleaner | Power Capacity → 1480W | Over-Load Protection | 2-Years Warranty
Performance  6-Stage Filtration with Multi-Cyclone | Variable-Speed | Step-less Suction
Build Heavy-Plastic Body | Bagless | Retractable Power-Cord → 5-Meter | Weight: 4.8-Kg | Washable Low-Maintenance Filters