How to select a good LED torch? Battery power, charging speed, and the capacity of the LED bulb are the three main criteria for deciding on a suitable LED rechargeable torch.

Which is the top LED torch under 1000 Rupees? This torch review article covers the best-selling emergency light and LED torch ranging from 100 to 1000 Rupees. The suggested LED lights are currently the top favourites of buyers because of their superior build quality, lasting battery backup, and durable build.

☼ Bajaj Raftaar Jumbo LED RC Torch

No introduction is necessary for the Bajaj brand. This Indian electronics brand is known for its durable and affordable products. Handheld torches are also available from the Bajaj brand. You can purchase the Bajaj Rafter Jumbo LED torch for ₹650. It is a handheld torch with a rechargeable battery. Its gross weight is 175 grams.

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The Bajaj Jumbo torch's battery is 1200mAh. It will take around 6 hours to charge the battery fully. A fully charged battery will provide up to 4 hours of high beam. Therefore, one charge lasts more than a week.

Featuring three modes of lighting, this Bajaj LED torch is an excellent choice at a low price. You could use it as a handheld torch and mode. This torch serves both purposes: hand torch and emergency light.

Overall, the Bajaj Jumbo LED Torch is an excellent product that offers convenience and value for money. With its rechargeable battery, three lighting modes, and long-lasting battery, this torch is a great choice for those looking for a reliable handheld torch.

Price ₹650 → Amazon
Features 1200-mAh | Charging Time: Up to 6 Hours | Battery backup: Up to 4 Hours | Made in India


☼ 3W Havells Pathfinder 30 Torch

In terms of longevity, the Havells LED torch should last between three and five years, depending on how it is used. Havells launched this model in 2017, and since then, it has been a top-selling torch under 500 Rupees. This rechargeable torch has been sold in lakhs over the past five years. The experience of those buyers with the Havells Pathfinder 30 torch is available. Therefore, we know for sure that it is a reliable product, built to last longer. The Havells Pathfinder 30 Torch will not fail within a year or two if used with care. In time, however, the battery quality will degrade, and so will the efficiency of the system and the LED bulb.

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The Havells rechargeable torch has a 3W LED bulb, and a 900-mAh battery powers it. For charging the battery, this torch has a 2-pin socket built-in. The battery charging time is close to 5 hours, and backup will be around 2 hours. The light of this Havells torch will reach up to 70 meters.

Price ₹300 → Amazon
Features LED Bulb: 3W | Battery: 900-mAh | Battery-Charging: 5 Hours | Battery-Backup: 2-Hours | Over-Charging Protection | Warranty: 6 Months


☼ 5W Nippo Chamak LED Torch

Have you heard about the brand Nippo? Yes, this brand is known for pencil batteries. Nippo makes emergency lights and hand-held torches as well. Nippo's Chamak LED Torch model is currently a favourite of torch buyers under 1000 Rupees. It is not the best torch under 1000 Rupees, however. The Wipro Emerald Plus rechargeable torch is better than the Nippo Chamak torch. Our video presentation listed below covers a comparison of both rechargeable torches.

Powered by a 3000-mAh lithium-ion battery, the Nippo Chamak torch has a 5W LED bulb. It has two modes of lighting: High and Medium. In the high mode, the battery will last around 4 hours. The medium model will discharge the battery in 10 hours approx.

Cheap rechargeable LED torches do not usually come with overcharging protection. This protection on the Nippo Chamak torch ensures the battery remains juicy even after a few years of use.

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Still, the Wipro Emerald Plus rechargeable torch is a far better option. More powerful battery and being cheaper than the Nippo Chamak are the two primary reasons why I think so.

Price ₹790 → Amazon
Features LED Bulb: 5W | 3000-mAh battery | Charging Mode: 2 | Lighting Mode: 2 | Over-Charging Protection | Warranty: 6-Months


► Wipro Emerald LED Torch

In addition to being a handheld torch, the Wipro Emerald LED light is also an emergency LED light. Ten hours of continuous light can be expected after the light is fully charged in 6 to 8 hours. That means more than a week of usage in torch mode on a single charge.

This torch sports a 5-watt single LED inside the reflector which is quite efficient at producing 400 lumens of light. Tests have shown that this torch has a range of about 400 meters, which is sufficient for use on a farm, too. For domestic use, switch it to dim mode. Its rechargeable 3000-mAh lithium battery has an assured life cycle of 50000 hours, the brand claims, in addition.

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Further, the rechargeable LED Torch comes with 2 different brightness levels, both affect the battery level. The dim setting can last for up to 10 hours of usage. The strong light level, with a bright light fringe, allows it to last 2.5 to 3 hours without dimming.

This Wipro torch weighs 350 grams. Even young kids can handle it well. The handle is made to be ergonomic. The handle base is solidly filled. The diameter is less than enough to handle small hands conveniently and provides the perfect non-slippery grip.

Price ₹650 → Amazon
Features Rechargeable Battery Life: 50000-Hours | One-Button Control | Warranty: 6-Months
Light Bulb Type: 5W LED | Light Modes: Strong & Dim
Battery 3000-mAh | 2.5-Hours in Strong Mode | 10-Hours in Dim Mode | Charging Time: 6 to 8 Hours
Build Weight: 450 Grams | Body: Polycarbonate
Sales Box Wipro Emerald LED Torch | User Manual | Warranty Card

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