Miter Saw (or Mitre Saw) is an advanced cutting machine for wood and metal. This power tool machine is primarily used for making a precision angled cut. Either you have years of experience in doing angled cuts by hand and lots of free time, or you have a miter saw machine.

Which is the best miter saw under 20000 Rupees? In this piece, you read about the best-selling miter saw of the top power tools brands in the Indian market. Here we cover miter saws of Bosch, Ferm, Stanley, and other such well-trusted power tools and machine brands.

☼ 1650W STANLEY SM16 Miter Saw

The Stanley SM16 miter saw is currently one of the most popular options below 20000 rupees. Currently, it costs 16499 rupees. Compared to its alternatives in the same price range, it offers better features and functions.

This Stanley miter saw is powered by a 1650W motor and offers powerful performance. The motor operates continuously by letting fresh air from outside reach it through cooling vents. Speeds up to 4800 RPM can be achieved with this high-capacity motor.

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There are three cutting options available with this Stanley Meter Saw: Miter, Bevel, and Compound. In our video review, we discuss its cutting range. More information is available in the video.

The miter saw model is assembled in Bharat by Stanley Brand. It weighs about 10 kilograms. The product comes with a 10-day test warranty if you purchase it online on Amazon. Stanley, however, offers a one-year service warranty.

Price ₹16499 ► Amazon
Features 1650W Motor | Cut: Wood, Drywall, Plastic, Aluminum Window Frames, Thin Metal Sheets | Cut Types: Miter, Bevel, Compound | Warranty: 1 Year


☼ 1650W DeWalt DW714 Mitre Saw

Although DeWalt tools are expensive, its 1650W miter saw model is now the most reasonably priced of all the alternatives. This miter saw requires a 10-inch blade. The deWalt brand provides an extra blade with 80 teeth if you buy this miter saw online on Amazon.

The 1650W motor in the DeWalt miter saw has a 100% copper coil, and this motor can generate up to 4600 RPM speed. To keep the motor cool while in use, there is a design twist to allow fresh air from outside.

I've never seen a DeWalt product with a manufacturing defect. Tools made by DeWalt would not break down easily and last many years. The DeWalt DW714 mitre saw is no different. The key traits of its design are

  • Aluminum Base
  • Horizontal D-handle Design
  • Sliding Fence
  • Scale on the Fence
  • 1650W Universal Motor
  • Beveling Lever
  • Vertical Clamp

This DeWalt miter saw is great from a performance standpoint as well. A number of customers who have purchased the machine, and are using it continuously, have confirmed their complete satisfaction with it.

Thus, considering everything, it would not be wrong to say that the DeWalt DW714 model is currently the best mitre saw under 20,000 Rupees. Do not think twice about it!

Price ₹16000 → Amazon
Features 1650W Motor | Dust Bag | Aluminum Blade | Insert | Extension Clamp | Quickly Adjust Angles {0° – 50° Left} & {0° – 60° Right} | Warranty: 2-Year | Bevel-Cut-Max: 48° | Mitre-Cut: 52°R & 47°L | Max Cutting Depth: 89-mm


☼ 1900W Ferm MSM1038 Miter Saw

Ferm is a power tools brand from Netherlands and a favorite brand for durable, heavy-duty power tools in the global market. Officially this brand hasn’t made entry to the Indian market yet. The best-selling power tools of this brand, however, is available in India nowadays.

Officially not being available in India means the brand has no liability for fulfilling the default product warranty for Indian customers. 10-Days return warranty window is possible though if you are buying Ferm power tools online.

Not many options are available in the India market if you need a miter saw under 20000 Rupees. Among the options available presently, the best is those that are from Ferm brand. Bosch Miter Saw is priced above 20000 Rupees.

Currently, two Ferm miter saw models are available below 20000 Rupees. The first is MSM1038 with 1900W motor and up to 255-MM blade support. The second is MSM1039 with 1500W Motor and up to 210-MM blade support.

The significant difference between these variants is blade size, motor power, and Laser guidance. Ferm MSM1038 miter saw model comes with laser guidance feature as well. So, it is costlier than the MSM1039 model.

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The Firm miter saw machines are outstanding in terms of performance and accuracy in the cut. They have the superior build quality, too. So, they will remain functional for many years without service if used with care. What is more fascinating about them is ease of their use. Even a novice with some essential guidance could use one of these Firm Miter saw machines for near-perfect result.

MSM1038 MSM1039
Price ₹19000 ₹14000
Cut Type Miter, Bevel, Compound Miter, Bevel, Compound
Power 1900W | Double Insulated | No Load Speed: 4800 RPM 1500W | Double Insulated | No Load Speed: 4500 RPM
Blade Max 10-Inch (255×30×2.8 mm) 8-Inch (210×30×2.8 mm)
Cut Wood, Metal, Steel Wood, Metal, Steel
Features Laser Guidance, Transparent Blade Guide None
Mitring 45° Left & Right 45° Left & Right
Beveling 45° Left Only 45° Left Only
Compound Miter 0° & Bevel 0° → 70×310 mm Miter 0° & Bevel 0° → 70×305 mm
Miter 45° & Bevel 45° → 40×210 mm Miter 45° & Bevel 45° → 35×210 mm
Miter 45° & Bevel-0° → 70×210 mm Miter 45° & Bevel-0° → 70×210 mm
Miter 0° & Bevel 45° → 40×310 mm Miter 0° & Bevel 45° → 35×305 mm
Weight 15-Kg 12-Kg

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