Does the water heater consume more electricity? Yes, the water heater consumes a good amount of electricity. There will be a noticeable difference between the electricity bill you pay usually and the electricity bill you would have to pay after using a water heater for a couple of weeks in your house.

In a water heater, electricity is converted to heat energy to raise the water temperate. Therefore, the best idea is to buy a water heater with a 5-star rated heating system. Even if you have to pay a few thousand Rupees more for a water heater with a 5-star BEE-rated heating system, go for it. Not saving 1000, or 2000 Rupees now would result in saving around ten thousand rupees worth of electricity in a year.

How to choose a storage water heater? Installation type, size, energy efficiency rating, and warranty terms are the four critical factors in deciding on a suitable storage water heater. In terms of performance, a vertically installed water heater performs much better than a horizontally installed water heater. Vertical installation is a natural mounting whereas Horizontal installation is because of space constraints in the bathroom.

The number of members in your family should be the factor in deciding the perfect size of your new storage water heater.

Further, the storage water heater is not complex equipment. Its working is simple. Electricity is converted into heat for boiling water. That means using the water heater regularly is going to make a significant contribution to your monthly electricity bill. Therefore, even if you have to increase your budget — order a 5-star energy-rated storage water heater.

Water and Electricity is not good friend. There is a high chance of various service requirements. Therefore, order a storage water heater from a brand whose market reputation is high in giving timely, customer-friendly service.

Which storage water heater is best? In this piece, we cover the best water heaters in the 9000 to 10000 Rupees price range. The suggested water heaters under 10000 Rupees come from well-known electronics brands in the Indian market.

☼ 25L Havells Monza EC Storage Water Heater

हैवेल्स ब्रांड के कई बेहतरीन वाटर हीटर मिलते है 10000 रुपए से कम कीमत में। उसमें में से एक है मॉन्ज़ा EC. ख़ूबिया एवं खासियतें बेहतरीन है इस स्टोरेज वाटर हीटर का।

इस हैवेल्स वाटर हीटर के टैंक की क्षमता है 25 लीटर। पानी गर्म करने का गीजर जब भी खरीदें बड़े टैंक वाला खरीदें। 2000W पॉवर कैपेसिटी के कारण इसमें पानी गर्म हो जाता है करीब करीब आधा घंटा में।

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सुरक्षा के बेहतरीन उपाय दिए गए है हैवेल्स मॉन्ज़ा EC वाटर हीटर में। और इसकी पॉवर रेटिंग है 4 स्टार। तो बिजली खर्च करने के मामले में यह काफी किफायती है।

बड़े आकर के टैंक, हाई पॉवर कैपेसिटी, और सुरक्षा के बेहतरीन उपाय के कारण हैवेल्स मॉन्ज़ा EC एक बेहतरीन स्टोरेज वाटर हीटर है भारतीय बाजार में। इसके बारे में विस्तार से जानने के लिए देखिये हमारा वीडियो प्रस्तुति।

Price ₹8499 ► Amazon
Features 25 Liters | 2000W | Ideal for Hard Water | Temp Range: 25°C to 75°C | Hot Water in 30 Minutes | Heat Retention Technology | Warranty: Up to 7 Years.


☼ 25L Havells Instanio Prime Storage Water Heater

Among Indian electronics brands, Havells has a good reputation. Among the most reliable and long-lasting storage water heaters, Havells Instanio Prime is the most suitable option, currently. At current market prices, the 25-liter variant will cost you around 9250 rupees. Furthermore, it will cost Rs. 7800 for the 15-liter variant. The Havells brand offers a service warranty of up to 7 years for each product model.

With 2000W of power capacity, the Havells Instanio Prime offers a cost-effective solution. The temperature of the water could range from 25°C to 75°C. The power rating is also 4-stars. Because of power efficient heating system, there won't be many changes to your power bill, so it's fine to use it as much as possible. Thus, it is a perfect water geyser for large families.

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Another noteworthy feature of the Havells storage water heater is its ability to handle hard water. This product keeps heat for a long time, making it an ideal fit for a variety of lifestyles.

You should consider the Havells Instanio Prime as your next storage water geyser model because of its reliability, compatibility with hard water, and water retention.

Price ₹8499 → Amazon
Features Power Capacity: 2000W | Power Rating: 4 Star | Idea for Hard Water | Heat Retention up to 5 hours | Temp Range: 25°C – 75°C | Warranty: Up to 7 Years.


☼ 25L V-Guard Victo 2000W Water Heater

In recent years, the name V-Guard has become one of most favorite brands for water heaters. This Indian brand makes affordable, innovative, and high-capacity water geysers. If you are looking for one with a 25-liter capacity, V-Guard Victo is an excellent choice. As well as 6-liter and 10-liter capacities, this storage heater is also available in 15-liter capacity. You will be surprised by its high performance and durability. The power capacity of this 5-star water heater is 2000 Watts. Its temperature range is 35°C to 75°C. Setting the temperature is easy with a given temperature control knob.

The build quality of the V-Guard Victo water heater is excellent. Heating elements are made of the Incoloy 800 alloy, which heats fast and lasts longer. The magnesium anode sacrifices itself and protects heating elements and the inner tank. Titanium enamel coating protects the inner tank from corrosion. On the front of safety, this V-Guard storage heater comes with over-heat protection, a safety valve, and a magnesium anode. Besides, this storage heater comes with PUF insulation to keep the water temperature stable for a long time.

  Voltage Stabilizer: ₹1000 - ₹5000

Thus, the V-Guard Victo water heater is one of the best water geysers below 10000 Rupees. The v-Guard brand provides up to 5 years of warranty on this model and free installation service. Hence, go for it without hesitation.

Price ₹7490 → Amazon
Features 25-Liter | 2000W | BEE 5-Star Rating | Temp Range: 35°C to 75°C | Warranty: Up to 5 Years


☼ 25L Bajaj Calenta 2000W Water Heater

Currently, one of the best-selling storage water heaters in the 9000 to 10000 Rupees price range is Bajaj Calenta. The reasons for it being a favorite of buyers are its 5-star rated heating system and top-class product quality.

Bajaj brand offers up to 7 years of warranty. That should be sufficient. Using this water is super easy. All you have to do is that switch the machine ON and set the water temperature. When the water temperature reaches the set temperature, the heating process will automatically stop.

The 5-star rated heating system with a 2000-Watt capacity does fast water heating. A heating process usually completes in 15 to 20 minutes when the required water temperature is at the maximum.

  वाटर हीटर: ₹5000 - ₹7000

Bajaj Calenta is a vertical water heater means its working efficiency is far better than water heaters that required horizontal installation. Its outer body is made of high-quality plastic whereas the tank for storing water is made of steel. The steel tank has Glass lined coating so that it does come in contact with water and remains corrosion free, withal.

Price ₹9500 → Amazon
Features Vertical installation | Auto-Off when a Heating process is complete | Temperature indicating Dial | Keep water hot for a more extended period | Heat Retention with PUF installation
Power 5-Star energy rating | 2000-Watts | Max reheating time: 60 minutes
Storage 25-Liter | Other sizes: {6-Liter | 10-Liter | 15-Liter}
Build Spiral Type Copper Tube | Plastic Outer Body | Tank material: Mild Steel with Glass Lined Coating | 1-meter cord length | Dimensions (LWH): 420×435×605 mm
Safety 4-in-1 Multi-functional Valve
Warranty 2-Year warranty on the whole product | 7-Year Warranty on the tank | 3-Year Warranty on the heating element | Free installation


☼ 50L Orient EcoSmart Plus 2000W Water Heater

Which is the best geyser to buy under 9000 Rupees for hard water? The Orient storage water heater is one of the best geysers for hard water in the Indian market. It is an ideal water heater for hard water, and high TDS water because it has Titanium-Enamel-Coated Tank, a Glassline-Coated Heating Element, and also it has a second line of defense against rust, a Magnesium Anode-Rod. An anode rod in a water tank sacrifices itself through the process of electrolysis and protects the metal water tank from rusting and thereby doubling the life of the whole unit.

The EcoSmart Plus, which is the successor of the EcoSmart model, is a very recent storage water heater model on the market. Orient Electric brand has introduced this model in five water-tank capacities so far: 10-Liter, 15-liter, 25-Liter, 35-Liter, and 50-Liter. These variants feature a 2000W heating system.

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Thanks to the 5-star (or 4-star) BEE-rated power system, this Orient Electric water heater burns less than 1 unit of electricity to heat up 35-liter water in its tank. And the 35-liter water in the tank becomes so-so warn in less than 15 minutes. What more do you want?

Buy Amazon
Capacity 10-Liter @ ₹5000 | 15-Liter @ ₹5980 | 25-Liter @ ₹7000 | 35-Liter @ ₹8800 | 50-Liter @ ₹10000
Features Power- Indicator | Current Water-Temperature Display-Dial | Temperature-Control | Automatic Shut-Off
Safety Multifunction-Valve for Safety | Over-Heat Protection | Fire-Retardant Cable | Rust-Resistant Protection | Fusible-Valve
Heating 2000W | 5-Star BEE-Rating 2019-20 (10L, 15L, 25L) | 4-Star BEE Rating 2019-20 (35L, 50L) | PUF-Insulation for Better Heat-Retention
Build Titanium-Enamel-Coated Tank | Magnesium Anode-Rod | Glassline-Coated Heating Element | Withstands 8-Bar Pressure → Ideal for High-Rise Buildings | Powder-Coated Aluminum Outer-Body | IPX4 Waterproof Body
Warranty 2-Year for Whole-Unit | 4-Year for Heating-Element | 7-Years for Inner-Tank


☼ 25L Crompton Regallio 2000W Water Heater

The Regallio model is the latest Crompton storage water heater on the market. Crompton introduced this model in three storage capacities: 10-Liter, 15-Liter, and 25-Liter. The best in them is the model with a 25-liter storage capacity.

In this storage water heater, 25-Liter water becomes warm by 45°C temperature in just 10 minutes thanks to its powerful 2000W heating element. Yes, that fast it is. As per your comfort, you can even set any water heater in the range of 25°C to 75°C by the temperature control knob on the storage water heater.

And do not worry about the electricity bill. Crompton Regallio is the latest model. That means the 5-Star rating of its heating element is based on the newest BEE energy efficiency testing. So, this model will consume much lesser electricity than those 25-liter storage water heaters with a 5-Star rated 2000W heating system, which has been in the market for more than 1 year. For your information, a 5-Star in the year 2017 is now equivalent to a 3-Star in the year 2019.

The build quality of this Crompton storage water heater is superior, too. Crompton is one of the most trusted brands for heavy-duty electronics with the durable build quality. Moreover, the brand currently offers free installation for this storage water heater model.

  वोल्टेज स्टेबलाइज़र: ₹5000 - ₹10000

However, before you decide to buy a Crompton Regallio water heater, do check about the Crompton Amica storage water heater. Both the models are absolutely similar to each other except two things: build and launch year. Crompton Amica has a metal shell, and it was launched in October 2018.

Price ₹7000 | Amazon
Features 8-bar Pressure → Can withstand extreme pressure → Suitable for high rise buildings
Safety Over-Heat Protection | Advanced 3-Level Safety
Power Heating System: 2000W | 5-Star BEE 2019 | 1200 gm Superior Heating Element | Standby Auto Power Cut-Off | Temperate Range: 25° to 75°C
Build Rust-Free Plastic Body | Concealed LED Indicators | Tank with Glass-line Coating | Temperature-Control Knob | PUF-Installation for Energy Saving
Warranty 5-Year for Tank | 2-Year for the Whole Unit |  Free Installation


☼ 25L AO Smith HSE-SDS 2000W Water Heater

This vertical storage water heater comes packed in the cutest and most appealing outer shell that I have ever seen. A rotating knob on the front allows the users to control the temperature of the water. You have to believe me when I say this knob is very accurate. The thermal cutout feature cuts the power supply of the heating element after the water has reached the desired temperature.

At the highest settings, this geyser takes around 25 minutes to heat the water. Therefore, I would suggest using it in the mid settings. Our interview with the users of this AO Smith water heater indicates, in the mid settings not only the heating time is reduced, but also the life of the product is increased. Its insulated storage tank holds 25 liters of water at once and is good at heat retention.

Glass coating on the inner surface of the storage tank prevents corrosion. Even if you use hard water for all types of uses, this geyser will not be damaged. It comes equipped with an Anode Rod that extracts all types of salt from water, thereby increasing its durability.

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Generally, geysers lose their efficiency over time as the heating element is covered with chemicals. To prevent such a problem on this water heater, AO Smith has coated the heating element with glass. It also features a safety valve that automatically releases the extra pressure build-up.

Price 15-Liter @ ₹7850 | 25-Liter @ ₹8900 → Amazon
Features 35 Degree Gain in Water-Temperature in 18-Minutes | Thermal Cutout | Safety Valve | Temperature Range: 25°C to 75°C
Power 2000-Watt | 5-Star Rated | Glass-Coated Heating System
Build Blue Diamond Glass Lind Tank | Anod-Rode | Temperature Control Knob
Warranty Up to 7-Years | Free-Installation


☼ 15L Havells Adonia 2000W Water Heater with Remote

Havells is one of the most reliable home electronics brands in the Indian market. Its products last longer. The Adonia storage water heater from the house of Havells is the newest vertical storage water heater in the market. It comes with a remote. You can control this smart water heater and set the water temperature from your bedroom using its remote.

Being an Havells product itself is a certification of durable build quality. Still not sure, Havells brand offers up to a 7-year warranty.

Further, the 2000-Watt heating system of this water heater is 5-star rated. That means its usage will only change the last three digits of your monthly power bill. Havells SHOCK-SAFE 3-PIN power plug with two notification LEDs for POWER & TEST and also a reset button, adds value to this storage water heater with remote, withal.

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According to the Havells brand, because of 8 bar pressure, the Adonia model is a recommended storage water heater for flats located above the fourth, and fifth floors in high-rise buildings. Still, my suggestion would be to first check with a qualified plumber if the water pressure level is a severe issue in your flat.

Price Amazon
Variants 15-Liter @ ₹10000 | 25-Liter @ ₹12000
Features Vertical Storage Water Heater with Remote | Whirl-Flow technology | 50° rise in Water temperature in 35-Minutes | Energy-Saving high-density PUF-Insulation | Auto Power-Cut when Water temperature reached the set temperature
Heating 2000-Watt | 5-Star | Incoloy Glass-Coated Heating-Element
Build Dimensions (LWH): 46×45.5×44.5 cm | Plastic Shell | Steel Tank with Anode Rode | Multi-functional safety valve
Warranty 2-Years on Water Heater | 4-Years on Heating System | 7-Years on Water Tank | Free-Installation