When it comes to cleaning, the vacuum cleaner outweighs the broom in effectiveness and efficiency. However, the cost of an excellent quality broom is only 50 rupees, whereas the cost of a basic vacuum cleaner will be 1500 rupees or more.

Unlike a broom, a vacuum cleaner has powerful suction capabilities. This is designed to trap and remove even the tiniest dust particles, pet hair, and dirt embedded in carpets and hard floors. The bristles of a broom, on the other hand, tend to scatter particles, making it easy for some debris to be left behind or airborne, ultimately affecting indoor air quality.

Vacuum cleaners often come with additional features such as HEPA filters that further eliminate allergens, improving your living spaces. Additionally, vacuum cleaners allow easy access to hard-to-reach areas, thanks to various attachments and extensions.

While a broom can be useful for quick and small cleaning tasks, a vacuum cleaner provides a more thorough and time-saving cleaning experience. Ultimately, investing in a quality vacuum cleaner can ensure a cleaner and healthier environment for both you and your family.

☼ 1000W Shakti Technology VC-90 Vacuum Cleaner

Shakti Technology manufactures a wide range of power tools and machines in India. Amazon recently began selling the VC-90 vacuum cleaner. This model has a 1000W power capacity.

The 1000W vacuum cleaner could be an all-in-one home cleaning solution. Shakti Technology offers up to 6 months warranty for this model.

The VC-90 vacuum cleaner with 1000W power capacity generates up to 17 kPa suction capacity. Its dust container capacity is 10 liters. The hose pipe is 1.5 meters long and the provided power cord is 6 meters long.

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It is very pleasant to use the Shakti Technology VC-90 vacuum cleaner. In addition, it does not make much noise when cleaning. Plus, the wheels underneath can be rotated 360 degrees.

This vacuum cleaner is the only one of its kind on the market today that offers such capacity and quality for 3000 rupees. Shakti Technology is an established brand. In light of these two factors, the VC-90 model is an excellent buy at its current market price of ₹2845.

Price ₹2845 → Amazon
Features 1000W | Dust Storage: 10 liters | Suction Capacity: 17 kPa | Hose Pipe: 1.5 Meters | Power Cord: 6 Meters | Wheels with 360° Rotation | Warranty: 6 Months