Which is the best shaver trimmer for men under 20000 Rupees? This review article covers the best-selling shaver and trimmer from 10000 to 20000 Rupees range. The suggested shavers and trimmers are currently a top favorite of buyers from the price range because of their superior build quality and top-notch performance.

► Philips MG7770 All-in-One Shaving Trimming Kit

Razors do give you a clean shave, but in return, you also get a rough face with a few cut marks. In many cases, people suffer from problems like ingrown hair and rashes. To overcome this problem, Philips has launched the Series 9000. This series is a collection of premium shavers, beard trimmers, body groomers, and nose-ear trimmers of the Philips brand.

Philips MG7770 All-in-One Shaving Trimming Kit

The models from the series are now available online for Indian buyers. Purchase one that suits your requirement and fits in your budget. They are not like other electric razors. Most people would not even have imagined that a product like this could even exist.

  Shaver Trimmers for Men under ₹2000

The head is detachable, and you can put a trimmer head (that comes in the box) in place of the shaving head. All the provided heads are highly flexible. They can mold into the shape of any part of your face and body. Therefore, you will not have to suffer from any pain while using them.

Price ₹15000 | Amazon | Flipkart
For Face | Nose-Ear | Body
Kit Metal-Trimmer | Detail Metal-Trimmer | Nose-Ear Trimmer | Wide Hair-Trimmer | Foil-Shaver | Body-Shaver | 6 Hair Trimming Guards | 3 Beard Trimming Guards | 2 Stubble Trimming Guards | 2 Body Trimming Guards | Eyebrow Trimming Guard | Adjustable Travel Guard
Blade DualCut Technology | Maintenance-Free | 2X More Self-Sharpening Blades | Blades Life: Up to 3-Years | Fully Washable
Battery Fast Charging | Backup: Up to 3-Hours of Usages

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