Electric shavers have long been a popular choice for individuals seeking a convenient and efficient way to shave. While manual razors are often praised for providing a closer shave, advancements in electric shaver technology have closed the gap in recent years.

Modern electric shavers utilize cutting-edge blades, often equipped with multiple cutting elements and advanced contouring systems, to ensure a smooth and close shave. Additionally, many electric shavers today feature powerful motors that generate high-frequency vibrations, capturing and cutting even the toughest hairs.

These shavers also typically incorporate various shaving modes and adjustable settings, allowing users to customize their shaving experience to achieve their desired closeness level.

Further, electric shavers offer the advantage of being easy to clean and maintain, with many models being fully waterproof and capable of being rinsed under running water.

Overall, while manual razors may still be preferred, electric shavers offer a convenient and effective solution for a clean and hassle-free shave.

► Philips S5420 Electric Shaver and Trimmer

The Philips shaver & trimmer is one of the most advanced electric shavers in the Indian market. This shaver is famous for giving close-cut shaves in much less time than its alternatives. Hence it shouldn’t be surprising that currently is it a best-selling electric shaver under 10000 Rupees. Its blade head can move in five directions. Higher blade head movements mean better shaving.

The battery of this Philips electric shaver becomes fully charged in just 60 minutes. In case you forgot to charge it and now badly need a shave, then its quick charging feature will rescue you. Just 5 minutes of charging will be enough for one complete shave.

Philips S5420 Electric Shaver and Trimmer

Philips S5420 electric shaver is a wet and dry shaver. With this electric shaver, you can shave after applying shaving cream or gel. So, its blade head can be washed under running tap water.

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Please note, the blade head of this Philips electric shaver has to be changed in 18 to 24 months. And, the current market price of its blade head is 2990 Rupees.

Price ₹6700 | Amazon
Features Built-in Trimmer | 100% Fully Washable | 2-Years Worldwide Guarantee
Shaving 3 Blade Heads {Each head with 5 Directional Movements} | Wet Shaving {Gel, Foam}
Battery NiMH Battery | Charging: 1 hour | Backup: 45 minutes of shaving (15 complete shaves) | Quick-Charging: 5 minutes for 1-Shave
Build LED Indicators | Replacement Head (in 2 Years): SH50 @ 2990 Rupees

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