Which is the best computer monitor under 10000 Rupees in the Indian market? In this piece, we cover the best-selling computer monitors from the 1000 to 10000 Rupees range. Here you read about Full HD monitors of top computer brands in the Indian market HP, AOC, Dell, Asus, Acer, Samsung, LG, BenQ, and others. Whether you need a home use monitor, office monitor, or gaming monitor, you will find here a suitable computer monitor for your budget.

Panel Best for Ideal for Reason
TN Gaming | General Computing Gamer Faster Screen Response
VA General Computing Offer use | Business Use Poor Color Production | Poor Viewing Angles | Poor Contrast
IPS Multimedia Production | General Computing | Entertainment Home use | Gamer | Business Use | Office Use Excellent Color Production | Great Viewing Angles | Fast Response Time

☼ 23.8-inch Acer HA240Y IPS Monitor

The Acer HA240Y computer monitor offers impressive visuals thanks to its top-of-the-line display technology. This PC monitor has an IPS panel, 4-ms response time, full HD resolution, and high color accuracy. Its screen size is 23.8 inches. With these exemplary qualities, it is currently considered one of the most outstanding PC monitors under 9000 rupees.

The monitor boasts an in-plane switching (IPS) panel, providing viewers with a wide viewing angle. IPS panel also means that the screen is far superior to other LCD screen types in terms of clarity, color, and brightness. It has a brightness level of 250 nits and a refresh rate of 75Hz. Professionals should consider the Acer monitor since it offers a 100% sRGB color gamut, along with 24 bits of color depth. This makes it an ideal choice for creative professionals who require color accuracy.

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Are you looking for a computer monitor with speakers? The Acer HA220Q monitor comes equipped with two speakers, each with 2W audio output. Besides, Acer provides a 3-year warranty, giving users peace of mind when purchasing.

While the Acer HA240Y is not suitable for gamers, it is a great choice for all other types of users. Check out our video review, where we discuss all the features in detail and give our final verdict on the product.

Price ₹8999 → Amazon
Features 23.8-Inch | Full HD | IPS | 4-ms | 75Hz | AMD Freesync Technology | Frameless Design | Warranty: 3 Years


☼ 22-Inch Samsung LF22T354FHWXXL IPS Monitor

The Samsung Monitor is mind-blowing! That is why I bought it recently for my home computer system. It comes with a 22-inch screen, which is incredible because of the full HD resolution and IPS panel. AMD FreeSync Technology further makes it impressive. On the front of connectivity, this Samsung IPS monitor has a VGA port and HDMI port. I have connected it to my computer system using the provided HDMI cable.

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Should you buy the Samsung LF22T354FHWXXL Monitor or not? How good is my experience with it so far? Would it be a good choice at the current market price? What are the features that separate it from the computer monitor of other brands? Not only these three questions but many more are answered in our video presentation, which covers a complete overview and review of this Samsung IPS Monitor. Do check it out.

Price ₹9600 | Amazon
Features 22-Inch | Full HD | IPS | 3-Side Bezel-Less | Refresh-Rate: 75Hz | Response-Time: 5-ms | AMD Free-sync | Eye-Saver Mode | Game Mode


☼ 21.5-Inch AOC 22B1HS FHD IPS Monitor

The AOC computer monitor is currently the cheapest monitor available on the market with Full HD resolution and an IPS panel. Then it has features for user’s eye safety and a better viewing experience. This 21.5-inch computer monitor is what you need if you need an all-rounder for all types of working. Be it professional, personal, reading, or entertainment it is perfect for all weather.

AOC 22B1HS monitor comes with two connectivity options: VGA and HDMI 1.4. These two connectivity options are sufficient to connect it with all the compatible devices.

  मदरबोर्ड: ₹10000 - ₹15000

Why should I buy the AOC 22B1HS monitor? AOC trust, Full HD Resolution, and IPS Panel are the three big reasons why you need to buy this AOC computer monitor.

Price ₹8999 | Amazon
Features 21.5-Inch | Full HD |  IPS Panel | VGA | HDMI 1.4 | Power Consumption: 21W | Warranty: 3-Year


► 24-Inch Dell E2418HN IPS Monitor

The Dell 24-Inch IPS monitor is one of the best-selling computer monitors in the Indian market under 10000 Rupees currently. It is an excellent computer monitor for office, business center, and home use. It is not a gaming monitor, though. Its screen is big, bright, and accurate. Thanks to the IPS display panel, its 24-Inch screen shows accurate color, and impressive contrast, and supports a wider viewing angle. Because of the hard anti-glare coating on the screen surface, this Dell computer monitor is very safe for continuous working.

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Currently, not many options are on the market below 10000 Rupees, if your requirement is a 24-Inch full HD monitor with an IPS display panel. This Dell computer monitor is one option and another is Samsung F350. Carefully read the specification sheet of these branded 24-Inch IPS monitors and then decide which will fit your requirement the most. Don’t worry about their performance because that is top-notch for sure.

Price ₹9790 | Amazon
Features IPS Screen with Anti-Glare Protection | Perfect for Office, Home, General use | Software: Dell Display Manager | Warranty: 3-Years
Screen Panel: IPS | Resolution: Full HD (1920×1080} | Brightness: 250-nits | Refresh-Rate: 50Hz to 70Hz | Response-Time: 5-ms | Contrast Ratio: 1000:1 | Aspect-Ratio: 16:09 | Pixel-Pitch: 0.2745-mm | Color-support: 16.7M
Connectivity HDMI | VGA | Power-Connector | Soundbar-Mounting Slots
Build Tilt: -6° to +22° | Power-Consumption: 22W | Security-Slot: Kingston | Installation: Table-Top/Wall-Mount | with Mounting-Kit | with HDMI Cable


► 24-Inch Samsung F350FHW IPS Monitor

The Samsung computer monitor is perfect for gaming, productivity, entertainment, and general use. It is currently the best 24-Inch IPS monitor in the Indian market under 10000 Rupees.

Samsung introduced the F350FHW computer monitor model in three screen sizes: 22-Inch (LS22F350FHW, LS22F350FHWXXL), 24-Inch (LS24F350FHW, LS24F350FHWXXL), and 27-Inch (LS27F350FHW, LS27F350FHWXXL). The current market price of the 22-Inch variant is 8000 Rupees, the 24-Inch variant is 9790 Rupees, and the 27-Inch variant is 16450 Rupees. These variants are currently a top favorite of buyers in its price segment.

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What makes Samsung LS24F350FHW (LS24F350FHWXXL) computer monitor a better option than available competing desktop monitors? Samsung trust, IPS panel, full HD resolution, 4-ms response time, AMD Free-sync, and super slim build are some of the factors why the Samsung IPS monitor is currently a best-selling model. There is no other computer monitor with these great qualities below 10000 Rupees.

Price ₹9000 | Amazon
Features Samsung MagicBright | Samsung MagicUpscale | Eco Saving Plus | Eye-Saver Mode | Flicker-Free | Game-Mode | AMD FreeSync | Warranty: 3-Years
Screen Panel: IPS | Resolution: Full HD (1920×1080} | Brightness: 250-nits | Refresh-Rate: 60Hz | Response-Time: 4-ms | Contrast Ratio: 1000:1 | Aspect Ratio: 16:09 | Color Support: 16.7M | Color Gamut: 72% NTSC
Connectivity D-Sub | HDMI | Power-Connector
Build Design: Flat | Tilt: -1° to +22° | Power-Consumption: 25W | Installation: Table-Top


► 24-Inch AOC 24B2XH Full-HD IPS Monitor

The AOC monitor is perfect for all-purpose except for advanced gaming. Why not advanced gaming? Because its screen response time is 7 ms. Ideal gaming monitors have screen response times below 5 ms. It can play games, though, as the screen refresh rate is 75Hz. However, it won’t provide a pleasant experience, when graphics-intensive games are played.

Is the AOC 24B2XH IPS monitor perfect for professional work? Yes, indeed! It is listed on the AOC official website under the category of office monitors. Moreover, its specifications suggest clearly that it is fit for professional work.

  पोर्टेबल स्पीकर: ₹7000 - ₹10000

Does it worth it at its current market price? Yes, very much! Computer monitors of other brands with similar specifications will cost you around ₹10000. This AOC IPS monitor is currently available below ₹9000.

Price ₹8690 | Amazon
Features Full HD | IPS Panel | Response-Time: 7-ms | Refresh-Rate: 75Hz | Brightness: 250-nits | Contrast: 1000:1 | HDMI/VGA | Headphone-Out | Warranty: 3-Year


► 22-Inch LG 22MK600M IPS Monitor

There is no 22-Inch computer monitor as good as this LG IPS monitor on the market below 9000 Rupees. LG 22MK600M IPS Monitor is perfect for productivity, excellent for entertainment, and great for gaming. It is truly a multipurpose IPS monitor.

Because of incredible color accuracy, this computer IPS monitor is an excellent choice for creators, illustrators, multimedia developers, and animators. Its color gamut is 72% NTSC (99% sRGB) and its color depth is up to 16.7M. Also, it comes color calibrated.

For better Gaming, this LG computer monitor has AMD FreeSync, Dynamic Action Sync, Black Stabilizer, and Crosshairs. Its gaming performance is very satisfactory.

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Are you a reader? Do you read a lot on the Internet? Here is a perfect computer monitor for you. LG 22MK600M IPS monitor comes with a special reader mode and its screen surface has an anti-glare treatment to present emitting blue light from the screen.

Price ₹8690 | Amazon
Features AMD Radeon FreeSync | Dynamic Action Sync | Flicker-Safe | Color-Calibrated | On-Screen Controls | Automatic-Standby | HDCP-Support | Warranty: 3-Years
Control Black Stabilizer {Low-end Gamma Adjuster} | Better Gaming with Crosshairs | Reader Mode | Screen-Split | Response Time Control | Super + Resolution
Screen Panel: IPS | Resolution: Full HD | Refresh-Rate: 60Hz to 75Hz | Response-Time: 5-ms | Contrast: 1000:1 | Brightness: 250-nits | Aspect-Ratio: 16:09 | Color: {NTSC 72% | 16.7M}
Connectivity 2×HDMI | VGA | DIV | Headphone-Jack
Design 3-Side Bezel-Less | Tilt:  -2~15 | Wall-Mountable
Build Anti-Glare Screen-Panel | Power Consumption: 13.5W


► 24-Inch Samsung Curved Monitor {LC24F390FHWXXL}

The Samsung LC24F390FHW monitor is undoubtedly the best computer monitor under 9000 Rupees for general computing and entertainment. For YouTube creators, especially, this Samsung monitor is an excellent option for less price. The curved profile of the screen makes it very comfortable in terms of ensuring maximum viewing coverage for the user. How it feels to work with a curved computer monitor could be understood only when you work with such a computer monitor.

However, this Samsung curved computer monitor may not be an ideal choice for gamers. The reason is the panel type, screen response time, and refresh rate. VA panel has the lowest point among the three most popular display panel types for gaming. Further, the screen response time of this Samsung computer monitor is just 4 ms, and the refresh rate is only 60Hz.

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Thus, Samsung LC24F390FHW is an ideal computer monitor for all usages other than gaming. Presently, it is the best computer monitor for home use under 9000 Rupees. Not just I am saying this, but also those who bought it and currently using it.

Price ₹8800 | Amazon
Features Curved Screen | Screen Curvature: 1800R | AMD FreeSync | Eye-Protection | Game Mode | Power Consumption: 25W
Screen 24-Inch | Full HD | VA Panel | Brightness: 250 nits | 4-ms Response Time | 60Hz Refresh Rate | Native Contract: – 3000:1 | Dynamic Contrast Ratio: Mega | 72% NTSC Color Gamut | Samsung MagicBright | Samsung MagicUpscale | Flicker-Free
Connectivity HDMI | Headphone-Out | D-Sub


► 24-Inch BenQ GW2470HL Full-HD VA Monitor

With the rated eye care technology, this BenQ computer monitor is an excellent choice for those who work most of the time looking at a digital screen. The eye care technology of the BenQ brand on this VA monitor includes a flicker-free display with Low Blue Light Plus technology for less harmful rays from the screen.

Technically and visually, the 24-Inch Full HD screen of this BenQ monitor is highly impressive. That too, despite having a VA panel. The screen refresh rate is 60-Hz, and the response time is only 4 ms. Whereas, the native contrast is awe-inspiring 3000:1. NTSC 72% color gamut means 100% sRGB. That is incredible considering the market price of this BenQ monitor.

The connectivity options of this Benq 24-Inch led monitor are HDMI, D-sub, and Headphone-out. A 3.5-mm Headphone port on the monitor means you don't have to unplug the connected sound system to insert the 3.5-mm audio pin of your earphone or headphone.

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Thus, the BenQ GW2470HL is an excellent 24-Inch monitor. On sale for 8990, it is one of the best 24 Inch computers monitors under 9000 Rupees. It is an excellent computer monitor for home use, office, and business. Though, it does not have the wherewithal that must be in an ideal computer monitor for professionals like creators, developers, and designers.

Price ₹8990 | Amazon
Features 72% NTSE Color Gamut | Eye-Care Technology (Flicker-Free Screen | Low Blue Light Plus Technology} | Active Power-Consumption: 30W | 39-Months Warranty
Screen Display Area: 527×296.4 mm | VA LED Panel | Full HD | 3000:1 Ultra High Native Contrast for Depth and Definition | Wide Viewing Angle both sides | 8-bit Color Display | 250 Nits Brightness | 4-ms Response Time | 60-Hz Refresh Rate | 16.7M Colors | Pixel Density: 93 PPI
Connectivity Headphone-Out | D-sub | 2×HDMI


► 22-Inch LG 22MP68VQ Full HD IPS Monitor

In recent years, LG has launched some outstanding LED monitors with excellent features. One such computer monitor is the model number 22MP68VQ (formally 22MP58VQ). With an average of 4.5 ratings online, it is one of the top LED monitors under 9000 Rupees in the Indian market. Its screen size is 22-Inch, its screen resolution is full HD, and the screen features an IPS panel. Moreover, the LG brand offers up to 3 years of home service warranty. It comes with LG's signature technology split screen and reader mode, withal.

Gamers may consider this LED monitor because of the built-in top-line hardware that is well-managed by LG's exclusive software to deliver extraordinary performance in active mode. Plug a joystick into it to play games. With features such as Plug & Play, response time control, and 6-Axis control, despite not being a gaming monitor, it is an ideal gaming monitor.

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There is not much to say when the buyers and users of this LG full HD IPS monitor have rated it “Value for Money.”  It is a perfect monitor for home use, office use, and business use.

Price ₹8990 | Amazon
Features Reader Mode | Intelligent Auto Adjustment | Key-Lock | Plug & Play | Response-Time Control | Color Weakness | Flicker-Safe | Automatic-Standby | 6-Axis Control | Smart-Energy Saving | Super Resolution+ | 4 Screen Split | On-Screen Control | Black Stabilizer
Screen 22-Inch | Full HD | IPS Panel | 72% Color Gamut (CIE1976) | 16.7M Colors | 250 nits | 1000:1 Contrast Ratio | 60Hz Refresh Rate | 5-ms Response Time | Anti-Glare Screen | Picture Mode: {Custom, Reader, Photo, Cinema, Game, Color Weakness}
Connectivity D-Sub | DVI-D | HDMI | Headphone-Out
Build Base Detachable | Tilt: -2° to 15° | Power-Consumption: 13.7W

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