Which is the best air cooler under 5000 Rupees? In this piece, we cover the best air coolers in the 1000 to 5000 Rupees range. Here the recommended air coolers are very small in size and cooling capacity. Hence, they are the perfect air cooler for students, bachelors, and one or two-person max to max.

Instead of buying a table fan, buying one of the suggested mini air coolers from this article will be a better decision. Because table fans just rotate the air but air coolers deliver cooled air. Besides, the durability and performance of these recommended air coolers can be fully trusted since they are products of top air cooler brands in the Indian market.

☼ 12L Candes Elegant Personal Air Cooler

कैंडेस ब्रांड का एलिगेंट पर्सनल एयर कूलर किसी भी छोटी जगह के लिए एक शक्तिशाली और कुशल कूलिंग समाधान है। 12 लीटर की बड़ी पानी की टंकी क्षमता के साथ, यह कूलर बिना रिफिल की आवश्यकता के घंटों तक चल सकता है।

80W मोटर 600 CFM की उच्च वायु प्रवाह दर प्रदान करने के लिए 1380 RPM पर संचालित होती है, जिससे त्वरित और प्रभावी शीतलन सुनिश्चित होता है। 10-फीट तक हवा फेंकने का मतलब है कि आप कमरे में कहीं भी हों, ठंडी हवा का आनंद ले सकते हैं।

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हनीकॉम्ब पैड और बर्फ कक्ष अधिकतम शीतलन क्षमता प्रदान करने के लिए एक साथ काम करते हैं, जबकि धूल फिल्टर यह सुनिश्चित करता है कि बाहर आने वाली हवा साफ और ताजा है।

चाहे आप अपने बेडरूम, लिविंग रूम या ऑफिस में हों, कैंडेस एलिगेंट पर्सनल एयर कूलर आपको पूरी गर्मियों में आरामदायक और ठंडा रखेगा।

Price ₹3649 ► Amazon
Features Personal Cooler: 12L | Power Burning: 80W | Blower Fan: 1380 RPM | Air Delivery: 600 CFM | High Air Throw: up to 10-ft | Honeycomb Pad: 1-Side | Made in Bharat | Amazon Return: 10 Days


☼ 15L Casa Copenhagen Personal Air Cooler

Are you looking for a convenient and efficient way to keep your home cool? Look no further than the Casa Copenhagen Personal Air Cooler! It is currently one of the most in-demand air coolers under 5000 rupees. Many people who have used it have recommended it to others.

The Casa Copenhagen Personal Air Cooler comes with several characteristics to provide an enjoyable living space. It has a 15-liter capacity, which means it can produce long-lasting cool air. In most cases, a full tank lasts for more than four hours.

Casa Copenhagen 15 Liter Personal Air Cooler

Cooling feels good only if it is cheap. Not only is this cooler affordable, but it also runs for a very low price. The Casa Copenhagen air cooler is designed to be incredibly efficient, using low power consumption.

It comes with a powerful turbofan to quickly and effectively cool down your home. Yes, you can trust it for instant cooling! The Anti-Bacterial Honeycomb Pads ensure clean, cool air is pushed into the room. Additionally, the 4-Way Air Deflection with Auto Swing features allows air distribution evenly throughout the room. This ensures that no corner of the room is left out. This creates a comfortable, refreshing environment, allowing you to relax in a cool, clean atmosphere that is second to none.

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In summary, this Casa Copenhagen personal air cooler is a versatile and powerful device that offers convenience and comfort to its users. If you are looking for an air cooler that is powerful, efficient, and easy to use, then this Casa Copenhagen personal air cooler is the perfect choice for you. With its multiple settings, adjustable airflow, and auto swing feature, this air cooler is sure to give you the best cooling experience possible. So, don't wait any longer, buy this air cooler today and enjoy a cool, comfortable environment in your home or office.

Price ₹4200 → Amazon
Features Tank: 15-Liter | 4-Ways Air Deflection | Auto Air Swing | Speed Levels: 3 | Water Level Indicator | Anti-Bacterial Honeycomb Pads | Warranty: 10 Days Return


☼ 18L Havells Tuono Personal Air Cooler

Being a personal air cooler, the Havells Tuono cooler is ideal for cooling comfortably to one or two persons only. Therefore, you should not consider it if your new air cooler has to cool an entire room. For that, you need a desert air cooler.

The performance of the Havells Personal air cooler is mind-blowing. So is its build quality. A 140W copper motor powers its operation. 18-liter water in its tank will easily last for 4 to 6 hours. Castor wheels underneath make it easier to move from one room to another. Drop some ice cubes in the ice chamber for increasing the cooling level. And above all this Havells cooler will not make too much noise while cooling you down.

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Should you buy the Havells Tuono Personal Air Cooler or not? Would it be a good choice at the current market price? What are the features that separate it from the ceiling fan of other brands? Not only these three questions but many more are answered in our video presentation, which covers a complete overview and review of this Havells Air Cooler. Do check it out.

Price ₹4500 | Amazon
Features Tank: 18-Liter | 35-mm Thick Honeycomb Pad | Dust Filter | Ice Chamber | Copper Motor: 140W | Warranty: 1-Year


☼ 10L Crompton Ginie Neo Personal Air Cooler

The Crompton air cooler is the best option for those who have a budget for a new air cooler below 5000 Rupees. Whether it is good or bad, presently, it is the only air cooler from the 1000 to 5000 Rupees range that can be trusted for long operational life and better cooling.

The Crompton Ginie air cooler model is now a two-year-old model on the market. Lakhs of people have bought it and currently using it. Almost half of its buyers have rated it very poor for its build quality, durability, and performance. Still, we recommended it because the remaining 50% of its buyers have rated it with either 4-star or 5-star. Buyers' opinion is divided about this Crompton mini air cooler.

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The Gadgets Shiksha team has a positive opinion about the Crompton air cooler, though. It is indeed an excellent air cooler, a cheap & reliable option. This air cooler is for one person only. Read it carefully: to cool only one person. Hence, it is the best air cooler for students and bachelors. Keep it next to you while you are studying. And place it next to your bed when you go to sleep.

Is this Crompton air cooler better than a table fan? Yes, because air coolers cool the air using water before delivering in the room unlike table fans, which just rotate the hot & humid air in the room.

Price ₹3700 | Amazon
Features Ideal for One-Person Only | Power-Consumption: 130W | Inverter-Compatibility | Warranty: 1-Year
Cooling Speed-Levels: 3 | Air-Throw: 45-feet | Air-Delivery: 650 CMH | Cooling-Medium: Honeycomb Pad | Ice-Chamber
Build Water-Tank: 10-Liter | Cooler-Height: 51.5-CM | Mosquito Net | Water-Draining Plug for Easy-Cleaning | Fan Speed-Control Knob | Swing-Control Knob

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