Yes, a gaming mouse can be used as a normal mouse. While gaming mice are designed with advanced features to enhance gaming performance, they also function as regular computer mice for everyday tasks.

Gaming mice often include higher sensitivity levels, customizable buttons, and ergonomic designs that offer increased comfort and precision during intense gaming sessions. However, all these features do not limit their function as standard mice. In fact, their enhanced sensitivity and programmable buttons can be advantageous for regular computer use, such as navigating through web pages, scrolling, and clicking.

The ability to adjust the DPI (dots per inch) sensitivity settings on a gaming mouse also allows users to adapt and fine-tune the cursor speed according to their requirements.

Overall, whether for gaming or regular computer usage, gaming mice offer versatility and performance that make them suitable for any task.

☼ Ant Esports GM80 Gaming Mouse

Ant Esports is a respected computer brand. This brand makes high-quality desktop cabinets, PC SMPS, CPU Fans, and other related things. My newly acquired computer comes with an Ant Esports cabinet.

Ant Esports also sells computer mice. Recently I bought an Ant Esports GM80 gaming mouse. It cost me ₹230. It is one of the cheapest 6-button mice on the Indian market. Based on my two days of usage, I am confident that I bought an excellent gaming mouse.

  ड्राई आयरन: ₹100 - ₹500

My previous computer mouse was an HP X500. I bought the GM80 gaming mouse for its 6 buttons that allow me to control it. Left, Right, Backward, Forward, Scroll Click, and DPI-Key are the 6 buttons on this Ant Esports Gaming Mouse.

Watch our unboxing video to learn more about the Ant Esports GM80 gaming mouse. It is the most impressive 6-button mouse under ₹300. Buy it without a second thought!

Price ₹230 → Amazon
Features 6 Buttons | Lightweight | Braided Cable | Gold Plated USB | 3200 DPI | Warranty: 1 Year


☼ HP M260 USB Gaming Mouse

HP, Logitech, and Dell are my favorite computer mouse and keyboard manufacturers. Is there a gaming mouse under ₹500 that you would like to buy? One of HP's gaming mice comes with six buttons and costs ₹390 only. General users and gamers will find the HP M260 computer mouse to be an excellent choice. A warranty period of three years is offered by the HP brand.

A maximum DPI of 6400 is supported by the HP M260 mouse. You can set its DPI between 800 and 6400 by pressing the DPI key.

The RGB light on this HP gaming mouse makes it look amazing in dark environments. There is no doubt that you will be impressed by its night look.

In terms of length, the HP USB gaming mouse cable measures about 2 meters. It would have been better if HP had chosen braided cable instead of plain wire. USB-A 2.0 is the connectivity port.

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As a whole, the HP M260 computer mouse is an excellent purchase at its current price point. It has been well received by those who have purchased it. It is likely that I will purchase this HP mouse model as my next mouse. It's worth considering if you have less than ₹500 to spend on a 6-button mouse.

Price ₹390 → Amazon
Features Optical Tracking Technology | 800 DPI – 6400 DPI | 6 Buttons: Left, Right, Backward, Forward, Scroll Wheel, DPI Key | 1.8-meter cable | Warranty: 3 Years

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