►Veet Sensitive Touch Trimmer

To make things easy, from our end, let me suggest you a high-quality ladies electric shaver – the Veet sensitive touch electric trimmer for women, which boasts of a superior shaving competence than other products accessible in the market. I personally feel that this electric trimmer would be a sensible solution for all your hair removal woes. Now allow me to persuade you that Veet sensitive touch electric trimmer will never disappoint you. I can rather do this in just a few statements accredited to its exceedingly functional components. Hence, how can a trimmer that provides you natural, safe, and precise shave fail to meet up with your stipulation?

Give up on the conventional way of keeping smooth and hairless! The authentic and very first Veet sensitive touch electric trimmer, customized purposely for sensitive body parts, your upper lip, sideburns, and eyebrows – is right here!

No fear of cuts! It's quick and tender with cutting blades that don't touch the skin, so no fear of cuts! And thanks to its devoted accessories you can attain high precision whilst shaping and styling. This tool is all about getting into those hard-to-reach areas and attacking the hairs along those tricky curves. Thankfully, it delivers very well!

Tremendously compact and elegant, accommodates really well in your handbag for those rapid touch-ups, anyplace, anytime. So, wherever you go, remove any unwanted hair in one go! What else could a girl ever ask from an electric trimmer?

Veet Sensitive Touch Electric Trimmer Review and Specifications

Get those perfect looking eyebrows! Yes! Flaunt the desired eyebrow! All you need to do is just trim them or shape them with Veet sensitive touch electric trimmer. You can use the small head and add the comb to trim while for a flawless eyebrow contouring, use the high precision head.

Easy to clean as well! A cleaning brush supplied with the machine can be used to clean the blades. Both the bikini and face heads can be rinsed in water for clean-up, then wiped dry. Nevertheless, don’t rinse the major body in water. The body of the device is not intended to be rinsed and should be kept away from water. So, try not to use an electric shaver in the shower.

AA Batteries! Along with 7 accessories for shaping as well as trimming the underarm, it comes with 2 AA batteries, so it's utterly ideal for instant use. One piece of advice I can give you is to completely charge the battery before using it. Doing so will give it the bursting control it wants to slice off those superfluous hairs without the threat of it nicking your skin.

Well, you're just in time to have an argument of the Veet sensitive touch electric trimmer. It is priced at Rs. 2250 with 2-year warranty on the gadget which includes the blade. The warranty starts at the point of sale. It is a buddy shaving tool that suits your budget.

So girls, this electric shaver is the unit you have been awaiting to get rid of those bad hairy days in your datebook. I am certain you will love it for making your underarm, leg and bikini line hair much more manageable! Get it and make cleaning up your bikini line trouble-free and painless! Do you feel shy in going swimming? Try this inventive and great beauty kit from Veet; you will truly dare to wear a bikini!

Price Rs. 1750
Warranty 2-year
Brand Veet
Accessories Precision Head, Cleaning Brush, Bikini Head, Beauty Cap, Comb, Beauty pouch
Waterproof YES
Bikini Trimmer YES
Pro Factor ideal for eyebrows, upper lip, and side burns, Light Hair Removal and Easy to Carry
Battery AA