With LED Indicator and Detachable Head Philips QT4005 Trimmer

Philips, a Dutch company based in Amsterdam, is very well-known for its quality home appliance electronic goods. This brand has a wide range of grooming products for both men and women. This review is about the trimmer from Philips, ideal for trimming beard in men.

Nowadays, almost everyone is using their own trimmer to trim their beard instead of running to the nearest salon. Quality trimming is easy with the quality blades in less time span. Philips proved it so true with its new QT4005/15 Beard and Stubble Trimmer, which is specially made for the everyday consumer needs. Let us see whether this really comes in use for you in your styling needs.

Ergonomic design: It is mentioned that the product is ergonomically designed in the product description from the manufacturer. It means that it is designed to give complete comfort while handling the device. Efficiency of trimming also depends on the grip of the trimmer. The handle is designed in such a way that you can have an easy holding grip with it and so the trimming is quite easy. Even the hard-to-reach areas are easy to trim now.

With its good built quality, the product is very compact. So, it can fit in any corner of the bag easily to take along with you. The body of the trimmer is made of some kind of plastic and it comes only in black color. Power button is the slide-it type to easily switch on and off when required. A detachable comb comes with it to specifically style your beard with even trimming.

Philips QT4005 Trimmer in India

The Philips Trimmer has Skin friendly blades with rounded tips

This Philips trimmer has stainless steel blades. This ensures that it stays rustproof and sturdy lasting for many years. It is a myth that only sharp tips of the blades can provide best results even though it injures the skin sometimes. In the part of its inventions, Philips came forward with its rounded tips technology. The blade tips stay extra-sharp to give neat and effective trimming experience but are rounded at the edges to prevent any skin irritations and scratching.

0.5 mm precision trimming: Above the power button, the red-colored wheel allows you to rotate it to change the settings. It has twenty length settings indicated on it with 0.5 mm precision. These settings vary from 0.5 mm to 10 mm. You can just turn the wheel and select the desired setting based on the length of your beard hair and the style of your choice.

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The 0.5 mm precision gives you the perfect precise trim style every time. Choose the 0.5 mm length setting to get the perfect stubble for a date. It is also possible to lock the length setting when you choose a particular length. So, it does not alter when you are using until you change it by yourself.

No extra expense on battery – Charge and use this trimmer

Powerful NiMH battery comes along with this trimmer. You have to charge the product before using. The company claims that it can be used for 35 minutes after 10 hours of charging. But technically, it can be used for 40 to 45 minutes with just 2 to 3 hours of charging.

It is better to recharge the appliance only when it is completely out of charge. This improves the life of the battery. The adapter has a light indicator on it and glows green when plugged in for charging.

Easy to clean: I am sure you all know that electrical appliances should not be rinsed with water. The same applies to this product. After using, remove the blades from the body. Place the blades under the running water to rinse it. Make sure it is dried completely before placing it back on the trimmer.

The package consists of a small cleaning brush to clean the motor parts to remove any little hairs that are stuck in it. I would suggest you to clean the product each and every time you use. It helps in good maintenance and performance.

Use this Philips Trimmer on International Tour

Even if you bought the trimmer in India, you can use it in foreign country too without facing any difficulties. This is worldwide voltage compatible trimmer. So, it can be used at both 110 volts and 240 volts. The automatic voltage selector enables it to select the voltage automatically without needing you to adjust it.

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Additional guarantee: The two-year guarantee card is provided with the trimmer. It is a worldwide valid guarantee card. In addition, it comes with a leaflet saying that the extra one-year warranty will be provided if you register the product online. All you have to do is to register the product with its serial number on philips.com. Therefore, totally three years warranty is definitely a great offer.

With lots of features it is a reliable low cost trimmer

This is a budget-friendly trimmer, which is available at around 1,000 rupees. Even though it is a cheaper one compared to many other trimmers, it does not compromise in terms of the quality.


  • Easy to handle
  • Easy to use
  • Blades are sharp as well as rounded
  • Cordless usage
  • 5 mm precision
  • Lock in length feature
  • 3 years warranty
  • Affordable

Cons: The trimmer cannot be used while charging

Verdict: If you do not want to pay a high price for the decent trimmer, then I recommend you that go for the Philips QT4005/15 Beard and Stubble Trimmer. This is a high-end product at a cheaper price for everyday usage.

Philips QT4005 Trimmer Review and Specifications

Brand: Philips
Type: Trimmer
Suitable for: Beard
Model number: QT4005/15
Model name: Beard & stubble
Color: Black
Ideal for: Men
LED indicator: Yes
Trimming range: 0.5 mm – 10 mm
Cordless: Yes
Blade type: Stainless steel blades
Detachable head: Yes
Rechargeable: Yes
Charging time: 10 hours
Use time: 35 mins
Universal voltage: Yes
Warranty: 2 years
Buy: 1200 Rupees