Of late, this website received many queries, asking for suggestions on buying the best printer with the ability to scan legal-size documents (8.5×14 inch). There is no multifunction printer, that can scan legal-size paper. One needs to buy a standalone scanner machine to scan documents with dimensions higher than 8 × 12 Inch.

Which is the best document scanner under 30000 Rupees? Here we cover the best-selling heavy-duty document scanners from the 10000 to 30000 Rupees range. To scan a bunch of documents in a few minutes buy one of the suggested heavy-duty scanners here. The recommended scanners are suitable for scanning all sizes of office documents in color as well as in black & white. They can also scan legal-size papers.

☼ HP ScanJet Pro 2500 f1 Flatbed Scanner

Those who need to scan large volumes of documents will find the HP flatbed scanner to be a wise choice. The machine is capable of handling large volumes of documents without any difficulty. For any office, it is an excellent scanning solution that is both reliable and efficient.

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The HP scanner features duplex scanning, which means it can scan both sides of a page at once, saving you time and effort. It offers duplex scanning at speeds of up to 40 images per minute. It also has a 50-page Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) to make scanning large documents easier. Its 1,500-page daily duty cycle allows you to quickly and efficiently scan large amounts of paper. Moreover, the scanner has an impressive maximum scanning size of 8.5×122 inches, making it ideal for capturing large documents.

With its fast scanning speeds, easy-to-use design, and reliable performance, the HP ScanJet Pro 2500 f1 Flatbed Scanner is an excellent choice for any office. Indeed, it is a great choice for anyone who needs to scan large volumes of documents quickly and accurately.

Price ₹29000 → Amazon
Features Color Scanning | Duplex Scanning | 50-Sheet ADF {Max Size: 8.5×122 Inch, Speed → 20 PPM @ 300 dpi, Max Resolution: 600 dpi} | Flatbed: {Max Resolution: 1200 dpi, Max Size: 8.5×11.7-Inch} | Select Resolution: {75, 150, 200, 240, 300, 400, 500, 600, 1200} | Max Duty Cycle: 1500 A4


► Canon DR-C225 II Document Scanner

Canon and Brother are the two best brands for heavy-duty document scanners in India market. The DR-C225 scanner of the Canon brand is currently the best standalone document scanner under 25000 Rupees. Those who have bought it have rated it with either 4-star or 5-star. That confirms its outstanding performance. We have tested it, too. It can scan documents up to legal size.

Scan speed and daily scanning volume are two essential factors in the selection of the document scanner. The scanning speed of the Canon DR-C225 II document scanner is 50 IPM or 25 PPM. IPM means image per minute and PPM means page per minute. If a paper is printed from both sides then it will count as two images.

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1500 is the recommended daily scan volume for the Canon DR-C225 II document scanner. To scan 5000 pages daily Canon launched the DR-C240 document scanner whose current market price is 44990 Rupees. And, its scanning speed is 90 IPM. Wow! We will cover this high-speed document scanner on this website very soon.

Price ₹24000 | Amazon
Features Scanning Position: U-Turn and Straight | Auto-Duplex | Auto Sheet-Feeder | Replaceable: Flatbed Scanner Unit 102 | Daily-Volume: 1500 | Warranty: 1-Year
Scanning System: {Element → CMOS CIS | Light-Source: LED} | Document-Type: {Plain, Card} | Modes: {Black & White, Error-Diffusion, Advanced Text Enhancement, 256-level Grayscale, 24-bit Color} | Resolution: {150-dpi, 200-dpi, 300-dpi, 400-dpi, 600-dpi}
Size U-Turn:→ {Width (50.8-mm to 216-mm) Length (70 -mm to 356-mm)} | Straight:→ {Width (50.8-mm to 216-mm) Length (53.9-mm to 3000-mm)}
Weight U-Turn: {52-gsm to 128-gsm} | Straight: {40-gsm to 209-gsm}
Thickness U-Turn: {0.06-mm to 0.15-mm} | Straight: {0.05-mm to 0.25-mm} | Card: 0.76-mm or Less
Build Feed-Capacity: 30 Sheets (80-gms) | Connectivity: USB 2.0 | Power-Consumption: 12.8W


► Brother ADS2200 Document Scanner

Duplex functionality has become a standard feature in today’s office devices. From printers to scanners, this feature helps you save time as well as power. One of the best scanners in India today is the Brother ADS2200. Though this scanner does not support secondary functions like printing and photocopying, its scan quality is impressive.

Brother ADS2200 heavy duty document scanner

In this article, we take a look under the hood of this high-quality office scanner. Being a sheet-fed device, the Brother ADS2200 is able to save scanned files in different formats. Some of the supported scan file formats include PDF, JPG, TIFF, and high compression PDF. Furthermore, this device can save the scanned files in multiple directories including your email, PC file manager, OCR, and USB flash disk. Here is why we think you should go for this device.

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Duplex scanning: The ADS-2200 scanner is one of the few medium-sized scanners that support two-sided scanning in one go. If you are looking for the best budget scanner, then this device will come in handy. Apart from being reasonably priced, this scanner is very fast in its operation. The Duplex scanning feature alone helps you save time and cut power costs. Instead of scanning one side of the page and then turning it around, this scanner will do both scans in one run.

Compact design but resourceful: Brother built this device in a neat casing. Although it isn’t exactly a portable scanner, moving it is very easy. Actually, we can just say that it’s neither too small nor too bulky. On average, this device weighs about 2.9-kg. This compact design makes the ADS2200 the best scanner for small offices since it won’t take up that much space on a small desk. In spite of being compact, this printer can still scan large documents. Some of the supported document sizes include legal paper, long paper, plastic ID cards, business cards, and even photos.

Image optimization: With this printer, you really don’t need to look for the best flatbed photo scanner on the market. The Brother ADS 2200 is integrated with a number of image optimization features so as to guarantee that only high-resolution scans are saved. For instance, this scanner can remove or enhance the background within the photos.

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One irritating thing though, is that the multiple-feed detector on this device is too sensitive. Therefore, if you try to scan two separate documents (attached back to back) in order to fool this scanner that probably won’t work. Nonetheless, the engineers had a perfect reason to bar multiple feeding on this gadget. At times, using this shortcut could damage the device by blocking the feeding channel.

Price ₹28500 | Amazon
Scanning Speed: 70-IPM (35-PPM) | Black/White | Duplex | Color Depth: {Input: 48-bit Output: 24-bit}  | Resolution: up to 1200 dpi | Gray-scale Levels:  256
Build Connectivity: USB 2.0 | Memory: 512MB | ADF : Up to 50 Sheets | Power-Consumption: 21W
Adjust B&W Threshold | Greyscale | Color-Tone | Color-Drop | Character-Enhancement | Invert-Scan | Edge-Emphasis | Remove Ruled-Line | Noise-Reduction | Punch-Hole Removal
Size  Min: {51-mm× 51-mm} | Max: {215.9-mm×355.6-mm} | Mex-Length: 5000-mm
Features Daily Duty Volume: 3000 | Scan Legal-Size Paper | Create Searchable PDF, File, OCR, Email, and USB Flash Drive | Warranty: 1-Year
Smart Auto-Deskew | Auto Image-Rotation | Detect End-of-Page | Background-Processing | Edge-Fill | Auto Color-Detect | Margin-Setting