Do you want to make a puree? It actually is not possible that you will want to move the ready produce onto that cutting plank to chop them up, put them in a particular cup, puree these more, and then from there pour once more, inside a pan. You can simply obtain a hand blender, put it in a container, start and soon after a while your puree is truly ready. A hand blender is great to obtain light meals, whenever you need to plan something delectable for you and your family.

Further, A hand blender can be an indispensable kitchen helper if you expend any amount of time making food from scratch. They come in a broad assortment of diverse types and styles, and so the key to receiving the most out of such a kitchen machine will be to discover one that meets your basic requirements and provides the level of functionality that you are looking for.

Which is the best hand blender under 3000 Rupees? In this piece, we cover the best-selling hand blender in India market from 1500 to 3000 Rupees price range. Here you learn about value-for-money head blenders from top kitchen appliances brands Havells, Philips, Bosch, Bajaj, and others.

► 600W Havells Hand Blender with Chopper

The Havells Hand Blender is a multi-functional kitchen appliance. It can crush many items. It will be able to mix mashed potatoes, salsas, gravies, whip creams and best of all, help you make everything from soup to desserts. This fantastic food processor is a genuine kitchen requirement. It can actually make a difference to your cooking and the quantity of pleasure you can get from your food.

Havells Hand Blender with Chopper

This fits happily in your hand with a slim ergonomic design handle and ensures a great balance allowing it to complete preferred tasks sufficiently without complexity on your behalf. With two-step speed control and sturdy build, it is the strength to be reckoned with.

The motor segment is detachable. When fitted with the blender blade system base, it a functional 600W hand blender. However, by fixing it on the top of the chopper container will make it a fully functional 600W chopper. Thus, this Havells Food Processor is a complete package.

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This trouble-free little tool has the potential to make your chopping, pureeing, whisking, and mixing easy and trouble-free. I don’t have anything to complain about this Hand blender from Havells brand, one of the most trusted Kitchen appliances brands in India market.

Price 2500 Rupees
Features Detachable Motor
Motor 600W | 2 Speed Levels
Do Pureeing | Blending | Mixing
Warranty 2 years
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► 550W Philips Hand Blender {HR1604} – Best for Beginners

Sometimes a simple and easy to use hand blender is all you want over the modern, but confusing blending appliances that are famous these days. To help in this regard, Philip is here with its 550W Hand Blender, which looks simple but works deadly.

This Philips hand blender is made of durable materials. The unique shape of the handle provides a really comfortable grip. Its stainless-steel blades have been molded in a triangular shape with the help of an anti-splash cover. That not only prevents food splash but also increases the efficiency of the blending operation.

550W Philips Hand Blender HR1604

The 550W motor of this hand blender helps in making smoothies and soups without delay. Because Of only one control switch using this kitchen appliance is super easy. Therefore, it is the best hand blender for beginners. However, you will not be able to change the speed of the motor — because of which — blending ingredients at different consistency might become a problem.

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Pros: –

  • Low power consumption
  • Triangular shape of the blade increases efficiency
  • Powerful motor
  • Slim-grip handle for comfortable use
  • Prevents food splashing
  • Single switch
  • Two-button release system

Conclusion: This Philips blender is only good for newbies who have not used any hand blender earlier. Those who have a long experience in handling such appliances should look for its alternatives available in the market. Bosch 600W Hand Blender, which costs 1500 Rupees, is an excellent alternative of this Philips 550W hand blender.

Price 2700 Rupees
Do Blending | Pureeing
Features 2 Button Release | Slim Grip Design | Triangular Shape Blade
Motor 550-Watts | Single Speed
Body Materials: {Polycarbonate| Rubber | Stainless-Steal}
Warranty 2 Years
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► 600W Philips Hand Blender with Chopper {HR1363}

Philips is famous for innovating new devices that help people in their daily lives. One of its recent additions to the market is a combo of Hand Blender and chopper. Philips markets it with model name HR1363.

The Philips hand blender with chopper comes with a 600-Watt motor that helps to complete the blending process in no time. The motor segment is detachable, and it has a soft touch handle provides a comfortable grip during the operation. You can use it as a motor-head over the blender base as well as over the chopper to rotate their blades.

600-Watt Philips Hand Blender with Chopper HR1363

Unlike other hand blenders from the Philips brand, not just 2-speed levels, it has 3-speed levels. 3-speed mode means a higher efficiency while blending ingredients of varying hardness. Use the special turbo mode for making a paste of harsh ingredients. Specially designed double action blades cut the food in both horizontal and vertical direction resulting in quicker operation and finer results.

  मिक्सर ग्राइंडर जूसर: ₹500 - ₹1500

One of the worries of every kitchen lady is the food splashing that occurs while blending. To prevent that from happening, Philips has equipped this hand blender with an anti-splash blade guard as well.

Price 2500 Rupees
Features Double Action Knife | Anti-Splash Blade Guard | Soft touch grip and buttons
Motor 600W | 2 Speed Levels + Turbo
Build 1.3-meter Cord | Materials Used: {Polycarbonate | Rubber | Plastic | Stainless-Steel | Chopper Capacity: 0.5-Liter
Warranty 2-Years
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