What is an electric food chopper? How does electric chopper work? The electric chopper consists of a motor, twin twisted blades, and a container. The motor of an electric chopper rotates its blade system to cut things in similar shape and size.

The first step of making delicious vegetable is to cut all ingredients in uniform shape and size. What makes an electric chopper an essential requirement is its fast operation and ability to cut things in fine and even quality. Therefore, you must have an electric chopper if you want to surprise your friends and family members every time, every day with a tasty vegetable curry.

Does your homemade soup not taste good? Yes, a food chopper can help you chop potatoes, onion, and other veggies together and make delectable and healthy soups. Usually, kids might turn their noses up while you chop carrots, garlic, and other smelly vegetables. Do you want them to not know what vegetable is being cooked for them? Well, food chopper is the perfect solution for this. Capable of cutting and preserving the quality of food, you can find all the functions in one single product- food chopper. Get this kitchen add-on and handle all the requirements easily!

Let kids have all surprise, and a healthy diet as the disliked vegetables will be invisible in the soup! Besides, you can entertain them, your guest and friends with fanciful cuisines. All your delicious cuisines and soups can be homemade with all nutritional supplements in it.

Which is the best electric chopper under 5000 Rupees? In this piece, we cover the best electric chopper under 5000 Rupees in India market. Here you read about electric chopper of top kitchen appliances brands Havells, Philips, Prestige, and others.

☼ 30W Rico Instant Chopper with Battery

The quick chopper of the Rico brand is very impressive. It is one of the kind food processors on the market. 1300-mAh battery power it and that gets fully charged in less than 4 hours. With this Rico instant chopper, because of its sharp blades, a chopping session will not last more than 30 seconds. Thus, the battery will last for around 60 chopping sessions. That means to charge it once and use it for 10 to 15 days. Moreover, it comes with a printed MRP of 1999 Rupees, but its current market price is 999 Rupees for a limited period. So, go for it without a second thought if you need such a thing in your kitchen.

Should you buy the Rico Instant Chopper with Battery or not? Would it be a good choice at the current market price? What are the features that separate it from the quick vegetable chopper of other brands? Not only these three questions but many more are answered in our video presentation, which covers a complete overview and review of this Rico wireless chopper. Do check it out!

Price ₹999 | Amazon
Features Motor: 30W | 304-Grade Steel Blades | Battery: 1300-mAh | Fully Charge in 4 Hours | Made in India | Japanese Technology | Warranty: 1-Year Replacement


► 400W Inalsa Bullet Electric Chopper

Processing, Cooking, and Serving are three critical stages of tasty, delicious food. How onion is chopped does affect the quality, taste, thickness, and richness of gravy.

Presently, Inalsa Bullet is the most affordable electric chopper with a 400W copper motor in India market. On sale at 1249 Rupees currently, it is one of the best-selling electric choppers under 1500 Rupees.

Inalsa Bullet 400W Electric Chopper

Thanks to the 400W powerful motor, this chopper gets the job done in a few seconds. You could run it up to 3-minutes for your desired result, though.

The build and design of this Inalsa Bullet electric chopper are very impressive. Its 900-ML jar can process up to 500-ML human consumable materials in one go. The motor has copper winding. The jar is made of high-quality, durable ABS plastic. Sharp blades are made of hard steel. Also, the jar base is made anti-slip so that the whole setup remains stable during chopping operations.

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Besides chopping, Inalsa Bullet electric chopper can do mincing and pureeing also. Be it coarse, medium, or fine, this 400W electric chopper does it all! And, it completes the job in a few seconds.

Price 1250 Rupees
Features 400W Motor | One-Touch Operation | Ideal for {Chop, Mince, Puree, Coarse, Medium, Fine} | 2-Years Warranty
Build ABS Plastic Jar | Hard Steel Blade | Copper Motor


► 500-Watt Philips HR1396 Electric Chopper

Chopping is one of the most important tasks that every mother has to do to cook tasty food for the family. But it is also a risky task usually completed by a sharp knife. However, for those do not want to take any risk the Philips HR1396 Chopper is the best option here.

This electric chopper comes with a unique and eye-catching form factor. You will become a fan of the simplicity that Philips has put in designing on this chopper. The chopping container is fully transparent and is made of durable ABS material. The whole chopper unit is so small that you will not need to make any special arrangement in your kitchen for it.

500-Watt Philips Chopper HR1396

The real attraction of this chopper is its powerful 500-Watt motor. I was surprised to see that this device can chop vegetables of any toughness within a fraction of a minute. You might feel a little surprised when I will tell you that there are no control buttons on this chopper. To turn on the chopping operation, all you have to do is push the hand rest down and when you want to stop, just remove your hand. Moreover, the one-liter bowl that comes along is easy to clean and can also be washed in a dishwasher.

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Every penny that you will spend on purchasing this gadget will not go waste. It will help you in making tasty dishes effortlessly and without wasting much of your valuable time.

Price 2500 Rupees
Ideal for Small Family | Students | Bachelors
Features Versatile | Push Button | Dishwasher Safe Parts
Capacity 500-Watt Motor | 1-Liter Jar (Use-able Volume: 0.6L)
Build ABS Plastic Boyd | Stainless-Steal Blades
Warranty 2-Years
Sales Box Chopper | Documents


► 250-Watt Havells X-Pro Chopper

The Havells electric chopper is a handy way to quickly chop food for many recipes. This single-handed instrument is elegantly designed. The main body encases a handle for convenient and comfortable working. So, perform dicing, slicing, chopping and make decorative cuts in the vegetables that too with style!

250-Watt Havells Chopper X-Pro

This electric chopper is the perfect way to get uniformly cut vegetables in a reasonable time. Its angular blade made up of stainless steel ensures optimum efficiency by rocking the blade back and forth along the vegetables to be chopped. It can save time and cut down on waste.

The entire unit comes with two polycarbonate bowls and a bowl of a capacity of 750 ml. These containers are of great utility to the chopping functionality, and thus, the product converts into a fundamental unit of your kitchen to meet your kitchen needs.

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But, by using this, you will be able to quickly finish your entire chopping task within few minutes. Furthermore, this Havells electric chopper makes a great gift to someone who really loves to cook and spend much time in the kitchen.

Price 1500 Rupees
Do Blending | Chopping
Motor 250-Watt
Body ABS Plastic | Stainless Steel Blades
Warranty 2-Years


► Philips HR2505 Electric Chopper and Spice Paste Maker

The Philips OnionChef chopper is one of the best electric choppers under 5000 Rupees. It has a powerful 500-Watt motor. Therefore, it has enough strength to cut even meat and more robust vegetables, including nuts, and dried fruits.  Having this Philips electric chopper in your kitchen means you will cut vegetables in no time. Washing it post use won’t be a headache since Its parts are dishwasher-safe, withal.

Philips Onion-Chef HR2505 500-Watt Chopper

To monitor the chopping process better, the cutter chamber is housed by a thick transparent glass that is easy to see through. The already cut pieces fall into a bowl thus inhibiting clogging and the possibility of over-cutting the stuff being cut.

Out of its two-speed levels, you can opt to use the slower speed adjustment to cut vegetables especially onions and carrots. While the blades at the high-speed can be used to cut meat and tougher stuff like nuts.

Using this Philips chopper is super easy. Fill its jar with raw vegetables. Release power supply to it. Next press the top lid in order to set the blades in motion. Now more you press and release the top cap, the finer your vegetables get. Simple!

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This super electric chopper is a must have kitchen appliance for every Kitchen. Its build quality and design make it a handy add-on. Since it is a Philips product, so you can be 100% sure then if used with care it will remain functional for years.

Price 3200 Rupees
Features ChopDrop technology | Make Course & Paste | Automatic Speed Selection | Press Down Mechanism
Capacity 500W Motor Power | Bowl Capacity: 1.1-Liter
Build ABS Plastic Body | Stainless Steel Blades | Dishwasher-Safe
Warranty 2 Years


► 450W Preethi Turbo Chop Electric Chopper

The Preethi chopper in 1500 Rupees is one of the best electric choppers in India market. Preethi name means durability and long-lasting use. So, you could buy this Preethi electric chopper with an assurance that it would last many years.

450W Preethi Turbo Chop Electric Chopper Machine

The mini chopper machine has an ABS plastic body and high-quality stainless-steel blade system. Although it features a 450W motor, its jar capacity is only 0.7-Liter. So, ideally, it is not a vegetable chopper that can cut a large number of vegetables in one go. But it works really well as fruit chopper. Moreover, it is a perfect mini gadget to cut onion, ginger, garlic, and green chilly together as a prerequisite for making delicious gravy and fry. Trust me evenly sliced onion adds its own value to the sauce.

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How to use this Preethi electric chopper? Set the blade, drop the medium size pieces of the thing into the jar that you want to chop. Now place the lid that hides the 450W motor over the jar and press from top. That is it.

Price 1500 Rupees
Features Cut: {Vegetables, Fruits, Onion, Ginger, Green Chilly} | Make evenly chopped small pieces | 1-Year Warranty
Motor 450W | Copper Motor
Build 0.7-Liter Jar | ABS Plastic Body | Hard Stainless-Steel blade System