Which is the best nutri blender under 10000 Rupees? In this piece, you read about the best-selling nutri blender from 5000 to 10000 Rupees price range. The recommended nutri blenders have a powerful motor, and their set includes multiple attachments to process all types of nutritious fruits, vegetables, nuts, and other consumables. Select the one that suits best to your requirement.

► Tecnora Nutri Blender with Nutrient Extractor

Tecnora is not a that big name yet. The 1000W nutri blender of this brand, however, is one of the best-selling nutri blenders in India market. Tecnora brand provides up to 2-Years warranty for its nutri blender.

Tecnora Nutri Blender with Nutrient Extractor

This uniquely designed Tecnora Nutri Blender will make it easier to prepare instant healthy and flavorsome juices, smoothies, and delicious shakes. Its super-fast motor in addition to the sharp steel blades would break your food down thoroughly, pulling out all its nutrition. So, every time you drink your juices, your body will absorb all the nourishment present in the fruits and veggies in a better way. These drinks may help you drop your sugar levels; get rid of migraines as well as lower your dietary fat.

  Mixer Grinder Juicers: ₹1500 - ₹2000

Nutri blender is a practical, genuine and in fact, a better solution than a mixer grinder and juicer machine set for making and sipping fruits & vegetable juice every day. This Tecnora nutri blender is one of the best nutri blenders if you need one with a powerful motor. So, go for it!

Price 6990 Rupees
Ideal for Juice | Smoothies | Healthy Drink | Shake | Masala Grinding
Features 7 Pieces in the set | BPA free Tritan material Cup | 24-Months Warranty
Jar 1000-ml | 500-ml | 2 Flip-Top-To-Go Lids
Motor 1000W | 4 Speed Levels | No Load RPM: 21000 | Strong Rubber Shoes |
Sales Box Motor Unit | Blending Blade Base | Grinding Blade Base | Large 1000-ml cup | Standard 500-ml cup | 2×Flip-Top-To-Go-Lid | Documents