How far should the computer monitor be? The distance between my eyes and my computer monitor is 75CM approx. For the last 10 years almost every day, I sit 10 to 12 hours next to my computer monitor. As per my latest annual health report, I am 100% fit, and my eyes are absolutely fine. According to computer experts, the Minimum distance between a user and a computer monitor should be not less than 50CM. I will make it simple for you. To protect your beautiful eyes from harmful Blue-light from digital screens, you need to maintain An ARM LENGTH DISTANCE from them.

What computer monitor should I buy in the 20000 Rupees range? In this piece, we cover top computer monitors from 17000 to 20000 Rupees price range. Next, you will read about best-selling and favorite computer monitors of well-known brands LG, Samsung, BenQ, AOC, Dell, HP, ViewSonic, and others.

☼ 31.5 Inch Acer SA322QU Monitor

क्या आप एक बड़े स्क्रीन वाला बेहतरीन मॉनिटर की तलाश कर रहे हैं? कम कीमत यानि 16000 रुपए के रेंज में अभी सबसे बड़े स्क्रीन वाला आईपीएस मॉनिटर आता है एसर ब्रांड से। Acer SA322QU से बेहतर कोई विकल्प नहीं है अगर आपको सबसे बड़े स्क्रीन वाला मॉनिटर चाहिए 17000 रुपए से कम कीमत में!

अपनी 31.5 इंच 2K IPS स्क्रीन के साथ, यह मॉनिटर आपको इमर्सिव डिस्प्ले अनुभव प्रदान करता है। इतना ही नहीं, बल्कि इसकी IPS तकनीक अविश्वसनीय रंग स्पष्टता की गारंटी देती है, जो आपको वास्तव में आश्चर्यजनक दृश्य अनुभव प्रदान करती है।

  Computer Monitors under ₹8000

और इस एसर आईपीएस मॉनिटर के साथ आंखों के तनाव के बारे में चिंता न करें।  यह मॉनिटर लंबे समय तक उपयोग के दौरान आपकी आंखों की सुरक्षा के लिए आई केयर तकनीक से लैस है।

यह उन लोगों के लिए सबसे बढ़िया विकल्प है जो अपने मॉनिटर सेटअप को अपग्रेड करना चाहते हैं। Acer SA322QU को मिस न करें!

Price ₹16468 ► Amazon
Features IPS Screen: 31.5-Inch | Resolution: 2K {2560×1440} | Refresh Rate: 75Hz | Response Time: 1ms VRB | Native Contrast: 1000:1 | Max Brightness: 300 nits | Warranty: 3 Years


☼ 29-Inch LG 29WL500 Computer Monitor

Are you in the market for a new computer monitor? If so, then you’ve probably heard of the LG 29WL500. This is one of the top-rated monitors on the market today below 20000 Rupees. Boasting a sleek design, an ultra-wide display, and plenty of features make it a great choice for both home and office use.

LG 29 inch Full HD LED Backlit IPS Panel Gaming Monitor

The LG 29WL500 Computer Monitor features a 29-inch IPS screen with Full HD resolution, sRGB 99% color accuracy, and 5ms response time. The monitor also has a 75Hz refresh rate, providing smooth and seamless visuals for gaming and other activities. Additionally, the monitor has a slim design and is wall mountable, making it a great choice for any workspace. With its large display, high-quality visuals, and convenient features, the LG 29WL500 Computer Monitor is an ideal choice for those looking for a great viewing experience.

Price ₹18000 → Amazon
Features 29-Inch | Resolution: 2560×1080 | IPS Screen | 250 Nits | Anti-Glare Screen | Refresh-Rate: 75Hz | Contrast Ratio 700:1 (Min.) | Response-Time: 5-ms | HDMI x 2 | Headphone Out | Color Weakness | Adaptive Sync Radeon FreeSync™ | Black Stabilizer | Dynamic Action Sync | Crosshair | Flicker-Safe | Smart Energy Saving | Reader Mode | Super Resolution + | Dual Controller | On Screen Control (OSC) | HDR10 | HDR Effect | Warranty: 3-Year


► 27-Inch HP X27 Multimedia Gaming Monitor

HP computer monitors are costly, but they have outstanding build quality and top-line specs. Also, HP provides unique features to harness the true potential of its computer monitors for better productivity.

  Laptops under ₹40000

The HP X27 IPS LED Monitor is one such gaming monitor which has managed to grab every potential buyer’s attention. Priced at Rs.19990, it is one of the best gaming monitors under 20000 Rupees.

The 27-Inch screen has 1920×1080 Pixels in its active display area to create crisp, clear picture frames. Further, The IPS display powered screen can show 16.7M color. Its brightness is 400 nits. And, its screen response time is 1 ms, whereas the screen refresh rate is 165-Hz. Thus, the HP X27 computer monitor is not just an excellent computer monitor for gaming, it also is a perfect computer monitor for movie watching and general computing.  Besides, the anti-glare coating on the screen surface and Flicker-Free technology make this HP monitor ideal for continuous usage.

Price ₹19990 | Amazon
Features 27-Inch | IPS Screen | FHD (1920×1080 Pixels) | Refresh-Rate: 165Hz | Response-Time: 1-ms | Brightness: 400-nits | Contrast: 1000:1 | AMD FreeSync Technology | Connectivity: {HDMI 2.0, DisplayPort 1.4} | BIS Certification | Warranty: 3-Year


☼ 27-Inch HP M27F Computer Monitor

The HP monitor is currently the best computer monitor under 20000 Rupees unless you are on the hunt for a specialized monitor, such as a gaming monitor, multimedia monitor, or production monitor. How? Its 27-inch screen has full HD and an IPS panel for better color, contrast, and clarity.

The HP M27F IPS monitor has a screen refresh rate of 75Hz and a response time of 5 ms (GTG). Though the default screen refresh rate is 60Hz only. To get the 75Hz screen refresh rate, it has to be connected to an HDMI connection.

  प्रोजेक्टर: ₹15000 - ₹20000

Needless to say about the brand HP when it comes to product quality and durability. The build quality of the HP M27F computer monitor is excellent. From its three sides, it is almost bezel-less. That greatly enhances the overall viewing experience of the user.

Price ₹18990 | Amazon
Features 27-Inch | Full HD | IPS Panel | VGA×1 | HDMI×2 | Power Consumption: 23W | Warranty: 3-Year


► 24-Inch Asus VG248QE Gaming Monitor

Asus is a big name in the gaming monitor market in India. Therefore, it makes sense to check what Asus has to offer if your budget for a new gaming monitor is in the 20000 Rupees range.

Currently, one of the best gaming monitors in the 20000 Rupees range is Asus VG248QE. The gaming monitor is unique because of just a 1-ms screen response time and 144Hz screen refresh rate. Also, the screen panel is gaming-friendly. Besides, Asus equipped this gaming monitor with well-sounding speakers. The built-in speakers can generate crystal clear sound.

24-Inch Asus 144Hz 1-ms Gaming Monitor VG248QE

The Splendid Video Intelligence Technology, which is Asus’s signature technology for one-click optimization, does a pretty good job in most cases. The technology makes sense if you want to use this Asus gaming monitor not just for gaming.

  Computer Monitors under ₹15000

The Asus 144Hz 1-ms gaming monitor was revolutionary at 20000 Rupees until LG launched its pro gaming monitor with almost the same specs but below 15000 Rupees price. Check out our video presentation for LG UltraGear and compare it with the Asus VG248QE gaming monitor to make a decision about your next gaming monitor. You will agree with me that LG is no lesser reputed brand for gaming-related products than Asus.

Price 20000 Rupees
Features Crosshair | Timer| SPLENDID Video Intelligence Technology {One-Click optimization for color, brightness, contrast, and sharpness} | Power Consumption: 40W | Warranty: 1-Years | Plug & Play | User-Programmable | Screen Adjustment: {Tilt: +15°~-5° | Swivel: +160°~+160° | Pivot: 0°~0°} | Kensington lock
Screen 24-Inch | Full HD | TN Panel | 16:9 Aspect Ratio | 350 nits Brightness | 1-ms Response-Time | 16.7-million color | 60Hz Refresh-Rate
Connectivity DisplayPort | VGA | HDMI | 3.5-mm PC Audio-In | AV Audio Input: {HDMI, DisplayPort} | Headphone-Out


► 27-Inch AOC IPS LED Multimedia Monitor

Computer monitors in my office as well as at home are from my favorite computer monitor brand AOC. The AOC computer monitor at home has been in use from 7 Years. I keep it in power ON model — 15 to 17 hours almost daily. Yet it is of outstanding quality. My guess is it will last 10 more years. That is the quality you get when you buy an AOC monitor. AOC is an American display brand, and it is one of the most reliable brands in the global market for durable, long-lasting digital screens.

27-Inch AOC IPS LED Multimedia Monitor I2790PQU

Going by my personal experience with AOC monitors, I rate the 27-Inch AOC monitor as the best computer monitor under 20000 Rupees. It is a general use full HD IPS computer monitor. For the Gadgets Shiksha office, we are planning to buy it in bulk.

  Motherboards under ₹5000

If you want your new computer monitor to last more than 5 Years, then without a second thought get this AOC computer. Everything is copacetic of this 27-Inch monitor.

Price 19000 Rupees {I2790PQU}
Features Great color accuracy | Excellent color gamut coverage | 3-sided frameless design | TCO-certified monitor for Corporate and Government customers | Low Bluelight Mode | Flicker-Free | i-menu software | Screen+ for Screen Split – Make 4 Unique Screen on one-screen | E-Saver | 3-Years Warranty
Screen IPS Screen | Image Performance Engine for HD Upscale | Full HD | 0.3114 sq mm | Active Screen Area: 597.89(H)×336.31(V) mm | 5-ms Response Time | 60Hz Refresh Rate | 250 nits Brightness |
Connectivity VGA | HDMI | DisplayPort | 4×USB 3.0 | Headphone Out
Build High-Adjustment Stand | Power Consumption: 22W | 2W×2 Speakers | Tilt: -5° to +21° | Swivel: 45° to 45° | Pivot: 0 to 90° | High Adjustment: 130±5mm


► 27-Inch BenQ EW277HDR HDR Monitor with Speakers

The screen quality of this 27-Inch Full HD monitor is outstanding. Equipped with the leading HDR technology for enhanced brightness and contrast this BenQ monitor is an excellent choice for watching visual content in spectacular quality and incredible details. It uses Advanced panel and color technology to enhance HDR quality. Apparently, this BenQ monitor comes with 3X more contrast, 33% more brightness, and 93% coverage of authentic digital cinema color. Are you looking for a computer monitor under 20000 Rupees, which can show 4K content in 4K quality? BenQ brand claims the GW2760HS full HD monitor with HDR technology can.

BenQ Full HD HDR Monitor with Speakers EW277HDR

What are the key features of this BenQ LED monitor? As oblivious, its flicker-free properties, eliminate the usual 200 times per second flickers in regular monitors. Other noteworthy features are the leading HDR technology, outstanding native contrast ratio, inbuilt audio system, and its appealing build & design.

BenQ is not promoting this monitor model as a gaming monitor. Its screen panel is VA, not TN. Actually, the VA panel is most suited for the ultrafast processing of picture frames. If the VA panel is optimized for a shorter response time, then it is the best one could get today in the gaming monitor segment.

  Openwell Submersible Pumps under ₹20000

The BenQ full HD monitor is an ideal choice for those who spend most of their time with their computer system. This large-screen computer monitor is perfect for playing games, reading news online, and watching movies and videos.

Price 18000 Rupees
Features 2W × 2 Speakers | 4 Models of Color Temp | K-Locker | Eye-Care: {Flicker-Free | Low-Blue Light | Brightness Intelligence Plus} | Smart Focus | Super Resolution | Power Consumption: 40W | TUV Flicker-free | Tilt: -5° to 15°
Screen 27-Inch | VA Panel | LED Backlight | Up to 400 nits Brightness | Response Time up to 4-ms | 60-Hz Refresh Rate | 83 PPI | Native Contrast 3000:1 | 8-Bit Color
Connectivity Headphone-Jack | Audio-Line-In | D-Sub | 2×HDMI 2.0


► 27-Inch Acer KG271 Gaming Monitor

Acer has been offering pretty good gaming monitors over the years, and the trend continues with this one. The 27-Inch gaming monitor from the Acer brand is a fast-selling gaming monitor from the recently launched gaming monitors in the Indian market.

Acer KG271 Cbmidpx Full HD TN Panel Gaming Monitor

Acer has equipped this gaming monitor with Full HD resolution that nicely sits when put to use. Its screen contrast ratio is 1000:1, the screen refresh rate is 144Hz, and the screen response time is only 1 ms. To protect the user’s eyes, there is an anti-glare coating on the screen as well. Thus, it is a well-suited gaming monitor to play all genres of games.

  कंप्यूटर मॉनिटर: ₹10000 - ₹12000

Available at 19990 Rupees, This Acer 27-Inch gaming monitor does make up for a good investment. It is definitely one of the best gaming monitors under 20000 Rupees. Buy it with confidence!

Price 19990 Rupees
Features Anti-Glare Screen | Tilt: -5° +15° | 2×2W Speaker | AMD FreeSync Technology | 3-Years Warranty
Screen TN Panel | 27-Inch | Full HD | Native Contrast: – 1000:1 | 144Hz Refresh Rate | 16.7M Color | 1-ms Response Time | Pixel Pitch: 0.311mm | 400 nits Brightness | 16:9 Aspect Ratio
Connectivity DVI Dual Link Connector | HDMI | DisplayPort | 3.5-mm Audio Jack


► 24-Inch LG 24GM79G LED Gaming Monitor

On this Gaming Monitor, LG’s excellent setup makes up for an exceptional gaming experience in every session. Its Full HD resolution paired alongside the 144Hz means you’ll never go back to the 60Hz set-up ever again. This gaming monitor also comes with Motion 240 blur-reduction, but it can’t be used when running on 144Hz set-up.

24-Inch LG LED Gaming Monitor 24GM79G

As for brightness, the colors are quite accurate and slightly warmer. The contrast part works wonderfully with black and grays performing correctly. The viewing angles are high when in landscape mode and the colors appear sharper and more. Although, when you change to portrait mode, you may find a slight decrease in image brightness and accuracy.

  Miter Saw under ₹20000

The Bottom line: LG’s 24GM77 is an excellent choice for anyone seeking a top-line 24-inch gaming monitor for 20000 Rupees with adequate resolution and that 144Hz refresh rate. Its performance is pretty smooth and great to play either your live-action or real-time strategy games. But barring that, the presence of portrait mode isn’t all that great.

Price 20000 Rupees
Features 19W Active Power-Consumption | Picture Mode: {Custom | Reader | Photo | Cinema | Color Weakness | FPS Game 1 | FPS Game 2 | RTS Game | Custom (Game)} | HDCP | DDC/CI | Key Lock | Plug-Play | Response-Time Control | Flicker-Safe | Color Calibrated | Smart-Energy Saving | Color-Weakness | Super+ Resolution | 4 Screen-Split | On-Screen Control | FreeSync | DAS-Mode | Black-Stabilizer | 1-ms Motion Blur Reduction | Crosshair | 3-Years Warranty
Screen Anti-Glare 3H TN Panel | 72% NTSC Color Gamut | 16.7M Colors | 1-ms Response Time | 144Hz Refresh-Rate | 16:9 Aspect-Ratio | Full-HD | 1000:1 Native Contrast | 350 nits Brightness
Connectivity HDMI | 3×USB 3.0 | DisplayPort


► 27-Inch LG 27MP38VQ IPS Computer Monitor

LG is one of the most profitable and trusted brands, globally. From manufacturing smartphones to computer-related products, LG is indeed one of the top players in the IT industry. Its computer monitors are some of the best-selling monitors in the Indian market. The LG 27MP38VQ LED Monitor is one such best-selling computer monitor, which is a recommended computer monitor under 20000 Rupees.

LG Full HD IPS Computer Monitor 27MP38VQ

When it comes to specifications and unique features, LG has many good ones to offer with this full HD monitor. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac, and its panel type is IPS.

The Reader Mode and color weakness feature make the screen comfortable for the viewer’s eyes by smartly adjusting the brightness level and color. Other exciting features are smart energy shaving, 6-Axis control, split screen, and on-screen control. It also comes with a flicker-free mode which prevents the screen from flickering for a comfortable working experience.

  वॉशिंग मशीन: ₹15000 - ₹20000

The monitor comes with all the required connectivity options, and it can be connected to cable TV with the help of a TV tuner. The 27-Inch screen size makes it perfect for watching movies and playing games as well. LG brand guarantees 3 years warranty from the date of its purchase, withal.

Price 17500 Rupees
Features Active Power Consumption: 27W | Reader Mode | Original Ratio | Color Weakness | Flicker-Safe | Automatic Standby | 6-Axis Control | Smart Energy Saving | 4 Screen Split | On-Screen Control | 3-Years Warranty
Screen 27-Inch | Full HD | IPS Panel | 16.7M Colors | 68% Color Gamut CIE 1976 | Pixel Pitch: 0.3114-mm | Refresh-Rate: 75Hz | Response-Time: 5-ms | Aspect Ratio: 16:9 | Native Contrast 1000:1 | 200 nits Brightness | Anti-Glare 3H Screen Panel
Connectivity HDMI | D-SUB | DVI-D | Headphone-Out


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