Can a laptop be assembled? The answer is YES. You can make a custom laptop as per your requirement. Laptop cabinet price in the Indian market is in the range of 2000 to 6000 Rupees. Next, you need a Laptop motherboard, RAM, Graphics Card(optional), SSD (or HDD), DVD RW (optional), screen, battery, and charger. The total cost of all these things will come to around the same amount, in which you can buy a best-selling HP laptop with a similar configuration. That is why the assembled laptop is not in trend.

Instead of a fully assembled laptop, you could try a semi-assembled laptop. Buy a less than 1-year used HP laptop. Change its hard disk to SSD. Increase its RAM or leave that as it is. If required change its battery, too. Fitting the hardware of your choice on a used laptop would save lots of money. By spending close to 25000 Rupees, you will have a machine in hand much faster and more stable than a heavy-duty laptop priced above 50000 Rupees.

Which is the best laptop under 35000 Rupees? In this piece, we cover the best laptops from 25000 to 35000 Rupees price range in the Indian market. The recommended laptops are currently a top favorite of buyers.

☼ 15.6-Inch HP 255 G8 62Y23PA AMD Laptop

Among the 35000 rupee options, the HP SSD Laptop is an excellent choice. Why? HP trust, IPS screen, and 512GB SSD are the three main reasons why you should consider it.

This HP laptop features an AMD Ryzen 3 3250U processor, which has two cores, each clocking at 2.6GHz, and together they can process up to four threads. With 8GB of RAM and a 512GB SSD, this laptop has enough space and speed to handle even the most demanding tasks.

HP 255 G8 Laptop FHD Ryzen 3-3250u 8GB 512GB SSD 62Y23PA

The 15.6-inch FHD screen provides an excellent viewing experience with rich color, contrast, and clarity thanks to its IPS panel. The anti-glare character of the display ensures it does not harm the eyes even if viewed continuously. In addition, the laptop features Wi-Fi 5 and Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, so you can stay connected to the internet and your other devices at all times.

The laptop also comes equipped with a 41Wh battery and a 65W power adapter. This provides plenty of battery life and ensures you can work anywhere.

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Overall, the HP 255 G8 Laptop is a versatile and reliable device suitable for work or play. It offers superior performance and a host of features to keep you connected and productive. Buy the HP 255 G8 Laptop and experience the power of a laptop that combines performance, portability, and convenience in one device. With its sleek design, fast processor, and long battery life, you can stay connected and productive wherever you are.

Price ₹35000 → Amazon
Features 15.6-Inch {FHD, IPS, Anti-Glare} | AMD Ryzen 3 3250U Processor {2.6GHz → 3.5GHz, 2C → 4T, 4MB} | 8GB-2400 RAM | 512GB PCIe NVMe | 41Wh Battery | 65W Charger | Battery: 41Wh Li-ion | Wi-Fi 5 | BT 5.0


☼ 14-Inch HP dy2507TU Laptop {Intel i3}

What Makes the HP dy2507TU Stand Out? The HP SSD Laptop is the perfect choice for those looking for a laptop with an IPS screen and SSD storage. This HP laptop offers powerful performance, great battery life, and a sleek design that looks great in any environment. With its Intel Core i3 processor, 8GB of RAM, and 256GB of SSD storage, you can easily handle all your tasks with ease. The 14-inch IPS display also provides stunning visuals so you can enjoy your favorite movies or games in full HD resolution.

HP 14s Intel Core i3 11th Gen dy2507TU Thin and Light Laptop

For students, this laptop is an ideal choice as it packs in all the latest features and still comes in at a price point that won't dent the wallet. Not to mention it weighs just 1.41 kg making it easy to carry around campus or take with you on any trip. In conclusion, if you're shopping for a laptop for students, then this laptop is definitely worth a look at.

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As far as design goes, the HP dy2507TU has a sleek, modern aesthetic with its slim profile and brushed aluminum finish. It's also lightweight enough to easily transport from place to place without feeling too bulky. It's the perfect laptop for those who want an affordable SSD laptop packed with features. Besides a strong battery life and excellent performance, this laptop also offers a beautiful display and comfortable keyboard, making it suitable for both work and entertainment. I'd definitely recommend the HP dy2507TU to anyone in the market for an affordable yet high-performing SSD laptop.

Price ₹34990 → Amazon
Features 14-Inch FHD IPS Display | Intel i3-11th Gen Processor | 8GB RAM | 256GB Storage | 41-Wh Battery | 65W Charger | Weight: 1.41-Kg | Windows 11 OS


☼ 14-Inch HP dq3033TU Personal Laptop

The laptop model is currently the only HP SSD laptop below 35000 Rupees. Its configuration makes it perfect for students, home use, executives, and similar other basic users.

Why the HP laptop is so cheap? Because of its Pentium processor. HP used an Intel Pentium Silver N6000 processor on it. The processor is resourceful but not enough to manage hard multitasking, gaming, and professional work. Other features, functions, and build quality of the HP laptop are however very impressive.

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Should you buy the HP dq3033TU laptop with an Intel Pentium processor? Yes! Grab it before it becomes out of stock. The reason is the trust of the HP brand in the laptop market and the quality of the product. But remember it is just a general-use laptop, nothing much.

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Price ₹34990 | Amazon
Features Windows 11 | 14-Inch HD Screen | Intel Pentium Silver N6000 Quad-Core Processor | 8GB DDR4-2999 RAM | 256GB SSD | 41-Wh Li-ion Battery | 65W AC Charger


►14-Inch HP cf3047TU Multitasking Laptop

The brand HP has three outstanding portable laptops in the price range of 35000 Rupees. They are the cs0023TU, cs0029TU, and cf3047TU laptop models.

The laptop model cs0029TU is an upgraded version of the cs0023TU model. The successor is faster and more multitasking-friendly than the predecessor. However, the model cf3047TU, which is the latest laptop of HP below 35000 Rupees, is faster than the cs0029TU model in terms of multitasking and gaming performance.

cs0023TU (Intel i3-7th gen) → cs0029TU (Intel i3-8th gen) → cf3047TU (Intel i3-10th)

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Thus, the laptop model cf3047TU is the best HP laptop under 35000 Rupees presently. It is a suitable portable computer for students, home use, and office executives.

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Price ₹34000 | Amazon
Features Windows 10 Licensed | MS Office 2019 Student Licensed | Full-Size Keyboard {Num-pad | Backlit} | Weight: 1.47-Kg | Warranty: 1-Year
Screen 14-Inch | SVA Screen | HD {1366×768} | 60Hz | 220-nits | | Color: 45% NTSC (% sRGB) | Anti-Glare
Processor Intel {Core:2 | Thread:4 | Base-Speed: 1.2GHz | Max-Speed: 3.4GHz | Cache: 4MB | TDP: 15W | T-Junction: 100°C | Lithography: 14nm | Launch-Year: 2019} | Built-in Technology: { Multi-Threading, Turbo Boost, Intel SpeedShift, AI Deep Learning Boost, Intel OS & Boost Guard}
Graphics Intel UHD {Base Freq: 300MHz Max Freq: 900MHz}
Memory RAM: 4GB DDR4 {2666-MHz} | RAM-Expansion: 16GB | PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD: 256GB
Battery 3-Cell 41-Wh | AC Charger: 65W | Battery-Backup: Up to 14-Hours
Connectivity MIC-in | Headphone-Out | Ethernet | Wi-Fi-5 | Bluetooth 4.2 | 1×HDMI | 2×USB 3.1 | USB Type-C | SD-Cards Reader
Multimedia Dual-Speakers | Digital-Microphone | HD Webcam


►14-Inch Avita Pura Multitasking Laptop

The Avita multitasking laptop is an ideal choice for students and home use. It is not a gaming laptop, but it can play all those games that don’t require dedicated graphics support. Having it the Windows 10 operating system with S-Mode makes it a safe laptop for doing online transactions, trades, and browsing. The limitations of Windows with S-Mode are many, though. We discussed that all in our video presentation below.

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Avita Pura is a good option but not the best option if you are looking for an 8GB RAM laptop with SSD memory below 35000 Rupees. Currently, two HP laptops with 8GB RAM is available on the market in the same price range. Those HP laptops have preinstalled license MS Office 2019 Student program as well. Apparently, they are worth much more than this Avita laptop in almost all segments.

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Price ₹32990 | Amazon
Features Windows 10 | Keyboard Backlit | 512GB SSD | 8GB RAM | LED Full HD Screen | 4830-mAh Li-ion Battery | AMD R5-3500U Processor | Warranty: 2-Year