How to choose the best computer monitor? First, you need to access your requirement. For instance, I do not play games so I should look for a full HD monitor with an IPS display. If you need a LED monitor for gaming, look for a monitor with TN panel.

Besides screen quality, you should also consider the design of the monitor, eye care technology in the screen, and power saving ability. Screen quality, design, eye care technology and power management feature are four most critical parts of a computer. You can compromise in the other segments, but no the suggested four segments.

Which is the best computer monitor brand in India market? The top brands in India market for computer monitors are LG, BenQ, Samsung, Dell, HP, and AOC. In this piece, we cover the best-selling computer monitor of these brands from 15000 to 17000 Rupees range.

► 31.5-Inch Acer ED322Q Full HD Curved Monitor

Since a computer monitor is always very close to the user unlike LED TV so for better visual coverage the big screen monitors should have a curved profile. However, curved computer monitors are not cheap. Especially curved computer monitors with a big screen are very costly. Recently Acer brand introduced the curved LED monitor in India market at a very affordable price. Yes, I am talking about the Acer ED322Q Curved Monitor. Its screen size is 31.5-Inch. But its current market price is only 16490 Rupees. Thus, it is the best computer monitor under 17000 Rupees at present.

31.5-Inch Acer ED322Q Full HD LED Curved Computer Monitor

The Acer ED322Q computer monitor is a variant of the Acer ED2 computer monitor model. This model has two more variants: ED242QR and ED242Q. They are gaming monitors. Whereas the Acer ED322Q computer monitor is primarily a general use monitor that is also fit for gaming.

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If your budget for a new computer monitor is from 14000 to 21000 Rupees, then without a second thought the best computer monitor for you presently is Acer ED322Q. Besides all its excellent features and function, it has built-in speakers as well.

Price ₹16490 | Amazon
Features ZeroFrame | Gentle Curved Profile | BlueLightShield {Reduces Exposure to Blue Light} | Flicker-Safe | ComfyView {Reduces Reflections from Ambient Light Sources} | Acer VisionCare | Warranty: 3-Year
Screen Display-Panel: VA | 31.5-Inch | Full-HD {1920×1080} | Response Time: 4-ms | Refresh-Rate: 60Hz | Brightness: 250-nits
Connectivity HDMI | VGA | DVI
Build Speaker: 3W×2 | Tilt → -5°~10° | Dimensions (WHD): 711x526x208 mm | Weight: 5.2-Kg


► 24-Inch Acer GN246HL Full HD 3D Gaming Monitor

Acer is one of the most prominent players in the global market for computer-related gadgets and devices. It’s one of the highest selling manufacturers of computer equipment in the world currently. Its monitors are always in high demand due to simply being so efficient on quality and well-priced at the same time.

24-Inch Acer Full HD IPS 3D Gaming Monitor GN246HL

Acer GN246HL monitor is a 3D gaming monitor. Its features and performance make it one of the best gaming monitors under 20000 Rupees. In spite of being so cheap in terms of pricing, it comes with mouthwatering specifications. Its screen refresh rate and response time are 144Hz and 1-ms respectively. You need 3D glass to visually experience 3D picture quality on the screen.

There is no other gaming monitor in 15000 Rupees range with specs as superior as this Acer monitor has. However, it has no inbuilt speakers and no headphone port either. These features are something quite essential on most LED monitors out there for buying.

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Acer GN246HL monitor provides a splendid user experience and is an excellent choice for gaming for an extended session. This 3D gaming monitor from Acer is definitely worth going for if you are on a budget especially and are looking to get something extraordinary for a very fair price.

Price ₹15000 | Amazon 
Features 3D Visual with 3D Glasses | Acer EcoDisplay | Active Power Consumption: 23W | 3-Years Warranty
Screen 24-Inch | TN Panel | Full HD | Refresh-Rate: 144Hz | Response-Time: 1-ms | Brightness: 350 nits | 16.7M Color
Connectivity DVI | HDMI | VGA


► 27-Inch BenQ ZOWIE RL2755 LED Gaming Monitor

BenQ has been setting benchmarks for long with their excellent monitor offerings, and this series primarily known as the ZOWIE console tops the list for many. The ZOWIE Console eSports series includes different variants like that of RL2455, RL2460 and RL2755. We here would be briefing RL2755, the 27-inch variant as for our review.

BenQ has kept the design as minimalistic as it can with an all-black look. There’s a small red strip on the bottom part that speaks of BenQ’s trademark ZOWIE design. It shares the curved base as that of its senior RL family members. However, the rubberized controller or headphone stand is only present in the RL2755 model.

BenQ Zowie Full HD PC Gaming Monitor

The monitor can be titled as per the liking with up to 15 degrees backward and 5 degrees on the front side. It’s pretty lightweight and also sits up nicely on the desk unlike that of Samsung’s wobbly stand.

It has a couple of HDMI ports along with the line-in port, DVI port, D-SUB input and headphone jack as part of the connectivity options. The front side of the monitor has five different buttons along with the power switch for navigating through the settings. However, you won’t find a dedicated sound button something which is a slight downside.

Just as the name relays, it’s made primarily with real-time strategy gaming in mind and does its job quite perfectly. You won’t find any issues in all of the real-time strategy games adhering to detailed close-ups and intense color saturation. It’s wholly optimized for console eSports games and is a most adopted piece in entire e-Sports tournaments and competitions.

Moving onto the brightness aspect, BenQ has put in impressive numbers with this gaming monitor. The color comes along as reasonably accurate on most levels and is well optimized for. There are further two real-time strategy modes as default set-ups, one for games like StarCraft and another for those battle games.

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Apart from that, you can also use the neutral settings — which are perfect for any of non-strategy games. Along with that, you will even have your hands full with movie mode, Eco-mode and gamer presets. Not to forget, the quick responsiveness which makes it safe to say that this is one of the fastest monitors around.

Price ₹17000 | Amazon
Features 2W×2 Speaker | 45W Active Power Consumption | Tilt: -5° +20° | Black eQualizer | Color-Vibrance | Low Blue Light | Flicker-Free | K-Locker | 39-Months Warranty | Optimized for console eSports game titles: {COD | HALO | Street Fighter | Tekken | Mortal Kombat | Pokken | FIFA and others}
Screen TN Panel | 27-Inch | Full HD | 16:9 | 60Hz Refresh Rate | Active Area: {597.60×336.15}  | 0.311 Pixel-Pitch | Brightness: 300 nits | 1000:1 Native Contrast | 1-ms Response Time
Connectivity D-Sub | DVI | 2×HDMI | Headphone Jack | Line-In

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