Which is the best shaver and trimmer for women under 1000 Rupees? This review article covers the best-selling trimmer and shaver for women from the price range of 100 to 1000 Rupees. The suggested shaver-trimmer is currently a top favorite of buyers.

☼ Gillette Venus Swirl Hair Removal Razor

Would you like to know what manual razors are available for ladies? Among the options you can choose from, Gillette Venus is the most recommended. Recently Gillette introduced the Venus Swirl razor for ladies. Currently, it costs around 300 rupees on the market. It is rated the best by women who typically use a manual razor to remove hair from their bodies.

Unlike traditional razors, the Gillette Venus Swirl Razor has a five-blade system. Blades are of high quality and sharp. A protection system safeguards the user’s skin from blades. Unlike other combs, the built-in microFine comb lifts hair without leaving a spot. One blade head can be used five to seven times.

  Pendrives under ₹1000

You could use the Gillette Venus Swirl on all parts of your body. Use it to remove hair from your chicks, hands, legs, and bikini area as well.

In conclusion, the Gillette Venus Swirl Razor is a highly recommended razor for ladies looking for manual razors. It is of high quality and features a five-blade system and a micro-fine comb which allows for a smooth shave. With its protection system, it also ensures safety when in use. It is suitable for use on all parts of the body and can be used up to five to seven times with one blade head.

Price ₹275 → Amazon
Features Remove Hair from All Parts of Your Body | Remove Hair as small as 0.1 mm | MicroFine Comb | Pivot Head – Flexi Bends in Four Directions | Amazon Replacement: 5 Days


► Wahl 5640 Eyebrow Maker for Women

The Wahl lady trimmer is not just for trimming eyebrows, it can also be used underarm, on the face, and in the bikini area. More than 80% of the total available public review confirms it is a value-for-money option. Therefore, you should consider it if you are looking for a reliable and easy-to-use eyebrow trimmer under 1000 Rupees. Whether is it good or bad, it is the best lady trimmer under 1000 Rupees. There is no alternative to it in the range of its current market price.

The Wahl trimmer for women comes with a solid hard steel sharp blade system. It requires a single AAA-size battery for power. And, its weight is less than 100 grams.

  पुरुषों का ट्रिम्मर शेवर: ₹1000 - ₹2000

There is no 10 days replacement warranty for the Wahl 5640 eyebrow maker, though. If the delivered unit to you is not functioning as it should be then you can’t return it. Yes, it comes with this risk.

Price ₹850 | Amazon
Features For: {Eyebrow Trimming, Underarm Trimming, Face Trimming, Bikini Area Trimming} | Stainless Steel Blades | Power: Single AAA Battery


► Gillette Venus Hair Removal Razor for Women

The brand Gillette requires no introduction. This American brand is famous for its high-quality shaving and trimming products. Most of its products are for men.

For women, it has a uniquely designed hair removal razor. That is marketed as the Gillette Venus. It is an all-in-one shaver for women. It requires no electricity to operate and it must be used on wet skin. This Gillette shaver for women gives no pain and after use, your skin will be much softer than what you get after using an electric shaver.

  राउटर: ₹100 - ₹1000

Gillette Venus lady shaver can shave your face, underarm, bikini area, thigh, and leg. It can remove hair as small as 0.1-mm. It has to be used once in seven to ten days. And, its use will have no negative impact on your skin. Go for it without a second thought!

Price ₹176 | Amazon
Features Non-Electric | with Lubricating Strip | Shaver for underarm, bikini area, thigh, leg, and face