Which is the best electric shaver for men under 5000 Rupees? This article covers the best-selling electric shaver and trimmer for men from the 2000 to 5000 Rupees range. The suggested electric shaver and electric trimmer have been tested to find out their ability in giving clean and perfect trim, and also their build quality, battery backup, and other built-in features.

► Philips S5050 Cordless Electric Shaver

The Philips electric shaver is one of the best men's shavers under 5000 Rupees in the Indian market. It comes with 3 rotating blade heads wherein each can move in five different directions for a perfect shave. This electric shaver can be used for wet shaving with gel or foam.

Philips S5050 shaver is a cordless shaver. It comes with a powerful battery which takes about 8 hours in being fully charged. The 100% charged battery of this electric shaver will render 30 minutes of usage. That should be enough for 7 to 10 complete shaves.

The best alternative to this Philips electric shaver is Philips AT890. The price difference between these two best-selling Philips electric shavers from 3000 to 4000 rupees range is about 800 Rupees. Which one should you buy from them?

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Philips S5050 is a better shaver than Philips AT890, but its battery is not that powerful. In the selection of a perfect electric shaver, the primary factor is the shaving ability of the shaver. On this ground, between these two Philips electric shavers, Philips S5050 is a perfect choice over Philips AT890.

Price ₹3800 | Amazon
Features Built-in Trimmer | 100% Fully Washable | 2-Years Worldwide Guarantee
Shaving 3 Blade Heads {Each head with 5 Directional Movements} | Wet Shaving {Gel, Foam}
Battery NiMH Battery | Charging: 8-Hours | Backup: 30 minutes of shaving (9 complete shaves)
Build LED Indicators | Replacement Head (in 2 Years): SH50 @ 2990 Rupees


► Flyco FS339IN Electric Shaver for Men

Flyco is one of the most favorite brands in the Indian market for electric shavers and trimmers. The electric shaver model FS339IN of this brand is currently a best-selling electric shaver under 5000 Rupees. This electric shaver can be used on the whole body. Those who have used it for more than 6 months, recommend it as an excellent option.

The Flyco electric shaver has three shaving heads and each head has two floating blade systems. Thus, with a total of 6 blade systems, this electric shaver gives fast and effective shaving as good as shaving done in a barbershop by a hand-operated ustra.

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Flyco FS339IN electric shaver is a smart device. It comes with built-in systems to monitor and accordingly alert the user for shaver washing, battery charging, safe-guarding the shaver blade system and the user, and overall functions of the device.

Price ₹2750 | Amazon
Feature Electric Beard-Shaver | Whole-Body Groomer | Head-Shaver | Pubic-Hair Shaver | Can be used with foam for better shaving | 1-Year Warranty
Shaving Automatic Blade-Gliding Technique | Stainless-Steel Blade System | 3 Shaving Heads | Each Head with Double Floating Blade Rings | Smart Washing-Alarm: Reminds the user to wash the shaver according to the shaving time | Smart Lock Alarm: Long-Press the On-Off switch to lock the shaver} | Intelligent Blocking Stop Protection: Shaver stops when any of the shaver heads are blocked | Intelligent Beard-stuck Prevention Technology
Power Charging-Time: 60-minute | battery-Backup: Up to 90-Minutes of shaving | Global Voltage Support | Smart Charging Alarm: Alerts the user to put the electric shaver for charging when the battery falls to 5%
Build IPX7 Rating for Waterproof Body | LED Indicator: {Lock Status, Battery Status, other setting notifications}
Sales Box Shaver | USB-Cable | Cleaning-Brush | Charger | Documents


► Philips AT610 Electric Men Shaver

The Philips shaver is currently one of the best shavers for men under 2500 Rupees in the Indian market. For a better shaver, you could also use it with foam as it is a wet & dry shaver. Philips equipped this electric shaver with Philips’s advanced CloseCut blades for a refreshing wet shaver and easy dry shaver. Those who have been using it confirm that even after 6 months of use, the Philips AT610 men's shaver gives shave as good as done shave in any barbershop by a hand-held ustra.

Philips AT610 Electric Shaver for Men

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Philips AquaTouch AT610 is a cordless shaver. It is powered by a rechargeable battery, which requires close to 10 hours of charging. The 100% fully charged battery of this electric shaver will last for 10 complete shaves. That means to charge it once and use it for a month. Isn’t it?

Price ₹2200 | Amazon
Features Oil-Free | Travel-Lock | Fully Waterproof | 2-Year Guarantee {not warranty} | Worldwide Blade System Change
Shaving CloseCut Blade System | Wet Shave | Dry Shave | Close Shave | 3 Shaving Heads | 3 Shaving Blade Rings
Battery Cordless Shaver | Rechargeable Li-ion Battery | Charging Time: 10 to 12 Hours | Battery Backup: 30-minutes shave time {9 to 11 complete shaves} | Worldwide voltage support
Build Superior Quality Stainless-Steel Blade System | ABS Plastic Body | LED Indicator | Alert: {Battery Low, Charging} | Dimensions: 16-CM Long


► Philips AT890 Electronic Saver with Trimmer

The Philips washable shaver is currently one of the best-selling electric shavers under 4000 Rupees in the Indian market. It is just a shaver, not a trimmer. Since it is a fully waterproof shaver it can shave with foam also. For better and fast-close shaving, this Philips electric shaver comes with three shaving heads. And, each head has a uniquely designed blade system. Philips calls the design — Dual-Precision Blades: Slots cut long hairs and holes cut stubble.

The fast battery of the Philips AT890 is another big reason as to why it is a favorite electric shaver on the market. Its battery becomes 100% charged within 60 to 70 minutes. And, the 100% fully charged battery will last for 50 minutes of shave time. Also, it has a fast-charging capability wherein the battery becomes enough charge for one complete shave in just 3 minutes.

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The Philips AT890 electric shaver is an old model. But even today it is a favorite of those buyers looking for a high-quality electric shaver in the 3000 to 5000 Rupees range. Recently Philips changed its blade system model from HQ8 to SH50. While the expected last of the HQ8 blade system was just 12 months, the SH50 blade system could last up to 2 years.

Price ₹3990 | Amazon
Features Washable Cordless Shaver | Skin-Protection System | Warranty: 2-Years
Ideal for Wet-Shave with Foam | Dry-Shave | Trim Sideburns & Mustache
Blade 3 Blade Heads | Dual-Precision Blade-System {Slots + Holes} | Blade-Model: {SH50 → Replace in 2-Years @ 2990 Rupees | HQ8 → Replace in 1-Year}
Battery 5.4W Li-ion Battery | Charging-Time: 60-Minutes | Battery-Backup: 50-Minutes Shave (up to 17 Full Shaves) | Fast-Charging: Battery for One Shave in 3-Minutes
Build Built-in Pop-Up Trimmer | Indicators: {Battery Low, Charging, Battery-Full, Replace Shaving-Heads}
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