Do water purifiers remove minerals? Yes, especially RO water purifiers remove also essential minerals while purifying the water. That is why nowadays advanced RO water purifiers come with mineral guard protection. One should carefully analyze the water quality before ordering a purifier machine with RO system. In most Indian cities, the water quality of the local corporation water is such that a water purifier machine with UV and UF filters should be sufficient.

Which is the best water purifier under 25000 Rupees? In this piece, we cover the best-selling water purifiers for home use from 20000 to 25000 Rupees price range. Here you read about advanced water purifiers of top RO water purifier brands in India market.

☼ 6.5-L Havells Delite High Recovery Water Purifier {RO, UV}

Steel or plastic? What is more hygienic and safer for storing consumable things? Of course, Steel! That is why we focus more on water purifiers with a stainless-steel tank. Havells has recently launched a new steel tank purifier. The 8-stage purification process of this Havells water purifier is exciting, too. It is a RO purifier with UV technology.

Usually, RO water purifiers retain only 20% to 30% of the water. High water wastage is a big concern for RO purifiers. Using this model, Havells is able to recover up to 50% of the water used.

Alkaline Water production is the third reason why we selected the Havells RO water purifier. The accumulated water in the tank usually has a pH value between 8 and 10. Please note that alkaline water isn't safe for all human beings. Consult your doctor before consuming alkaline water regularly.

Recently we reviewed the Bepure RO water purifier, which also comes with a stainless-steel tank. It is a reliable purifier from an Indian brand, and its current market price is less than 12000 Rupees. So, before you finalize the Havells Delite High Recovery Water Purifier, watch our review to make a correct decision.

Price ₹20990 → Amazon
Features Stainless-Steel Tank: 6.5-Liter | RO + UV | 8-Stage Purification Process | Alkaline Water (pH): 8 to 10 | Fully Automatic Operation | Purification-Speed: 20-Liter/hour | Warranty: 1-Year


► 6.0-L Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Geneus DX Water Purifier

The Aquaguard Geneus DX is the most advanced water purifier on the market currently. Equipped with features such as Active-Copper, Taste-Enhancer, Activated-Carbon, Mineral-Guard, and E-Boiling, it is undoubtedly the water purifier for home use for nutritious pure water. If I am not wrong, it is the only water purifier under 25000 with a water boiling feature.

As the brand says, this water purifier boils water for close to 20-minutes with its E-boil feature. Boiling water for killing germs and bacteria in them is the most authentic and ancient practice to make water safe for drinking.

  Water Purifiers under ₹20000

However, this Eureka Forbes water purifier disappoints with its fragile design and super high cost of maintenance. But as far as its purification capability goes, it is one of the most reliable water purifiers on the market.

Price ₹21000 | Amazon
Features Fully-Automatic Water-Purifier | Reserve-Mode {To Extend Water Purifier Life} | Set Mineral-Level {to set the taste of the Water} | Water-Level-Indicator for the Quality of the Water in the Tank | Service & Fault Indicator
Purification RO+UV / UV+UF | Applicable TDS-Range → 1 to 2000 mg/liter
Pro Active-Copper Cartridge {Copper, Calcium, Magnesium infusion} | Activated-Carbon for Pure & Clean Water | Auto-Mineral Modulator {Taste-Enhance} | E-Boiling {Boils water for 20-Minutes} | Mineral-Guard {Retains essential minerals (calcium, magnesium, and others) naturally present in water} | G-Tech {Detects the water quality and accordingly sets Water purifier mode RO+UV/UV+UF} | AEWACS {Advanced Alert for Maintenance & Cartridge Replacement}
Build Tank-Capacity: 6-Liter | 11W UV-Lamp | LCD-Notification Display | Dimensions (WDH): 367×314×567 mm | Rated-Power-Consumption: 45W
Input Water-Pressure → 0.3-bar to 3-bar | Water-Temp → 10°C to 40°C | Max Water-Chlorine → 0.2 mg/liter | Max Water-Iron → 0.3-mg/liter | Max-Water-Turbidity → 10 NTU


► 8.0-L LG WW182EP RO Water Purifier

Currently, the LG water purifier and its sister models are the only water purifiers with stainless steel tank on the market. There is no match between plastic and stainless steel. Moreover, it has been scientifically proven that super quality grade-304 stainless steel is 100% safe for health. A stainless water tank will require less cleaning than a plastic water tank, withal. Therefore, a water purifier with steel tank makes more sense than a water purifier with a plastic tank.

This LG water purifier comes with a unique purification system. The purification system provides pure drinking water and also clean water for cleaning fruits & vegetables. Uncleaned water on this LG water purifier becomes potable and safe for drinking after its 5-Stage purification. Whereas uncleaned water becomes safe for cleaning fruits and vegetables after 2-Stage purification.

  Water Purifier: ₹1000 - ₹3000

RO purification system has a bad reputation for degrading minerals in the water and wasting lots of water (almost 70 to 80%) during RO treatment. That is no longer true thanks to this LG water purifier, which features an enhanced RO membrane for ensuring water recovery up to 40 to 50%. Whereas the mineral booster filter restores minerals in the water.

Price ₹25000 | Amazon
Features Digital Sterilizing-Care for Chemical-Free Cleaning of Water Purifier from inside| Water-Recovery: 40 to 50% | Warranty: {1-Year for Whole-Unit | 10-Year for Stainless-Steel Water-Tank}
Purification Drinking-Water: 5-Stage ► {Out-Sediment + Anti-Scalant → Sediment + Carbon Filter → RO → Mineral-Booster → UV} | Clean-Water for Cleaning Fruits & Vegetable: 2-Stage ► {Out-Sediment + Anti-Scalant → UF-Membrane} | RO-Purification removes contaminants as minute as 0.0001 mm in size
Maintenance Out-Sediment Filter: 3000-Liters | Other filters: 6000-Liters
Build 8-Liter Stainless-Steel Water-Tank | Power-Consumption: 40W | Indicators: {Filter-Change, Tank-Full, UV, Power-Status} | Water-Tray | Installation: Table-Top/Wall-Mount
  Water Purifiers under ₹20000

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