Is water purifier harmful? The answer is YES and NO. If someone has a heart problem, but he takes treatment for his kidney meaning his condition is not going to improve. An excellent example of water purifier being harmful is this. Mr. ABC is blinding using a water purifier, not knowing the level of purification the water at his place requires. However, a wise man first does thorough research and becomes fully aware of the quality of the water at his place. When he becomes entirely sure of the requirement, orders a suitable water purifier. A water purifier bought after proper research and carefully measuring everything related will always be beneficial.

Do water purifiers soften water? The answer is YES. The right way to buy a suitable water purifier to make hard water at your place potable is first to test the water. Testing water in a digital lab would cost you less than 500 Rupees. Spending only 500 Rupees would save you close to 5000 Rupees. The result will give you a clear picture of the water quality at your place. According to that, you will be able to decide whether you need an RO water purifier or a water purifier with just UV+UF would suffice the need.

Water purifiers that do not require electricity to run are available at a meager price in the market. Such purifiers have only UF filter. Only UF purification is not good enough for cleaning hard water unless water source is corporation supply. Therefore, useful advice from my side would be to purchase a water filter that comes with both RO and UV units. Although these types of purifiers will cost more money, however, your family will be protected, and in the end, you will save money because of reduced medical expenses. Drinking water and air are two primary sources of germs and harmful bacteria in all living things.

Which is the best water purifier under 15000 Rupees? In this piece, we cover best water purifiers in India market in 10000 to 15000 Rupees price range. Here you read an in-depth review of RO purifiers of top brands in the India market.

☼ 8L KENT Elegant Alkaline {RO+UF+UV}

Alkaline means less acidic. Have you been suggested to drink alkaline water by your doctors? If yes then you should buy a water purifier with an alkaline filter. Traditional methods to make alkaline water are not that simple. Therefore, buying an alkaline water purifier is a genuine solution.

The Kent Elegant water purifier is a hit model. Recently Kent brand introduced its new variant with an alkaline filter. The purified water in the Kent Elegant Alkaline water purifier before being stored in the tank passes through an alkaline booster filter. There the pH value of the water is corrected and increased to as high as 9.5.

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For your information, the pH value measures how acidic or alkaline water or any substance is on a scale of 0 to 14. For example, water with a pH of 4 would be very acidic whereas with a pH of 13 would be very alkaline.

Should you buy the KENT Elegant Alkaline or not? Would it be a good choice at the current market price? What are the features that separate it from alkaline water purifiers of other brands? Not only these three questions but many more are answered in our video presentation, which covers a complete overview and review of this Kent Alkaline water purifier. Do check it out.

Price ₹13990 | Amazon
Features RO+UF → TDS Control → Alkaline Booster → UV Purification | Water Tank: 8-Liter | Purification Speed: 15-Liter/Hr | Duty-Cycle: 75-Liter/Hr | Automatic Operation | Warranty: Up to 4-Years


► 8L LG WW140NP Mineral RO Purifier

The LG brand has changed the Indian water purifier market dynamics by launching a new range of RO water purifiers with mineral booster and stainless-steel water tank. The RO water purifier model WW140NP is one of the models from the new range. Its current market price is 14990 Rupees. Yes, it comes with a food-grade safe high-quality grade-304 stainless steel water tank.

This LG RO water purifier is perfect for water TDS level up to 2000 PPM. It usages a 5-stage RO purification system to make unclean, smelly water, up to 99.99% pure and natural. Because of its 8-liter steel water tank for storing pure water, this LG water purifier is perfect for a family size of up to 7 members.

Further, this LG steel tank water purifier requires lesser maintenance than its alternative on the market. Since it comes with a filter change alert system, you do not need to bother about when the next maintenance service has to be performed.

  Water Purifier: ₹1000 - ₹3000

Those who have bought LG WW140NP Mineral RO Purifier and currently using it, have recommended it. Therefore, it is one of the best RO water purifiers for you if your budget for a new water purifier is below 15000 Rupees. Go for it.

Price ₹14990  | Amazon
Features Digital Sterilizing-Care for Chemical-Free Washing of Water Purifier | Water-Recovery: 25 to 40% | Warranty: {1-Year for Whole-Unit | 10-Year for Stainless-Steel Water-Tank}
Purification Drinking-Water: 5-Stage ► {Out-Sediment + Anti-Scalant → Sediment + Carbon Filter → RO → Mineral-Booster} | RO-Purification Removes contaminants as minute as 0.0001 mm in size
Maintenance Out-Sediment Filter: 3000-Liters | Other filters: 6000-Liters
Build 8-Liter Stainless-Steel Tank | Power-Consumption: 40W | Indicators: {Filter Change, Tank-Full, Power} | Water-Tray | Installation: Table-Top/Wall-Mount


► 7L Havells Max Alkaline Water Purifier {RO+UV}

Havells Max is a very popular RO water purifier. It is one of the best RO water purifiers under 15000 Rupees. Havells Max Alkaline RO water purifier is its re-branding. Both the water purifier models have the same purification mechanism, absolutely no difference at all. Therefore, it makes no sense to buy Havells Max Alkaline in 14500 Rupees when Havells Max is available in only 12500 Rupees.

What is Alkaline Water? The pH value of normal water is 7 whereas the Water with pH value 8 to 9 is termed Alkaline water. The pH value is an indicator of how acidic or Alkaline is a substance by measuring electrically charged particles in it. High pH value means less acidic. Thus, Alkaline water is less acidic. Therefore, some experts recommend Alkaline water to neutralize the acid or the high acid in our body.

As explained by Shri Rajiv Dixit, there is a simple, natural method to reduce the acid in our body. Every day in the morning the very first thing you will do is to drink a glass of water without brushing your teeth. Saliva produced and secreted by salivary glands in the mouth contains many essential substances, including electrolytes, antibacterial compounds, mucus, and various enzymes. It can significantly reduce the acid in our stomach thereby in our body. It is a natural, practical, and advantageous than drinking machine processed water with high pH value.

  Water Purifiers under ₹25000

Besides, Water with high pH value or Alkaline water may not be suitable for every member of your family. An efficient water purifier is a must to make water potable, though you could avoid water purifier with Alkaline water.

Price 14500 Rupees
Features Learn more about Havells Max RO Water Purifier


► 10L HUL Pureit Marvella Water Purifier {RO+UV}

The Marvella RO water purifier is an affordable alternative to the Pureit Ultima. This budget RO purifier machine comes with all the needed features in general expected on a premium & advance water purifier.

Good Purification System: The manufacturer has used the same purification system on the Pureit Marvella, as it is in the Pureit Ultima. The water passes through six stages before ending up in your glass. Reverse osmosis technology makes a difference in the concentration of elements and filters out the harmful chemicals dissolved in water.

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The UV chamber helps a lot in killing the germs and bacteria in the water. Its efficiency, however, could have been higher if the manufacturer had installed it in the horizontal position.

Although I usually do not recommend RO purifiers for cleaning soft water, this device is worthy of an exception. It comes installed with a TDS modulator that adds the needed minerals back to the water. However, the online Indian market is full of other low-cost purifiers if you only want to purify soft water.

Contamination Free Storage Tank: I have to agree, the HUL Pureit Marvella sports an impressive build and design. It is a solid build in a futuristic design. The manufacturer has used food grade materials in the making of its storage tank. Another good thing is the purifier is suitable for small to medium size families as it can store up to 10 liters of water inside. Moreover, it can purify at least 9-liters of water every hour.

Fully Automatic Operation: One of the main highlights of this Pureit product is it does not require the purification process turn on or off manually. The machine is quite smart and can handle everything on its own. Also, an indicator panel on the front notifies the users in case of any fault.

According to the manufacturer, this purifier needs no maintenance at all, which is a big pro.

Low Power Consumption: The power consumption of this device never exceeds 48 Watts. This means you do not have to worry about the electricity bill. Another good thing is it supports a wide voltage input range of 140 – 240 Volts and can easily resist power fluctuations.

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Should you buy this HUL Pureit water purifier? The people who are looking for a premium quality purifier, but do not have a reasonable budget should go with this HUL device. You do not have to think twice before making its purchase decision. However, do remember one thing, you can get a purifier at a much lesser cost if the design and build quality is not on priority.

Price 14500 Rupees
Features Advanced Alert System | TDS Removable: up to 2000 PPM | 45% Water Recovery in RO Purification | Rated GermKill Kit Built-in
Purification RO | UV | 6-Stage Purification process | 90% TDS Reduction
Build Weight: 8.3-Kg | Dimensions: 48 x 36 x 29.4 cm | Break Resistance Test Before Ship to Customer | Power Consumption: 48W
Capacity Water Tank: 10-Liter | 28 Liter Water Purification Every Hour
Warranty 1 Year | Free Installation | No Annual Maintenance


► 8.5L Livpure Touch 2000 Plus Water Purifier {RO+UV+UF}

To purify hard water from bore well and tanker, or even from corporation supply, the Livpure Touch 2000 Plus is one of the best-suited purifiers in the market. It is capable of making hard water with high TDS potable, safe for drinking.

You have to be extra careful in deciding whether to invest in this smart purifier or not in case of the water source at your place is the corporation pipeline. If the corporation water quality is good, then you need a UV+UF water purifier. In RO purification, water loses minerals and other beneficial properties. I am sure you must be knowing water is a good source of essential minerals in living beings.

Using purification technologies like RO, UV, and UF, this Livpure purifier machine can purify all types of hard water. The water passes through seven stages inside this purifier and comes out as pure as it can be. However, before entering the central purification system, water first passes through the sediment filter that removes the suspended particles and makes the water look clean. Also, the activated carbon filter removes those chemicals that make water smell terrible. A taste enhancer built-in as one of the stages of the purification process makes the water taste sweet, withal.

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Ideal RO Purifier for a large family: The 8.5-liter tank of this water purifier can store enough water for an average Indian family with 4 to 10 members. Its plastic body is made of food grade materials, so you do not have to worry about any contamination.

Heavy Duty: This Livpure purifier is capable of cleaning up to 15 liters of water every hour. The maximum volume of water that it can purify in a whole day is 75 liters, however.

Touch Interface: A touch interface is not an essential requirement for a water purifier. The information displayed on the front related to inside purification processes is useful, however.

Compact and Wall Mountable: Even though this purifier comes with a bunch of purification filters but its build is compact hence requires much less space. Installing it on a kitchen wall will save space in a congested family apartment.

Pros: –

  • Suitable for cleaning hard water
  • 5-liter storage tank
  • Food grade body
  • RO, UV and UF technology
  • Activated carbon filter
  • Purifies 15 liters of water in an hour
  • Power efficient
  • Touch interface shows various useful information
  • Multiple water-dispensing options

Should you buy this Livpure purifier? From the above discussion, it is clear that the Livpure RO purifier machine is fully capable of cleaning any hard water. This purifier machine also comes many extra features to enhance the end user experience.

Price 14300 Rupees
Features Multi-dispensing options | Filter-Change Indication | Taste enhancer | Next generation design | Smart Alert | UV Fail Alert | Auto Shut-Off
Purification 7-Stage {Pre-Filter | Anti-Scalant Cartridge | Sediment-Filter | Pre-Carbon Filter Cum Adsorber | RO-Membrane | UF-Filter | Silver Impregnated Post-Carbon Cartridge | UV Disinfection Column} | TDS: Up to 2000 PPM
Capacity Water Tank: 8.5-Liter | Water Processing: {15-Liters/hour | 75-Liters/day}
Build Food-Grade Material | Only Wall-Mount installation | Filter Life: 6000-Liter
Sales Box Purifier Machine | Pre-Filter | Installation kit | User Manual | warranty card
Warranty 12 Months | Free Installation


►7L Kent Ace Plus Water Purifier {RO+UF+TDS}

Kent is one of the few reputable companies known to sell reliable water purifiers in India market. The reason why I like this brand is it keeps launching new purifiers incorporated with the latest technology. Last year Kent launched the Ace Plus RO+UF water purifier. This purifier machine has become quite popular these days. It is an electricity-based RO purifier and is suitable for purifying hard water.

A purifier of this type costs, in general, not more than 8000 rupees, but Kent is selling it at 13500 rupees currently. This whopping price tag made me curious, so I decided to its review for this website. After 30-days research, I am finally here to tell what pros and cons this purifier comes with. So, without any further ado let us get down to the main business.

RO + UF Purification Advantage: This Kent purifier is for people who consume hard water. Its RO membrane is capable of making water potable even if the TDS level is as high as 1000 ppm. Further, the purifier also comes equipped with a UF unit, but not all water passes through it. Instead, it is used to purify the water that passes through the TDS modulator only.

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Although Kent actively says this purifier adds the essential minerals back to the water, but I would not recommend you to purify soft water with it. TDS modulators just add the non-RO-purified water back to the mainstream water to enhance the taste.

Build and Design: Generally, a water purifier, whose cost is more than 10000 Rupees, comes with an attractive and modern looking outer shell. That does not seem to be the case here, however. The looks and design of this RO water purifier are not as good as I had expected. The top part of the purifier, which consists of all the filtration units, is transparent while the bottom part features a white color finish.

The build quality of this purifier has greatly disappointed me. Kent has used cheap quality plastic in making it. Its tap feels very flimsy and can easily break if something collides with it.

Small Storage Tank: A significant limitation of wall-mounted purifiers is that they cannot hold huge amount of water in the storage tank. In our case, Kent has equipped this purifier with a 7-liter storage tank. This wouldn’t be a big problem though as these days everyone stores water in bottles.

Food grade surface of the storage tank does not allow bacteria to flourish and keeps the water free of contamination.

Installation and Maintenance Cost: With this RO purifier, you get wall-mount installation option only. The support Kent provides during the whole installation process is fantastic. Well-qualified engineer and support staff from the brand will visit your home for installation post-delivery of the water purifier. They will not leave until you are fully satisfied and everything working as expected. Installation is done free of cost, which is another bonus of purchasing the Kent purifier.

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The maintenance cost of the RO purifier machine is not as high as you would expect. On average, you would have to spend around 2000 rupees per year on it. The purifier consumes just 60 Watts of electricity, which is too low to cause an increase in your monthly electricity bill.

Should you buy this Kent water purifier? This water purifier is a great option to go for if you are using hard water. The RO membrane is really powerful and works perfectly with high TDS water. It does not feature a UV chamber. So, before ordering the product ensures that the water coming to your house does not have a high concentration of bacteria.

Price 13500 Rupees
Ideal For Purification of Brackish | Tap Water | Municipal Water Supply
Features Multi-stage purification | Mineral RO Technology | Computer Controlled Operation
Capacity Water Tank: 7 Liters | Water Processing: 15 Liters/Hour | Daily Max Duty: 75 Liters/Day
Purification RO | UF | Sediment Filter | Carbon Filter | TDS Controller
Build Power Consumption: 60W | Installation: Wall Mount | ABS Food Grade Plastic
Warranty 12 months + 36 Months No Service Charge | Free Installation


► Kent Ace Mineral Water Purifier {RO+UV+UF}

Kent has a good reputation in the Indian water purifier market. Its recent launch the Ace Mineral RO water purifier can purify hard water with high TDS.

The three main purification technologies (RO, UV, and UF) onboard make sure the water that you drink after purification is 100 % clean and chemical-free. A TDS unit inside the machine controls the amount of minerals present in the water. The 11-Watt UV lamp is powerful enough to rip the DNA apart even the smallest bacteria.

All the filtration units come arranged in the horizontal position because of which the efficiency of this machine gets increased. It is also capable of processing up to 15 liters of water every hour, but with a limit of 75-Liters in a day.

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Smart Automatic Purifier: This RO purifier machine operates automatically. A smart software controls all the purifying operations. When the tank gets filled with the purified water, the purification processes run automatically stops. Moreover, this water filter is highly efficient and does not waste even a single drop of water.

Durable Body: The outer shell of this purifier is made of ABS material, which is highly durable. The storage tank made of food grade plastic can contain 7 liters of water at once and also comes with a level indicator. All the components are tightly fitted using O-Rings to ensure leak-free operation.

Power Consumption: This Kent RO  purifier comes with an inbuilt SMPS that supports a wider voltage input range of 100-300 Volts. Therefore, you will not have to worry about the power fluctuations impact and possible short-circuit or burning of the components. The maximum power consumption of this machine is only 60-Watts.

  Water Purifier: ₹3000 - ₹5000

Should you buy this Kent RO Purifier? The Kent Ace Mineral RO water purifier is a good solution for households getting water from bore well or lorry supply. It has the wherewithal for making hard water with high TDS potable, 100% safe for drinking. Moreover, it is a highly recommended water purifier in 13000 to 14000 Rupees price range if there is a pregnant lady in the home.

Price 13200 Rupees
Features Mineral RO Technology | Double Purification | Computer Controlled Operation | TDS Controller System | Auto Shut Off | Auto Start | Built-In SMPS | UV Fail Alarm
Suitable Polluted Water | Hard Water | High TDS Water | Salty Water | Borewell Water | Lorry Water Supply | Brackish Water
Purification RO Membrane | UV Chamber | Sediment | Carbon Block Filter | UF & Post Carbon
Capacity 7-Liter Water Tank | Water Processing: {15 Liter per hour | 75 Liter per day}
Build Power Consumption: 60W | Only Wall Mount Installation
Warranty 12 Months + 36 Months | Free Installation


► 8L Kent Grand Water Purifier {RO+UV+UF}

The Kent Water Purifier is suitable for purifying water from all the regular sources like bore well, lorry supply, and municipal pipelines. Kent’s patented mineral RO technology on this purifier machine removes only the harmful dissolved chemicals from the water. That means if you purify soft water like corporation water, the water post-purification wouldn’t be devoid of necessary minerals. Furthermore, sediment and activated carbon filters remove all the dissolved impurities from the water and make it look natural and smell better.

The small pores of UF chamber only allow the needed ingredients to pass. The 11-watt UV lamp kills almost all disease-causing bacteria present in the water, withal.

Kent Grand water purifier has purification auto-off and auto-start function. You won’t have to worry as the auto-off feature stops the purification processes once the storage tank is full. When the tank is empty, then the auto-start feature starts the purification process again. All the parts of this Kent RO purifier are leak-free. Its 60W power consumption is reasonable, withal.

Buy Grand: 13000 Rupees | Grand Plus: 15500 Rupees
Features Multi-stage Purification | Patented Mineral RO Technology | Computer Controlled Fully Automatic Operations | Water Level Indicator (Only in Grand Plus) | UV Fail Alarm | Filter Change Alert
Ideal for Colorful Corporation Water | Borewell Water | Hard Water | Lorry Water | High TDS Water
Purification RO | UV | UF | Sediment | Carbon Block Filter | Post Carbon
Capacity Water Processing: {Grand: 15L/hr. | Grand Plus: 20L/hr.} | Maximum Duty Cycle: {Grand: 75L/day | Grand Plus: 100L/Day}
Warranty 12 Months Full Warranty | Additional 36 Months Free Service | Free Installation
Build 8-Liter Water Tank | ABS Plastic Body | Food-Grade Safe Water Tank for Pure Water


► Whirlpool Minerala Platinum Water Purifier

Whirlpool has launched so far only a few water purifier machines in India market. In a recent article, we covered the pros and cons of the Whirlpool Destroyer EAT, a budget water purifier. While researching for that filter, my team also came across Whirlpool’s Minerala Platinum Water Purifier. This machine has an excellent reputation in the market.

One great thing about the purifier market is “with premium price come premium features.” No single penny will go waste if you have purchased this RO purifier machine. It's unique, and mind-blowing design will undoubtedly take the beauty of your kitchen to the next level.

The RO purifier comes in a durable white color outer shell molded in a compact rectangular box-like shape. Whirlpool has placed the tap in the center for easy accessibility.

→ 7-Stage Purification System: The Minerala is an RO-based water purifier that makes the water potable with the help of a 7-stage purification system. It is capable of cleaning water with a TDS level of — up to 2500 PPM.

Before entering the RO membrane, water moves through a pre-filter, a sediment filter, and a pre-carbon filter. These stages make the water free of visible particles, harmful metals, and other organic impurities.

Are RO Purifiers Really That Effective? RO technology stands for Reverse Osmosis. At the fundamental level, an RO membrane separates large molecules and ions from their smaller counterparts by using a semi-permeable material.

However, there is a huge problem associated with RO technology. RO membranes are not smart enough to differentiate between the harmful and beneficial elements. Thus, they also remove those minerals from the water essential for proper functioning of human body.

Generally, experts recommend RO purifiers for cleaning water with a TDS level of more than 500 PPM. If the TDS level of water coming to your house is below than that number, then a natural UF based purifier will get the job done without any problem.

→ No Ultra-Violet Filter: The Whirlpool RO purifier does not have a UV filter. Although the activated carbon filter helps in reducing the organic compounds, it is not so effective when it comes to killing bacteria. So, before purchasing this purifier machine be sure to keep this point in mind. I would not recommend it if there is a pregnant lady in your family.

Inbuilt Storage Tank: An inbuilt storage tank with the capacity to hold 8.5 liters water makes this purifier really attractive. As per my experience, this much water will be enough for a typical Indian family. Moreover, customers who have the potential of purchasing this purifier would also have a refrigerator at their home. I am saying this because extra water bottles can be stored in the refrigerator as a backup.

→ Should you buy this Whirlpool water purifier? The US brand Whirlpool is a big name in the market. We tried to interview some people who are already using this purifier to understand the quality of Whirlpool’s post-purchase service. Surprisingly, almost all customers whom we interviewed were happy with the Whirlpool Minerala purifier. Whirlpool customer support is friendly and fast. They also confirmed this.

Pros: –

  • Capable of removing harmful minerals from even very high TDS water
  • Whirlpool is offering free installation service
  • Durable build
  • Modern design
  • Computerized operation enhances user’s experience
  • Low power consumption
  • Tabletop and wall mount installation options
  • Inbuilt storage tank

The Whirlpool RO water purifier in 13000 Rupees is a reliable option in the market. Not having UV chamber will undoubtedly affect the sales of this purifier, however. It can prove to be a really great solution if the water coming to your house has a low count of bacteria in it. Lastly, people who use low TDS water should not purchase this RO based purifier in any situation.

Price 13000 Rupees
Features Mineral Enrichment System | Reeducation in TDS up to 93%
Capacity 8.5-Liter tank | 13.5-Liter Pure Water Per Hour
Purification RO | 7-stage purification process | TDS Level: 2500 PPM
Build Power Consumption: 36 Watts | Weight: 10-Kg | Dimensions: 534 X 276 X 412 mm | Installation: Wall mount/Tablet Top
Warranty 1 Year | Free Installation | Check Maintenance Plan


► 6.5L Aquaguard Superb Water Purifier {RO+UV+UF}

This RO Purifier machine comes with many great features. Having the three major purification technologies onboard, Aquaguard Super is the right water purifier when the water source is borewell. It is capable of making hard water with high TDS water potable and sweat.

Customers would love the design of this purifier. Its outer shell sports a combination of black and silver finish. Curved sides with flat front give a modern touch to the whole setup.

Build quality of the machine is also impressive. It does not suffer from any kind of flexing or creaking no matter how much pressure you apply. Eureka Forbes has used durable ABS plastic in the making. This material is also food safe, which means the stored water will not get contaminated even after many days.

Further, the Superb purifier supports both wall mount and tabletop installation. I would suggest installing it on a wall because that would save space as well as provide a pleasing look to the kitchen.

→ UV, UF, and RO Purification: The USP of this Aquaguard purifier is RO purification. It passes the water through a Reverse Osmosis membrane where all the heavy elements and harmful chemicals are removed. This technology is excellent for water with a high TDS level.

For low TDS water, RO can do more harm than good by removing the critical minerals. Eureka has tried to solve this problem by equipping the Superb purifier machine with a TDS modulator. This small device diverts a small amount of water before the RO stage and mixes it back to the processed water. As a result, the water does not lose essential minerals and also tastes good. Eureka Forbes dubs this as Mineral Guard Technology.

To purify the diverted water, this purifier uses UF (ultra-filtration technology). In the last stage, a UV unit deactivates all bacteria and microbes by radiating high-frequency UV rays.

→ Silver-Ion Technology: Silver ions are quite famous in the air conditioner industry for killing disease-causing microorganisms. Eureka has tried to incorporate the same technology on this purifier. The Silver ions can rip apart cell membranes of bacteria and inhibit their growth.

Big Storage Tank: The Aquaguard purifier can store up to 6.5 liters of water in its storage tank. It would suffice the needs of a family with 4-5 members. Tight fitting of inner components stops insects from entering the tank and contaminating the water. Moreover, an advanced dispenser not only stops the water from sprinkling all over the kitchen floor but also adds to the user’s experience.

Advanced Warning System: Another worth mentioning feature of this fantastic purifier is the onboard advanced warning system. It notifies the user about necessary maintenance days in advance. On the right side of the front panel, you can find three LED lights, each of which corresponds to a different type of fault.

→ Eureka Forbes Offers Free Installation

Eureka provides the free standard installation with the Aquaguard Superb purifier. However, customers should understand that the company would charge money in case some extra parts are needed.

Pro Features: –

  • Modern design
  • High-quality build
  • Good for high TDS water
  • Smart notification system
  • Auto Shut Off
  • Mineral Guard Protection
  • Ro, UF, and UV Technology in Action
Price 12500 Rupees
Capacity Tank Capacity: 6.5-Liter | Filter Life: 6000L
Filter RO | UV | UF | Silver-Ion
Warranty 1-Year | Installation: Counter Top/Wall Mount
Build Power Consumption: 40W | LED Notification


► Kent Wonder Water Purifier {RO+UF}

This Kent water purifier with RO + UF filter makes no sense to me. Post RO purification water comes to its natural stage. In the UV chamber, UV rays kill germs and harmful bacteria. UF membrane is always the last stage of a purification process in electric water purifiers. Post UF purification water becomes 100% pure. Thus, by considering the role of each purification stage, A water purifier should have one of these purification processes onboard: RO+UV+UF, or RO+UV, or UV+UF, or only UV, or only UF filter.

If the water requires RO purification, then it must pass through UV chamber for being free from germs and harmful bacteria. How it is possible that the water requires RO purification, but there is no harmful germs and bacteria in it. Kent Wonder water purifier comes with RO+UF filter. I wouldn’t recommend it if there is a pregnant lady or a baby less than 2 years old in the home.

→ Kent Wonder Water Purifier alternatives

Kent Pride Mineral RO Water purifier: The Pride Mineral is another RO water purifier from Kent with only UF Filter. The Kent Mineral RO technology with this water purifier for home use not only removes harmful chemicals from the water but also adds the necessary minerals back to it.

Kent Super Plus Mineral RO Water Purifier: This purifier has the same purification process, what Kent Wonder and Kent Pride Mineral have. RO and UF are the two best purification technologies for making hard water, natural and fresh. The purified water by this RO purifier machine wouldn’t be 100% germs and bacteria-free, however.

To make hard water potable and 100% safe, it has to pass through at least three purification stages: RO, UV, and UF. Kent Super Plus Mineral purifier machine has only RO+UF technology. It lacks UV filter.

Thus, compared to these two RO purifier machines, Kent Wonder is a better option because of a transparent water tank.

→ RO purification is Requirement not Advantage: If a purifier machine using RO purification system, then the purified water will have less of its natural properties unless a mineral guard protection is onboard. Having RO purification is not an advantage. It is a requirement. If there is no requirement, your water purifier should not have it.

Kent Wonder water purifier supports both counter-top and wall mount installation. As all other purifiers manufactured by Kent, this purifier machine also sports push-fit components. Transparent 7-liter tank makes more accessible for the user to see how much water is still left and if it is clean or not, withal.

Alarm System: Just above the storage tank, an indicator panel consists of two LEDs. The red LED light is for power indication while the green LED light turns on if the purifier requires a service. This smart alarm system ensures that your family members do not drink even a single drop of unpurified water.

→ Purification Process: The reverse osmosis membrane makes the water free from dissolved chemicals. After the RO stage, this filter adds the necessary minerals back to the water. The UF chamber passes the water through its ultra-small pores from which disease-causing bacteria get filtered out. Other purification stages make the water look clean and taste good.

Pros: –

  • Transparent storage tank
  • LED indicators
  • Good for cleaning hard water and Soft water
  • Leak-proof body
  • Eye-catching design
  • Inbuilt TDS controller makes water taste good
  • Supports table top installation
Price 13000 Rupees
Ideal for Corporation Water | Hard Water | Salty Water
Features Mineral Retention Technology | Double Purification | Fast Water Purifier | Smart Design | Alert System
Purification RO | UF | Sediment | Activated Carbon
Capacity Water Processing: {15-liters per hour | 75 Liters per day} | 7 Liter Tank | Tank Material Food-Grade Safe
Build ABS Plastic Build | Transparent Tank | Power Consumption: 60W | Tabletop/Wall mount Installation
Warranty 12 months Complete Warranty | 36 Months Free Service Warranty | Free Installation


► Havells Max RO Water Purifier

In recent years Havells by launching several RO water purifier models has become one of the best Water purifiers companies in India Market. Havells Max is the latest introduction to the market, which comes with RO and UV filter and mineral protection. The domestic water purifier is ideal for a family of three to ten members. While it has 8-liter tank to store pure water, it can purify 15 liters water every hour. You can consider buying it if the water source at your place is either corporation water, tanker water, borewell water, or water with high TDS levels. It is suitable for water with TDS Level up to 2000 PPM. Moreover, Havells offers free of cost installation for this perfect water purifier for home use.

Havells Max RO water purifier has a solid build, and its design is futuristic. It operates with 7-Stage water purification process to make unclean water fully potable. You can see in the image below how water moves from one stage to another, covering a total of 7 stages before reaching to the storage tank.

High Annual Maintenance Cost: Everything is great about this water purifier except its annual maintenance cost. The first year is the honeymoon period for buyers, but concern starts from second-year onboard. The water purifier system for home has high maintenance cost after being used for 12 months from the date of purchase. Havells offers additional year service plan at 4500 Rupees with some hard terms and conditions. The cost of the filter, which generally has a life of 6000-Liter, could be anything between 4000 to 4500 Rupees.

Should you buy this RO water purifier considering its high maintenance cost? My answer is yes. My friend who is staying alone consumes on average 3 to 4-liter cane water a day. Thus, his monthly water consumption is 100 liter and annually 1200 liter. I am talking about only drinking water. In Chennai, the regular cane water cost is 2 Rupees per liter. So, his annual drinking water cost is 2500 Rupees approx.

  Water Purifiers under ₹20000

On the other hand, the cost of every liter pure drinking water by Havells Max water purifier is roughly a Rupee. So, investing for this RO water purifier with mineral protection makes sense. Even with a high annual maintenance cost, it is a worthy choice. Its purification processor is efficient. Even dirty, smelling water after being purified by this RO system with 7-Stage purification tastes excellent and fresh.

Convenience and safety features: there are fewer chances of a malfunction occurring and stopping purification process of this Havells water purifier. The reasons are — Havells trust and reliable protection built-in with this RO purifier to protect it from voltage fluctuation.

A good tip to use water purifier safely is to fill a steel container with the purified water. Use the purified water in the steel container for all your requirement, drinking, and cooking. Do not use the water purifier machine like a water dispenser system.

Should you buy Havells Max Water Purifier? Considering everything I would not be wrong in saying Havells Max is currently the best RO water purifier for hard water, corporation water, tanker water, and borewell water under 12000 Rupees.

If in your family has a pregnant woman or a newborn baby less than 2 years old, better look for a purifier with RO, UV, and UF technology. In UV filter UV rays kill all the germs and bacteria in the water. Their body, however, remains in the water. It is the UF filter which is capable of removing dead body of germs and bacteria by passing the water through 0.01-micron holes and thereby making water 100%.

Price 11800 Rupees
Build 8-Liter Storage Tank | Dimensions: 490 x 273 x 382 mm | Weight: 8Kg | Food Grade material used in the body and storage tank | Power Consumption: 45-Watt | Inverter Safe
Purification 7-Stage | 15 Liters Water per Hour | RO and UV Technology | 4-Watt UV lamp
Water Water Pressure: 06-30 PSI
Pro Features Mineralz Fortification: Corrects PH of Purified Water, adds back essential mineral to the water | Revitalizer: makes water biologically active by restructuring water molecules to improve the hydration, alkalinity, and mineral absorption | iProtect Purification System: constantly monitoring purification processor | Electrical protection system to protect from voltage fluctuation
Convenience Self-diagnostic | Purification process | Tank Full | Low water pressure | error alerts for UV, SV, and pump failure
Warranty 12 Months | Free Installation | Second Year Annual Maintenance Cost 4500 Rupees | Filter Cost: Around 4000 Rupees | Filter Life: 6000 Liter | Havells Customer Care 1800-103-1313


► Livpure Pep Star Water Purifier {RO+UV+UF}

The Livpure purifier is one of the best RO water purifier machines under 12000 Rupees, currently. It is a water purifier for hard water like Borewell water, tanker water, and if the corporation water quality is pathetic.

The right way to buy a perfect purifier is first to test the quality of the water at your place. That will give the required information to decide what are the features a purifier machine for your home should have.

If there is a pregnant lady or a baby less than 2 years old in the family, an RO purifier like Livpure Pep Star is the right solution. The purifier machine passes water through the 7-stage purification process including RO, UV, and UF before storing into the 7-liter tank. While RO purification process makes water potable, UV rays kill germs and bacteria in the water, and UF membrane removes the dead body of germs and virus as well as anything left over from the first 6-stage purification.

  जल शोधक: ₹3000 - ₹5000

Build Design: Further, the Livpure purifier machine comes with smart alert system, taste enhancer, and a sturdy build. The design of this electric water purifier is not that impressive, however. Compared with its alternative Havells Maxx, a recommended water purifier under 12000 Rupees, Livpure Pep Star RO purifier looks like a dead machine.

Price 11990 Rupees
Features Smart Alert {UV Fail Alarm} | Indicator: {Power ON | Purification ON | Tank Full} | Auto Shut-off | 6000 Liters Filter Life
Purification 7-Stage: {Sediment Filter | Pre-Carbon Block Cum Adsorber | Anti-Scalant Cartridge | RO Membrane | UV Disinfection Column | UF Cartridge | Silver Impregnated Post Carbon Cartridge} | TDS Level: Up to 2000 PPM
Build Food-Grade Plastic | Wall mount Installation only
Capacity 7-Liter Tank | 12-Liter Water Processing per hour | 75-Liter Water Processing Every day
Sales Box Water Purifier Machine | Installation Kit | Documents
Warranty 12 Months | Free Installation

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