Can water purifiers remove fluoride? Yes, water purifiers can remove excessive fluoride from water. To remove harmful substances from the water like arsenic and fluoride, you need an electric water purifier with an advanced RO purification system. Water purifiers with regular RO purification systems would not be able to do such hard purification.

During multi-stage hard purification, water loses its natural properties, vital elements, and essential minerals. Drinking water without its natural value in it — is not going to benefit health-wise. Therefore, a water purifier, which removes the harmful substance from the water should also have the technology to correct its pH value and revitalize it with essential minerals.

Can water purifiers purify salt water?  Do water purifiers remove salt from the water? The answer is YES. In Chennai city, the corporation runs many large RO purification plants to purify seawater.

To purify salty water, you need a water purifier with an RO and UV purification system at least. After passing through a robust RO purification system, salty water becomes natural water. However, it is still not free from germs and harmful bacteria. To make it safe for drinking, the water next has to pass through a UV chamber. After UV purification water becomes safe for drinking. To make the water 100% safe for drinking, your water purifier must also have a UF membrane as the last stage purifier.

Which water purifiers are best below 20000 Rupees? In this piece, we cover high-end water purifiers, which are capable of purifying not just regular hard water, but hard water with harmful chemical substances. Here you read about the best water purifiers from 15000 to 20000 Rupees price range in the Indian market.

► 8-Liter HUL Pureit Copper+ RO Water Purifier

Innovation is necessary to sustain the consistent growth of any kind of market. The smartphone industry is thriving only because tech giants are inventing new features almost every year. When it comes to water purifiers, the next-generation innovation for cheaper and better-purified water is lagging far behind. For many years, we have not witnessed the advent of any new technology, which can change the whole water purifier industry.

Recently, HUL launched its new water purifier with a real-time copper infusion system. This unique copper water purifier gives pure water with the benefits of copper (Overall well-being, improves digestion, maintains immunity, helps fight obesity). It is currently one of the best-selling water purifiers in the 20000 Rupees range.

Apparently, the new Pureit Copper+ Mineral water purifier is like any other Pureit RO water purifier. The only uniqueness it brings is the induction of a copper infusion system. As claimed by the brand, the water purifier can infuse copper in the purified water in real-time and make it as useful as normal copper water, which you would get after storing water in a copper container for more than 8 hours.

This new Pureit water purifier is fully automatic. You only need to press the power ON switch, and the machine will start the filtration process on its own. Once the storage tank is full, the filtration process will stop automatically.

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I do not endorse machine-processed water. Presently, there is no alternative to an RO water purifier system. So, you could consider having one. But you can make natural copper water without any effort. Buy a copper Judge or container and store purified water in it for a whole night to get real copper water.

Price ₹20000 | Amazon
Features RO+UV+MF | Copper Charge Technology | Precise Copper Dosing | Intelligent Copper Auto-Cleaning | Dual Water Dispenser: {Copper Charged Water | Normal RO Water} | Advance Alert warns about filter expiry
Supported Water Max TDS Level: 2000 PPM | Max Hardness: 500-mg/liter | Max Iron: 0.3-mg/liter | Turbidity: 1 NTU Max
Purification 45% Water Recovery | Up to 90% TDS Reduction | 7-Stage Purification: {1→Pre-Sediment Filter, 2→Pre-RO Carbon Filter, 3→Mesh Filter, 4→RO Membrane, 5→UV Reactor, 6→Post RO Carbon filter, 7→Micro-Filter Membrane}
Capacity 8-Liter Tank | Water Purification per hour: up to 28-Liter
Build 100% Food Grade Plastic | Hands-Free Bottle Fill Zone | Weight: 9.5-kg | 24V DC Pump | Power Consumption: 60W | Pressure Rating: 10-30 PSI | Supported Voltage Range: 100V – 240V | 1.5-meter Power Cord
Filter Cost Germs Kill Kit @ 3500 Rupees approx. + Installation @ 300 Rupees


► 9-Liter Kent Superb Star RO Water Purifier

The Superb Star RO water purifier is the newest water purifier model of the Kent brand. This water purifier machine with a 9-Liter tank is an ideal water purifier for large families. Currently Kent brand offers 36 months of annual maintenance free in addition to a 12-month complete warranty for this heavy-duty water purifier.

Kent Superb Star RO Water Purifier

Equipped with RO, UV, UF, and TDS control systems, Kent Superb Star is an ideal water purifier to purify water from all types of sources. The RO filter makes the water potable. In the UV lamp treatment, UV rays kill harmful bacteria and germs in the water. UF membrane further filters the water by removing the dead body of bacteria and viruses.

Water is a good source of essential minerals in our bodies. However, due to hard filtration during RO treatment, usually crucial minerals are lost. To safeguard minerals in the water, the Kent Superb Star RO water purifier comes with a patented Mineral Guard Protection system.

What makes this Kent water purifier unique is that it comes with an additional UV filter, which is fitted in its tank where purified water is stored. The UV filter prevents germs and bacteria growth if the purified water is not used within a day.

  Washing Machine: ₹15000 - ₹20000

Kent Superb Star RO is a reliable water purification machine. In fact, it is one of the best water purifiers under 20000 Rupees. Although, the bigger question is, do you really need this water purifier? Remember in a water purifier, the number of filters and features dictates maintenance cost. And, too many filters are not the best thing always.

Price 18500 Rupees
Ideal For Water from All Sources
Features Digital Display of Purity | Mineral RO Technology | In-tank UV Disinfection Technology | Auto Flush System | Multistage Purification Process | Less Water Wastage | 12-Months Warranty | Annual Maintenance Free for 36-Months | Free Installation | 60W Power Consumption
Purification RO | 11W UV Lamp (5000 Hrs. Operation Life) | UF | TDS Control | Sediment Filter | Carbon Block Filter | Post Carbon Filter
Capacity 9-Liter Water Tank | 100L Water Processing Everyday | Up to 20-Liter Purified Water Every Hour


► 7-Liter Havells Digitouch Water Purifier {RO+UV}

To purify hard water (usually from borewells) with harmful substances like arsenic and fluoride the Havells water purifier is perfect. It comes with an advanced RO purification system for bringing water to its natural stage. Double UV purification makes the water 100% safe for drinking by killing harmful germs and bacteria in it, withal.


Water on this Havells purifier passes through an 8-stage purification chain before being collected into the 7-liter tank for pure water. This RO water purifier also has features built-in to maintain essential minerals in the water and correct its pH value.

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Water recovery post RO purification is only 30% approx. Therefore, it may not be a recommended purifier machine if you are paying a water bill. Moreover, Havells's free service is not available to all PIN codes. Customers with not serviceable PIN codes will have to pay a service charge.

Price 19500 Rupees
Ideal for Hard water | High TDS water | Colorful water
Features Mineralz” corrects the pH of purified water and maintains minerals and necessary elements of the water | Revitalizer improves the hydration and mineral absorption of the water | iProtect Purification Monitoring | Auto Diagnostic | Maintenance Alerts | Cartridge life indicator
Purification RO + UV | Double UV Purification | 8-Stage Purification | 4W UV Lamp | Post Purification pH Level: 7.5 to 9 | Reduction in TDS Level up to 95% | Remove Arsenic, fluoride and other harmful substances | RO Purification Water Recovery 30%
Capacity Water processing: {15 liters per hour | 75 Liters per day}
Build Dimensions (HWD):  48.4 x 36.1 x 22.2 cm | Convenient multi fill options | Food-Safe sealed Water Tank | Power Consumption: 60W | Pressure Rating: 06-30 psi | Tabletop/Wall mount installation
Warranty 12 Months | Free Installation | Filter Cost: 4500 Rupees


► Aquaguard Geneus Water Purifier {RO+UV+UF}

Eureka Forbes brand claims that the Geneus RO purifier is capable of purifying both high TDS as well as low TDS water. However, what we learned is that this purifier works best for low TDS water. It may not be the best RO purifier machine for high TDS water.

Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Geneus Water Purifier

Aquaguard Geneus is a truly smart water purifier. It is smart enough to decide when to use RO + UV and UV+UF. The RO+UV combination is best suited when the water coming to your house has a TDS level, of substantially more than 500 PPM. If it is not, then the UV+UF combination will suffice all needs. An inbuilt activated carbon unit (also called a taste enhancer) makes the water clean and enhances its taste, withal.

  मीटर सॉ: ₹10000 - ₹20000

Just above the tap, you will find an informative and user-friendly control panel. From the panel, you can even set the needed mineral level in the water. It also shows how much water is left in the storage tank. The purifier’s smart brain notifies the customer about a filter change before 30 days, withal.

Price 19800 Rupees
Ideal for Municipal water | Borewell water | Water from tankers
Features Taste Guard | Intelligent Sensor for timely alert | Dispenses water without electricity | Automatic Operation | Biotron
Purification Filters: {I-Cartridge | Chemi-Block | Biotron-Cartridge | Mineral-Guard | RO Cartridge | UF Technology | Taste Enhancer Cartridge | UV Chamber} | TDS Level: 2000 PPM
Capacity Water Processing: {15-Liter Per Hour | 75 Liters Per Day}
Build LED Notification | Wall-mount/Tabletop Installation | 6-Liter Water Tank | Power Consumption: 45-Watt | 11-Watt UV Lamp
Warranty UV Lamp Life: 5000 Burning Hours | Free-Installation | 12-Months Warranty


► 8-Liter Kent Supreme Plus Water Purifier {RO+UV+UF+TDS Control}

First of all, you must know that not all water requires RO treatment. NGT has banned RO treatment for water with a TDS level of less than 500 mg per liter.  How to know whether the water requires RO treatment or not? If the water has a smell or color, or both then it requires RO purification. Plain & simple! If the water does not have a smell or color and you are still suspicious then get it tested in a certified lab.

  Miter Saw: ₹10000 - ₹20000

The Kent Supreme Plus is one of the best RO water purifiers in India currently. Its operation is fully automatic. That means it starts purifying water upon sensing the low water level in its tank. Water treated in this Kent purifier becomes almost 100% pure and safe for drinking, the brand claims. The majority of the users who bought this water purifier and currently using it — more or less agree with the claim.

For treating water successfully, the Kent Supreme Plus water purifier has these three main technologies: RO, UV, and UF. The In-tank UV purifier ensures zero growth of germs and bacteria in the accumulated purified water in its 8-liter tank.  And, built-in the mineral RO technology makes sure that the water does not lose its mineral property due to hard-hitting RO treatment.

Price ₹16500 | Amazon | Flipkart
Features 8-Liter Tank | RO+UV+UF | Mineral-Protection | TDS Control | Zero Water Wastage | Fully Automatic Operation | Made in India |  Warranty: Up to 4-Years


► 9-Liter Kent Supreme Water Purifier {RO+UV+UF+TDS Control}

Kent has mastered the art of designing products. All its water purifiers (including this one) look mind-blowing and also come with a sturdy build. The components of this RO purifier machine are made of food-grade materials and are capable of resisting all types of contamination. All its parts come secured with O-rings for eliminating leakage problems, withal.

Kent Supreme Water Purifier Machine

The purifier features a double-action purification system that takes the help of RO, UV, and UF technologies to clean the water. The UF section alone is capable of removing suspended particles and disease-causing bacteria. RO and UV technologies together make the water safe and natural.

This RO purifier machine also comes with a TDS controller that makes sure all the essential minerals are retained in the water. Still, you should not use this purifier for cleaning soft water.

Saving water in RO Purification Process: Kent is branding the Supreme RO water purifier for its ability to high-water recovery during RO purification. In general, water recovery post-RO purification is 25 to 30 percent. This Kent water purifier, however, using its advanced purification process recovers 50 percent of the water. If you have to pay for every liter of water used Kent Supreme is a recommended RO purifier for you. Reject water RO purification is stored in a separate tank for reuse.

  Water Purifier: ₹3000 - ₹5000

The purification process of this RO purifier is automatic. It alerts in case the UV lamp or a filter unit fails and thereby ensuring not a single drop of unpurified water passes to the tank that stores purified water.

While this RO purifier machine is not cheap, its maintenance cost is less. The reason is the long life of its filters. For increasing the durability of the membrane, this purifier frequently removes the salt deposits by flushing the system.

The power consumption by the Kent Supreme water purifier is usual despite many inbuilt processes. It supports a wide voltage input range of 100 – 300 Volts. That means it is resistive to even strong power fluctuations.

Should you buy this Kent RO Water Purifier? The Kent supreme is one of the best RO water purifiers in the Indian market. I can say this because it is a unique purifier machine with many unusual features. Its design is eye-catching, and also user-friendly. Kent has exclusively designed it for those users who have to pay a monthly water bill.

  Water Purifiers under ₹15000

If water is a costly commodity for you, then Kent Supreme is the right water purifier. It has a high water recovery post-RO purification process and rejected water is stored for reuse in other works. It is a pricey RO purifier machine, its annual maintenance cost, however, is less.

Price 16500 Rupees
Ideal for Borewell-Water | Tanker-Water | Hard-Water | Salty-Water | Brackish Water | Small to Larger Family
Features Mineral-RO Technology | Double-Purification | Save-Water Technology | Low maintenance
Purification RO | UV | UF | TDS Control | Sediment | Carbon-Block | Post-Carbon
Capacity 9-Liter Tank for Pure-Water | 9-Liter Tank for Rejected-Water | 20-Liter Water Processing Every-Hour |100-Liter Water Processing Every Day
Build ABS-Plastic Body | Food-Grade Safe Tank | Wall mount Installation only | Power Consumption: 60W
Warranty 12-Months | Extra 36-Months Service-Warranty | Free-Installation


► 10-Liter HUL Pureit Ultima Water Purifier {RO+UV}

You might have seen some TV adverts for the HUL Pureit Ultima Water Purifier. You can purchase it for the amount of 16000 rupees. I know it costs a lot, but in return, you are getting a purifier with top-notch features. This purifier is currently one of the best-selling RO purifiers in the market.

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Attractive and robust Build: Since the Ultima RO is a top-of-the-line water purifier, Pureit has used the best materials in its build. The black finish of its outer shell blows your mind on the very first look. I just cannot describe the beauty of this purifier in a few words.

It would look beautiful on your kitchen wall. If you are curious about the decor of the Kitchen, then choose this purifier model. Its glossy design and shiny black color will enhance the beauty of your kitchen. However, keep in mind the whole setup requires the right amount of space on a kitchen wall. Therefore, select a big room with adequate safety for its perfect installation.

  Water Purifiers under ₹7000

6- Stage Purification Process: To ensure only 100% of cleaned water comes out of the purifier tap, Pureit has installed a 6-stage purification system on this RO purifier. Before entering the main unit, water passes through a pre-sediment filter that removes visible particles from it. The Pre-RO carbon filter and post-carbon sediment filter act as a buffer to the main RO chamber and increase its life.

Experts around the world always recommend reversing osmosis aka RO technology to remove harmful chemicals from hard water. Also, it comes with a UV lamp that kills the bacteria by ripping their DNA apart. However, the manufacturer’s decision to install the UV chamber in a vertical position reduces its efficiency significantly. The TDA modulator makes sure that needed minerals are retained in the water.

Smart Indicator and Big Storage Tank: On the front of the purifier, you can find an appealing indicator panel. It not only tells the users about maintenance needs but also displays the quality of input and output water. A unique Guide Alert System keeps an eye on the wires and alerts you on the occurrence of any fault.

10L Storage Tank: The storage tank of this Pureit purifier is made of food-grade materials which keep the water contamination-free for long periods. Moreover, the tank stores 10 liters of water at once, which should be suitable for a medium to large size family.

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Should you buy this HUL Pureit water purification? This is a perfect purifier for an ideal kitchen. Its 6-stage purification system is capable of cleaning any type of water. Moreover, the TDS modulator adds the necessary minerals back to the water. However, if you have a corporate water connection, then you can go for other affordable options. A simple UF-based filter can efficiently purify soft water.

Price 16000 Rupees
Features Hands-free Bottle Free Zone | Mineral-Retention | Auto-Flush for Cleaning Membrane | Digital Advanced Alert-System | Removes up to 1-Crore Virus from 1-Liter Water | Purification-Speed: Purify 10L water/hrs.
Purification 6-Stage | RO + UV | Removes: {dissolved-salts | hardness | pesticides | heavy-metals like arsenic | lead & mercury | microbial contaminants like bacteria | virus | protozoa, and cysts}
Build Water Tank: 10L | Power-Consumption: 60W | Food-grade Engineering Grade Plastic
Warranty 12 Months | Free-Installation
Info RO-Water Recovery 25% | TDS-Reduction: Up to 93% | Pressure-Rating: 10-30 PSI