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Best Voltage Stabilizer under 5000 Rupees

Best Voltage Stabilizer under 5000 Rupees in India Market

Does voltage stabilizer increase electricity bill? If there is high voltage in your area, then a voltage stabilizer will reduce electricity bill. However, if there is low voltage in your area, then it will increase your electricity bill. A voltage stabilizer tries to maintain constant 230V output when fluctuating input voltage is in its supported range.

Low voltage input means electricity powered systems in your home is not performing at their full capacity in the absence of the required voltage. When you provide electricity supply to a system through a voltage stabilizer, it will get the voltage necessary to function at its full capacity. A person is not getting sufficient food — will last only for a few months. Similarly, electricity powered systems in your home will function even on low voltage input, but only a few months.

Amps Watts Volt Calculation

In this piece, you read about best voltage stabilizer under 5000 Rupees from top voltage stabilizer brands in India market. The suggested voltage stabilizers are an ideal shield for an LED TV, Air conditioner, Refrigerator, and other similar heavy-duty home electronics against voltage irregularity.

► V-Guard CRYSTAL PLUS Voltage Stabilizer for LED TV

The V-Guard voltage stabilizer is a must have protection for your big screen LED TV. It is armed with up-to-date IC technology for efficient and consistent operation. This 3-Amp voltage stabilizer is the solution If there are consistent voltage variations in your area. It can work on the main power supply as well as generator power supply.

V-Guard CRYSTAL PLUS Voltage Stabilizer for Television

This automatic voltage regulator allows you to guard your machines against hitches such as over-voltage, under-voltage, and power spikes. Its coil cut laminations, as well as copper wound transformers, certifies smooth operation. The MS cabinet of the stabilizer is powder coated that makes it scratch-resistant. For your ease, it has a heavy power cord. Besides, it supports an intelligent delay system that confirms improved performance.

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You must have this V-Guard Crystal PLUS voltage stabilizer to guard your TV and music system against voltage rise and fall. Thanks to its compact and ergonomic design, it will suit your home décor with no trouble. On top of that, it proposes a high voltage cut-off protection together with integral thermal overload protection. The working range of 90V-290V allows maintaining the impeccably stabilized voltage.

Price 2900 Rupees
Ideal for LED TV | Speaker System
Load One 42-Inch TV + DTH Setup + Home Theater System | LED TV up to 47-Inch
Features Line noise and spike protection | Primary switching technology | Generator compatibility | Overload Protection | Low & High Voltage Cut-off Protection | Output voltage correction without a break | Mains turn-on delay
Capacity 3A | Max Load: 700W
Input Range 90W to 290V
Build ABS Body
Time Delay Turn on delay 4-6 seconds
Warranty 36-Months


► V-Guard DIGI 200 Voltage Stabilizer for Big Screen TV

Which is the best voltage stabilizer for big screen LED TV? V-Guard is the most reliable name in India market for voltage stabilizers. The voltage stabilizer of this Indian electronics brand is currently the most favorite for safeguarding big screen LED TV against abnormal electricity supply.

For an LED TV with screen size up to 42-Inch, the recommended V-Guard voltage stabilizer is V-Guard CRYSTAL PLUS. And, for an LED TV with screen size up to 70-Inch, the ideal V-Guard voltage stabilizer is V-Guard DIGI 200.

V-Guard Digi 200 Supreme TV Voltage Stabilizer Big Screen LED TV

V-Guard DIGI 200 voltage stabilizer is now available in two variants: DIGI 200 Smart & DIGI 200 Supreme. In terms of protection and performance, both the variants are similar. Then what is the difference between them? V-Guard DIGI 200 Supreme voltage stabilizer has LED indicator for input, output, low voltage, high voltage, and high temperature. Which one should you buy? The price difference between both the variants is just about 100 Rupees. And, the information about abnormal power supply does help in making the right decision at the right time. Therefore, you should consider buying the V-Guard DIGI 200 Supreme Voltage Stabilizer model.

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Price 3900 Rupees | Amazon | Flipkart
Ideal for Television | DVD | DTH | Home Theater | Digital Music System | Weighing Machine | Photostat Machine | Desktop | Printer | Medical Equipment | Treadmill
Load Capacity: 6A | Mini Load: 200W | Maxi Load: 1400W | Ideal Practical Load: {Up to 70-Inch LED TV + Setup Box + Speaker System/Home Theater}
Feature Supported Voltage Range: 140V – 295V | Auto Output Voltage Correction | Generator Compatibility | Primary-Switching Technology | Main Turn-On Delay (4-Sec – 6-Sec) | 3-Years Warranty
Protection Line Noise/Spike | Low-Voltage | High-Voltage | Overload-Cutoff with Automatic Reset | Thermal-Overload
Build Shock-Proof ABS Plastic Body | 7-Segment LED | Wall-Mountable
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