Home repairs and constructions are for the most part DIY tasks. In India, most people prefer repairing their furniture and constructing simple home structures on their own. Why? Because to do most of these tasks you don't have to be a professional. All you need is the right equipment for the job. A valuable addition to your toolbox would be a laser range finder. If you are reading this piece, I am guessing that you don't like your usual tape measure. Probably, you want something more convenient and accurate. Well, if this is the case, then this piece is meant for you.

By the end of this critique, we want you to have a picture of some of the best rangefinders for artisans and engineers in India. You might be asking yourself, how does a rangefinder work? To answer your question, you must understand that rangefinder come in different models, depending on the area of application. For a simple measuring rangefinder, laser technology is the most efficient and receptive way to get results.

All laser range finders utilize the same concept. The finder emits a laser beam that hits an object which in turn reflects the beam to the rangefinder’s receptor mirror. Afterward, the device calculates the distance by analyzing the time it took for the beam to travel to and fro the object, against the speed of light. This type of laser finder has numerous applications including shooting guns and measuring equipment. The main benefits of using a laser rangefinder in construction are accuracy and convenience. Here are some of the best rangefinders on the market today.

☼ Asian Paints LDM-30M Laser Distance Meter

You can measure distances up to 30 meters with the Asian Paints Laser Range Finder. It has 1.5mm accuracy, so you can get accurate measurements every time. Low light is no problem with its backlit screen. With such excellent quality, it is one of the leading laser range finders in the 2000 Rupees range in the Indian market.

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You can't beat the build quality of this Asian Paints Laser Rangefinder. Its rubber body provides a secure grip and is durable enough to withstand everyday wear and tear. At just 150 grams, this laser distance measurer is lightweight and can be easily carried in a pocket or tool belt.

The Laser Distance Meter is an invaluable tool for anyone who needs to measure distances quickly and accurately. Whether it's used on a job site or in a home improvement project, this device is sure to make the task at hand easier and more efficient.

Buy the Laser Distance Meter today and get the job done fast and correctly. With its easy-to-use design and reliable accuracy, this Asian Paints device will be a great addition to your toolkit.

Price ₹2100 → Amazon
Features Use under sunlight | Range up to 30-meter | Accuracy: 1.5-meter | Battery Life: Up to 5000 measurements | Measure Area & Volume | Weight: 150 grams | Brand Warranty: 6 Months


► Bosch GLM-40 Rangefinder

Are rangefinders accurate? Yes, rangefinders of the top brands are more accurate than manual measuring with hand & tape.

Bosch is one of the best brands for construction rangefinders. Below the budget of 5000 Rupees, this German brand offers two rangefinder models: GLM-30 and GLM-40. The GLM-30 model can measure up to 30 meters, whereas the GLM-40 model can measure up to 40 meters.

There are three variants of Bosch GLM-40 rangefinder. we have listed them in the specification table below. You need to be very careful while buying this Bosch rangefinder model since its available variants differ from each other in terms of features and functions. Only the variants that we have recommended have the feature to set the unit of measuring, which is one of the must-have features in an ideal rangefinder.

  जल शोधक: ₹3000 - ₹5000

A good alternative of this Bosch rangefinder is Leica Geosystems D1 Rangefinder with 40-meter range. Leica Geosystems is a 100-Years old Swiss company for Surveying and measurement instruments.

Price ₹3490 → Amazon
Variants Recommended → {3601-K72-9C0 & 3601-K72-9K0} | Not-Recommended→ 3601-K72-980
Features Memory Function→ Auto Remembers Last 10 Measuring | Dust & Splash Protection | Set measuring-unit | 1-Year Warranty
Measuring Measure: {Length, Area/Surface, Volume, Simple-Pythagoras, Continuous-Measurement} | Measuring -Range → 0.15 to 40 meters | Measuring-Accuracy→ ±2 mm to ±3 mm | Measuring-Time → 4-seconds max | Lowest Indication Unit: 1-mm
Laser Laser-Class → 2 | Laser-Beam-Diameter: {at 10-meter→ 9-mm | at 40-meter→ 36-mm}
Display Temperature-Warning | Battery-Low Indicator | Measurement-Reference Level | Current-Measuring Value | Memory-Value Display | Previous Measuring-Value | Error-Message
Build Weight: 90-Grams | Tough Plastic Body | Operating-Temperature→ -10°C to +45°C | Dimensions: 105×41×24 mm |
Power Normal Battery: {2×1.5V AAA-Size} / Rechargeable Battery: {2×1.2V AAA-Size} | Auto-Off: {Laser→ after 20-seconds | Device→ after 5-minutes} | Battery-Backup: Up to 5000 measuring


► Bosch GLM-30 Laser Rangefinder

Bosch is not a new name in India’s electronics domain. Though based in Germany, the company has a substantial market share in India for electronic devices. Recently, we were given the privilege to review one of the company’s bestselling rangefinders for construction.  The device we reviewed was none other than the sturdy Bosch GLM-30 Professional Laser Rangefinder. The GLM 30 is part of Bosch’s GLM series, which includes some of the most effective distance-measuring gadgets like the GLM-50C and GLM-15. Particularly, here is why you should go for the GLM 30.

Total Precision: Since this device uses laser technology to detect distances, precision is a guaranteed factor.  Bosch configured this device to work within a range of up to 30 meters. Although this gadget can’t really challenge more sophisticated rangefinders in its series, it still supports basic functionalities. For instance, this gadget lacks a Bluetooth feature which is present in the Bosch GLM-100C Rangefinder. However, in its place, the GLM 30 uses an advanced auto sum function in collaboration with its laser technology to give you precise results.

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When looking for a laser range finder for construction, durability is a significant factor to consider. This Bosch distance measurer has a compact ergonomic design that is complemented by a rubbery veneer. This design not only makes the gadget comfortable to use but also very tough on the outside.

Bosch GLM 30 Professional Laser Rangefinder Use

One-button Operation: This pocket-sized rangefinder is also pretty easy to use. Bosch built the gadget with one quick access button. With this button, you can make measurements in the shortest time possible, all with one press of a button.  What makes this device stand out from most rangefinders for construction is its wide 3-line display. On this display, you can view the distance measurements, observe flooring levels, as well as calculate the area of a region.

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Cons: The only slight letdown with this device is that it works best in low-light conditions or indoors. This gadget might disappoint you with outdoor usage.

Price ₹3000 → Amazon
Measure Area | Distance | Length | Volume | Continuous-Measurement | Addition | Subtraction
Features Backlight to increase visibility in low light | Pocket Size | Designed for Interior Use | 12-Months Warranty
Accuracy +/- 1/16 Inch
Battery 2 AAA Batteries
Range Up to 100 ft.
Weight 100 Grams
Sales Box Bosch GLM 30 laser measurer | ID Tag | Manual | 2×AAA Batteries

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