My father prefers pedestal fans over all other cooling devices (be it air coolers, ceiling fans, or even ACs). And, he has a great argument to support his thinking. Air conditioners and ceiling fans are great for bringing the thermostat down but they have some limitations. Both these machines are not portable as they come with fixed mounting systems. On a veranda or in other open places, the only solution to control the heat will be a pedestal fan. These machines are power efficient, portable, and easy to maintain. Moreover, pedestal fans are quite affordable.

Which is the best pedestal fan under 5000 Rupees? In this piece, we cover the best-selling pedestal fans from 4000 to 5000 Rupees range from top fan brands in Indian market, such as Havells, Orient, Bajaj, V-Guard, Luminous, and others.

► 90W Orient Tornado Metal Pedestal Fan

The Orient pedestal fan has a full metal body construction. Metal dominates top to bottom of this pedestal fan. Its blade, blade guard, and stand are made of metal. So, it will easily last more than 10 years if used with care. I am very sure about it. The reputation of the Orient brand is also a reason why the claim isn’t fictitious.

The Orient Tornado pedestal fan is powered by a 90W copper motor. The motor has enough power to rotate the blade system up to 1325 times in just 60 seconds. Usually, pedestal fans have a blade system with 16-inch long wings. The wings of this Orient pedestal fan are 18 inches long, though. To rotate a blade system with longer wings requires a more powerful motor. So, the use of the 90W motor makes sense.

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What is interesting though is the motor speed. For this kind of heavy-duty high air throw high-speed pedestal fan other brands would have used a 100W or 120W motor. But the Orient brand manages to achieve a max speed of 1325 RPM on this pedestal fan just by using a 90W motor. This means low power consumption but high air delivery. This is what exactly we want. Isn’t it?

Price ₹4190 | Amazon
Features Ideal for Large Rooms and Halls | 4-Side Air Throw | Height Adjustment | Pull Cord for ON/OFF and Speed Control | Warranty: 2-Year
Motor Capacity: 90W | Copper-Coil | Max Speed: 1325 RPM | Thermal Over-Load Protection
Cooling Air delivery: 6030 CMH | Oscillation: {Left-Right → Automatic | Up-Down: Manual} | Fan Speed-Levels: 3
Build Blade-Length: 450-mm (18-Inch} | Blade-Material: Aluminum | Full Metal Body | Chrome-Plated Metal Guard


► 100W Havells V3 Full Metal Pedestal Fan

Are you looking for a high-speed wall fan with more than 10 years of expected life? Bet on a Havells wall fan. I recommend the Havells brand because of my own experience with a Havells pedestal fan. A wall fan is nothing but a pedestal fan without a stand for height.

My father bought a Havells pedestal fan around 12 years before. That pedestal fan is still working well. This proves Havells pedestal fans (wall fans with a stand), especially full metal body Havells pedestal fans, last more than 10 years.

  ड्राई कैबिनेट: ₹5000 - ₹10000

Havells V3 wall fan is one of the best metal body wall fans in India market under 5000 Rupees. Its blade system consists of three 18-Inch long wings. To rotate such a large blade system at a high speed a powerful motor is required. This Havells metal pedestal fan comes with a 100W copper motor, which has enough power to rotate the blade system up to 1400 times in just 60 seconds, every second around 23 times. Wow!

Price ₹4700 | Amazon
Features Ideal for Large Rooms and Halls | 4-Side Air Throw | Warranty: 2-Year
Motor Capacity: 100W | Copper-Coil | Max Speed: 1400 RPM | Thermal Over-Load Protection
Cooling Air delivery: 110 CMM | Oscillation: {Left-Right → Automatic | Up-Down: Manual} | Fan Speed Levels: 3
Build Blade-Length: 450-mm (18-Inch} | Blade-Material: Aluminum | Metal Blade Guard with 120 Spokes | Full Metal Body | Built-in Speed Control.


► Orbit Hercules Pedestal Fan

You might have never heard about Orbit. It is not a famous brand, but it sells reliable home electronics at affordable prices in the Indian market. The Orbit Hercules pedestal fan comes with many exciting features. You need not pay more than 2500 rupees to order it online.

Most Powerful Motor: This pedestal fan has the most powerful motor of all. It can pick up rotating speed up to 2000 RPM. I do not know of any other high-speed fan at this price point. Considering the high motor speed, its power consumption of just 60 Watts seems quite low.

5-Blade Design: The Orbit Hercules is also unique when it comes to aerodynamics. It sports 5 instead of 3 three blades we usually see on other fans. Although this 5-blade design is supposed to blow more air, the reality is much different. It puts much pressure on the motor and customers will not get the airflow they expect.

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Average Build Quality: In order to keep this fan profitable, the manufacturer has made some cuts on the build quality. The Orbit pedestal fan weighs 3.5 KG, which raises questions about its durability because most good quality fans are generally over 6 KG.

Its design is really attractive. The white finish of the body will add to the beauty of your room. Its control panel is on the front side just below the blade guard. This fan offers three-speed settings. The timer function is also available with an option of up to two hours.

Pros: –

  • Oscillation
  • High power motor
  • Electricity efficient
  • User-friendly design
  • Inbuilt timer

Verdict: The decision to buy the Orbit fan totally depends on the preference of customers. It will be a great purchase for those who do not emphasize on build quality.

Price ₹2200 | Amazon
Features Motor: 60W | Blades: 5 | Oscillation: Yes | Weight: 3.5-kg | Warranty: 2-Year


► 55W Usha Maxx Air Super Pedestal Fan

Looking for a durable pedestal fan, the Usha Maxx Air Super fan is among the most robust fans you can buy at its price point. In a world where pedestal fan replacement parts are a headache to find, you need to settle for a sturdy appliance. Particularly, you should buy a pedestal fan that has an all-copper motor for the best results and durability.

The Usha Maxx Air Super has its motor cast from 100% copper for guaranteed longevity of use. Besides, its blades and stand are made of tough plastic to ensure stability and sturdiness. Its Aerodynamic blade design combined with a wide sweep size of 400 mm assures you of high air delivery, delivered at adjustable speeds.

Safety-wise, this pedestal fan has an inbuilt safety fuse for automatic protection whenever there is a thermal overload. You can expect maximum efficiency with this easy home pedestal fan since it has an intuitive pivot arrangement for easy adjustments and tilting.

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In terms of energy consumption, this fan uses a 230-volt motor whose consumption rate is standard. Therefore, you won’t incur any abnormal electricity bills beyond your normal monthly charges.

Aesthetically, this fan has a unique modernistic design and therefore complements any modern living room today.

Price ₹2790 | Amazon
Features 55W Copper Motor | Blade Size: 400-mm | Max Air-Delivery: 67 CMM | Speed Levels: 3 | Thermal Overload Protection | Tough Plastic build | Warranty: 2-Years


► 55W V-Guard Esfera Pedestal Fan with Remote

It wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that V-Guard is the most trusted voltage stabilizer brand in India. As it was expected this voltage stabilizer brand has lived up to its reputation in the home electronics segment as well.

V-Guard Esfera Fan is currently one of the best-selling pedestal fans in India market. Although it is not a metal body pedestal fan, most of its body part is made of hard plastic, and yet it is a top favorite. But why? Because this pedestal fan comes with a fully-functional remote, which makes it easier to operate. It looks attractive. It has the timer function. An energy-efficient high-speed copper motor powers it. its air delivery and air coverage are very impressive, as well. Last but not least Esfera Pedestal Fan is a V-Guard product.

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Thus, considering everything it wouldn’t be wrong to say that V-Guard Esfera is one of the best pedestal fans under 3000 Rupees. Those who have bought it have recommended it to others. This pedestal fan makes no noise except noise due to air cutting.

Price ₹2990 | Amazon
Features Timer-Function | Pedestal Fan with Remote | Remote Control: {On/OFF, Mode, Speed, Time, Oscillation} | Warranty: 2-Years
Cooling Air Flow: 65 CFM | Speed-Levels: 3 | Tilting-Angle: 35° | Swing: 70° | Oscillation: {Horizontal → Auto | Vertical → Manual}
Motor 55W | 100% Copper Coil | Max-Speed: 1350 RPM | Thermal-Overload Protection
Build Blade-Length: 400-mm (16-Inch) | ABS Plastic Body | Stand-Height: 134-CM | Hard-Plastic Blade | Metal Adjustment Rod


► 55W Bajaj Victor Pedestal Fan with Remote

Bajaj is one of the most trusted brands, especially in the rural part of India. Because of its reasonably priced high durability products and its wider network of service centers, it is the first preference of buyers in small towns and cities. If you are from a small city then consider buying a Bajaj pedestal fan as it will be a perfect option considering all aspects. Currently, the best-selling Bajaj pedestal fan model is the Bajaj Victor.

There are two variants of this Bajaj pedestal fan: one with a 400-mm blade and another 450-mm blade. In terms of convenience, the best option between them will be the one with 400-mm blade size. Because this variant comes with a fully functional remote controller. It has a 55W copper motor and its air delivery is 75 CMM. The other variant features a 65W motor and its air delivery is 85 CMM. it does not come with a remote, though.

  सैंडविच मेकर: ₹2000 – ₹5000

Bajaj Victor pedestal fan like any other pedestal fan below 3000 Rupees has a durable hard plastic stand with a metal adjustment rod. For a full metal body pedestal fan, your budget must be above 3000 Rupees. So, trust the Bajaj brand and order a Bajaj Victor pedestal fan with remote control.

Price ₹2600 | Amazon
Features Air Delivery: 75 CMM | High Air-Throw | Silent-Operation | Swing: Left – Right Only | Best for Air Conditioners | Warranty: 2-Years
Remote Functions: {On, Off, Speed-Control, Swing (Automatic/Fixed), Timer, Wind}
Motor 55W | 100% Copper Coil | Over-Heat Protection | Speed-Levels: 3 | Max-Speed: 1380 RPM
Blade 3 Blades | Material: Acrylic | Size: 400 MM
Body Material: Aluminum | Installation Kit: Provided by the brand


►V-Guard Finesta STS Pedestal Fan

V-Guard always tries to attract customers by offering something extra. The products it sells come with many unique features at affordable prices.

Back in the year 2014, this brand launched the Finesta STS Pedestal Fan, which attracted customers even after two years. This amazing product is available in the market for 2400 rupees only.

Easy to Assemble: V-Guard ships the Finest STS fan disassembled to the customers but do not worry because the assembly of this product is much easier to do. There is no need to call an electrician to do this task, just go through the assembly guide and the fan will be ready to use within 30 minutes.

The easy assembly is another advantage of this fan. Customers can easily clean the parts of this fan whenever they feel it is necessary.

Appealing Design: Customers get to choose from multiple color variants like white, red, green, and blue. The V-Guard fan sports high-quality build materials and feels really sturdy. The manufacturer has not made any cost cuttings even at such a low price.

Decent Airflow: Unlike the Orbit Hercules, the motor of this pedestal fan rotates at 1350 RPM. I would like to point out though customers will be more than satisfied with its performance.

An efficient 3-blade design with a sweep size of 400 mm enables the Finesta STS to offer air delivery of 65 cubic meters per minute. Its motor consumes just 55 watts of electricity to run.

The most interesting thing is it does not jerk in the oscillation mode.

Pros: –

  • Multiple color variants
  • Stable design
  • Good build quality
  • 4-speed settings
  • Low power consumption
  • Blade guard features 120 spokes
  • Silent operation

Verdict: V-Guard has done an exceptional job of making an affordable yet feature-rich fan. This product deserves great appreciation. One can buy it without having any second thoughts in mind.

Price ₹2400 | Amazon
Features Motor: 55W | Oscillation: Yes | Blade-Size: 400-mm | Warranty: 2-Year


► 54W Crompton SDX Black Gold Pedestal Fan

Crompton is one of the best brands for pedestal fans in the Indian market. Pedestal fans of this Indian brand are cheap but they have a durable build and catchy design. This year Crompton brand introduced many new pedestal fan models. One of the best models from them is the SDX Black Gold pedestal fan. This pedestal fan has a 54W motor but its motor is so powerful that it can rotate the blades 1360 times in 60 seconds. Thus, it is a low power consumption but a high-speed pedestal fan.

Another interesting feature of the Crompton SDX Black Gold Pedestal fan is its metal body. The whole body of this Crompton fan is made of metal including its stand. So, this fan will last longer, maybe 10 to 12 years. I can make such a big claim because the 54W motor of this fan comes with over-heat protection. It is well known that fan motors often burn because of overheating.

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Thus, the Crompton SDX Black Gold Pedestal Fan is the option if you are looking for a durable and fast pedestal fan. It is one of the best pedestal fans under 4000 Rupees in Indian market. So, go for it.

Price ₹3500 | Amazon
Motor 54-Watt | Max-Speed: 1360-RPM | 100% Copper-Coil | Over-Heat Protection
Blade Metal-Blade | Length: 400-mm | Air-Delivery: 77-CMM
Build Metal-Body | Metal-Guard | Metal-Stand


► 30W Atomberg Pedestal Fan

Atomberg is the only brand that makes genuine super energy-efficient fans. Energy-efficient fans of other brands come with 50W or more than 50W motor whereas the max power rating of Atomberg Energy Efficient Fans is usually 35W or less than 35W. Therefore, it should not be surprising that presently the most energy-efficient pedestal fan in Indian market is an Atomberg Pedestal fan.

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The Atomberg pedestal fan features a 30W BLDC motor whose power rating is 5-star. Its air delivery is similar to the air delivery of those pedestal fans that feature a 55W or 65W motor. The price difference between those ordinary pedestal fans and this Atomberg super energy efficient ceiling fan is not much; less than 500 Rupees only. But it will save you lots of money by consuming less power.

Price ₹3290 | Amazon
Features Super Energy Efficient Fan | with Remote Controller {Boost, Sleep, Speed Control, Timer} | Runs 3 Times Longer on Inverter | High Air Delivery | Silent Motor | Up to 2-Years Warranty
Motor 30W | Type: BLDC | Rating: 5-Star | Max Speed: 1300 RPM | Supported Voltage-Range: 140V – 285V
Cooling Sweep: 400-mm | Air Delivery: 75 CMM
Build Blade-Guard: Metal | Blade-Material: PP | Bottom-Base: ABS | Height Adjustment | Weight: 8-Kg | Fan-Height: 4-ft


☼ Havells Sprint Pedestal Fan with Remote

Havells is quite famous for its TV ads with subject – “Hawa Badlegi” (with a focus on changing the mood of politicians and government babus). You have probably watched the advertisements of Havells Sprint Pedestal Fan earlier.

The Sprint Fan comes in many variants but the one we are discussing here sports 400mm blades and offers remote control functionality. It is available on eCommerce sites for around 4,000 rupees, give or take 500 rupees.

Premium Design: Havells always tries to make its products as attractive as possible and this product is no exception. The combination of white, black, and red colors gives a great appeal to the whole setup. It comes with a flat base, which does not create any hindrance. The height of the fan is adjustable (maximum- 1365mm). This machine occupies much less space and is also lightweight.

Superior Performance: The Havells Pedestal Fan hails a 3-blade design with a sweep size of 400mm. These blades rotate at a whopping 1365 rpm. It is capable of cooling the surrounding environment within minutes. It has three-speed modes. The manufacturer has placed the control buttons just below the blade guard for easy accessibility. And, it offers 60 degrees of oscillation. Customers can change the direction of airflow by tilting the blades up or down.

There is no need to go near the fan to change the fan speed. Using the remote one can change fan speed from the comfort of his or her chair.

Energy efficiency is a key factor in deciding on a new fan and Havells also understands it. In fact, the Sprint Pedestal fan consumes 50 Watts of power at the highest settings. The air delivery ratio of 72 cmm per watt is really impressive.

Assembly and disassembly of this Havells fan are easy. Customers can themselves clean its parts after every season. Doing this will not only extend its life but also save you repair costs in the long run. But remember, loose fitting of the motor might result in high vibrations and as a result, this fan would make disturbing noise.


  • Eye-catching design
  • Good airflow
  • Oscillation functionality
  • Remote control

Verdict: The Havells Sprint is a perfect pedestal fan for those who love features. It also comes with a 2-year warranty. No other manufacturer gives features like remote control, adjustable height, and oscillation functionality at this price point.

Sweep 400mm
Blades 3
Airflow 1365 cmm
Speed Modes 3
Power Consumption  50 Watt
Oscillation Yes
Weight 5.8 KG
Buy 3500 Rupees


☼ REDMOND RAF-5007 Pedestal Fan

Redmond is a small brand. It sells only a handful of products in the market and the RAF-5007 Pedestal fan is one of them. The manufacturer claims it to be the best fan one can buy. Currently, it is available with a price tag of 2900 rupees.

Great Looks But Bad Build: I must say, this machine looks better than many pedestal fans out there. Redmond has done a great job on the design front.

A heavy base helps in giving a solid and stable platform. You might face a little difficulty in moving this fan from one place to another, as it weighs around 6.3 KG. Its build quality is below my expectations. Blade guard sports cheap materials and is easily bendable. If the fan falls on any of its sides, many assembly parts will suffer damage.

Average Air Flow: Motor speed of 1250 RPM is not as good as what other fans are offering but considering the price point, it is manageable.

Three-speed modes let the customers use this fan more efficiently. I would like to point out though you will not be able to save much on the electricity bill. It consumes 55 watts of power but offers a low airflow of just 197 CMF. Further, the Oscillation range of 0 – 70 degrees will allow multiple persons to enjoy a cool breeze simultaneously.

This pedestal fan is safe for all types of scenarios. Its blade guard has a dense network of grills, which stop small children from putting fingers inside (customers should still take precautions to stop toddlers from touching the fan).

Surprisingly, it also comes with timer functionality. After a preset duration, the timer function kicks in and cuts the power supply to the motor. When used, this feature stops the motor from overheating.


  • Good design
  • Decent airflow
  • Timer
  • The blade guard grille is detachable

Verdict: Although the Redmond RAF-5007 offers some interesting features like a timer and detachable grille, there are some serious cons associated with it. This fan will not last as its build quality is quite low. Moreover, it might not be the best option to go for in terms of power efficiency.

Sweep 400mm
Blades 3
Rotation 1250 rpm
Speed Modes 3
Power Consumption 55 Watt
Oscillation Yes
Weight 6.3 KG
Buy 3000 Rupees


☼ Crompton Greaves Windmill Pedestal Fan

The Crompton Greaves Windmill is another great pedestal fan available on the market. Its price of 3400 rupees is a little high, though your money will not go waste.

High Airflow: The Aerodynamic design of blades helps this Crompton Greaves fan to blow a lot of air. It has an air delivery ratio of 77 cmm per watt, which is more than that of the Havells Sprint fan.

Further, the blade sweep size of 400 mm provides the most efficient surface area to push the air without putting pressure on the motor. Every minute, its blades rotate about 1360 times. Multiple speed modes are also available. Considering the high performance, its power consumption of 54 watts is quite reasonable.

Durable Body: Crompton Greaves has used high-quality and durable materials while making this pedestal fan. Its blade guard is sturdy and does not suffer from flexing. Moreover, the transparent plastic blades help in reducing running noise and are more durable than metal ones. The looks of this product, however, are not much attractive. It features a classic design and black finish body.

Highly Adjustable: The USP of this pedestal fan is its adjustability. Customers can not only tilt it vertically but also adjust its height. A handle on the backside of blade guard helps in portability. Oscillation is another feature of the Crompton Greaves Windmill fan.


  • Good fan speed
  • Three-speed modes
  • Low power consumption

Verdict: Unless you put design above performance, this fan will prove to be a great purchase. There is no need to think twice before ordering it.

Sweep 400mm
Blades 3
Rotation 1360 rpm
Speed Modes 3
Power Consumption 54 Watt
Oscillation Yes
Buy 3500 Rupees


☼ V-Guard Finesta Remote Pedestal Fan

Are you fond of products with extra features? If yes, then the best product I can recommend here is the V-Guard Finesta Remote Pedestal Fan. V-Guard sells some of the best voltage stabilizers and inverters. And now, this brand is trying to secure a place in the home appliance market.

More Features Than You Pay For: The Finesta Remote Fan comes at a price of 3000 rupees. I would like to mention though the features this fan offers are more valuable than its price tag. The inbuilt thermal protector protects the motor from overheating. Users can set the inbuilt “shutdown timer” for up to 7.5 hours. As the name itself mentions, this fan is remotely controllable, which makes operating the controls safe for children.

Decent Cooling: At the heart of the V-Guard Finesta Remote Fan is a 55-watt motor. It offers a high rpm of 1350 and generates airflow of 65 cmm per minute. On the “high” speed mode, this fan can cool down a room much faster than a ceiling fan.

Odd Design: V-Guard has used a really weird design policy while making this fan. I do not get the point behind using a yellow color on it. In fact, its build quality is also not up to the mark.


  • Silent operation
  • 4-speed settings
  • Safety features
  • Inbuilt timer

Verdict: This V-Guard machine is fast, comes with an overload protection feature, and offers remote control functionality. What else would you want on a pedestal fan? The only thing that will affect the sales of this fan is its unattractive design.

Sweep 400mm
Blades 3
Rotation 1350 rpm
Speed Modes 4
Power Consumption 55 Watt
Oscillation Yes
Buy 3000 Rupees