Cooking is an essential part of every single household that requires a lot of time and effort. Thank goodness, we have pressure cookers to decrease the food preparation times intensely! Pressure cookers are unquestionably remarkable kitchen appliances that are used for preparing food with no trouble. Food cooked in a pressure cooker is full of flavor, as more of the zests and nutrients are reserved. It makes your meals, mainly veggies far healthier, and more tempting as the color is retained as well.

At the moment, you may come across a massive range and quality of pressure cookers in the market. However, how would you make sure that what you’re purchasing is one of the best pressure cookers on the market? Read on to catch a glimpse of the assessment of the pressure cooker that is one of the best — All-In-One Prestige Clip-On Cooker with Induction Bottom! Hope it helps you in your quest to discover the right pressure cooker.

Prestige Clip-On Cooker with Induction Bottom: The perfect modern kitchen appliance to serve your kitchen needs.

The All-In-One Prestige Clip-On Cooker has been considerately designed to provide you the flexibility of modular design that allows you to use it as cookware. So, sauté, boil, steam, fry up or pressure cook – do whatever you want to do and experience cooking like you never did before.

  • Exclusive Design and Ease: Prestige Clip-On Aluminium Cooker is made of excellent quality Aluminium. The product is enduring, sturdy and long-lasting. The top lid fits quite well and holds the steam suitably. As a result, it maintains the perfect pressure all over. You can place the cover in any position and close it securely, out of harm's way. On top of that, the close-fitting lid helps in locking the savors and zests as well. Having a capacity of about 5 liters; you can use it for a variety of cooking purposes.
  • Makes cooking easier: In general, you have to use more than a few cookware to prepare a complicated dish. However, with Prestige Clip On, you can cook any and every scrumptious dish with merely one utensil. This adaptable pressure cooker would let you steam, boil, stir-fry or deep fry apart from offering the ability to cook. So get all set to experience food preparation as never before, thanks to all the features of the pressure cooker.
  • Easy to Clean: The All-In-One Cooking Prestige Clip-On Cooker makes the clean-up process — a breeze. The product is entirely dishwasher safe. As a result, cleaning up turns out to be as easy as cooking your dinner. Its durable construction allows you to clean it yourself without any troubles. Just use a dishwashing liquid and a cleaning scrubber to wash it right after use. This way, you would be able to maintain the appearance and functionality of this pressure cooker for longer time duration.
  • Intended to offer efficient and safe food preparation: The Prestige Clip On pressure cooker features an exclusive design. The pressure indicator performs the role of a lock confirming complete safety during food preparation. This innovative pressure cooker ensures maximum safety and comes together with four safety devices:
  • The whistle
  • The pressure indicator
  • The gasket release system
  • The safety valve

Without a doubt, it is one of the safest cookware from the brand of Prestige. Made from a remarkable quality material, this pressure cooker is highly long-lasting, efficient and can endure the objectivity of day-to-day use.

Multipurpose Prestige Cooker with Induction Base

Other Features of this Prestige Cooker with Induction Base

  • Heavy alpha base induction bottom: The full plate alpha base induction bottom lets you bring out the rich zests, aromas, and Likewise, the Prestige Clip On pressure cooker secures the nourishment of the food with its even and fast cooking. The extra thick alpha base offers the appropriate essence and texture to your cooked food.
  • No Lugs: While all the ordinary pressure cookers have lugs on its rim to grip the lid of the pressure cooker, Prestige Clip On pressure cooker is somewhat different. The appealing design of the pressure cooker lid gets you free of the lugs on the frame. The better model of the pressure cooker provides a protected seal, thanks to the universal pressure cooker lid. Also, the improved aesthetics let you serve your food in the same utensil.
  • Healthy and delicious meals: When you cook your food in this pressure cooker, it preserves most of the nutrients, flavor, zest, and essence. As the foods are prepared in the sealed setting, it checks the loss of savor and moisture. As a result, your food holds its natural aroma. Moreover, as the moisture is retained, foodstuffs do not dry out, and meats are prepared spicy, tender, and juicy.

All-in-one Cookware Aluminium Cooker for Versatile Use

As the Prestige Clip On pressure cooker is compatible with both induction cooktops and gas stoves, the pressure cooker is an adaptable cookware. On top of that, you can use it in all conditions. Its glass cover is not just beneficial for cooking and steaming purposes. In fact, you can use it to cover your bowls while serving food.

Price at Amazon ₹3000

Verdict: The All-In-One Cooking Prestige Clip-On pressure cooker allows you to serve appetizing meals in no time. This appliance is extremely long lasting as well as easy to maintain. Being made of Aluminium, it is incredibly resilient to scratches or marks. You can use this pressure cooker to prepare flavorsome sabzis, meat, curries, rice, daal, and a lot more. Without a doubt, it is an excellent accessory for your healthy cooking pains.