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Best Mixer Grinder Juicer under 1500 Rupees

Best Selling Mixer Grinder Juicer under 1500 Rupees in India Market

Which are the best mixer grinder and juicer machine under 1500 Rupees? In this piece, we cover the best-selling mixer grinder juicer machine in India market which are currently top favorites of buyers below the price of 1500 Rupees.

☼ 500W Tata Croma CRAK4184 Mixer Grinder

The Croma food processor is currently the cheapest mixer grinder in India market with three jars. Its power capacity is 500W and the type of the motor is hybrid. Small families with not more than five members should consider this 500W mixer grinder with three jars.

All the three jars of the Croma CRAK4184 mixer grinder model have a decent capacity. The blender jar has a capacity of 1.0-liter. The Mixer jar has a 0.5-liter capacity. And the Chutney jar can process close to 200 grams of material in one go as its capacity is 0.3-liter.

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The build quality of the Tata Croma mixer grinder machine is very impressive, too. That is confirmed by the ISI-Mark certification for it. What is more, the Croma brand provides a 2-Year of onsite warranty.

Price ₹1290 | Amazon
Features Motor: 500W | Jars: 3 {1.0L, 0.5L, 0.3L} | ABS Plastic Body | 1.5-Meter Power Cord | Warranty: 2-Year


► 200W Inalsa Easy Mix Hand Mixer

The Inalsa hand mixer is an excellent choice for those who will be using a hand mixer for the first time. Why? It is light in weight and comes with a powerful 200W copper motor for faster and easy mixing.

All hand mixers, irrespective of brands, come with usually two sets of hooks, wherein each set contains two hooks. This Inalsa 200W hand mixer is no different. It comes with two dough hooks and two beater hooks. All four hooks are made of stainless steel.

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At present, the Inalsa hand mixer is the only option whose motor has seven levels of speed. Having more speed levels mean mixing ingredients at more accurate consistency. That has a huge significance in the final output in terms of taste and closeness to the original taste of the item.

Price ₹1180 | Amazon
Features 200W Motor | Speed Levels: 7 | SS Dough Hook: 2 | SS Beater Hook: 2 | Weight: 610-Grams | Weight: 610 Grams


► 400W Kent Hand Blender

The Kent blender has a metal construction. From top to bottom it is made in stainless steel. Therefore, it is perfect for doing hot & cold mixing and blending. Its current market price is ₹1390 only. There is no other hand blender below 1500 Rupees which can match this Kent hand blender in terms of build quality and performance.

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What are the special qualities of the Kent 400W hand blender? It is powered by a DC motor. The DC motors are typically more efficient and make better use of their input energy. Also, DC motors show a quick response to the change in load. Further, this Kent hand blender has variable speed control in which turbo speed level is included. Speed control makes a hand blender more dynamic and useful. Cleaning it is easier too, after use.

Price ₹1390 | Amazon
Features Full Stainless-Steel Build | Perfect for Hot & Cold Mixing Blending | 400W DC Motor | Power ON/OFF | Speed Levels with Turbo Button


► 500W Aster Popular Mixer Grinder

I know the brand Aster brand since I used its mini masala grinder. Recently this Indian brand introduced a mixer grinder with 500W motor. By looking at the mixer grinders available on the market currently, I could say without habitation that it is one of the best food processors under 1500 Rupees.

Aster Popular 500W Mixer Grinder

The Aster Popular mixer grinder comes with three jars. The jars are made in stainless steel and they have a hard steel sharp blade system. So, this Aster mixer grinder machine can grind all types of spices in dry and wet form. Also, it can do all types of mixing and blending.

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The 500W motor of this mixer grinder features copper coil and have over-load protection to protect it from burning in case of over-loading in the jar. Aster brand offers up to 2-years warranty commitment for the motor as well.

Price ₹1350 | Amazon
Features 500W Copper Motor | 3 Stainless Steel Jars | ISI-Mark | Warranty: 2-Year


► 150W Kent Hand Mixer Blender

The hand mixer of the Kent brand is available in two power capacities: 150W and 300W. The Kent 150W hand mixer is available below 1500 Rupees and its sister variant, whose power capacity is 300W, is available under 2000 Rupees. Currently, the price difference between them is around 700 Rupees.

Which one should you buy? High power capacity means faster mixing and blending. Therefore, you should consider buying the Kent 300W hand mixer if its price is in your budget.

Kent 150-Watt Hand Mixer

Kent hand mixers are powered by a reliable and long-lasting copper motor, which can run at five different speeds. The 300W variant though has one extra speed level, named Turbo Mode.

Kent brand provides a stand with its hand mixers. With the stand, storing a Kent hand mixer machine becomes a lot easier, well-arranged, and safe.

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Should you buy it? Yes, of course! Because most of the branded hand mixers are priced above 1500 Rupees. Then the Kent 150W hand mixer, which is a Made in India product, available for just 1390 Rupees. Food processing is one of the factors for making something of great quality and taste. Therefore, a reliable food processor from a trusted brand is a must.

Price ₹1390 | Amazon
Features Made in India | ISI-Mark for Quality Certification | Speed Levels: 5 | Dough Hooks | Beater Hooks | With Stand | Warranty: 1-Year
Motor Capacity: 150W | 100% Copper Coil | Over-Heat Protection
Build Stainless-Steel Hooks | Plastic Body | Food-Grade Safe Materials | Weight: 800-grams


► 350W Glen 4045G Mini Grinder

The Glen mixer grinder can grind a small quantity of spice and coffee beans. Its jar capacity is just 30-gram. The jar can process a maximum of 30 grams of ingredients in one go. However, those interested in this mini grinder, consider it mainly for its small jar capacity because they want to grind one of two teaspoons of spice ingredients.

Glen 4045G Mini Grinder

Can this Glen mini grinder grind one or two teaspoons of spices? No, it can’t. Had its jar a blade-system with four blades, then it would have processed such a small quantity of spice. The blade system in the jar consists of two blades only.

How good is the build quality of this Glen portable grinder? Excellent! ISI quality certification confirms that.

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The Glen 4045G Mini Grinder has a single-speed operation. Hold the jar from the top and press the power button on the motor body: fully grinded spices will be ready within a few seconds. Since the jar lid is transparent, the consistency of the grinded spice can be examined without unlocking the jar. This saves time.

Price ₹1290 | Amazon
Features One-Speed Operation | Transparent Jar Lid | Super Portable | ISI Certification | Warranty: 2-Year
Motor 350W | Copper Coil | Over-Load Protection
Build Stainless-Steel Jar with Sharp-Steel Blades | ABS Plastic Body | Non-Slip Rubber Feet


► 30W Havells Citrus Press Juicer {1.0L}

The Havells citrus juice extractor comes with a powerful 30W copper motor. It is currently the only electric citrus press juicer in 1000 Rupees range with a 30W motor. Juicer jugs of other brands are cheaper, but they have 25W or a lesser capacity motor. A high capacity motor means more power, thereby faster juice extraction. That eventually results in time-saving.

Havells Citrus Juicer Jug with 30W Copper Motor

Havells brand provides two sizes of the cone with this citrus press juicer machine: one for big size citrus fruit and another for small size citrus fruit. The base of this juicer jug is detachable, so the same jug can be used for serving also.

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Havells Citrus Press Juicer Jug is an excellent electric juice for students and small families. It has one unit design, so it will not take much space in your kitchen. Instant juice making is possible with this 30W Havells Juicer Jug.

Price ₹1179 | Amazon
Features Jug-Capacity: 0.5-Liter | Pulp Filter | Dust Cover | Warranty: 2-Year
Motor 30W | Copper Coil | Clockwise & Anti-clockwise rotation
Build 2 Interchangeable Cone: {One for Big Size Citrus | One for Small Size Citrus} | Power-Cord: 1.4-meter | Juicer-Height: 20.6 CM | Juice level Indicator | Juicer Jug with Sliding spout for easy pouring
Sales Box Juicer Jug  | Detachable Base | Adjustable Filter | 2 × Pressing Cones | Dust Cover | Documents


► 25W Prestige Citrus Juicer Maker {0.5L}

This Prestige Juicer is an ideal alternative to the Havells citrus juice maker. The apparent difference between these two is the difference in its motor capacity. Prestige Citrus Juice maker has a 25W motor whereas Havells citrus juice maker is powered by a more powerful 30W motor. So, it’s obvious that the latter will be faster than the former.

25W Prestige Citrus Press Juice Maker Electric

Jar design of these two citrus juice makers brings another interesting difference between them. The jar of the Havells citrus juice maker has a nice home use jug design, has a handle, and its base part is detachable. So, the same jug can be used for serving juice after the juice is extracted from citrus fruits. The same is not possible by the jar of the Prestige Citrus Juicer Maker. Its jar comes without a handle.

Price ₹975 | Amazon
Features Fast Juicing | Super Portable | Excellent for Students & Small Families | Ideal for Juice Anytime | 2 sizes of Cone for Small & Big Citrus | Detachable Parts for Easy Cleaning | Warranty: 1-Year
Motor 25W | Copper Coil | Clock & Anti-Clock Rotation
Build Juice Touching Parts Made of Food-Grade Hard Plastic | Jar Capacity: 500-ml


► 25W Philips Citrus Juicer Maker {1.0L}

Although it is not required, for some reason if you want a basic citrus press juicer with a 1-liter jar then the best option in 1000 Rupees range is the Philips HR2775 juicer machine. It is powered by a 25W motor and its jar can hold up to 1-liter citrus juice.

25W Philips Citrus Press Juice Maker

The jar of this Philips citrus press juicer also has the design for serving juice. It has a sliding spout on the front for easy pouring and an ergonomically designed handle on the back for easy holding. Also, its base is detachable.

Philips HR2774 with 0.5-liter jar is a sister variant of Philips HR2775 1-liter citrus press juicer machine. Both the variant has the same 25W copper motor. The price difference between them is not much, around 100 Rupees only. Students should consider the 0.5-liter variant because it is portable, and it will not take much space in their travel bag. Whereas the 1-liter variant is more suitable for family use.

Price ₹1000 | Amazon
Features Fast Juicing | Excellent for Students & Small Families | Ideal for Juice Anytime | 2 sizes of Cone for Small & Big Citrus | Detachable Parts for Easy Cleaning | Warranty: 2-Year
Motor 25W | Copper Coil | Clock & Anti-Clock Rotation
Build Juice Touching Parts Made of Food-Grade Hard Plastic | Jar Capacity: 1-Liter | Built-in Cord Storage
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