You have several options to choose from when picking the right microphone for YouTube recording. Firstly, a condenser microphone is excellent for capturing crisp and clear audio. They work well in quieter environments and offer a broader frequency response. Dynamic microphones, on the other hand, are very effective for recording in loud environments or for those who speak loudly. Lastly, a USB microphone for a PC, which could be a condenser or dynamic microphone, is ideal for those who are just starting out creating content. They are easy to set up, affordable, and work perfectly for solo recordings. Ultimately, the most appropriate microphone for you depends on your budget, environment, and content creation style.

☼ MAONO AU-PM471TS Condenser Microphone

Designed to deliver exceptional sound quality, the MAONO condenser microphone is versatile and reliable. Although it is priced below 5000 rupees, it comes with features that even premium microphones lack. This MAONO microphone features a USB interface for effortless plug-and-play functionality. It works well with Audacity audio software. It comes with a professional chipset for recording audio in up to 192KHz/24bit quality.

Further, with the Mic Gain Knob feature, users can easily adjust microphone sensitivity to their liking. The Zero Latency Monitoring function allows real-time monitoring of recordings with no lag, ensuring ultimate precision and accuracy. Additionally, the mic has a cardioid pattern which minimizes background noise and captures sound from the front of the microphone.

MAONO AU-PM471TS Condenser USB Microphone for PC

My current microphone is a Shure MV7, which costs 20000 rupees. Shure provides a regular foam shield instead of a metal pop filter. With this USB condenser microphone, MAONO provides a premium-quality metal pop filter. The metal pop filter effectively eliminates popping sounds from speech and vocals.

Overall, the MAONO AU-PM471TS condenser microphone is the perfect choice for recording instruments, vocals, and podcasts. Do not use it for recording singing. Its exceptional features and high-quality components make it an affordable but reliable tool for any professional or amateur recording artist.

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So if you are looking for an affordable, reliable condenser microphone that is perfect for recording instruments and vocals, the MAONO AU-PM471TS is an excellent choice. Buy it today and start creating great recordings!

Price ₹3290 → Amazon
Features USB Connection | Type: Condenser | Mic Gain Control | Zero Latency Monitoring | Premium Metal Pop Filter | Shock Mount | Sampling rate: up to 192KHz/24bit | Warranty: 1-Year


► Blue Snowball iCE Microphone for YouTube Videos

The Blue Snowball microphone is “Amazon's Choice.” What does this mean? Meaning Amazon's quality team has examined the microphone and affirmed it to be a microphone with fabulous quality built, and it is priced accurately in the market.

While researching for this article, many YouTubers voted this affordable gadget from the American brand Blue as the best in business to capture individuals' vocals in their natural tone.

Want to have popularity on YouTube, one of the essentials is a condenser microphone to record clear crystal sound. Quality in finish and presentation is what makes content viral. Background noise is the first thing a YouTuber should avoid while recording. This Bluetooth Snowball Microphone is excellent for doing that.

Blue advertises the variant of microphones as the best solution for making home videos. The brand is not just saying added accessories to ensure the utmost convenience while recording audio. As you can see in the below image, all a user has to do is plug it into a computer and mount it over the desktop mic stand – provided in the sales box.

Blue Snowball iCE Microphone for YouTube Videos

Because of many exceptional features, the Blue Snowball iCE Microphone today is the best-selling microphone below 5000 Rupees for recording at home. The attached cable is long enough, no driver it requires, and regarding setup, it is pretty much automated. Thus, the microphone is a perfect solution for neophytes, who want to make an impressive debut on YouTube.

Additionally, Skype certifies it- meaning use it for High-quality noise-free calls on Skype. Therefore, corporate executives or those in small businesses would love to have it in their laptop bags. It is not best suited for recording outdoors, however.

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In summing up, the Blue Snowball ICE microphone is perfect for all kinds of personal and private recordings or conversions. However, I would not suggest it for outdoor use. For recording outdoors, there are many superior microphones up for sale online. Some best ones I have already discussed above. Buy 4500 Rupees.


► Rode VideoMicro On-Camera Microphone

The next line is a microphone, which is the best fit for digital cameras. Also a condenser microphone, the RODE VideoMicro was devised to be with a camera, therefore call it an On-Camera microphone. Attach it with or over a digital camera to capture audio in the best possible quality and with almost nil background noise.

While I could test it with just a few top-rated digital cameras like the Nikon 3300, the manufacturer suggests because of its unique mount trait it fits with all digital cameras irrespective of their shape and size. Indeed a prominent pro to have with any microphone and this On-Camera microphone has it.

The technical details of this microphone are an answer to why it is a hot alternative for those looking for such a manic product. Moreover, the public rating for this microphone on notable shopping websites is not less than 4.5 while five being the best. Meaning the actual users after weeks or months and in some cases years of use say the RODO VideoMICO is the microphone one should mount on a digital camera to record audio of the subject.

Rode VideoMicro Compact On-Camera Microphone

There are three additional good reasons why this Microphone has to camera operator’s favorite in the first place. It is lightweight, just 41 grams, so it does not add anything substantial to a digital camera that already has a specific weight. Further, it is an all-metal-body microphone for a digital camera so the best alternative for using it outside. Moreover, it is a “Made in Australia” meaning not some cheap Chinese goods.

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The Rode On-Camera microphone does not require power to function, and it works on plug-and-play. It takes power from the resource center inbuilt with a camera. All-in-all this Rode VideoMicro is an excellent Microphone to record audio of the subject or subjects during photography or video shooting. Buy 4900 Rupees.

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