Which is the best inverter under 5000 Rupees in India market? In this presentation, we cover the best-selling home inverter in 1000 to 5000 Rupees price range. The recommended inverter in this editorial piece is from top brands and is currently a top favorite on the market because of smart features, higher reliability during power outrage, and durability.

► 900VA Luminous ZELIO+ 1100 Home Inverter

Presently, the best inverter under 5000 Rupees is the ZELIO+ 1100 from Luminous. Whatever features an advanced ideal home inverter should have, this Luminous inverter has. It is a pure sine wave inverter. Do want to know the difference between a pure sine wave and a modified sine wave? Check this video presentation.

900VA Luminous Zelio 1100 Pure Sine Wave Inverter

Luminous ZELIO+ 1100 is a 900VA inverter, and its rated power output is 756W. So, in battery mode, it could take a power consumption load of — up to 600W easily. Moreover, it is a single battery inverter. But it supports all types of inverter batteries, such as Flat Plate, Tubular & VRLA (SMF). The Tubular type of inverter battery is considered best for durability and backup.

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Safety and isolation are two essential factors to consider when buying equipment that works on electricity. This Luminous inverter comes with MCB for protection from the faulty main supply. In case there is some issue in the inverter itself, then it has a switch to isolate it from the connection.

The build and design of this Luminous home inverter are outstanding. It is a smart inverter. So, it manages all its operations automatically and optimizes the power supply for the best possible backup. The LED indicator at the front provides all the essential details, such as Main-ON, charging time, backup time, system fault, battery water level, etc.

Luminous ZELIO+ 1100 is the most rated home inverter on all the shopping websites in the Indian market. It is the best home inverter under 5000 Rupees if you need a 900VA inverter.

Price ₹4800 | Amazon
Features 32-bit DSP Processor | Pure Sine Wave | Capacity: 900VA | Rated Output: 756W | 24-Months Warranty | Smart Intelligent Inverter | Almost Silent Operation
Output Rated: 756W | Voltage: {UPS Mode → 180V to 260V}
Battery Recommended: up to 150-AH | Supported: Up to 220-AH | 12V Battery Type: {Flat Plate, Tubular & VRLA (SMF)}
Load 75W {40-Inch LED TV} + 27W {3 × 9W LED Bulb} + 48W {2 × Tube-light} + 240W {3 × Fan} + 200W {250-Liter Fridge} →→ 75% to 100% Load {120-AH Battery: 75-Minute | 150-AH Battery: 100-Minute} | Click Here to calculate load
Safety MCB Protection for Faulty Main | Bypass Switch for Faulty Inverter | Battery Over-Charging | battery Deep-Discharge | Overload | Short-circuit | Reverse Polarity
Build LED Notification: {Main-ON, Power Back-up, Eco/UPS Mode, Battery Charging Time, System Fault, Battery Water Level}

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