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Best Earphone under 700 Rupees

Best Earphone under 700 Rupees in India

While shopping for earphones, Indian customers always face the “US-Price” dilemma (I have created this term myself). Most earphone brands are EU and US-based Company, and they make their products focusing on the paying capacity of Europeans and US citizens.

Competition in the earphone market In India has been rising. It is yet to reach a level the same as the smartphone market, however. Still, brands like Bose, Sony, and Beats do not see India and other developing countries as the enormous potential market for premium earphones. These factors also affect the release time of their products.

However, the condition would change soon. Even though most premium earphone brands still consider UK and US as the most profitable markets, but some manufacturers changing strategy and has started believing the potential of Indian electronic market. These brands are few but capable enough to make a serious difference. One such brand is Audio Technica. This company has been widely appreciated for the excellent quality products, which are budget friendly in the Indian market and offers excellent value.

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Which is the best earphone under 700 Rupees? In this piece, we cover the latest earphones on sale in the price range of 600 to 700 Rupees. If you are looking for a pair of good quality earphones below 700 rupees budget, here you read the best options currently in the Indian market.

► Blaupunkt Super-High Bass Earphone with Mic {EM10}

Blaupunkt is an iconic speaker brand from Germany. With 95 years of glorious history, it is a favorite and trusted speaker brand in the global market even today. So far, this brand restricted itself only to heavy size speakers, such as multimedia speaker system, soundbar woofer system, and portable wireless speaker. This year Blaupunkt entered into the personal speaker (earphone and headphone) segment as well.

Blaupunkt EM10 Super High Bass Earphone with Mic

Blaupunkt EM10 earphone is barely a few months old in the market. But it has become a best-selling earphone. Its current market price is only 690 Rupees. People trusted the earphone, and rightly so as the reputation of Blaupunkt brand is so high among the music listeners.

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The EM10 earphone has totally lived up to the Blaupunkt brand’s reputation. It is the build quality, and sound quality one would expect from a German brand. This earphone set produces balanced loud, and clear audio with strong bass. Yes, it is one of the best earphones under 700 Rupees!

Price 690 Rupees
Features In-line MIC | In-line Remote {Answer Call, Reject Call, End Call, Switch Songs} | L-Shape Connector | Up to 90% Ambient Noise Isolation | Pure Copper Cable | ABD Plastic Build | Weight: 9.07-Grams
Sales Box Earphone | 3×Ear Gels of Different Sizes | Documents


► JBL C50HI Earphones with MIC

When there are thousands of options in the market, choose the one that comes from a professional brand in the field. JBL is a professional speaker brand. Therefore, the JBL C50HI is unarguably one of the best earphones from 500 to 700 Rupees price range.

JBL C50HI Earphones with Mic

Each earpiece of this JBL earphone features an 8.6-mm neodymium driver and is capable of generating loud and clear bassy audio. Bass in the audio is not pronounced, but enough to enjoy peppy numbers in their natural tone.

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Further, this JBL earphone set comes with one-button universal remote and MIC with decent noise cancellation. That makes it a perfect choice if you need a quality headset in less price.

Pros: –

  • Great build quality
  • Attractive design
  • Wide frequency response range
  • Inline remote
  • High-quality microphone
  • Comes with multiple ear tips

The JBL brand name is enough to certify the C50HI earphone set as one of the top 5 earphones under 700 Rupees. Order it now since its build, sound, and microphone quality is excellent. Here is a headset to replace the cheap earphone with your pricey smartphone.

Price 550 Rupees
Features Bass Sound | Lightweight | Comfortable in use | One-button universal remote | Microphone
Sound Driver Size: 8.6-mm | Frequency range: 20-20kHz | Impedance: 30±4.5 ohms
Build 1.2-meter wire | 3.5-mm Audio Jack
Sales Box JBL C50HI | 3 Pairs of Ear tips | Documents


► SENCER S330 Extra Bass Metal Earphones with Microphone

The Sencer brand not only produces excellent quality earphones at affordable prices but also offers the best deal on purchase to buyers. Sencer S330 is currently one of the best-rated earphones below 700 Rupees. Both sides of the speaker of this stylish earphone set have a 10-mm driver that produces stereo sound with deep bass.

SENCER S330 Extra Bass Earphones with Microphone in 700 rs

Build quality of this Sencer earphone is outstanding. Earpieces are made in aluminum allow metal whereas tangle-free flat cable is a hand-made oxygen-free copper wire with a gold-plated 3.5-mm jack. The whole set is durable and premium. Moreover, earpieces are designed for optimal noise cancellation. That ensures the user hears only sweat tune, not the ambient noise around.

Sencer S330 earphone also has a noise cancellation MIC. To manage calls and music on the move, this earphone has a smart inline multifunction control. That allows the actions: call answer, hang-up, music play, pause, next track, and previous track.

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However, what makes the S330 earphone with a mic in 700 Rupees the best deal is the offer of Sencer brand. One can ask for a full refund in case not being satisfied with the performance of the earphone. This offer comes into effect from the date of purchase and remains valid up to 365 days. Within 365 days the buyer has the option whether to keep or to ask the brand for a 100% refund.

SENCER Full Refund and Replacement Warranty Claim

You will agree that it is the best deal a brand can offer to its customer. Therefore, considering everything, the Sencer S330 is the best earphones on the market below 700 Rupees. This earphone set is ideal to use with all types of audio producing systems with 3.5-mm female audio jack.

Price 699 Rupees
Speaker 10-mm | Impedance: 16Ω | Sensitivity: 108dB | Power capability: 30mW | Frequency response: 20 -22,000Hz
Build Full aluminum alloy housing: corrosion-resistant, anti-aging, and more durable | Cable length: 1.2-meter | oxygen-free copper wiring
MIC Yes | Multi-function inline control
Sales Box SENCER S330 Earphone | 3 × Soft Silicone Earbuds | 1 Cable Clip | 1 User Manual
Compatible iPhones | iPods | MP3 Players | universal Android smartphones | tablets and other devices equipped with a 3.5-mm headphone jack
Warranty One Year | Refund/Replacement | SENCER Customer Service: WhatsApp: +91 6300096540


► Audio Technica Earphone without a MIC {ATH-CLR100}

One of the bestselling earphones of the Audio Technica brand is ATH-CLR100. This earphone set became available in India a few years back. Since then it has attracted a good number of sales. You can purchase this earphone set as low as 650 rupees. Let me tell you upfront that if you are looking for the best earphones under 700 with mic, check other suggested earphone as this Audio Technica earphones come without a microphone for hands-free calling.

Audio Technica ATH-CLR100 Earphone in 675 rs

Superior Audio Quality: No other best-selling top earphones of the budget segment can match the audio quality of this Audio Technica earphone. The end user would get an immersive experience while listening to music on it.

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At medium volumes, the audio of this Audio Technica remains well balanced. While listening to a rock track, it almost felt like I was using a premium Bose earphone. It generates accurate Mids, punchy bass, and sharp treble.

However, the earphone starts suffering when you increase the volume up to 100 percent. The treble increases while bass becomes silent. Still, I believe this earphone is a perfect device for casual listener considering the price point. I enjoyed my time with it. You cannot get more than this from a budget device.

Highly Comfortable: Audio Technica ships three pairs of ear tips of different sizes with this earphone. You can use the pair that fits your ears. The manufacturer has made these ear tips with ultra-soft materials for better comfort.

I used this earphone for hours without experiencing any pain or discomfort. A disc-like cord winder that comes in the box helps a lot in the handling of the product and stops its cord from tangling.

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Average Build Quality: Although this device is super-comfortable, I am not happy with Audio Technica’s choice of materials while making it. The cord feels cheap and can easily break. The housing of the 3.5-mm audio jack is not durable, though only time would tell how long it lasts.


  • Generates immersive audio
  • Super comfortable ear tips
  • Lightweight


  • No microphone
  • No inline remote
  • Bass is not that great

Verdict: The Audio Technica ATH-CLR100 is not a heavy bass earphone. Still, it is an excellent choice if you are looking for a pair of excellent earphones below 700 Rupees. It generates balanced audio, though adds some level of spiciness to the tracks. Moreover, it lacks inline remote and microphone is a big disappointment. Many people would not purchase this great earphone due to its inability to make calls.

Price 675 Rupees
Design Earbud | In the Ear
Speaker Drive : 8.5-mm | Frequency Response Range: 20-25K Hz | Impedance : 16 ohms | Maximum Power Input : 20 mW
Features Crystal Clear Sound | Excellent Detail Resolution
Warranty 12 Months | Carry-in


► SoundMAGIC In-Ear Headphone with MIC {ES18S}

SoundMagic is one of the top earphone brands in India market. The ES18S is its best-selling in-ear headphone with MIC set, which is available for an amount of 799 rupees. This headset has attracted many customers recently and it may be the best value for money earphone out there.

SoundMagic has done a great job on the durability front. The 3.5-mm jack of this headset is covered with a reinforced and sturdy material. A shell like material connects the jack to the cord. This connection is very strong and the cord will not detach even if it is stuck somewhere.

SoundMAGIC ES18S Headset in 700 Rupees

Powerful Drivers: The headset flaunts two 10-mm Neodymium drivers. Considering the price point, its sound quality is exceptional. Powerful bass with stereo effect making this SoundMagic device a great platform for enjoying Pop and Rock music. Moreover, the inbuilt microphone is sensitive to a wide frequency i.e. 20 – 16000 Hz.

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SoundMagic ships a high-quality leather pouch with the ES18S headset. This pouch makes handling and storage of this device much easy.

Good For:-

  • 10mm drivers
  • Robust build
  • Compatible with a number of devices
Price 685 Rupees
Speaker Type: Dynamic, Neodymium | Drive Size: 10-mm | Drive Frequency: 15Hz – 22kHz | Impedance: 16Ω | Sensitivity: 100dB
Build Cable length: 1.2-meter | Connector: Gold-plated 3.5-mm straight plug | Weight: 11 Grams
Features Balanced Audio | Powerful BASS | Suitable for Sport | Compatible with Android Smartphones and feature phones


► Sony Stereo Earphone with MIC {MDR-EX15AP}

Sony is one of the top Headphones brands in India. The Sony headset can beat any other earphone out of competition with its unique design and high-quality audio. Currently, it is selling at 690 rupees.

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Available in Different Colors: This headset is perfect for those who like to personalize their devices. It is available in five colors including black, blue, pink, white, and violet. A futuristic design makes the Sony device look attractive. Its drivers weigh in at 3 grams only and are super-comfortable.

Sony MDR-EX15AP Stereo Headset in 700 Rupees

Unparalleled Sound Quality: No other earphone on the market can compete with this earphone. Deep and punchy bass will make you will feel like dancing while listening to songs. Its frequency response range of 8 – 22000 Hz is the widest on any device under 1000 rupees. Furthermore, this Sony headphone’s 9-mm drivers can generate 100 mW audio. Here is a pair of best earphones for mobile phones below 700 rupees from the house of Sony.

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Smart Key Android App: The Sony headphone has an inline remote with microphone. A dedicated Smart Key android app lets the users customize the functionality of the inline remote button.

Good For: –

  • Mind-blowing audio
  • Deep bass levels
  • Customizable inline remote button

Bad For: Supports Android devices only (a separate variant is available for iOS devices)

Price 690 Rupees
MIC YES | Inline Control
Speaker 9-mm Neodymium Driver | Frequency Range 8 –22,000 Hz | Impedance 16 ohm | 100 mW Capacity
Build Weight: 3 Grams (without Cord) | Closed Type | Dynamic Type | Cord Length 1.2-meter
Features Balanced Sound | Lightweight | Comfortable Silicone Earbuds | Wire Manager | Stylish Design


► Philips SHE3900 In-Ear Earphone without MIC

Philips SHE3900 is an excellent earphone under 700 Rupees. It has all the essential features, and it is capable of generating a loud and clear sound. Philips brand made it available in black, gold, silver, and pink color. Based on the different response to different color variants, its prices vary in the range of 500 to 700 rupees.

Philips SHE3900 Earphone

An ideal earphone will have low impedance, high power input, big size driver unit, improved sensitivity, and Neodymium magnet. Philips SHE3900 earphone comes with these essential traits. Yes, it will work on all mobile phones.

Some users might get an inadequate response to low standard devices, however. The reason is the PET Diaphragm. Philips SHE3900 usages a diaphragm with PET film membrane to generate sound waves. This technology is old and not perfect fit with today’s gadget.

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No doubt about it that Philips SHE3900 is a decent earphone. Buying it wouldn’t be a mistake. However, there are many better alternatives from JBL and boAt brand on sale in the online market.

Price 600 Rupees
Features Oval Sound Tube | Loud and Clear Sound with Deep Bass | 6-Months Warranty
Sound FR Range: 10 – 22K Hz | Sensitivity: 107 dB | Maximum Power Input: 20 mW | Impedance: 16-ohm | Neodymium Magnet | 8.6-mm Speaker Driver
Build PET Diaphragm | CCAW Voice Coil | 1.5-Meter Copper Cable | 3.5-mm Gold Plated Audio Jack | Weight: 10.5-Grams


► Philips ActionFit Sports Earphone {SHQ1200}

The ActionFit series of Philips earphones are meant to use during an intense workout. Philips ActionFit SHQ1200 earphone can keep you in a good mood while your body is releasing unwanted fats. It, however, is not fully compatible with all types of audio players. Its 32-ohm impedance suggests that it has to be plugged with a sound system with a powerful amplifier for desirable loudness. The high sensitivity level of 110-dB is a much-needed feature to work with less power audio players.

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While even pricey earphones usually have 8 to 10-mm speaker driver, this Philips earphone comes with 13.5-mm speaker driver. That proves it can generate loud and clear sound. Philips used Mylar dome for speaker’s diaphragm.

Philips ActionFit SHQ1200 in-Ear Sports Headphones

An assessment of overall specifications presents a confused picture of this Philips earphone. The balance between impedance and maximum power input is a total mismatch. The ActionFit SHQ1200 has high impedance, which means it requires a higher input for a louder output. However, Philips has limited the maximum input to 10-mW, so it cannot be used with a powerful amplifier.

Now, look at this. Its impedance figure is forcing to use with a sound player with a powerful amplifier whereas the power input figure restricts its use with a powerful audio system. Still, this Philips earphone will work with all types of smartphones and feature phones.

Price 550 Rupees
Speakers Mylar Dome | FR Range: 30Hz to 20KHz | Impedance: 32-ohm | Sensitivity: 110 dB | Maximum Power Input: 110-dB | Speaker Driver: 13.5-mm | Acoustic System: Closed | Type: Dynamic
Build Connector: 3.5-mm Gold-Plated | Cable Length: 1-meter OFC Cable | Storage Pouch | Cable Clip | Weight: 18-Grams
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