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Best 4K Computer Monitor under 40000 Rupees

Best Computer Monitor from 30000 to 40000 Rupees Range

What is color gamut in computer monitor? Color that we see is the combination of three primary color RED, GREEN, and BLUE. A slight change in one of these three colors will produce a new color. For instance, 0% Red, 38% Green and 11% Blue together will produce Celtics color. Similarly, 4% Red, 79% Green, and 17% Blue is Permanent Green color. 0% Red, 0% Green, and 0% Blue means no color or say Black color. 100% Red, 100% Green and 100% Blue is white color.

Color gamut or color range or color spectrum is a set standard range of colors that human eyes can identify on digital screens. The three most popular and widely used color gamut is sRGB, NTSC, and Adobe RGB. Each of these color gamuts has 16.7M colors {R→ 0 to 255 | G→0 to 255 | B → 0 to 255}. However, their color spectrum size differs. sRGB is the oldest color standard, and It has the smallest color spectrum among available all color spectrum. However, it is the most used color gamut in digital screens and Windows environment. NTSC is the newest color gamut with a color spectrum as big as that of Adobe RGB. TV screens follow the NTSC color spectrum, and professionals use Adobe RGB color range for color accuracy in multimedia production.

sRGB 80% or 90% rating for a computer monitor means it can reproduce on its screen 80% or 90% of the total colors available in the sRGB color spectrum. Thus, computer monitors with sRGB 100% will be the best in terms of color coverage.

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In this piece, we cover best-selling computer monitors from 30000 to 40000 Rupees price range. Here suggested computer monitors are from the most trusted computer brands globally.

► Acer 4K UHD Computer Monitor with Speakers {ET322QK}

31.5-Inch is the biggest screen size for computer monitors under 40000 Rupees at present. Acer brand last year introduced its computer monitor model ET322QK with the screen size and 4K resolution. This high-end computer monitor has two 2W speakers on both sides. Those who are using it — rated it as the best 4K monitor under 40000 Rupees in India market.

Acer 4K UHD Computer Monitor with Speakers ET322QK

Acer brand sells high build quality products with mouthwatering specs at affordable prices. For instance, this 4K computer monitor. The build and design of this 4K Acer monitor are of top-call quality. Its 31.5-Inch screen in 4K resolution is incredibly impressive.

This Acer monitor can produce 1.07 Billion colors. Every detail on the screen looks razor sharp and crystal clear. Picture and footage feel available on the screen thanks to the broader color spectrum it supports with a best native contrast ratio of 3000:1. Therefore, this Acer 4K monitor is the best you can get in 30000 Rupees range for watching 4K content in 4K quality online.

If your budget for a 4K computer monitor is above 30000 Rupees, order this Acer 4K UHD monitor without a second thought. For 4K resolution, bigger is the screen better it will be visually appealing. Hence, Acer ET322QK with 31.5-Inch screen is the best computer monitor under 40000 Rupees.

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Price 32000 Rupees
Features Table-Top/Wall Mount Installation | Adjustable Display Pivot: NO | Tilt Angle: -4° to 12° | 2×2W Speakers | Power Consumption: 47W | 3-Years Warranty
Screen 3840×2160 Pixels | 60Hz | 1.07 Billion Colors | 300 Nits Brightness | AMD FreeSync Technology | 4-ms Response Time | Pixel Pitch 0.181mm
Connectivity 2×HDMI | DisplayPort | Audio-In | Audio-Out
Sales Box Monitor | DisplayPort Cable | HDMI Cable | Power-Cord


► 27-Inch Samsung Curved Gaming Monitor {LC27FG70FQWXXL}

The curved computer monitor has a natural advantage over a flat screen monitor in terms of providing more exceptional viewing experience. Therefore, this time you should consider buying a curved screen monitor instead of continuing with a flat screen monitor. Samsung is the best brand for curved screen monitor in India market.

Samsung Curved Gaming Monitor LC24FG70FQWXXL LC27FG70FQWXXL

The 27-Inch curved monitor from the house of Samsung is a rated and recommended monitor under 35000 Rupees. With a screen refresh rate of 144Hz and screen response time of only 1-ms, it is an ideal large screen gaming monitor. You could also consider it for general usages and artworks production. Read more about this favorite Samsung monitor here.

Price 24000 Rupees {23.5-Inch} | 34000 Rupees {27-Inch}
Features Optimize screen for any gaming genre | Screen Adjustment: {Swivel, Height, Pivot, Tilt} | Eco Saving Plus | Eye Saver Mode | FreeSync | Game Color Mode | Screen Size Optimization | Black Equalizer | Low Input Lag Mode | Refresh Rate Optimizer | Custom Key | Super Arena Gaming UX | Quantum Dot Color
Screen VA Panel | Full HD | 144Hz Refresh Rate | 1-ms Response Time | 1800R Curved | Native Contrast 3000:1 | 350 nits Brightness | 16.7-Million Color | 88% NTSC 1976 Color Gamut | 125% sRGB Color Gamut | Adobe RGB 92% | Flicker-Free
Connectivity DisplayPort | 2×HDMI | Headphone-Out
Power Active Consumption: 79W | Sleep Mode: 0.5W
Sales Box Monitor | 1.5-meter Power cable | HDMI Cable | DisplayPort Cable | Install CD | Documents
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