How to connect tata sky to a computer monitor? You cannot directly connect TATA Sky to a computer monitor. You will need a TV Tuner. Currently, the best TV Tuner is iBall CTV27, and its current price is 1700 Rupees. Your setup will be from TATA Sky to TV Tuner and from TV Tuner to System. This way you will watch TATA Sky on your computer monitor. The iBall TV Tuner also has an Audio-Out Port. Therefore, you have two options for Audio, one is system audio out, and the second is TV tuner audio out.

Which is the best computer monitor under 25000 Rupees? In this piece, we cover the best-selling computer monitor from 20000 to 25000 Rupees range. Here you read about computer monitors of top brands HP, Samsung, LG, BenQ, and others.

☼ 27-Inch BenQ EX2710S IPS Gaming Monitor

This BenQ computer monitor is undoubtedly one of the best gaming monitors in the Indian market. It has several advanced features, and its size is big, 27-inch. Some traits make this monitor ideal for professionals and multimedia content developers. Hence, go for it without a second thought, whether your requirement is a gaming or production IPS monitor.

The current market price of the BenQ EX2710S is ₹21500. Apparently, there are no other IPS computer monitors in the 21000 Rupee range to beat this computer monitor in terms of features, functions, and performance.

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The screen refresh rate of the BenQ EX2710S is 165Hz. The response time is 1 ms. Built-in AMD FreeSync technology addresses the screen-flicker issue. Moreover, the given Eye-care protection from the BenQ lab saves the user's eyes from emitting harmful rays from the screen. This BenQ IPS monitor comes with two HDMI 2.0 ports and one DisplayPort.

Price ₹21500 → Amazon
Features Full HD | Contrast: 1000: 1 | AMD FreeSync Premium | HDR10 | Brightness: 400-nits | 99% sRGB | 2×2.5W Speakers | Height Adjustable | Eye-care | 2×HDMI 2.0 | DisplayPort 1.2 | Warranty: 3-Year


► 27-Inch AOC C27G1 Curved Gaming Monitor

A specialty of the US brand AOC is that its wide range of products is always in a perfect balance of price and features. Being a user of AOC product from seven years, I can say this with full confidence that AOC is the brand for products with a large digital screen.

AOC Curved Gaming Monitor C27G1

AOC rules the low-cost computer monitor market in India, though it is not the most preferred brand for gaming monitors. However, that is going to change soon. The AOC LED Gaming Monitor proves my claim well.

This full HD Gaming monitor comes with all the features that you would expect on an ideal gaming monitor for continuous gaming. The curved design of this monitor will blow your mind on the very first look. The display offers a bezel-free form factor.

This AOC monitor generates picture frames with vibrant colors and in life-like picture quality. Besides its curved screen profile, 144Hz screen refresh rate, only 1-ms screen response time, AMD FreeSync technology are the reasons why it is a recommended gaming monitor in 25000 Rupees. Highly detailed graphics of this curved gaming monitor could help a lot in video editing and working on software like Adobe Photoshop, withal.

Price ₹25000 → Amazon
Features AMD FreeSync | Low Blue Light | Connectivity: {VGA | DisplayPort | HDMI×2 | Headphone Out} | | Adjustment: {Tilt | Swivel Wall Mountable | 23W Active Power Consumption | 3-Years Warranty
Screen 1800R Curved | 27-Inch {597.88×336.31 mm Active Display Area} | VA Panel | 1920×1080 Pixels | 16:9 Aspect Ratio | 250 nits Brightness | 3000:1 Native Contrast | 0.3114 Pixel Pitch | 16.7M Color | 144Hz Refresh Rate | 1-ms Response Time | 250 Nits Brightness
Sales Box Monitor | HDMI Cable | Power Cord | DP Cable | Documents


► 27-Inch HP Z4N75AA Curved Computer Monitor

The HP computer monitor is one of the best monitors among the newest launched monitors under 25000 Rupees. It is a curved monitor. Its excellent design and spectacular full HD screen make it an exciting choice. Are you looking for a high-end computer monitor for multimedia production? Here it is.

The 27-Inch screen of this HP curved monitor has 23.59×13.24-Inch active area. The display panel is VA with LED back-lit and screen resolution is full HD. 60Hz refresh rate and 5-ms response mean this HP computer monitor could play well all types of games. However, it is more suited as a professional computer monitor for commercial use.

The HP 27-Inch curved monitor competes with Samsung’s 27-inch curved monitor and LG’s 27-inch Borderless computer monitor. For Audio out, computer monitors of the Korea brands have inbuilt speakers whereas this HP computer monitor has only Headphone Out port.

Which is the most valued among the three suggested computer monitors under 25000 Rupees from the three most reliable brands in the global market? Since the 27-Inch screen is too big, I would prefer buying a curved computer monitor for better viewing coverage.

Between the Samsung curved computer monitor and HP curved computer monitor which one should you buy that you have to decide. Their price could be one of the factors to consider besides their specs.

Price ₹24000 → Amazon
Features 36-Months of Warranty | Security-Lock Ready
Screen 27-Inch (Active Area: 23.59 x 13.24 Inch) | Curved | 1920×1080 Pixels Resolution | VA Panel | 60Hz Refresh Rate | 5-ms Response-time | 300 cd/m² Brightness | 0.310-mm Pixel Pitch
Connectivity HDMI | DisplayPort | Headphone-OUT
Build Screen: {Mercury-free LED backlighting | Arsenic-Free Display Glass | Low Halogen} | Tilt: -5 to +25°
Sales Box Monitor | Power-Cord | DisplayPort-Cable | HDMI-Cable | Documents


► 29-Inch LG IPS Computer Monitor for Professionals

LG is one of the best computer monitor brands in India market for wide IPS display monitors. The 29-Inch ultra-wide computer monitor of this Korean brand is a recommended monitor under 25000 Rupees by computer experts and users.

This IPS monitor excels in terms of screen quality, connectivity options, build quality, and performance. You can optimize it as per your work requirement. It is a perfect full HD monitor for professional works. You can also use it as a big screen to give office presentations by connecting it to a laptop. It has the features to protect the user’s eyes, withal.

LG Ultrawide IPS Computer Monitor for Professionals

Scrolling left right and up down is like speed breaker while working on large documents. However, this LG IPS monitor with ultrawide 29-Inch screen makes the scroll bar on documents disappear. Everything is in front of you, nothing hidden either left, right, up or down.

Further, this LG monitor has the wherewithal to be a perfect computer monitor for artworks. It is one of the best computer monitors for graphic design in 25000 Rupees range {another brilliant choice could be BenQ BL2420PT}. Besides its wide 29-Inch IPS screen, it supports Hardware Calibration (True Color Finder) and sRGB over 99% to provide accurate color expression.

Price 29UB67 @ 25000 Rupees | 34UB67
Features 5W×2 Speaker System | 4-Screen Split | Hardware Calibration {True Color Finder} | | PBP {Dual Link-up} → Connect with CPU and Laptop simultaneously | Dual Controller S/W | Reader Mode | Flicker-Free | Color Calibrated | Installation: {Table-Top & Wall-Mount} | Up to 3-Years Warranty
Screen IPS Display | Pixel Pitch: 0.26×0.26 mm | 300-nits brightness | 5-ms response time | sRGB 99% Color Gamut | Mega Contrast | Intelligent Auto Resolution
Connectivity DVI-D | 2×HDMI | DisplayPort | 4×USB | Headphone Out | Audio-In
Build Power Consumption in Active Mode: 31W} | Stand: {Base detachable | Tilt (-5° to +35°) | Swivel: (-45° to +45°) | Height Adjustment | Pivot: (90°)}


► 24-Inch Samsung LC24FG70FQWXXL Curved Monitor

This Samsung computer monitor has an impressive curved design that is complemented by a thin plastic border that houses the LCD screen. The stand is designed in such a way that it does not occupy a lot of desk space. To turn off it conveniently there is a useful jog button at the back panel of this Full HD monitor. Also, all ports on this Curved monitor are located on its rear side.

Samsung Curved Gaming Monitor LC24FG70FQWXXL LC27FG70FQWXXL

This Samsung curved monitor sports a full HD screen. The 23.5-inch display provides a wide field of view, and the unique curved design helps in immersing the user effectively into the panorama. The 144Hz refresh rate and only 1-ms response time say enough that this Samsung computer monitor is a damn good gaming monitor, withal.

Thus, considering everything especially the opinion of those who are using the Samsung curved monitor, yes, it is one of the best computer monitors under 25000 Rupees. The trust of Samsung brand, curved screen profile, 144Hz refresh rate, and only 1-ms response time are the factors why it should be your next computer monitor for gaming, movie watching, general computer, and artworks production.

Price 24000 Rupees {23.5-Inch} | 34000 Rupees {27-Inch}
Features Optimize screen for any gaming genre | Screen Adjustment: {Swivel, Height, Pivot, Tilt} | Eco Saving Plus | Eye Saver Mode | FreeSync | Game Color Mode | Screen Size Optimization | Black Equalizer | Low Input Lag Mode | Refresh Rate Optimizer | Custom Key | Super Arena Gaming UX | Quantum Dot Color
Screen VA Panel | Full HD | 144Hz Refresh Rate | 1-ms Response Time | 1800R Curved | Native Contrast 3000:1 | 350 nits Brightness | 16.7-Million Color | 88% NTSC 1976 Color Gamut | 125% sRGB Color Gamut | Adobe RGB 92% | Flicker-Free
Connectivity DisplayPort | 2×HDMI | Headphone-Out
Power Active Consumption: 59W | Sleep Mode: 0.5W
Sales Box Monitor | 1.5-meter Power cable | HDMI Cable | DisplayPort Cable | Install CD | Documents


►24-Inch HP W8L45AA Envy Computer Monitor

HP is the most valued and trusted computer electronics brand in India. Therefore, it should be your preferred brand for a best-quality computer Monitor.

The HP Envy 24-Inch monitor is one of the best LED monitors under 25000 Rupees. It is neither a professional computer monitor nor a gaming monitor. This IPS monitor generates picture frames with 1920×1080 Pixels and lifelike colors and high contrast. It can play FHD contents in actual full HD quality. Hence it is a well-suited computer monitor for movie watching besides general computing. In fact, senior citizens would find it very comfortable to read e-newspaper or web portal on this monitor thanks to its outstanding screen clarity and quality.

24 Inch HP Envy Full HD LED IPS Computer Monitor

This HP computer monitor is for general computing and movie watching. I recommended it for movie watching since its screen resolution is Full HD, screen color count is 16.7M, screen color coverage is sRGB 99%, and also its screen is large. Moreover, the narrow bezel around the screen significantly enhances the overall profile of this HP IPS monitor as well as viewing experience of the viewers.

Price ₹21000 → Amazon
Features Tilt: -5 to +25° | Connectivity: {HDMI | DisplayPort | USB Type-C} | 20W Active Power Consumption | Arsenic-free display glass | Mercury-free display back-lights | Low halogen | 3-Years warranty
Screen 24-Inch | IPS Panel | 16:9 Aspect Ratio | 52.7×29.64 CM Active Display Area | 1920×1080 Pixels | 60Hz Refresh Rate | 1000:1 Static | 14-ms Response Time | sRGB over 99%
Sales Box Monitor | AC power cord | HDMI Cable | CD (includes a user guide, warranty, drivers) | USB Type-C to USB Type-C cable Full Featured Gen 1-5A | VESA Mount Adapter


►24-Inch BenQ XL2411P Gaming Monitor

Mathematics of technology is quite simple, put more money, and you will get more features. The BenQ XL2411P 24-inch LED monitor comes with outstanding features to be a suitable gaming monitor. The unique design really helps it to stand out in the crowd.

Based on a TN panel this 24-inch gaming computer monitor should attract many gamers. TN panels generally offer high refresh rate but also suffer from bad viewing angles. Surprisingly, the TN panel that this monitor comes with offers much wider viewing angles. Further, LED back-lighting helps in increasing the contrast ratio as well as reducing the power consumption.

24-Inch BenQ Zowie Gaming Monitor XL2411P

1920×1080 Pixels in the picture frames enhances the screen graphics quality of this gaming monitor. Pixilation will be hardly noticeable unless you are looking at the display from a short distance.

Gamers do not like VGA interface as it ruins the whole experience. This is why BenQ has equipped this monitor with both DVI and HDMI ports. It also has 3.5-mm headphone out port for continuous gaming without disturbance to others.

Thus, the BenQ Zowie GL2460 LED monitor is one of the best 24 Inch gaming computer monitors in the market. High motion refresh rate, low response time, full HD resolution, and a wide 24-inch display are the features why it is a recommended gaming monitor under 25000 Rupees.

Price ₹21000 → Amazon
Features 45W Active Power-Consumption | Tilt: -5° +20° | Black eQualizer | Color Vibrance | Low Blue Light | Flicker-Free | K-Locker | 39-Months Warranty
Screen TN Panel | 24-Inch | Full HD | 16:9 | 144Hz Refresh Rate | 531.3 x 298.8 mm Active Area | 0.276 Pixel Pitch | 360 Nits Brightness | 1000:1 Native Contrast | 1-ms Response Time
Connectivity DisplayPort | DVI | HDMI | Headphone Jack


► 32-Inch Acer EB321HQU Computer Monitor

The Acer QHD computer monitor is currently a best-selling computer monitor in 20000 Rupees. Its build and design are impressive and durable. Its rectangle shape stand is much more secure than the regular V-Shape stand other computer monitors have. Also, its Connectivity points are at easy to reach places.

Acer QHD IPS Monitor EB321HQU

Not much to say as the specs of this Acer monitor says it all. 32-Inch (in real 31.5-Inch) is the biggest screen size possible in 20000 Rupees currently. Only the Acer brand offers this much big screen in 20000 Rupees. In this price, other top computer monitor brands in India market are still stuck with a screen size below 30-Inch and screen resolution only 1080P.

The 32-Inch screen features IPS display panel and shows content in 2K resolution. 4-ms is screen response time, and 60-Hz is refresh rate.  There are also functions to protect the user’s eye and reduce power consumption.

Thus, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Acer EB321HQU is the best computer monitor in 20000 Rupees. It is an excellent computer monitor for watching movies, reading and accessing multimedia contents online. It is not a gaming monitor, though. In 20000 Rupees, 32-Inch screen with IPS Panel and QHD resolution is the primary reason why it should be your next computer monitor.

Price ₹20500 → Amazon
Screen IPS Display Panel | 32-Inch | 2560 x 1440 Pixels | 60-Hz Refresh Rate | Aspect Ratio 16:9 | 4-ms Response time | Bluelight Filter | Flicker-Free | Brightness: 300 cd/m2 | Tilt Angle: -5°Up to15° | 36-Months Warranty
Connectivity DVI | HDMI | DisplayPort
Power 55-Watt Consumption | Energy Star 6.0
Installation Table-top | VESA mount
Build Height: 486 grams | Width: 730 grams | Depth: 180 Grams | Weight: 6 to 7 Kgs


► 24-Inch BenQ BL2420PT 2K Monitor for Designer

The BenQ computer monitor is currently, one of the best monitors for multimedia designers, animators, and editors in India market. The 24-inch screen with IPS display and 2K resolution has 100% sRGB color accuracy. This computer monitor also comes with advanced eye care protection and anti-glare coating on its screen.

You can split the 24-Inch screen into multiple windows, set screen mode, and optimize it to suit your work requirement. If you are an animator, then its animation mode will work best for you. Another excellent feature of this BenQ 2K monitor is its flexible orientation. You can lift, bend, flip, and rotate the screen as per your viewing comfort.

Thus, considering everything, I wouldn’t be wrong in saying that this computer monitor is best for content creators. BenQ brand provides with it all the required features, functions, and optimization options. This 2K computer monitor is an ideal choice for those who create digital art for living.

Price ₹21500 → Amazon
Ideal for Designer | Developer | Animator | Editor
Features CAD/CAM mode | Animation mode | Eye Protector | ECO sensor | Auto Pivot | Professionally Factory-Calibrated for Exacting Color Accuracy | Effective Multiple Window Desktop Partition | Ergonomic Design | Eye-Care Technology | Low Blue Light Technology | Flicker-Free | 1W×2 Speaker System | 3-Years Warranty
Screen 23.8-Inch | 2K Resolution | IPS Display | Brightness 300 cd/㎡ | 5-ms response time | Native Contrast 1000:1 | 60Hz Refresh Rate | Aspect Ratio: 16:9 | 0.205-mm Pitch Pixel | 8-bits Color Bits | Anti-Glare Coating
Connectivity Headphone Jack | Audio Line-In | D-Sub | DVI-DL | HDMI | DisplayPort | USB Downstream ×2 | USB Upstream x 1
Power Consumption in {Active Mode: 50W | Sleep Mode: 0.5W}

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