Over time, we are adapting to rapidly changing cultures and lifestyles. More specifically, our food habits are also varying accordingly. Nowadays baked foods are nearly what everyone eats on a daily basis. Although the concept of baking is quite an old – dating since the age of evolution, this cooking method has remained to be the most recognized way of preparing delicious stuff.

During different celebrations, for instance, birthday parties or Wedding days, desserts are usually the most cherished part of the whole event. Particularly the cake is a source of attraction for both children and adults. Cakes give us a reason to forget everything and just enjoy. For elderly people, cakes take them back in time to the loving memories of their childhood days.

Cakes are not the only revered baked foods. There are a lot of snacks that we eat everyday like cookies, biscuits, bacon, Paneer Tikka and Tandoori Roti or bread. So as to satisfy our craving for these baked foodstuffs, we need a good and efficient oven in our kitchens.  Of course, we can’t afford to rush to bakeries every time we feel an urge for a good dessert. A good oven could solve this whole mystery for you.

Conventional ovens are pretty much what we know and with time they have lost their touch of modernity, especially due to their high power consumption, slow processing, and energy loss. In this era, there is a need for a machine that can outdo all the parameters of perfection.

► 10.5-Liter Usha Halogen oven

Though recently launched in India, the Usha Infiniti Cook 360R 10.5-litre Halogen oven- is one of the best innovations on the edge of perfection, when ovens are the subject of discussion. This oven allows you to cook like a master chef. Here are some of its likable features:

Technical Features: Coming to the technical specs of this oven, we get the latest ever halogen oven with dual mode heating technology. This dual heating technology not only speeds up the baking process, but it’s also the reason why this oven is able to support a whole new range of functions. The technology transforms this device into a multitasking oven which can bake, grill, thaw, braise, toast, air-fry, air dry and slow cook at any one time.

Usha InfinitiCook Halogen Oven Review and Specifications

Whereas traditional ovens could only bake and maybe allow you to fry some potatoes on the top, this particular oven adds more functionalities, which are otherwise professional tools, meant for professional chefs. It’s not an obvious thing to find a consumer-class minimalist oven that could even barbecue. This dual mode heating technology makes it one of the fastest ovens in the world.

→ Nutritional Retention and Health Consciousness

With its multitasking ability, the oven can perform 100% oil free healthy cooking and at the same time retain the nutritional and natural flavors of food. This oven is able to make all sorts of foods crunchy and crispy from the outside but irresistibly yummy and delicious on the inside.

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Usability and Accessibility: The product is very safe to operate and completely secure. The buttons for mode switching, power switching plus other functions are clearly labeled and a description provided at the top of the cooker with their respective information.

An LED display makes different operations and timings visible to the user. This promotes the usability and faster controls on the device. The cooker features a 360degree Rotisserie cooking utility with 4 advanced Rotisserie functions. These four functions allow the user to cook like a pro with just one touch. The device is packed with four additional accessories Rotisserie grill, Rotisserie stick, Rotisserie basket and Rotisserie skewers.

→ Pricing and verdict

The device is available at a price of around 14,498 Rupees on average. Judging from the fact that this smart oven comprises of the latest halogen heating paired by dual heating mode, the price isn’t that high. Most ovens with this feature go for about 16000 to 18000 Rupees meaning that this one is reasonably priced. These dual heating features make this product one of the fastest and most efficient ovens in the market today.

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It is no doubt that having one of these ovens in your kitchen will be one reason for you as well as the entire family to be happy. Actually, with respect to its premium features it is one of the best choices in its current price segment. So, if you want to bring your food fantasies to life, then the Usha Infiniti Cook 360R might be the perfect companion for you. So, don’t think twice, just go for it, I am sure this one won’t disappoint.

Price 15000 Rupees
Product type Oven
Model Usha 350 R
Capacity 10.5 Liters
Dimensions 37.1 x 40.3 x 32.6 cm
Weight 7 kg
Colors Colors
Natural cooking Yes
Rotisserie specs 360˚ even heating with 4 Advanced Rotisserie functions