Digitization of billing, payment collection and tax filing are critical for business success in today’s time. There are two shops for fruits & vegetables in my locality. One shop has a smart billing machine and digital payment solution. Another shop is comparably big (in size) but still stuck to the traditional method of billing and accepting only cash payment. It should not be a surprise that the shop with digital solutions makes better sales than the shop with traditional billing and payment collect.

Portable billing machine cost in India market is too high. There is no quality billing machine under 10000 Rupees. Therefore, the central Government should take note of this scarcity and encourage companies to launch affordable hand-held billing machines by giving them tax benefits. The price of standalone billing machines should be in 2000 Rupees range. Without affordable billing machines, it is impossible to make India’s economy digital and genuinely transparent.

Which is the best portable billing machine under 15000 Rupees. In this piece, we cover the best-selling billing machines from 10000 to 15000 Rupees range. Here you read about portable billing machines of top brands Wep India, Epson, and others.

► Wep BP 200 Series Billing Machine

The Wep billing machine series lists a total of four hand-held billing machines for various businesses. They are perfect for making bus tickets, monthly cable rental collection, issuing token at parking stations, generating bills at gas stations, and other similar small businesses. They are fast billing machines with lots of useful features and a powerful battery.

Wep BP 200 Standalone Billing Machine

A 32-bit processor powers the billing machines. They come with 8MB memory and support to storage expansion 16MB more. 2200-mAH lithium-ion battery in the billing machines requires more than four hours of continues charging to reach 100% charging status. The accumulated battery juice should be enough for printing more than 3000 tickets and 10 to 12 hours of continuous active usages.

These standalone billing machines have magical 32 soft rubberized keys for info entry, tax entry, issuing ticket/token to customers, and various reports generation. Their printing speed is seven lines per second and requires 2-Inch wide paper rolls. A 13-meter long paper roll should be enough for at least 200 tickets.

  Weighing Scales under ₹1000

GLCD display panel also shows graphics images with digital numbers and letters in excellent clarity. Having white LED blacklist was not expected. One could see input details, add/delete records, and follow menu options for generating specific reports in four lines at once on these billing machines, withal.

Price 10000 to 15000 Rupee
Variants BP 200D (Distribution) | BP 200P (Parking) | BP 200F (Finance) | BP 200T (Ticketing)
Weight 600 Grams
Security Password Protection
Prints 2500 – 3500 Tickets with Single Charge
Connectivity USB 2.0 for PC connectivity for uploading and downloading bills & records
Memory Store up to 10000 records in 8MB memory | Expand 16MB Memory more
Sales Box Billing Machine | Power Adaptor | CD | Paper Roll | Documents
Warranty 12 Months


► Wep BP-25T Billing Machine

Among all the billing machine models of Wep India, my favorite is the BP-25T model. It is a perfect machine for billing and stock management. This GST enabled billing machine generates 17 types of reports for sales analysis, stock management, and accounting. It supports weighing scale and external keyboard connectivity, withal.

Wep BP-25T Billing Machine

A single bill can have up to 225 items. So, it is a perfect billing machine for wholesale shops as well.

Further, Wep BP-25T is a fast billing machine. It can print up to 10 bills in a minute. This means there is going to be no delay at the billing counter during rush hours in the shop.

Price 13500 Rupees
Ideal for General Business | Retail Shops | Wholesale Shops
Print Print Speed: 10 Bills/minute | Up to 225 Items in Single Bill | Customize Measurement Unit | 10 Line Heater | 5 Line Footer | Indian rupee symbol
Memory Store up to 2000 Products with Price, Stock, GST, and Discount | Up to 15 Cashiers Accounts | Up to 250 Salesman Name | Stock management
Report 17 types of report: {Bill wise | Hour/Day/Month/Year wise | Void bill | Item wise | Duplication bill | Stock | User bill | UDF item | Returned item | TAX | Rate wise | UDF wise | User wise}
Battery 5 to 6 hours of Backup | 100% Battery would last for 100 Bills Printing
Features Weighing Scale Connectivity | Using Pendrive data transfer between PC to billing machine | 3 Rate Slabs | External Keyboard Connectivity | Search Product by Name/Item Code | Amount Billing Feature | Calculator Mode | 16 Columns × 2 Rows Display | Return merchandise | Forward and reverse tax

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